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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Monday, September 29 2008
               Ricco, Munya and Uti up for Eviction
TK's God is still working for him because he has managed to score the highest via nominations only to be saved by his being Head of House. TK is a no nonsense housemate because he replaced himself with the kid who likes it gangster, Ricco who had just survived the axe that hit Lucille.
The other housemates with the highest nominations are Munya and Uti both having (3) nominations. It should be noted that all housemates nominate two housemates of their choice for eviction and the one who turns up with the highest nominations is the one they send to us(Africa) to deal with.
TK has survived this round but he cannot survive next week unless when he scoops the HOH role the third time in a row. Our Morris who has not been HOH before but up for fake eviction is still very much in the game and Kenya's Sheila who is TK's bed mate though attracted to Tawana is smiling all the way because TK cannot swap her.
Namibia is certainly for TK's head but since he is not up this week the support that could otherwise have been for Lucille will simply cross to Munya as he was Lucille's closest buddy and this is confirmed by the exchange of the Jerseys during Lucille's final moments in the house and how Munya wrapped Lucilles shirt around his knee in the Diary room session of today.
Ricco is certainly not going to have a smooth ride with Tanzania for making them loose the bounty they enjoyed  in BBA2, they will have to show him the way.
Uti the guy from Nigeria is in a bit of trouble for bringing down the blinds in the glass house and later breaking the flower vessel in the main house protesting Lucille's eviction. This has put him up for eviction because some housemates were citing his bad temper as a reason for nominating him. But wait a minute Uti, Africa is watching this game and while in the house Munya made big strides towards Lucille as opposed to you who pretended at the eleventh hour to have lost Lucille when she was long gone. Ricco is a player period because he last night slept with Mimi and because he is a player he is; he will survive and Munya who has been there for Lucille will certainly get that vote from Namibia.
Based on the previous round Ricco and Uti were up for eviction and according to the scores Ricco got 0 and Uti got 2. This week we have a new entrant on the line up that is Munya. The Race is a walkover for Ricco because he likes it gangster and so are the viewers that is why he got 0 in the last round but for Uti and Munya it is going to be a tight race. However Munya has an automatic vote from Namibia because he pleaded for Lucille's love and never got it so to appease him, Namibia will pour all the support to him.
This puts the Naija boy in some bit of trouble ohhh!
Below is how the remaining housemates scored.
  • Hazel 2
  • Mimi 2
  • TK - (4) Replaces himself with Ricco
  • Morris 2
  • Uti - 3
  • Ricco 2
  • Munya 3
  • Thami 1
  • Tawana 1
  • Sheila 0
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Sunday, September 28 2008
Second Eviction Show
Another explosive show kicked off with Ghana's Irene and Jane with their track, Heated up which the girls did with a lot of make some noise in it.
Latoya Highlights
Latoya is still confused because it is going to be hard to sleep with Ricco not next to her. She has had lots of interviews since she left. She has never done this much talking in her entire life like she has done in the past week so she says.
Relatives for Nominees
Ricco's cousin, Lucille's brother and Uti's sister were around and they asked them who do you think is leaving and they both pointed at Lucille's brother.
Head of House
KB tells TK that Ricco Uti and yourself were nominated and you as HOH had the power to save a housemate and make a replacement of your choice, it is time to reveal that decision to your fellow housemates. I replaced my self with the lady I thought would probably be less likely to be evicted, Lucille. For now would all the nominees leave for the glass house KB...!
Support from Countries
Lucille's Friends are interviewed and all appear to be very positive and supportive. Go Lucy Go Lucy Go Lucille they conclude. Uti's friends confirm Uti is playing no games and he is just being himself.
Biggie Talks to Nominees
You have 30 seconds to bid farewell to housemates and go to the glass house. Lucille could not help crying at this point. As she went to the glass house she was armed with a small flag as opposed to the other two who had big flags of their respective countries.
Eviction Time
The next housemate to leave the BBA house is............. Lucille. Lucille you may leave the glass house immediately. Uti confirms he wanted Lucille very badly because he brought down all the blinds in protest. She was in Munya's jersey at the time a tactful way for Munya getting support from Lucilles country.
After Effects
Uti gets back to the house and he is still pissed off with Lucilles eviction he kicks a flower vessel. Munya is now putting on Lucille's jersey moving round in circles as he contemplated his next move on loosing a girl he was very close to winning as his very own in the house.
Camera's turn to Mimi who was crying in disbelief and wondered how TK could have switched Lucille of all people. Uti is worried and yet while Lucille was still in the house he kept his distance from her but his true colors and feelings came out after Lucille had been booted.
Nominations from fellow Housemates
Lucille got only one nomination and that was from TK. She did not get any other much as she thought she could have got another from Mimi. When they showed her the housemates who voted her out of the game; it was TK. However TK was the head of house(HOH) and indeed replaced himself with Lucille. When Lucille saw all the pressure had come  from just one person TK she could not help crying and this has put TK in serious trouble with Namibia.
How Africa Voted
Ricco is still very much in the game like we predicted because Africa did agree with us by giving him 0 votes and Uti came second with 2 Votes. Eleven countries sent Lucille packing.
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Sunday, September 28 2008

              Messed up Toilet Seat

It has been a week now of searching for the housemate who has failed to aim right in the toilet hole. This has made life very difficult for the other housemates who go to the toilet only to find it soaked with stains of a bad user.

Lucille says she now knows the culprit and it is a male housemate only that she will not reveal the name for very obvious reasons. All fingers have been pointing to the male housemates bearing in mind that male housemates will have to stand while doing their thing as opposed to the females who sit.

Uti comes from the toilet and is busy narrating to the other housemates how the front part has some brown on the edge of the seat, Morris is quick at defending the splasher by saying"anyone can splash any time". They seem to have an argument on how a boy can splash at the front and Uti insists it is a girl. Uti, Thami and Munya plus TK go to the toilet to verify the mess for themselves.

This left out two suspects i.e. Ricco and Morris. If Lucille breaks the silence on who the splasher is, it is likely to be Ricco because he was not around at the time of this argument or Morris who was around and simply backed up the issue of splashing by saying anyone can splash.


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Sunday, September 28 2008
Pool Cleaner
Biggie brought in a female pool cleaner to revive memories of Latoya like curves that were fast disappearing in the minds of the male housemates.
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Sunday, September 28 2008

                  Jersey Housemate, TK

The you say your best when you say nothing at all housemate has done it again. Takondwa will continue with his task as Head of House taking over from none other than himself. TK emerged the best after housemates were judged based on their expert knowledge of the African countries.

Some housemates were very grin on their own countries and others exhibited high intellectual capabilities. Lucille had no idea on most of the questions something which will simply annoy Africa the more and have no choice other than setting her free from the house tonight.

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Friday, September 26 2008

Who will win the $ 100,000 BBA Prize?

Morris from Uganda is leading in the poll for the housemate who is likely to take the US Dollars 100,000 prize money at 31% followed by Uti at 11%. Sheila and Mimi follow Uti at 10%. Latoya who is already out of the game was at 4% beating Hazel, TK, Tawana and Thami who are below 4%.

Morris is leading in this poll because Ugandans have massively supported his bid, otherwise he needs to do a lot other than talking about the separation with his girl friend with whom they have a daughter to get to Gaetano and Maureen who both finished fourth place in their respective episodes of Big Brother.

TK is definitely doing badly and the only thing that saved him this week was being Head of House otherwise had it not been his replacement with Lucille he was going because his Jersey has only caused him problems like Maureen's warm bottle did in BBA2.

This week, Lucille, Ricco who likes it gangster and the Naija boy, Uti are up for eviction. Tanzania will certainly not support Ricco so that is an automatic vote. Ricco and Uti have a good game going for them and this will put Lucille in a bit of hot soup which will result in a house HAVING 6 boys and 4 girls.

Ricco is apparently one guy in the house who makes the house filled with fun, laughter and joy which could be one reason for survival and Uti certainly not that quiet making him very popular. The poll also suggests that if Morris is not winning then Uti is and that is a strong point.

Lucille at 6% is not doing badly at all and the mere fact that she was only replaced brings in a few votes working for her stay in the game. Unfortunately though one person has to leave and with the above analysis Lucille might not survive and if she does then may be Ricco goes but it is certainly too early for Ricco.


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Monday, September 22 2008
           Latoya Evicted from the BBA3 House
The Dogg from Namibia kicked off the show with his nice performance which kept most revelers off their feet.
KB Turned to Tawana's mum asking how Tawana will perform.? I don't Know is what she replied and when it crossed to the sister she said I hope she will make it.
Rubbish Dump
KB Turns to the Rubbish Dump cum Pent House to see how the two housemates very ready for the axe were fairing. Hullo Ladies: for one of you the going ends tonight and the other goes back to the house what does that mean? Latoya replies Scary.
Main House
KB turned to the main house and asked Lucille who was the HOH for that week how went Karaoke and also asked how it felt for all the housemates to be nominated for eviction. Lucille replied that it is easier now that everyone is since we're in it together. KB asked all the housemates to pack their bags and take them to the Diary Room.
It should be noted that at this time the 10 housemates in the main house do not know that the other two housemates, Latoya and Tawana are still in the game.
Glass House
Tawana and Latoya are asked by Big Brother to put on their blind folds and wait for further instructions. I wonder what Tawana left behind and very quickly removed her blind fold to rush for it only to bump into one of the bouncers who had come to evacuate them to the Glass House. The bouncer very quickly rapped a cloth on her face to avoid further rigging in the game and the dirty tricks Tawana was trying to play.
The Dogg
At this point the show turned to The Dogg who was the artiste of the night, tow guys clad in Black T-Shirts and Jeans with their track entitled Can you feel it.we like it for our Music page so Dogg once you read this we will appreciate that track. KB was also amused with the track because at the end of the track he asked the guys when next they will be releasing their next album and the guys said March next year..Big Up Dogg.
Eviction Time
The first housemate to leave the Big Brother Africa3 house is time I will have to time this interval because for a moment the systems and every one went silent.. LATOYA. Latoya hugs Tawana and the doors open.
KB asks Tawana whether she is surprised. She replies that Tanzania runs the show. It should be noted at this time that BBA2 was won by Richard from Tanzania but this time round Tanzania has been the first to be kicked out.
Tawana Joins Main House
Tawana is told by Big Brother that she has been saved and she can now go back to the main house. The cameras show Latoya who is now out of the house clapping for Tawana. This is what Tawana said after Biggie's voice " Thank you Africa, Thank you Very Much". The moment she joins the house all housemates apart from TK are all over her and Uti saying I told you, I told you someone was going to come back. TK participates in everything by being quiet. He did the same for Karaoke.
Who Nominated Latoya
Time to show Latoya who is responsible for her eviction or better still who nominated her to face the axe.Munya comes number one and this seems to scare Latoya very much in that as they brought out other names of the people who nominated her she was still very surprised about Munya. Uti is the second name and Lucille. Latoya said Lucille was interested in Ricco that is why she nominated her so she was not surprised.
Who will you Miss Most
Every other person and fan expected her to say Ricco but she never mentioned Ricco singly she insisted she will miss every one because they were all unique in their own ways. She later said she will miss Tawana most may be the being in the dump house for a week brought them closer to each other.
Life after Biggie
It's now going to be Latoya in the media issue but I will get over it and go back to school.
BBA Experience
It was a great platform for everything I wanted Latoya said. I will appear in all Tanzanian News papers. I was a secretary before this and nobody knew me but now it is going to be different.
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Friday, September 19 2008

The day the two housemates were sent to the rubbish dump they must have cursed why they joined the Big Brother game. The two housemates were taken out of the main house to the rubbish dump after it turned out that they had enough votes to secure them a return ticket to their respective countries.

The shower room in the main house has bathroom tiles and a lovely interior but the shower room in the rubbish dump has that floor that is ideal for feet scrubbing in case of any cracks. Two days before one of the housemates can leave the house permanently and the other back to the main house, Biggie has redesigned the rubbish dump and transformed it to a five star equivalent luxury suite with flowers, mouth wash, linen spray and literally everything you would find in a luxury setting.

           Latoya feeling a lot better in the Luxury suite as opposed to the Rubbish Dump

Latoya in her words said: I don't want to go back to the house, I don't want to go home, I just want to stay here. Stay tuned for more drama over the weekend.

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Tuesday, September 16 2008

Lucille is the current head of house after taking over from Ricco the gangster boy who indeed likes it gangster. Ricco is a smart guy.. He refused to save Latoya from the rubbish dump and very quickly switched posts to Lucille. The drama is that Mimi and Lucille have fallen for Ricco but looks like Ricco has turned to Lucille.

                      Lucille and Ricco

All the housemates are up for eviction back in the main house though we the viewers know that the coming Sunday we will be deciding between Latoya and Tawana who goes for good and who bounces back to the main BBA house..

                     Ricco and Lucille have already slept together

The current head of house and the former head of house share a moment together in their bed of course.

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Monday, September 15 2008
A few minutes to the show TK is seen busy comforting Sheila, Tawana all by herself reading a book, Latoya dressed in Red and Black busy taking water and visibly looking very scared. Lucille is looking very sexy after sleeping with Ricco and Mimi. Hazel is equally confused and praying to her God. Mimi is in her own world.
The show kicks off with a performance from Ghana's Ofori Amposah with his track titled Lady.
The head of the House Ricco is called in to explain to the housemates if at all he made any changes of the nominated housemates, Ricco stands up and clearly tells the other housemates that he left the nominations as is. The camera turns to Latoya for very obvious reasons. May be she thought she could be saved by the 'boy friend' but this was not the case.
The evictees were Tawana, Latoya and Sheila. Biggie gives them 30 seconds to move to bid farewell to the other housemates and move to the glass house. Ricco and Latoya hugged for a relatively longer period. As Latoya moved to the glass house she said: ''even if I'm evicted I have to go to Naija"..Uti must have sold Nigeria to the extent that Latoya is looking forward to go and verify Uti's stories.
Sheila got no votes at all and that is how she bounced back to the house. On going back she said f**k you. I hope this was not aimed at the viewers because they can easily see her out next time. Tawana surprisingly got three countries asking her out of the game and the Miss BBA3, Latoya got 10 countries agreeing unanimously that she should leave the house and board the next available flight to Tanzania.
But Big Brother has changed the game a little bit and as opposed to leaving the house the two housemates with the highest votes are sent to the rubbish dump. Now that Sheila had got zero she bounced back to the BBA3 house to join the 10 housemates, Latoya who had 10 countries voting for her exit and Tawana who had three countries were both sent to the rubbish dump where they will be for a week and meanwhile voting will go on to decide who leaves permanently and who bounces back to the BBA3 House. The rubbish dumb had some moving insects, empty soda bottles and rubbish generally.
The nominations will still go on today but chances are these are nominations for the rubbish guys come next week assuming Biggie does not change his mind like he normally does.
The housemates in the main house thought may be these two housemates would bounce back like it was the case for Morris and Thami and also the evicted housemates survive for at least one week to know exactly what their fate is. While in the rubbish dump Latoya said: It's f***ed Up. Latoya later noted the house had less tissue so she warned Tawana to be careful with the cracking.
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Wednesday, September 10 2008

Uganda's Morris(Yellow T-Shirt), Thami(SA)
In week one Morris was up for eviction but luck was on his side because those were fake evictions in which he faced the exit fever with Thami from South Africa. However in week 2 Morris ended up nominating Thami for eviction something which made some fans conclude that probably Morris has not yet learnt the names of the housemates. Morris told Thami after the fake evictions that " We are brothers, Let's do our thing man,'' and how could Morris nominate Thami in the end?

He could have nominated any other housemate as opposed to Thami. Big brother asked Morris why he had nominated Thami and the Ugandan housemate had no reason to make matters worse. This is going to put Morris in trouble with South Africa because anyway there is no better way of rewarding him than showing him the exit.

His second nomination was Sheila from Kenya not much a surprise because he was exercising his right given the information he received from the preview of the housemates who put him up for the fake eviction. Sheila said Morris does not fit in the house. Kenya will be on Mugisha's case once he is up for eviction.

The first choice is going to cost Morris and his chances of surviving are very minimal the moment he is nominated for eviction because the fake eviction was supposed to be used to his advantage but it has instead caused him more problems.

Also: Read about Latoya in the Diary Room on how she is confirming Ricco as the perfect man and no mention of Morris anywhere in her BBA3 Plans. She is also trying to prove to her Dad that despite not knowing Maths she can still dance Salsa and wishes her Dad was watching.

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Tuesday, September 09 2008

Tawana cannot handle the game anymore. If you saw the fight between Thami and Tawana you could think she is a strong woman but not anymore, in fact she is very weak.

Morris was still talking about his affiliations of the HI5 project with the ministries in Uganda which he has been involved with to Tawana, Latoya and Hazel. The talk must have been boring for Latoya so she excused her self from the group and went to probably join the gangster kid.

Morris looked at Tawana who was clad in sheds and a hat and noticed tears rolling down her cheeks and straight on he posed a question to her: Tawana are you okay? The Botswana housemate just broke down and cried like a baby. Hazel and Morris took her to the girl's room where they comforted her.

The reason for Tawana's breaking down is the nomination fever. Tawana is one of the three housemates up for possible eviction this coming Sunday and she just can't seem to handle the feeling of being exposed to the axe. She asked Morris how he went through it? and Morris simply replies be strong..We are only 11 housemates but there is the rest of Africa out there who will determine your fate so you still have six more days? Did you read the contract? Did you understand it? Our own Morris seems to comfort the Botswana bald head lady.

Tawana nominated Lucille and the reason for Lucille's nomination was that Lucille cries and can't seem to handle anything. It simply means Tawana cries even more than Lucille who she actually thought over cries.

Naija Boy
Uti Joins the room and discovers Tawana crying but he is left speechless and only leans at the back of Tawana in support.

TK - You say your best when you say nothing at all
Is TK's strategy and when he comes in the room and finds Tawana crying he does not keep quiet like he normally does but he instead asks why is she crying? Tawana replies emotions running wild.

Gangster Boy
Here comes the gangster boy, Ricco and notices a sober mood in the room. Kisses Hazel and then Tawana and immediately turns the room gangster, advises Tawana to keep it gangster and within 2 minutes the Botswana lady is up and strong and truly gangster. I'm worried because the gangster boy might have to keep it gangster all the way to the $100,000 prize.

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Tuesday, September 09 2008
  1. Morris – Thami Sheila
  2. Thami – Tawana, Sheila
  3. Lucille – Tawana, Latoya
  4. Mimi – Uti, Sheila
  5. Tawana – Lucille, Thami
  6. TK-Uti, Latoya
  7. Hazel- Munya, Mimi
  8. Sheila – Morris, Tawana
  9. Latoya- Sheila, Tawana
  10. Ricco – Hazel Tawana
  11. Uti- Munya, Latoya
  12. Munya – Hazel, Latoya
Ricco and TK got no nominations. Ricco is the current head of house and was called to the diary room to replace one of the nominated housemates and replace him with a housemate of his choice but Ricco chose to leave the results as is like was the case of the previous housemate Tawana.
Two housemates out of Tawana, Sheila and Latoya will be evicted this week and will go to a specially designed house for a week and there after one housemate will bounce back to the house and the other will be evicted for good. Talk about Big Brother 3 this time round being un predictable and it is exactly that.
Surprise Nominations:
Morris nominated Thami something that would leave many surprised because Thami and Morris were together in the fake evictions of the previous week and one could easily think they have made an alliance of sorts. The mere fact that they had been shown who had nominated them, Morris would have chosen any of those as opposed to Thami. The Ugandan housemate made matters worse by having no reason to choose Thami.
LATOYA did not get any nominations in week1 but turned out to be one with the highest nominations in week 2.
Tawana in Hot Soup
Tawana is not only up for eviction but also one with the highest nominations. Tawana has 5 and Sheila, Latoya both have 4 nominations. This is partly because of the fight they had with Thami because Thami nominated her and she did the same citing the same reason.
Head of House
Like it was the case in the first week when the Head of House, Tawana made no changes so was Ricco. Biggie asked Ricco to save any of the nominated housemates and replace them with any other; and he said he is going to leave the results as is.
East Africa on Pressure
Last week a Ugandan housemate was on fake eviction but this was only known to the viewers but to the affected housemate it was real not until it turned out to be a joke. This time round it is going to be for real because anyway Kenya’s Sheila and Tanzania’s Latoya are up for eviction. Biggie is yet to showcase more surprises and he has become more unpredictable. In BBA2 whoever was Head of the House seemed to enjoy the penthouse treat but in BBA3 it looks like the rare treat is for those nominated either for real eviction or fake eviction. Watch this Space !
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Monday, September 08 2008
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Sunday, September 07 2008

        Latoya and Morris Break Up

The Ugandan housemate, Morris Mugisha is about to nurse a broken heart if he is already not nursing one. Apparently all this has been caused by Morris being nominated in the fake nominations which will result in no one leaving the house this evening.

Latoya has already predicted that actually Morris could leave and she has crossed to the guy who likes it ''gangster'', Ricco. Hazel and Lucille actually commented on the way Latoya is behaving Torwards Morris.

It is now very common to see Latoya kissing Ricco passionately and for Morris it is more of a begging spree. This was confirmed further when DJ Waxxy brought the house down with his mixes, Morris occasionally danced with Mimi as Latoya and Ricco were dancing gangster style. Thank God it is a fake nomination and it has clearly brought out the true colours of Latoya and this brings in a new wave in the game next week after Morris and Thami bounce back to the house.

Thami is clearly loosing it all by the way he is reacting to the game. Little does he know that this is a fake nomination unfortunately from the way he has behaved this week like having a fight with Tawana, it does not surprise anyone that he will bounce back on the eviction list next week which will be real this time round..

Head of House
The gangster kid, Ricco is the head of the house taking on from Tawana and his term of office kicks off on Monday (08.Sep.2008). Tawana's role was easy because Morris and Thami were not to leave anyway but for Ricco's being Head of House will have a strong impact on Monday.

Best Dancers
Meanwhile as Dj Waxxy did his thing Ricco, Sheila and Munya were displaying very rare strokes or better still one can as well say they are good dancers. Latoya can easily win the crown of Miss BBA3 and those three would go for Best dancers in BBA3. Morris retired to reading a novel before Dj Waxxy's sounds came to a complete stop.

         Latoya Shakin' Booty

Kampala Un Paid Adz
During the week, Hazel from Namibia was heard singing Jangu a track from the obsessions singing group. It is clear that Hazel and the obsessions girls share a lot in common when it comes to body size no wonder during the burn dem down session of Dj Waxxy, her dancing could easily be associated with the way the girls dance in the Jangu video. Morris on the other hand talked about the V.I.P Lounge at Club Rouge. He was talking to Uti about Kampala night life and if Uti came to Uganda, these are some of the places which are a must visit.


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Monday, September 01 2008

The Big Brother Game has started as far as the housemates are concerned. KB announced to the house who had the highest nominations and this is not very good news for Uganda's Morris. Morris and Thami turned out to have the highest nominations and when the Head of House, Tawana was called in to save a housemate of her choice, she preferred to leave the selection as is. Tawana is the Head of House(HOH) and as HOH you are free to save a housemate up for eviction and replace them with any other. She did not do anything but she said she was confused.

Thami compared to Morris would go had the nominations not been fake, because in the one week that has ended, the South African Housemate has exhibited a lot of being a passenger on board politics. On the other hand our boy (Morris) who has done a lot of chilling out with Latoya during day and leaving her for Ricco at night would stay simply because the revelers are on the look out for the drama Kenya's Latoya is trying to play on these two guys, Ricco and Morris.

The fans were kind of predicting Mimi on the first round of exit but she had put on Ofunneka's shoes and she is fitting in very well. Like Ofunneka, many thought she was leaving in the very first weeks but due to the fact that she was an asset when it came to Kitchen affairs, she survived and came very close to beating Richard of Tanzania. This is the very trick Mimi is using and it will work as most of them like the Idiot word girl, Sheila is just to bossy and masterminding hiding booze as opposed to being an asset.

Below is how the housemates nominated:


  • Mimi - (Morris, Thami)
  • Lucille - (Morris, Thami)
  • Sheila - (Morris, Thami)
  • Tawana - (Lucille, Thami)
  • Hazel - (TK, Ricco)
  • Latoya - (TK, Sheila)

From the girls nominations Thami ended up with 4 nominations and Morris ended with 3 Nominations.


  • Morris - (TK, Lucille)
  • Uti - (Lucille, Mimi)
  • Munya -(Ricco, Lucille)
  • Ricco -(Thami, Morris)
  • Thami - (Ricco, Uti)
  • TK - (Morris, Hazel)

From the boys nominations Morris scores 2 nominations and Thami 1. This put Morris and Thami at 5 nominations each more so the highest. Tawana and Munya end up with zero nominations. Tawana not being nominated is understandable because anyway as Head of House she could have saved herself from eviction but Munya's failing to get nominated beats logic.

Munya does not surprise me nominating Lucille because anyway all attempts of sleeping in Lucille's bed have failed so Munya has no option but to expose her to the axe.

Ricco has picked on Morris simply because they are on the same gurl Latoya much as he has a better package of Latoya in the night.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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