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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Sunday, August 31 2008

I'm not just bragging but this is what I do back at home Uh I do documentaries they don't really bring in so much but I do them and sell them out cheaply so people can get the message. Where Iam now I have done three documentaries in two years.

The first one was the multi sexual approach to HIV AIDS which I did for the Ministry of Health in my country sponsored by the UN, then the second one that I did was amazing children Uganda which was for an NGO in the UK for street kids, trying to give them donations and keeping them alive.

 Morris adds that Uganda has a very big problem of street kids and he hopes things will come out right where by those kids can have their mothers and fathers and those that don't have they can be placed in better homes.

In his presentation he says he does so much but he very little may be this is the very reason he should win the money. All he does is as a result of love, passion for what he does because he has been to ''Uni'' University which has resulted to two diplomas and a degree but not yet fixed.

Morris also runs a studio with three friends Patrick, Himself, Shutter Speed and he is a photographer, a he mentions that Mimi(Middle) is seen laughing as Lucille(left) and Sheila listen attentively to the Ugandan Housemate.

             Mimi Excited with Mugisha's Career Presentation

(Morris) Dreams and Aspirations: To be a self style successful wealthy father of about a dozen children may be.

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Saturday, August 30 2008

A city babe who is a daughter to a pastor and had a baby with Mosh has spilled the beans as to how Morris is like a sewing machine when it comes to bed matters. She spotted Morris and straight on fell for him at one of his shows. At the end of the show Primrose stayed behind to have a chat with Morris, introduced herself as a journalist and demanded to have an interview with Morris.

Morris obliged and they exchanged phone numbers for the same and within the next couple of days they hooked up and went to one of the local night clubs, Club Silk where they danced till late. It was late so the girl could not retire to the hostel so they decided to move to his apartment in Luzira. In her words she says:"He is well endowed in the area of interest and to be honest he knew what he was doing." She compared Morris to a turbo engine. At a time you expect it to give up, it unleashes a new wave of strength.

If Morris can apply such antics in the house you can be sure he will come out with more than the money. Let's vote and keep our eyes on Morris and before long he will be making news.
Additional Text: Onion Tabloid

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Friday, August 29 2008

It is day 5 and below is Latoya's timeline in the BBAfrica house:

Day1: She slept with Ricco
Day2,3,4 She slept with Morris
Day5 Kissed Uti

Uganda's Morris and Tanzania's Latoya clearly in love.
      BBAfrica(3) Series First Couple

Uti: Wait Lip Balm
Sheila: No No No U need Vaseline, U need Vaseline
Latoya: We will be Making Morris Jealous..
Latoya: I have Lip Balm already smiles and walks a little and then back only to kiss Uti for 4 seconds as Morris Looks on.
Uti: Moris your girl kissed me
Morris:(Retaliates) Latoya give up, Give him up.

It is very clear Morris is hurt now that Latoya has kissed Uti that is why he is quick at telling Latoya to give up and Uti is pretty much aware of the fact that Latoya is for Morris. What is strange though is that as the kiss is going on Uti is quietly having it all to himself and once done, he confesses to Morris that ''Moris your girl has kissed me''   

It would not surprise me at this point if Morris voted Uti and Tawana for Eviction once given the chance to do so. In the Zero/Hero Vote, Morris chose Tawana as a Zero and Uti has now kissed his babe.

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Friday, August 29 2008

Last year's Big Brother Africa 2, Uganda's housemate, Maureen Namatovu (rumored to be pregnant now)had no big deal showering with all her clothes off bearing in mind that millions of people were glued on their tellies watching the reality show. Meryl showered with nothing on too. In the current Big Brother Africa(3) series the Tanzanian housemate, Latoya and Botswana's housemate, Tawana so far are the two girls who remove everything during shower hour which kicks off at exactly midnight(EAT).

           Latoya Lyakura, BBA3 Tanzanian Housemate

The boys: Ricco, Munya, Takondwa and Thami all remove there clothes and shower without any problems whatsoever and at times facing female housemates under the shower while nude. Mimi originally could shower with outfits close to a dress on but now she has graduated to a two piece costume.

Namibia's Lucille puts on a brown two piece while Kenya's Sheila puts on a two piece during shower hour. Meanwhile these are three days and the Ugandan housemate has not been seen showering. On the 28.Aug.2008 he was close to showering but only brushed his teeth. It should also be remembered that shower hour is strictly one hour and Big Brother clearly announces that ''All housemates have strictly one hour to shower''

Lucille came to the bathroom and her eyes caught TK's front view, but to this she could not hold any further she just turned back and went where she came from smiling. Lucille chose TK out of all the boys to kiss. TK is sleeping with Hazel(Malawi) and Lucille is still playing innocent and still sleeping alone in the bed but how long will she go on like this..

Last night Munya(Zimbabwe) tried very much to convince Lucille so that they could sleep together but Lucille stood her ground and said No. Lucille and Mimi are the only girls still sleeping together just 4 days in the 91 days game.

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Friday, August 29 2008

The housemate representing Botswana has beat other housemates as being head of the house. Tawana is the first head of house in the Big Brother Africa 3 series. Big Brother gave the housemates a piece of wood, a screw driver plus screws to assemble a cube that is similar to a person. Tawana completed first to the satisfaction of Biggie, thus becoming Head of House(HOH).

Every Sunday a housemate is evicted but if turns out that you are Head of House that is the very reason you survive being evicted and the next in line is put up for eviction.

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Thursday, August 28 2008

The Ugandan representative in the Big Brother game was given two roles that he failed to play. the first one was to remove all his clothes and jump shouting Uganda, Uganda with his hands spread and this he outrightly said NO. Having said No to that role he was dropped in the pool without a shower cap making his waxed hair wet.

The second one was to go and make love to the elephant on the wall, he again rejected this one but this time round demanded for a shower cap to save his waxed hair from getting more wet.

Takondwa was subjected to undressing and this he did with a lot of ease for some very good seconds. Thamis was made to Kiss Mimi and very quickly put on lip balm and kissed Mimi for 20 seconds.

Lucille was given a relatively hard task of choosing any male of her choice and kiss for 20 seconds. This she thought over for about 10 minutes who to kiss and how to kiss. She chose TK and kissed him all the way.

Lucille Kissing TK

However one strange thing happened before this game as housemates were busy discussing the situation in Zimbabwe.It was all started by Kenya's Sheila who asked Munya about the situation in Zimbabwe and as expected Big Brother turned away the camera and focused it on the empty garden for as long as the discussion of the cost of bread in Zimbabwe was going on.

Hazel failed on her task and she was also to be dropped in the pool but she was very quick at saying I do not know how to swim so drop me in the pull with ease so that I do not drown. They dipped her in the water with her clothes on several times before they let her settle in the water for she did not know how to swim.

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Monday, August 25 2008
Morris Mugisha BBA3 Representative from Uganda

Big Brother Africa 3 (the wild, wacky and wicked show) is back again on our screens for the next 91 days.

The 12 countries participating are Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
Twelve housemates from 12 different countries for 91 days will stay in the big brother house.
The show started with a splendid performance by Kabelo’s crew, preview from the BBA2 with overwhelming changes and developments by the previous housemate e.g.
  • Kweku-model, entrepreneur and NGO CEO.
  • Ofuneka- ambassador appointed by the health minister of Nigeria and CEO of Ofuneka funds trust
  • Maureen - now engaged and helps women and children through her NGO
  • Meryl - actress takes leads in advertising and promotions
  • Code - TV and radio presenter and is launching a malaria campaign soon
  • Lerato - events manager
There has been a total extreme makeover of all the rooms, sleeping arrangement and all in the house.
Tawana who is a microbiologist was the first housemate to enter the house.
She is from Botswana 30 years of age
She says she can’t stand women, hates repeating herself.
Strategy; “I will do anything to come home with the money I’m highly adoptable, watch and listen with an open mind.”
“It’s my way or the high way”
Mimi from Ghana was the second housemate to enter the BBA3 House.
She loves dancing, music is like food to her soul. She believes she’s beautiful and strong.
Strategy;” housemates should be ready for a stiff competition I don’t care where you come from”
“Watch me see how I sort myself out”
Kenya's Sheila was the third to enter
She says she is not an ordinary girl, she is different.
She loves booze and partying, I hate lying to me it hurts
Strategy; “it’s not a game, not a bargain but war” What you see is what you get.
25 year Old Hazel from Malawi was the fourth to enter the house
I love to live and smile and I have a perfect body.
I do not have any fears and I like people because they are judgmental
Strategy; “I m going to give you a run for your money the Malawian style”
Lucille, 21 from Namibia was the fifth housemate to enter Biggie's house
She says that she is shy but when she gets comfortable she really fits in well.
She fears being alone.
She says, “I have already got the money it’s coming to Namibia”
The secretary from Tanzania, Latoya came sixth to the house
She says Tanzania has beautiful girls
“I am too hard too handle”
I am comfortable in my own skin and a bully at times.
Strategy, “I will do whatever it takes to bring the money home it is a hot cake to handle so get ready to hold it”
The seventh housemate was none other than 21 year old Ricco from Angola
He loves girls and football.
He sleeps a lot.
“I will be natural and be myself”
Strategy, “all contestants should watch out when coming to me”
Next in line was Uti from Nigeria
I’m spontaneous and do not care about what people think.
If you are good to me I’ll be an angel and if you are bad to me you will see the demon in me.
Strategy; “I have no clear strategy but watch out you will be in for a surprise”
Followed by Thami from South Africa
I am very open and a terrible user
“You have no idea what you are in for.”
He is also looking for a relationship.
Our very own Morris Mugisha from Uganda
He loves beautiful ladies and hates catastrophes.
He fears death and hates cowards.
He has a passion for photography and life.
Takondwa, 25 from  Zambia
He says fear is a state of mind there is nothing we should be afraid of life is real and love people
“I drink and gamble a lot”
Finally Munya, 22 from  Zimbabwe
He was born to be on TV
He is sincere and stubborn
Strategy, ‘this is a game I’m prepared to take the bull by the horn I’ll get into the house and kill them with the charm.”
Housemates have a good start of getting to know each other, drinking and partying. Thami made Ricco’s bed wet and Ricco slept with Latoya. Housemates try to catch up on their first day encounter when they wake up on day 2.
They seem to be blending well but can this last!! Thami and Sheila have a good start
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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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