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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Wednesday, October 28 2009

Big Brother has abandoned the housemates and only left them with a phone that changes the message on every call. Itai made his way to the diary room to try and communicate to Biggie or better still to the phone for that matter.

The answering machine played some music for him as it kept him entertained and also assuring him that his call was important to them, so he had every reason to be patient. This he did and tried for several minutes.

As Itai was just about to give up the Biggie calls, the other housenmates came up with a silly idea of locking him in the Diary room. Initially Jeremy suggested that Itai be locked up for at least 3 minutes and then after released. The game became interesting on their part as Itai was forcing the door open, the other housemates simply took off leaving the poor Zim boy with a Big Brother phone which was even not working.

Jeremy and Emma retired to the jacuzzi as Elizabeth and Kevin who were not part of the game were sharing the same bed. Itai later forced the door open, cleared whatever they had used to block the door and dashed to the washroom as he was dying to use it on emptying his wine glass.

He brushed his teeth only to bump into Jeremy and Emma shortly after, asked who were the ring leaders for locking him in the diary room, they claimed not to know anything as they were in the Jacuzzi.

He came to the room and switched on the light as Nkenna passed by, he ordered her to switch off the lights and went straight to Geraldine's bed, forced her out of the bed and demanded to know who did that.

The Zim boy has promised to fix all those involved. He is pretty sure Nkenna and Geraldine were involved and he has promised to deal with them. Meanwhile, he has promised not to go back to the diary room.

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Wednesday, October 28 2009

Leonel and Mzamo are fast overtaking Jeremy and Emma as the latter are locked up in eviction fears. Jeremy and Emma are up for eviction which has killed their spirits. In the same vein, Mzamo's being up for eviction simply means opening up.

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Monday, October 26 2009

         Emma, Jeremy and Mzamo up fro Eviction
The official couple in the Big Brother House is up for eviction. Emma from Angola, Jeremy from Kenya(Jeremy+Emma=Jemma) and Mzamo from Malawi are booked for next Sunday. Two housemates out of the three could leave next Sunday.

The show first featured some highlights in the week like how the Head of the house task which involved standing in ice blocks for some time, then later the last housemates standing put their hands in cold ice as well. At the end of it all the best three (Emma, Jeremy and Nkenna) were taken to final task to determine the head of the house.

This involved taking water from a glass with the help of a straw and whoever emptied the glass first would become the Head of the House. Nkenna from Nigeria emerged the winner. There was also a horrible scene as Leonel Estevoa from Mozambique blew his nose into his food just to protect it from whoever had intentions of encroaching on it.

This made Kristal from Zimbabwe loose her cool and assured Leonel from Zimbabwe that blowing his nose in the food which is his was okay but on the plate that all the other housemates were bound to use was not just right. Leonel retaliated by saying that he was joking. Joking ! Kristal assured the housemate from Mozambique that when it comes to one' s health, it is no joke.

Big Brother announces housemates polling the highest in the run to leave the house next Sunday who included: Itai from Zimbabwe, Jeremy from kenya and Mzamo from Malawi. The next step was to call the Head of the House in the Diary room. The role for the head of the house is very clear because you either save someone or you automatically go up in the run to leave the house next Sunday.

Nkenna saved Itai and after too much thinking replaced Itai with Emma. It should be noted at this point that Emma is the babe you "always" see with Jeremy so Nkenna probably wants to see whether the couple is up to their game outside the Big Brother House.

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Sunday, October 25 2009

Kristal and Quiin Evicted from the Big Brother House
Quinn from South Africa has been evicted from the Big Brother revolution. He was the only housemate left in the house from South Africa after Liz was evicted last week. Kristal from Zimbabwe was Quinn's comrade in arms so evicting one meant evicting the other.

Kevin from Nigeria and Elizabeth from Tanzania have survived this eviction and luck is equally on their part now that the pairing of housemates is no more. All housemates are playing as individuals till the end.

Three housemates from Nigeria and one from Tanzania, Angola, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Malawi are left in the house. It is the first time we have failed on our predictions because we were sure Elizabeth and Kevin were leaving the house now that Nigeria has three housemates but Africa disagreed with us.

Kristal from Zimbabwe left the house with US$ 2,383 while Quinn from South Africa left with US$ 2,107. Meanwhile Nigeria still has a very good game now that Nkenna is the current head of house.

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Tuesday, October 20 2009

Leonel and Mzamo are comrades in the game courtesy of the pairings that end this Sunday, but the two have  greatly benefitted from the pairing arrangemet that even when it ends, theirs will continue beyond this Sunday. 

Leonel has been the first head of house to enjoy the equivalent of Pent House in the previous episodes of Big Brother. At 00:47 the Malawian Babe and the Leonel guy got to know each other better.

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Monday, October 19 2009

We hate to say this but Nigeria has been got and the three housemates in the house are at least going to be reduced to two leaving weak Nkenna and Geraldine. All the housemates up for eviction are very strong but unfortunately one pair has to leave.

Mzamo and Leonel together with Quinn and Kristal turned up with the highest polls to leave the house and since Leonel is the Head of the house, he saved himself saving Mzamo in the process now that they are comrades. Meanwhile the two(Mzamo+Leonel) were showering together and kissing deeply and of course one thing led to the other but since this is the revolution, the cameras switched positions.

Leonel was called into the diary room and told of who the pairs that were up for eviction of which he was among. He saved himself and Mzamo and straight on Kevin and Elzabeth got on board. The race to leave the house next week is between pairs (Quinn, Kristal) and (Kevin, Elizabeth).

The pairing business is ending with this lot and after the Sunday eviction show that will see Kevin and the most beautiful babe Elizabeth leave the house, the housemates will be 10 in the house and battle it out as individual housemates till the winner of the USD 200,000 will be announced.

The South African housemate Quinn told Itai(HoH) to put him up for eviction claiming that he had been in the house long enough and and for him it wasn't about the money, he was tired of the game, but when Big Brother announced that him and Kristal were up for eviction, he instantly felt the pain of being up for eviction and fell to the floor holding his head asking why me ???????? Watch this space!

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Sunday, October 18 2009

               Kaone and Liz Evicted
Liz and Kaone are long gone like we told you. This marks the end of the road for Botswana as Kaone(Ka1) was the only housemate from Botswana. Liz and Kaone were left with USD 2,000 each in their money pots courtesy of Big Brother, so that was take home for them.

Emma and Edward survived eviction narrowly because if it had turned out that they were the ones to leave this Sunday, it could have been game up for the countries they are representing now that Rene and Erastus who are both from Namibia long left the house. Angola simply has one housemate Emma who by the way has a good game going for her on teaming up with Jeremy via the sheets.

Emma and Edward got 11 votes while Liz and Kaone got 4 votes South Africa inclusive and yet Liz is from South Africa and to make matters worse, Quinn nominated Liz and yet they come from the same country. Liz simply said: "Quinn fears competition and I was his biggest competition."

Kaone's molotov cocktail which was dieting was aimed a Geraldine while Liz's cocktail was thrown at Nkenna which was to bake fresh bread for a week.

The pairing business will end next Sunday and there after the housemates will play the game as individuals till the last day. 12 housemates are left after 12 have been evicted and one opted out of the game voluntarily.

Liz, Kaone Vs Emma & Edward
Kaone Finally Surfs Geraldine

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Tuesday, October 13 2009
Kaone gave the phrase ‘patience pays” a whole new meaning. I mean the guy has been really patient. He has been convincing Geraldine that he likes her but she has been playing hide and seek claiming she has a boy friend back home.
He kept on plugging till she finally agreed to share a bed with him. Trust Kaone to take advantage of the situation because he turned a small KB into surfing session. Geraldine was so excited about the whole experience and now can’t get out of Kaone’s bed. I tell you the power of a man’s whopper is simply irresistible!!
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Monday, October 12 2009

          Edward, Emma Vs Kaone Liz
As you may be aware Uganda is now out of the game and we are still recovering from Last Sunday's shock but that has not stopped us from following the game. The guy from South Africa has given the revolution game a twist of his own as opposed to Big Brother doing so.

I lack appropriate words for Quinn at this time. He nominated Liz. For the record, Liz should not be confused with Elizabeth from Tanzania. Liz is Lizwe from South Africa but the name is cut short to Liz. Now Quinn nominated a fellow countrymate Liz from South Africa and as fate would have it, it turns out that him(Quinn) and Liz were both up for eviction.

(Liz-Kaone), (Kristal-Quinn) scored the highest polls in the run for who leaves the house next Sunday but as Quinn current HoH is called in the diary room, he spent some minutes cursing himself why he had nominated a fellow countrymate and yet at the eleventh hour he only had himself to save as opposed to the poor Liz he sacrificed.

After much pestering from Big Brother, Quinn had no option because anyway he had to save himself. So he saved himself and replaced his pair with Emma and Edward. Now at this very point we have read the contents of the unsealed envelope and the verdict is as simple as: This is the last week for Liz and Kaone.

Kaone from Botswana will join other countries that have lost out on the game like Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia. Liz leaving the house will leave Quinn but from what Quinn has done, it is not clear what portion of South Africans will forgive him.

On the other Hand, Liz and Kaone is up with Emma and Edward but Emma is Jeremy's "wifey" in the house and for that case she is still in the game and that is how Liz and Kaone will have to board the next planes next week

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Sunday, October 11 2009

          Hannington and Yakob Evicted from the Big Brother Revolution House
Uganda and Ethiopia will join Ghana in loosing out on the USD 200,000 big brother prize. Ethiopia and Ghana had one housemate each of which both have been evicted. Uganda had two housemates i.e. Phil and Hannington but for now they have joined other viewers in following the revolution game from outside the house.

Phil's eviction was unfortunate because he replaced a nominated housemate but for Hannington he was legitimately up and was not saved either by Itai who was the HoH simply because he had his own countrymate to save who happened to be Kristal.

The show was graced by Kenya's Amani who started off with "Tonight" before turning to the head of the house to reveal his decision to other housemates. Itai from Zimbabwe stood up looking every inch nervous and told the other housemates that he saved (Kristal,Quinn) and replaced them with (Kevin, Elizabeth).

The show crossed to Thomas Mlambo to leave the house he joined last Friday. IK asked him who he thought would win the game and he put the money on Nkenna's head. Since he was leaving the house, he had a chance to throw a molotov at one housemate but his was a positive one, so he chose Itai implying that they were getting on well. The Molotov applied to all the housemates fortunately so it was not for only Itai to enjoy but all the housemates. The molotov read in part: "All housemates will receive a BBQ tomorrow courtesy of Thomas"

Amani from Kenya bounced back with another track of hers which was "Bad Boy" before crossing to the house again where our very Hannington and Yakob from Ethiopia were announced as the next housemates to leave the Big Brother House. As they came on stage, Bebe Cool's "Kus Kus" was playing in the background.

Yakob threw a molotov at Liz from S.Africa whom she referred to as the worst housemate and for this she will spend the nights out for one week while Hannington's Molotov which was to make all the beds, hand in all the dirty linen for all the housemates for a week was thrown at Kevin.

This leaves 14 housemates in the game i.e. 7 boys and 7 girls with 56 days to go.

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Tuesday, October 06 2009

        Hannington, Yakob Vs Elizabeth and Kevin
Uganda's Hannington is up for eviction.  He is the only Ugandan housemate left in the Big Brother House after Phil Okure got evicted two weeks back. Big Brother came up with another twist to the game which is in line with revolutionizing the game.

The housemates now operate as a pair. If one of the members in the pair is up for eviction, this will automatically put the other housemate up for eviction. If one of the members in the pair is evicted, the same will apply to the other half in the pair.

The housemates are paired up as follows:
Jeremy and Geraldine, Edward and Emma, Kaone and Liz, Itai and Nkenna, Hannington and Yacob, Quinn and Kristal, Kevin and Elizabeth, Mzamo and Leonel. In yesterday's nominations (Hannington, Yakob) and (Quinn, Kristal) turned up with the highest votes but Itai exercised his right as Head of House to save (Quinn, Kristal) only to be replaced with Kevin and Elizabeth.

So guys Hannington and Yacob need to stay in the house, so vote for them to stay in the house. Nigeria still has a good game because of the four housemates who are up for eviction it is only Nigeria with 3 housemates in the house as opposed to Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia that have one housemate each.

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Sunday, October 04 2009
          Paloma, Rene and Erastus Evicted
Namibia and Zambia were not that lucky in the just concluded eviction Big Brother show. Erastus, Rene and Paloma got kicked out of the revolution house after Africa sentenced Erastus to 7 votes, Rene 6 and Paloma 2. The show kicked off with AY from Tanzania and there after it crossed to the house for Kate Menson the Face of Africa 2008 to depart after staying in the BB house for 2 days.
The first housemate to leave the house at about 8:30pm EAT was Erastus from Namibia. As he was leaving he got himself a hot kiss from Kristal. His Molotov Cocktail was “No Alcohol for one week” and this he threw at Itai. IK asked him why Itai and Erastus said: “He thinks he is more good looking than me”
He left with USD 2,250 in his money pot.
Second Envelope is delivered…The next housemate to leave the Big Brother House is Rene from Namibia. She kissed all the housemates as she bade farewell and fellow country mate Edward gave her a push to the exit door only to wrap up the push with a hot kiss.
Rene’s Molotov Cocktail was one housemate would be a night watch man for Big Brother, and would have to go to bed last. She was quick at hitting back at Paloma especially after the sink fight, but she was caught off guard because she is not supposed to throw the Molotov at a housemate who is up for eviction. She then directed the Molotov to Geraldine for having stabbed her in the back.
The Third housemate to leave the Big Brother house is PALOMA. On coming out of the house, she told IK that she saw it coming because she was put up with very strong candidates. Time for the Hit Back Molotov and her’s was the worst of all the three which was to clean the toilet and the bathroom with a toothbrush for a week and poor Quinn from South Africa fell a victim for this terrible Molotov.
IK mentioned that Paloma had $2,570 in her money pot at the time of leaving the house..I thought the money was to reduce from $2.500 downwards but Paloma’s has increased.. She shook her booty to the amusement of her fans as she left the stage.
Last Sunday, Uganda fell a victim as our very own Phil Okure was booted out of the house. He was last week up with Erastus who bounced back to the house, but he has not lived beyond a week before getting out the same door Phil used last week. This leaves 16 housemates after a total of 8 have been evicted plus one opting out of the game voluntarily.
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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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