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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Friday, October 31 2008

              Tawanhas been Head of House three times in a row
The Botswana housemate has done it again. She is Head of House three times in a row and the fourth time overall. She has clinged on to the prestigious role that gives her immunity from eviction. This has also won her loyal friends in the house like Ricco and Munya who feel by keeping her close to their chests will have a great impact in getting closer to the money by not swapping them for eviction.

It has actually worked because every time Tawana is called to the Diary Room to exercise her rights as Head of House, she has always left the nominations as is. Her only words were"Let Africa Decide"

Our boy Morris is up for eviction this Sunday and he enjoyed the prestigious role twice. In one of the nomination swaps, he saved TK and replaced him with Ricco so that Ricco could deal with it as he (Morris) says but the gangster kid, Ricco bounced back to the house.

What is amazing with Tawana is that a number of viewers are glued on the television for her game that occasionally takes steamy avenues. She is the only female housemate who showers nude and taken extra dozes of Biggie's game.

With six housemates already out and the seventh on the verge of leaving, this will leave us with 5 housemates as we start the last month of Big Brother Africa 3. Ricco, Munya and Tawana were earlier discussing the issue of the top three housemates. They are already looking at themselves as the top three and locked up in a love triangle.

Munya from Zimbabwe has continued having their ''daily bread'' with Tawana and it will not be surprising if today's uncut show is dominated by Munya and Tawana doing what they do best in the BBA3 House.

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Tuesday, October 28 2008

It all started last Sunday when Uganda voted for TK to stay in the game and the rest of Africa disagreed with Uganda and voted TK out. TK got eleven votes out of thirteen implying that Uganda and his country, Zambia were in favor for him to stay.

That was the beginning of problems for Morris and as fate could have it Morris is up for eviction this week. The first time he was up for eviction was a fake eviction and he indeed survived however this time it is for real and the Ugandan boy is in trouble.

We will show you how ! If you have been following the game you will notice that all strong housemates are being shown the exit. Morris is way stronger than the other two housemates he is up with, Thami and Hazel who for your information are a couple though they have not done much other than exchanging smiles.

The South African housemate is still very much in the game not because his country is the host of the game but because he has suffered a lot especially from the message strap by people calling him a hyena because of his smile. Thami will have a sympathy vote from those who do not agree with the hyena camp.

She is a female housemate. The house has been robbed of all female housemates to the extent that only two are left i.e. Tawana and Hazel. Tawana has bridged the gap between the scarcity of the girls in the house with the Big Brother game which Hazel has not done and that is why she will stay.

He is not an entertainer thus changing his name to Borris by viewers, he is quiet, but that is an understatement. Uganda voted for TK to stay in the game while the rest of Africa wanted TK out. The rest of Africa is going to turn its anger on Morris this Sunday.

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Monday, October 27 2008
Latoya in Kampala
          Latoya in Kampala, Uganda (October 2008)
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Monday, October 27 2008
Sheila in Kampala
The Evicted Housemates have already fallen into things even before BBA ends. Sheila and Latoya were in Kampala over the weekend on a UTL assignment.
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Monday, October 27 2008
             Takondwa(TK) Evicted
The show kicked off with Buffalo Soul Jah with his track Bubble your Bummes as the girls and KB moved along.
Evictees Relatives
Ricco’s Mum and TK’s brother, Fleming showed up this time.
Highlights of the exchange programme by Johan in Africa and Munya in Finland were showed before it crossed to the main house for the HOH, Tawama to reveal her decision to the rest of the housemates.
Tawana left the nominations as is and for Africa to make a decision. TK had to light a cigar at this moment as they were told to take their bags to the Diary Room.
The show turned to Sheila’s eviction party and among the people interviewed on Sheila was Angela the Judge for Pop Idols who said Sheila was most real and awesome.
The show crossed to Mimi’s home coming who was looking very different from the way she left the house.. I would attribute the different looks to the hair style at that time.
 Mystery Guest
Big Brother has made every little thing possible to make this show unique and different in every way. He introduced a Mystery Guest Fondom, an old man from Cameroon who is going to teach culture to the young housemates. He will be in the house for one week. I wish they do not feature his time in the shower room…
 Eviction Time
Let’s no forget that this is about eviction so we will cross t the glass house where the two are waiting.Ricco and TK were in the glass house sharing a cigar. Occasionally Ricco could hear his name and he responded “I LOVE YOU TOO” at the expense of TK who at this time was donning sheds, his jersey plus a head band.
Buffalo Soul Jah bounced back with his second track too hot to a sit. KB bounced back after the results had been presented to him. Ricco, TK the next housemate to leave the BBA house is…Takondwa.
Big Brother gets back to Ricco and assures him you are safe. As Ricco walked back to the main house is begged Biggie to specifically talk to TK. He told TK that he has been the strongest housemate for him. TK replied much love, much love go for the money.
Who Nominated TK?
  • Tawana
  • Hazel
  • Morris
How did Africa Vote?
Uganda and Zambia voted Ricco and the rest of Africa saw the King out.
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Sunday, October 26 2008

The no-nonsense Botswana housemate has proved yet again that she is a star when it comes to bed matters. She had no better way of welcoming Munya from Finland other than giving Munya what her Mama gave her. The only problem was that TK was fully awake and very much aware of what was going on in between the sheets with these guys.. When it comes to Tawana she can't keep it gangster quiet she will hiss like a pressure cooker in the process making life harder for the guy who is just about to pack his luggage off to Zambia.

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Saturday, October 25 2008

This Sunday will see one housemate leaving the Big Brother house with nothing of course. In yesterday's uncut show, it simply focused on shower hour. The only new thing there was Johan showering totally nude and a close up of Tawana who gives it out all.

Fan clubs of the two housemates TK and Ricco are in serious battles over who should leave. This can be seen from the sms and comments between REAL(Ricco Exclusive African Club) and TK (The King).

TK at one time prepared a winning speech that he was to read out after he was declared the winner of the USD 100,000 prize but this is no more because even too much booze yesterday did not stop him from packing his belongings ready for the real world.

Our verdict is final and there is no changing..TK outtttttttttt !

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Friday, October 24 2008

         Munya in Finland
The bad boy from Zim, Munya will be bouncing back to the BBA3 house as he has already left the Finland house. He has only been to the Finland house for only six days but he left the girls crying. This simply confirms that guy was an asset just the few days he was in the Finland house because Tuuli, Anniinna and Kaisa-Reeta's were all tears as they said good bye to Munya.

On leaving the Finland house this is what he told them"Thank you for teaching the Zim- boy how to be Finnish - I'm half Finnish now. " he kissed Cheryll in front of all the other housmates. Cheryll was like I will be coming to Africa on condition that you allow me see your parents.

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Friday, October 24 2008

        Ricco Sleeps with Tawana

Tawana has lost temper. She has not only slept with three men but she is also Head of the House for the third time. In our first Uncut report we smoked her out with TK, the second Uncut was missed because our snoops blacked out in the process. The third one, she was in action with Munya and I'm sure you have seen the clip by now.

Today is Friday and our snoops are going to be alert throughout the night to make sure that we smoke out Ricco and Tawana. They slept together last night and Ricco woke up this morning all smiles.

Knowing Tawana by now and what she is capable of doing we know they mingled but we are yet to prove that in  the Uncut show whose report will be ready by tomorrow. Munya is about to bounce back to the house from Finland and the trouble to the housemates which is the drama to the viewers is whether Munya will accept to leave Tawana for Ricco or the other way round..Watch This Space.

         Munya comforting Cheryll over the nomination fever

Meanwhile Ricco back in Finland managed to at least get a kiss from Cheryll the Finland housemate who found Munya a nice a guy to be around with the moment he entered the house. Unfortunately Cheryll is up for possible eviction this Sunday (26.Oct.2008) and it was Munya giving her a shoulder to lean on.

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Tuesday, October 21 2008

Ricco and TK up for Eviction

The only two girls left in the house have survived nominations as TK and Ricco are this week up for eviction. This is a clear exit for TK. Takondwa being lined up against the gangster kid is trouble for him and he knows it. Ricco has been up on the exit line up for as long as the show started but the guy bounces back to the house with no vote or for that case no bullet getting at him. Africa has about 13 bullets and 12 of them might end up hitting the guy from Zambia who has had the jersey and his kissing Kenya's Sheila as one of his best roles in the game.

The other role in the BBA 3 was saying nothing at all. TK rarely talks but also when he talks he can mean to have an engaging talk. He is better dubbed as you say your best when you say nothing at all housemate.

TK and Sheila were by far BBA3's most prominent couple. Other couples that are trying to come up are Tanya(Tawana and Munya) who have in fact had it all, and the other which is trying to get on board and quite boring too is Thazel(Thami+Hazel)

TK plays it cool because even when the South African housemate, Thami tried the other side of him after taking one too many of vodka's, The guy from Zambia took it cool and kept it gangster.

This coming Sunday we will comfortably see Takondwa out of the Big Brother Africa 3 house. TK was supposed to have gone out last week but being a frequenter he is on the nomination  line up, Africa knew would get him so they delt with Mimi who had not been on the line up for 50 days. No wonder the only time she showed up they did not give her a chance to go back to the house.

Meanwhile Morris from Uganda is still representing East Africa in general and Uganda in particular while Munya from Zimbabwe is cooling it off from Finland as Johan enjoys a free ride in Africa.


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Sunday, October 19 2008

              Munya in Big Brother Finland
Ricco has had a unique game since day1. He is one housemate who has been on the exit line many times in a row and he has still managed to get zero votes. Housemates are now aware he is a clear threat in fact when KB asked Sheila who she would put the money on, Sheila was quick at saying Ricco.

Ricco has actually slept with all the girls meaning he has shared a bed with almost all the female housemates except Sheila who was being guarded jealously by Takondwa. Like he always says he has kept it gangster.

Zimbabwe is still locked in power sharing talks, but Munya is not bothered about all that. The only thing that matters to him now is his "Big Brother" who he has fed twice on Mummy Tawana. Munya is only 21 years and Tawana is 31 so we are now in it to win it.

Tawana almost had a fight with Sheila over TK but she decided to back off now that these two were tight marking each other. She crossed to our boy Morris who simply quoted bible verses to Tawana. She noticed she was pressing a wrong button so she simply put Morris out of her plans.

Thami is trying to mend things with Hazel, TK is still recovering from the eviction shock of Sheila, Ricco and Mimi were trying out a MICCO of sorts before they cut wires, and surely this is why Munya fell a victim to the Big Moma. Besides the Big Moma wanted it very badly to the point of the poor boy saying "do not lead me into temptation"

They were making this there daily bread (Munya Docks at Tawana's Station ) before Biggie came in to rescue the situation. Munya has proved to be a man he is and now he has been taken to Big Brother Finland to see if he docks stations there.

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Sunday, October 19 2008

               Mimi from Ghana Evicted
The show kicked off with boring Koldproduc who demanded for some noise at the end of his track and there was actually no noise. It turned to Sheila who was copying with life outside the house and a little bit of Uti who is a super star by Naija standards.

The parents of the nominated housemates were all mothers but TK's mother surprised everyone. If you saw her you just could not believe she is the mother of TKf or they are the direct opposite of each other when it comes to size.

Head of House
KB turned to Morris to reveal his decision as head of the house; Morris decided to leave fate take its course.. However at this point Mimi and Thami laughed for there having been no changes.. It is not clear what they were laughing at though.

Munya Heads to Finland
At this point we are shown Munya in the diary room and Biggie communicating the news of how he is being relocated to another Big Brother house in Finland. Munya put on his blindfold but for a moment he could not believe he was being transferred to another house.

             Johan from Big Brother Finland
Johan Joins BBA3(South Africa)

Johan from Tampere joined the house in exchange of Munya who was taken out. There is something about this exchange programme which should be noted here: In BBA1 when our Gaetano mingled in the sheets, he was taken to Big Brother UK and Munya had just done it twice with Tawana on the 17 and 18.Oct.2008 before he was relocated to another house. This has left Tawana very disappointed because this is what she wanted most and had only got it twice before her Munya left under mysterious circumstances.

Johan in Pent House
The new housemate has actually never been to Africa. He is from Big Brother Finland and he will spend the first night alone in the pent house before joining other housemates the following day.

Mimi, Thami and TK in Glass House
As all this was going on the three were in the glass house saying their last prayers. KB announces "The next housmate to leave the Big Brother house is.....Mimi. Big Brother adds"Mimi leave the glass immediately"

Who Nominated Mimi

  • Munya - Mimi was surprised Munya had voted her out and in fact she said she could have never nominated Munya throughout her stay in the house
  • Hazel - Mimi referred to this one as her Kitchen mate because by cooking she was yearning for the vote of those who sympathize with the "African Woman"
  • Morris.
  • Tawana.

How Africa Voted

Thami got 0, TK the jersey fellow got 3 and balance thereof was Mimi the fourth female housemate and the fifth housemate to leave the big brother house with 10 votes sending her to Ghana.

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Saturday, October 18 2008

The Botswana Housemate Tawana has become head of house (HOH) for the second time. The first time she was Head of House she left the nominations as is only that it was Thami and Morris who were up for the fake evictions. So it did not matter that time but this time around it matters. We no longer have fake evictions and the evictions are for real. We have seen  heavy weights like Latoya, Uti and Sheila leave the house.

The task for the head of the house was to tell the time and the one who was close to the correct time became head of house.The correct time was 10:24:14 and Tawana's guess was 10:28:42

Tawana takes over from our Morris whose daughter's birthday is today(18 October). Morris enjoyed the prestigious role for two weeks in a row beating TK's record which he had also enjoyed for two weeks.

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Saturday, October 18 2008

The youngest housemate, Munya from Zimbabwe had it with the oldest Housemate from Botswana, Tawana. Tawana told Munya that she had not had sleep in four days so she asked Munya to put her to  sleep. Munya did this with no hesitation.. Details from our BBA III Uncut Show.

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Thursday, October 16 2008


The Gangster Kid is very firm with the lead to taking the $ 100,000. However he was having a problem yesterday with his teeth which forced biggie to evacuate the gangster kid to the nearest dentist. They put a black cloth around his eyes...In BBA2 Bertha got a problem with her legs during the tasks forcing her to leave the house for a medical check up.

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Monday, October 13 2008

          Thami, Mimi and TK are up for eviction

The going is not easy for TK. His girl friend who confirmed that she cannot move out with TK outside big brother house was evicted on 12.Oct.2008 and on 13.Oct.2008 TK is up for eviction. The advantage is the game is between TK and Mimi. This is the only chance Africa has landed on Mimi whose hobby is to gossip and I'm afraid Africa might not spare Mimi.

TK over cried after Sheila had left the house and now whether those were real tears or crocodile tears we can reserve that for another day but at least the giant cried for Sheila. Back to the nominations:

Apart from Thami who nominated himself and Morris who nominated the housemate he had saved the last round, here are the nominations in detail.

  • Morris - (Mimi, TK
  • TK- (Thami, Ricco)
  • Ricco - (TK, Thami)

TK and Thami are doing very badly from just the first three nominations. Morris nominated Mimi simply because she has not been in the glass house before.

  • Thami - (Munya, TK)
  • Mimi - (Thami, TK)
  • Hazel - (Munya, Mimi)
  • Tawana - (Thami, Mimi)
  • Munya - (Thami, Mimi)

That is exactly how Thami, Mimi and TK are handed to Africa to deal with. It is day 50 and Mimi had never been up for eviction but this time around Africa has got her. TK can always come up because even Morris is aware, that is why in the week that went with Sheila, the Kenyan housemate, Morris had swapped TK with the gangster kid who is working slowly but sure to the USD 100,000.


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Monday, October 13 2008

                  Kenya's Housemate, Sheila Evicted from BBA3

We told you and indeed Africa agreed with us. Sheila was to go if you can follow our earlier posting here. On leaving the house she was asking why Africa had voted her out! Girl that was the last question you you were to ask. Do you remember the first time you were up for eviction and later saved how you thanked Africa! There is a word you said that I cannot repeat on these pages which is exactly why you left.

Sheila said that all the beauties are out of the house and she is a lot better than some of the housemates in the house.. Excuse me Sheila, Africa decides not the housemates.. Meryl in BBA2 and Latoya in BBA3 were hot and indeed are hot but my dear Africa decided that they should go.

Sheila is lazy and she also confirmed she KB asks her who did you expect to take care of your stuff? and she is like Dude I didn't come to the house to work like .... Now it is amazing how predictable it was from the point Sheila was up for eviction that she was going.

Ricco seems to be aware that he could win the game. The moment Morris revealed his decision and it turned out that TK was replaced by Ricco, the gangster kid just clapped and indeed kept it gangster, hugged Morris and off he went to pack his luggage.

Hazel got 1 vote, Ricco got 0 votes and Tawana 2 votes. The KENYAN got 10 votes that saw her out of BBA3. When KB was announcing, he started with Hazel. ''Hazel you are safe'' said KB as Hazel was seen smiling back to the main house, and next was Ricco who went back to the house confidently as expected.

Tawana and Sheila were pushed to the glass house. The crowd was asked who do you think is leaving and the name Sheila was more heard than Tawana. The next housemate to leave the Big Brother house is ....Sheila.

Who Nominated Sheila?

  • Tawana - Sheila was not surprised that Tawana nominated her
  • Munya  - Sheila was pretty surprised because all along she knew they were friends with Munya.
  • Hazel - Sheila again said she was not surprised about this one either.


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Monday, October 13 2008

Latoya, First Out !

  1. Latoya, Tanzania
  2. Lucille, Namibia
  3. Uti, Nigeria
  4. Sheila, Kenya
  5. Mimi, Ghana


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Friday, October 10 2008

Morris is New Head of House

TK was the first housemate to be Head of House two weeks in a row. The head of house term runs for a week and TK had maintained it for two weeks before Morris jumped out of his shell and took over from him.

His term of office as head of house was coming to an end before he assumed the role again breaking the monopoly TK had enjoyed. The task required them to stand in a specific one-legged balancing pose which biggie dubbed as the ''Tallest Tree''.

To some, one could say that task was simple but not that simple also because you had to stand on one leg for as long as you could and the moment you could' t hold yourself any further, that marked the end of you.

Mimi and Morris were the last ones who kept standing on one leg before Mimi gave up leaving Morris for another one minute. Going to the gym helped Morris because he was flexible to the extent of standing on one leg for almost 18 minutes. This made him the new head of house for the coming week. This is a plus for Morris because he will have another soft week in the BBA House without any eviction stress.

Sleepy Hazel, Crying Tawana, Lazy Sheila and the Gangster Kid are up for eviction and this Sunday we will see the third female housemate, Sheila out of the game. Watch That Space!.

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Monday, October 06 2008

We have just seen one untouchable out of the game and we are yet to see the third lady out of the BBA3 house but before that a look at the nominations.

As you may be aware Morris is the Head of the House this week and I must say I do not like the way he is playing it much as it is just a game. Africa had landed on the chance to grab TK with all the powers entrusted in them and Morris said no. He replaced TK with Ricco who is going nowhere for now and at this rate we can see him taking the USD 100,000 if he keeps it gangster.

The housemates are still very bitter with the way TK swapped Lucille with none other than himself and they all spoke one voice and he turned out the housemate with the highest nominations. He had 6 followed by Tawana, Sheila and Hazel who all had 3 nominations.

Munya, Ricco and Morris had zero nominations but poor gangster kid, Ricco is back on the eviction line the third time in a row, I trust him though because he indeed keeps it gangster so he is going no where. Initially Morris had preferred to leave the nominations as is but he later had a change of mind and swapped TK for Ricco. I do not blame Morris because even the time they were fakely evicted with Thami, he nominated Thami and when asked reasons for doing so; he majestically replied:''I have no Reason". So in this case too we will simply say he had no reason for his action.

Micco(Mimi + Ricco) is in the offing after having seen enough of She-k(Sheila +TK) and because we have had enough of She-k. Now that TK who was supposed to go has been saved for this week only(Of course), the Kenyan girl, Sheila is in trouble. We have been spot on in the last three evictions so is this.

Of the four nominations Ricco, Tawana, Sheila and Hazel it is very obvious Ricco is going nowhere based on the previous performances because he has scored zero the two times he has been up for eviction. Tawana basing on her score with Latoya she can survive this time too because the gap between her and Latoya was very wide. Hazel is certainly very weak and if you are following the game closely the strong ones are leaving first as seen from Latoya and uti, so Hazel is still in.

Have you seen Sheila and TK kissing? you may think TK left some food in Sheila's mouth and he comes back later to eat all the food he left in Sheila's mouth. They kissed for 8.5 minutes last night when I happened to land on them but anyway that is not the reason she is leaving..She will leave next Sunday because TK and her are a team and Africa has missed TK narrowly so they will just have to go for the next in line who happens to be Sheila. 


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Monday, October 06 2008
The third eviction show kicked off with Uganda’s Peter Miles and Mehshan with their track Aha aha.
This was followed by Lucille’s out of the house show. She was on Kfm and the same question on Ricco and Munya came up Lucille went ahead to confirm that they were just friends so she did not have to be touched.
Relatives of Evictees
Ricco’s mum was asked what she had to say about her boy and the girls. She said that African girls are beautiful so her boy is on the right track. Uti’s sister was in Jburg for the second time but this time around she had to go back with the Naija boy. Munya’s dad was cool and in his words he said “If he is to leave, he has done his part”.
HOH Reveals Decision
KB turns to the house and TK specifically.TK, Uti and Munya were nominated and as head of the house you replaced someone. This is the time to reveal your decision to the other housemates. TK said “I replaced myself with Ricco because he appears to be less likely to be evicted.” Ricco played it gangster style by shaking and hugging TK before heading to the diary room.
30 Seconds Farewell
It is at this time that Ricco learns of his being up for eviction. KB asks all the nominees to carry their luggage to the diary room. Biggie announces you have 30 seconds to say final farewell to the housemates and relocate to the glass house. Ricco was putting on Mimi’s shirt whereas Munya was putting on Lucille as usual.
Rebels Unveiled
As Biggie asked the three guys Ricco, Uti and Munya to go to the glass house the guys were walking towards it and while on their way they heard the voices of fans out there. Ricco and Uti went on strike and started shouting to the fans. Biggie tried as much as possible to assure the housemates heading to the glass house that “This is Big Brother” Uti, Ricco could you please move to the glass house, the guys ignored Biggie’s call.. Biggie insisted they should move to the glass house and after the second call they succumbed.
Peter Miles, Mehshan and Navio
Peter Miles, Mehshan and Navio bounced back with Rakus a track that made KB dance along. When the track was done Peter Miles was so excited that he shouted out: “I love the crowd, I love you so much. Big Up Motherland, Much love to you guys, Love from Uganda To South Africa, Peter Miles.”
Glass House:
Ricco Uti Munya tonight one of you will be permanently evicted from the BBA
KB had a little twist in the announcement this time by announcing the housemate who is going back to the house first. He called Ricco and for some seconds he was quiet. This was the first time I saw Ricco not keeping it Gangster and his eyes were heading to tears before KB said you have been saved. You may go back to the house Biggie said.
Eviction Time
Ricco’s name is called and his eyes are rolling up and down..Rico you are saved. Ricco you are safe you may return to the big Brother House, Ricco kissed the fans while going back to the house. Tawana hugged Ricco first. The next housemate to leave the house….after 23 seconds Uti.
Who Nominated Uti
  • Munya- Uti was not surprised about him if anything he expected it because there was tention between them.
  • TK-This one surprised Uti very much and in fact he did not expect it. He thought he was cool with him.
  • Mimi – Uti said Ghana but TK also sighted the glass breaking and his explanation was that Uti lost his temper he could be dangerous if something terrible happened.
Munya Survives
The game turned to Munya as Uti looked on from outside the house. Biggie said to Munya. ''Munya you have survived…'' As Munya walked back to the house he made a prayer sign.
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Saturday, October 04 2008

Uganda's Morris has another soft week going for him in the game. He will be the new Head of House(HoH) taking over from TK who has enjoyed the same role for two weeks in a row. One casualty has been registered as a result of TK being head of house because that is why Lucille was booted from the house. Lucille is still a common name in the house now as opposed to Latoya who has long been forgotten.

Latoya was kicked out because her scores led to exactly that but Lucille was swapped and not even Africa could save her for she was the waekest link out of Ricco and Uti.

As Head of House, Morris' powers will be felt on Monday based on who is up and who is to be swapped. TK and Sheila should have every reason to worry because with Morris being HOH directly affects both. Sheila hates Morris and she has said it and she still continues saying it making her a soft target under Morris' trigger.

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Saturday, October 04 2008

Having missed the Uncut Show of 11.Oct.2008, we did not miss the one of 18.Oct.2008. It had a little bit of TK and Sheila kissing but now that Sheila is out of the game it was more of replaying history. The cameras turned to the shower moments with Tawana as the only female housemate who showers nude these days.

It is to her advantage because anyway at the end of the day she is health and clean. The main show is dubbed 18NL but this one was 18SNL implying that it contained scenes of strong languange, Sex and Nudity. It did not matter because the time at which it was shown it was very early in the morning.

Tawana said to Munya that she had not slept in four days and begged Munya to put her to sleep. Munya obliged and turned the light off before joining the 31 year old. Within seconds they were at it with Munya finding his way to Tawana's ''palace'' with ease. They faced each other as the mourns from Tawana were to loud. Munya left Tawana's bed immediately putting on his boxers by now Biggie's Jingo was playing. Tawana and Munya are the first housemates in BBA3 we can confirm featured (Gaetano, Abby) BBA1, (Richard, Tatiana) and (Maxwell,Lerato) in BBA2 who had sex on reality TV.

In the uncut show of yesterday, it featured TK and Tawana in steamy movements. The camera's are showing in night mode while TK's hand is buried deep in Tawana's whatever... for a moment Tawana cannot resist TK anymore and she is left with no choice but to move along with TK's arm which was searching in wonderland.

They tried lifting the duvet so that the inner movements are shielded... It was too late though. TK and Tawana have really had it. TK has even had the chance to kiss the only housemate Ricco hasn't slept with, Hazel. Meanwhile Ricco last night slept with Tawana and Mimi in the same bed. Since the competition for Ricco's attention was too much, Tawana went right on top of Ricco and mild up and down movements were witnessed before the camera's switched to TK and Sheila who went snoring moments after.

This disturbed Thami who is not on talking terms with Hazel to curse the house. He could not believe that even after the house is less by two girls, which two girls had very strong connections with Ricco, he could still manage to sleep with two of the girls(Mimi and Tawana) in one night.

In fact this morning he woke up very early only to be joined by Tawana and this is what he told Tawana..''There is a lot I can't understand in the house" Tawana replied by telling him that you are better of moving on than trying to understand all that goes on in the house.

TK and Sheila are now a confirmed item in the house while Sheila and Hazel are the only girls Ricco hasn't spent a night with.


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Friday, October 03 2008

Peter Miles the Ragga dance hall king from Uganda will this Sunday perform in South Africa during the eviction show that will see either Uti or Munya leaving the house and Ricco going back "unopposed" to the main house.

    Peter Miles(Ragga Dance Hall King)
                     Peter Miles

Peter Miles will play Rakus which he did with Navio and another track Hah Hah. When you mix ragga and reggae tunes the end result is Peter Miles and that is what Africa will be witnessing this Sunday. Bebe Cool under the ''East African  Bashment Crew'' were on this stage before and when Morris heard Bebe Cool's track he was worried that may it was him to board the next plane.

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Thursday, October 02 2008

Drunk Thami

Thami Attacks TK
The South African Housemate took a glass of Vodka and within minutes it had driven him nuts. He crossed to TK and accused him of buying chocolates and potato chips as opposed to booze. ''How can you buy chocolates and potato chips asked'' is what Thami asked TK for over an hour. He repeated the same question over and over again but TK tactfully played it cool as he was aware the guy was under the influence of booze..

Thami Attacks Uti
When the South African Housemate is done with TK he very quickly crosses to Uti and this almost turns into a nasty fight but just because Africa is watching they keep it gangster. Thami teases Uti for failing to talk to Lucille while she was still in the house. The moment Lucille is evicted that is when Uti expresses his feelings for Lucille by breaking items in the house. Thami was calling Uti not man enough and even branding the ''young boy'' Munya better because he made his intentions known to Lucille.

Uti Retaliates
Uti feeling the pinch he resorts to Thami's dental formula which he claimed was scaring Hazel away. Thami had earlier made his feelings clear to Hazel but the issue of a two months affair or long distance love for that case was a turn off for HAZEL. Uti continuously made fun of Uti's teeth and his argument was; much as he came out of the shell and told HAZEL what was on his heart, Hazel was being scared by his teeth.

The fight between the two went on for sometime that even She-K (Sheila and TK) who were sleeping then could not concentrate due to the noise from these two guys. They all came to the lounge and enjoyed the free drama. Tawana sat on Uti pleading that Uti should not raise his voice now that Thami was drunk.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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