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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Sunday, November 29 2009
Itai from Zimbabwe has been evicted leaving behind the Africa's Big Five Kevin, Edward, Nkenna, Emma and Mzamo. Kevin got 7 votes while Emma was right behind Itai with 6 votes and the likely housemate to take the dime, Kevin had 2 votes.
The show that kicked off with IK coming on stage with a red bike started off with a spectacular performance from a group that had great dancing partners. The show later crossed to the highlights ion the week reflecting more on Mzamo and Itai's fight that resulted in Mzamo smashing the window glass.
When Itai was asked about that fight he had this to say: I looked like Mzamo's ex and that is the reason the two were not getting along. Itai left the house with USD 2,899 in his money pot courtesy of Big Brother.
The winner of the USD 200,000 will be crowned next Sunday. The competition though is between Nigeria's Kevin and Edward Mongo from Namibia. The girls are still in but Mzamo's temper and her actions with Leonel will not get her close to winning the money.
Nkenna's character and her Paloma like bossy ways will just not work in her favour. She spent over an hour after Itai had been evicted praying for the sick, the presidents and literally everyone in a bid to gain support for her, but sorry that will not work. The best position for her will be third place after Mzamo and Emma will have left in that order.
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Sunday, November 29 2009

Kevin Chuwang, NigeriaEdward Moongo, NamibiaNkenna, NigeriaEmma, AngolaMzamo, Malawi
These are the top finalists for the Big Brother Revolution in order of who will take the big prize of US Dollars 200,000. That is our order.. What is yours?

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Monday, November 23 2009

The game is coming to the end and its getting hot in the house. Three housemates are up for eviction and one of them has to leave the before we head for the finals. Emma, Mzamo and Itai were up for eviction but the Head of house, Edward came to Emma's rescue replacing her with Kevin.

If Kevin survives this eviction you can as well say the money will be his. We still have two Nigerians in the house at the moment and Nkenna has managed to book herself a slot in the top finals. Mzamo is another lucky person who got saved by the HOH winning herself a slot on the big 5.

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Sunday, November 22 2009

             Nigeria's Geraldine Evicted
The show kicked off with Lizha James of the famous ''Nita Mukuma Kwini" Big Brother tune that always plays in the background as you watch your favorite artists on channel 198. She had some four booty shakers in form of queen dancers.

Geraldine from Nigeria got evicted on 22.Nov.2009 after she scored eleven votes against four votes for Angola's Emma. This was a perfect move by Africa now that Nigerians had proved to be a hard nut to crack.

With Geraldine out, two Nigerians are left leaving six housemates. If one more Nigerian could be removed in the coming week which appears to be the last before we go for the top 5 finalists in the week that follows.

The twin from Namibia, Edward has already made it to the finals as he is next week's head of house. This means he is immune to being nominated. Geraldine was quick at throwing the molotov cocktail at Itai. Geraldine hates Itai to beats in that when asked who she wanted out next week, she simply said Itai.

Geraldine also wants Kevin or Nkenna to win simply because they are all from Nigeria. She could however not get to terms with the fact that she had been evicted. She kept on crying as IK asked her questions. She did not leave empty handed as she had USD 2,804 to take with her.

The house is now left with two Nigerians(Nkenna and Kevin) hopefully one of them leaving next week before we have our top five. Mzamo from Malawi, Emma from Angola, Itai from Zimbabwe, Edward from Namibia are the other housemates still left in the house vying for the big prize.

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Monday, November 16 2009

The Nigerians have become untouchables as they are vying for the top three positions. It is for this case that we declare Angola's Emma very unsafe by standing against a Nigerian at this case in time. Initially Emma and Itai polled the highest but Itai who is the head of house saved himself and replaced with Nigeria's Geraldine.

It is not the first time Nigeria has been up. First it was Nkenna and she came out of it and just yesterday Kevin was up with Mozambique's Leonel and just again Nigeria survived. Seven Housemates are left in the house with 3 from Nigeria and a housemate each from Namibia, Angola, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

If Geraldine leaves that will be no big deal for Nigeria as there are already two housemates from Nigeria i.e. Kevin and Nkenna. If Emma leaves that will be the end of the game for Angola. Angola had two housemates and one of them, Edna was evicted on day 14.

How the Housemates Nominated:

  • Edward nominated Emma and Itai
  • Emma nominated Nkenna and Mzamo
  • Geraldine nominated Itai and Emma
  • Itai nominated Emma and Geraldine
  • Kevin nominated Edward and Mzamo
  • Mzamo nominated Itai and Emma
  • Nkenna nominated Itai and Emma

That is how the seven housemates voted and of course Itai and Emma were almost featuring everywhere and that is how they came to be up. Itai being the head of the house switched himself with Geraldine. Emma and Geraldine will need your votes to stay in the house but unfortunately one of the has to leave next Sunday.

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Sunday, November 15 2009

Mozambique's Leonel has been paid in his currency for blowing his nose in the food just to deter other housemates from eating it. Leonel's eviction leaves seven housemates in the house with Nigeria having the biggest share of the left housemates.

In the same vein, Kevin from Nigeria survived after getting 4 votes as Leonel got 11 votes from Africa asking him to leave the house gently and make his way to Mozambique with the next available flight. He did not leave empty handed though because he had his USD 2,974 as take home.

Leonel was showed whoever caused his exit and Mzamo was among them. It is not clear what might have caused this but at some point Leonel was developing some friendship with Geraldine. This certainly did not go down well with Mzamo after giving him her all and the only way of paying him back by Mzamo was nominating him.

Other housemates who nominated hin included Itai, Nkenna, Edward, and Geraldine. When it came to the Molotov cocktail which was one housemate to wear tight clothing, Leonel threw it at Itai who was one of those who had nominated him.

Meanwhile, Itai is the next head of house. Last week Edward was the Head of House nad he saved his man Itai so should it turn out that Edward is up for eviction, then Itai is likely to pay him in a similar currency. IK asked Leonel about the Mzamo and Leonel simply said it was basic friendship.

The show ended as Leonel did his martial arts strokes as Collo from Kenya played his Psycho track. Do we see a situation where the top three are Nigerians? Watch This Space!

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Monday, November 09 2009

Leonel Vs Kevin
It is not clear how long Nigeria will survive but looks like they could survive this round too after Nkenna survived leaving the house last week. There is every reason for Africa to pay Leonel for spitting or sneezing in the food just because he did not want other housemates to feast on it.

Looks like this is the time. Leonel and Mzamo are very good friends in the sheets but this does not make it any better because Mzamo is equally on count down. It will be very hard for her to survive the moment she shows up on the hit line.

Itai and Leonel had the highest votes and Edward the HoH swung into action and saved Itai the housemate from Zimbabwe replacing him with Nigeria's Kevin.

Kevin is not aware he is up for eviction. He will only learn of it at the eleventh hour like Elizabeth did. That is a terrible thing especially if you will be leaving the house in the next few minutes just like was the case for Elizabeth.

Leonel from Mozambique and Kevin from Nigeria are up for eviction. Next week one of them will be leaving the Big Brother house. If Kevin leaves, Nigeria will stiall hve two more housemates in the house and if Leonel leaves that will be then of Mozambique after one housemate from Mozambique, Jennipher opted out of the game voluntarily.

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Sunday, November 08 2009

           Elizabeth from Tanzania
There is a way this game is tending towards Nigeria but it is still to early to judge with 8 housemates left after Elizabeth from Tanzania got evicted on 08.Nov.2009. Nigeria still has three housemates and looks like none of them is even making an effort to leave the house.

Elizabeth got 8 votes Emma 4 votes and Nkenna 3 votes implying that Elizabeth was the least popular according to Africa. Uganda was among those countries that voted for Elizabeth from Tanzania to leave the house.

Emma, Nkenna were all in tears after Elizabeth got evicted and of course Kevin was very sad after his comrade in arms, girl friend and until today lover left the Big Brother House. IK asked Elizabeth what she will miss most from the house and she said Kevin.

Elizabeth has confirmed that she is madly in love with Kevin from Nigeria and if her boyfriend back at home is not happy with how she has played the game and some one who looks like Kevin comes her way, she will straight on give it a shot.

Elizabeth left the house with USD 2,809 and another move that confirmed that Elizabeth was in love with Kevin was at the time of throwing her Molotov Cocktail. The Molotov cocktail was that one housemate will not hear from their beloved ones...everyone thought it would be Edward now that he had caused her leaving the house when he swapped her with Mzamo.

She took a deep breath as Edward told her "I love you Elizabeth" trying to bargain with her not to throw the molotov at him as he didn't want to be the one to miss hearing from the the dear ones. Elizabeth copied and she threw the Molotov at Kevin the one she loves. The reason is simple, she did not want Kevin to get in touch with his lover probably. She promised to deliver greeting messages to Kevin's sister's as she claimed that she had all their contacts.

Eight housemates are now left in the house of which three of them are from Nigeria. Elizabeth being evicted makes the end of the road for East Africa in the Big Brother Revolution. Last week Jeremy Ndirangu from Kenya left the house.

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Sunday, November 08 2009

Moments after Elizabeth had been evicted, it became unbearable for Kevin that he broke down and cried while hugging Emma.
Below are some of the comments in line with the crying....!

Mon@lisa: "Luv is d strongest thing! Didn't u see Eliz asking her boyfriend to break up wit her so she can be wit Kevin? She never said she doesnt date black guys (she only said she hasn't. Besides she had never met KEVIN b4 now! And he knocks her boyfriend out, 'cos she's so in luv wit Kevin. Wish they'd left at 2gether, but I know its a friendship (or even more) for a lifetime. People find love everywhr, 4 kevin its on continental TV, and he's not afraid to show it, cry 4 it, die 4 it. That's COURAGE, to"

She-Devil:0:"This is just a strategy 2 avoid nomination tomorrow & if he is nominated he wants us viewers 2 pitty him, yeah right! I'm not buying it even if he cries blood!"

Otsile16: "Those who have neva loved dnt know what its like 2 feel what kevin until u have loved dont judge him infact u must b worried about ur heartles souls!"

Monalisa: "Kevin loves Eliz PERIOD! Its obvious. This show is not all about a show or about money, its also about life. People's lives change after d show and Kevin and Elizabeth's will definitely change. We want Elizabeth in Nigeria, Kevin make sure u bring her over after d show."

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Monday, November 02 2009

The game is becoming tight and next Sunday will see Nkenna leaving the house. Nkenna's Paloma like attitude will be one contributing factor to her exit now that Africa has got hold of her. We will not dwell so much on Nkenna now that even if she left two more housemates from Nigeria will still be on board.

It is going to be a tight week for Emma who is up with Nkenna and Mzamo in the race to leave the house next Sunday. Jeremy was her "boyfriend" but got evicted on 01.Nov.2009. It is not clear who has assumed Jeremy's position in Emma's heart for the remaining days in the house.

Mzamo Saved
The head of the house who happens to be Edward was called in the diary room to save a housemate which is now by law that you have to save a housemate or else you get on to the firing line, he saved MZAMO and replaced her with Elizabeth who survived being assaulted mutually by Nigeria's Kevin last night.

Mzamo is meanwhile feasting on the glass as though it is food. She has been guzzling glasses of wine like her life depends on it to survive throughout the week. The other housemates who have a relaxed week to viewers are: Itai(Zw) Kevin, Geraldine (Ng), Mzamo(Mw), Edward(Nm) and Leonel(Mz).

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Sunday, November 01 2009

         Jemma last hug from the six pack Kenyan Housemate
Kenya's six pack Mr.Muscle man Jeremy Ndirangu is long out of the Big Brother House after he scored 9 votes against 3 all for Mzamo and his better half Emma. Jeremy's eviction adds Kenya to the increasing list of countries that have lost out on the big prize of the seemingly last Big Brother Africa.

Last week saw Quinn and Kristal leave the house and also mark the end to the pairing of housemates which strongly affected housemates in general but particularly Hannington from Uganda who was up with Ethiopia's Yacob.

Jeremy and his better half Emma have been up for eviction the whole of last week but Emma did not know that she was up simply because the Head of House Nkenna saved Itai from Zimbabwe and replaced him with Emma. That is exactly how Emma got on board but unlike Phil who was replaced and ended up going, Emma survived.

Emma is now very bitter with Nkenna and she has said that Nkenna had dare not talk to her. This alone will make Nkenna next in line in tomorrows nominations. It is not clear whether Edward who is the Head of House would save Nkenna once up for eviction.

IK did not tell us the money that Jeremy was left with in his money pot. Jeremy said that him and Emma were more than friends but not lovers prompting IK to ask him what that meant, but Ndirangu was short of words.

Jeremy's molotov did not come as a surprise to Nkenna which involved cooking and washing for a week. It is not clear if the romance that Emma and Jeremy had in the house will continue because Jeremy said he was not a fan of long distance love.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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