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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Tuesday, September 29 2009

The Ugandan housemate and Elizabeth from Tanzania have made up after last week's fight that ended up in a bitter exchange of words between the two East African housemates. This happened after Elizabeth coming from the Diary room where she swapped Liz with Erastus who wasn't up for eviction.

Hannington will not believe himself on learning that Elizabeth did not switch her with any of the nominated housemates as ealier planned. This could develop into another couple in the house because Hannington will have every reason of paying back Tanzania's Elizabeth.

Below is the video showing Hannington's apology to Elizabeth

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Monday, September 28 2009

Uganda has a reason to smile after Hannington the only housemate left in the house survived nominations this week. This means he has another week with no strings attached in the house that will see him making it to day 28.

Elizabeth and Hannigton Fight
Hannington had a bitter fight with Elizabeth who is the current Head of House and in retaliation she promised to swap one of the nominated housemates with Hannington but thank God she changed her mind and did not do this.

Uganda's Darling
This alone has made Elizabeth a darling for Uganda because when poor Phil fell a victim of yesterday's eviction, Elizabeth was one of those housemates who hugged Phil emotionally. No wonder Phil revealed it to IK that he was very close to Elizabeth and Liz from South Africa. Phil having left the house yesterday, the last thing Uganda wanted to hear of was Hannington being nominated today and that is how Elizabeth becomes our darling and when Hannington learns of this next Sunday, these two are going to be best of pearls. Meanwhile, our boy Hanni has already apologized to Elizabeth for last week's fight and Honey Elizabeth has accepted the apology so "tuli mukintu".

Paloma, Rene, Edward and Liz were the housemates with the highest nominations but by the Big Brother's law, the Head of House is supposed to save one housemate and replace him/her with a housemate of their choice.

Liz Saved, Erastus joins Hit List
As the head of the house, Elizabeth from Tanzania was called into the diary room and asked to exercise her rights as head of house and this she did by saving Liz(South Africa) and replaced her with Erastus who happens to be the other twin.

Twins up for Eviction
It is not surprising that the twins are up for eviction. Last week they were up and Kevin saved Edward replacing him with Phil and the unthinkable happened because as I type this, Phil is out of the house. Erastus scored 4 points against Phil's Eleven that actually got him out of the house. Strong as they are, the current Head of House made it a point that the other twin also gets on to the hit list.

Who Goes Next Sunday?
Of course Paloma is having her last week in the house among others for over fighting with Rene and the other is bull dozing other housemates as though she is their mother. The next person to leave the house is... I hate to say this but two housemates are leaving and the second one will be Rene because Edward and Erastus are one and the same from the same country and twins and not only twins but Identical and if you watched the twins during the MTN Out door game, you would side with me.

The other point to consider is the margin that Erastus gave our Phil simply confirms how strong the twins are and for that case therefore they might as well be up for eviction every week. Watch This Space!

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Monday, September 28 2009

                    Tanzania's hot revolution babe

  1. Elizabeth is by all means the best dancer amongst all the Big Brother Revolution housemates
  2. Elizabeth is the most beautiful of all the female housemates though Kristal would compete with her. No wonder she was in the top 10 finalists in the Miss Tanzania pageant.
  3. Of all the East African Housemates, she is the only lady and the rest of the housemates from the region are bulls.
  4. She is the first head of house among the ladies after Paloma lost out on the title, otherwise she could have been the first female head of house.
  5. Age Factor: Elizabeth and Liz from South Africa are both aged 22, but it would take a lot of convincing to tell one that Liz(South Africa) is 22.
  6. She is the most flexible in the house. This was proved when she turned out the last person standing in the task that made her Head of the House which even failed weight lifters like Jeremy from neighbouring Kenya.
  7. She is a model and good at the cat walk.
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Sunday, September 27 2009

                Liz and Phil
Our boy Phil Okure has been evicted from the Big Brother Revolution being the sixth housemate to leave the house after Jen from Mozambique left voluntarily due to family problems. Initially the two twins were up for eviction but one of them happened to be saved by Nigeria's Kevin who was the head of the house.

This is the revolution and you may not blame the head of the house because if they fail to save a housemate of their choice, then the Head of House will automatically be up for nomination. This means that replacing a housemate comes that easy so Kevin has no reason to worry for the choice he made.

At 9:47pm(EAT) IK mentions the next housemate to leave the Big Brother House...Phil and Erastus stood up right.....Is Phil; and our boy hugged all the housemates but Hugged Elizabeth from (Tz) longer before leaving the house.

IK asked him if he had any special friends in the house and he said Yes and the friends are Liz(South Africa) and Elizabeth. Phil Okure did not leave the house empty handed because he still had USD 2,325 left in his pot from the USD 2,500 courtesy of Big Brother.

This will Leave Uganda and Mozambique with one housemate each joining Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Malawi and Botswana which already have one housemate as compared to others with 2 and 3.

Liz from South Africa has made a terrible loss because the last two nights in the house were spent in the same bed with Phil much as he had strong feelings for Elizabeth from Tanzania.

Big Brother has introduced something else dubbed Molotov Cocktails that can be decided by the evicted housemates and this one in particular is a role that started with Phil Okure. Phil did not have any mercy for the housemate who led him to leave the house, so he chose Kevin for the cocktail which meant that Kevin had to pack all his clothes including those that he was wearing leaving him in boxers as the only form of clothing for the whole week.

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Saturday, September 26 2009

The housemates were driven out of the house for some out door games courtesy of MTN 2010. The games included Boxing in a bouncing castle ring plus a pool of dirty water where the housemates soiled each other like there was no tomorrow.

Yacob and Kevin went to the ring only for Yacob to win himself three knock outs from shorter Kevin who only got one knock out.

Emma and Liz got to the dirty water game and played it so well though when it got to Paloma and Rene it became very interesting. Paloma wrestled Rene to the dirty waters on several accessions as though they were lifting a baby. Paloma is the big momma but trust Rene because at some point she managed to wrestle Paloma( Big Momma).

The Twins put up a great show. They donned Total Non Stop Action(TNA) look alike wrestling costumes but being twins they are, you could not tell who was beating who or better still tell who won.

Itai and Phil went to the ring but it looks like Itai was too strong for Phil because in the very first round, Our Phil was down. When they were done, the MTN vehicles  came for the housemates and drove them back straight to the house.

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Saturday, September 26 2009

The number of couples in the house is on an increase after Liz from South Africa and Phil from Uganda joined the love triangle. So far Jeremy(Kenya) and Emma(Angola) otherwise known to us as Jemma are the official couple as of the twentieth day in the house.

Phil and Liz shared the same bed last night and looks like Liz was a little bit fast for our boy for she started off with the back rub. It is not clear whether she is aware Phil goes to bed in his Adams' suit. This is the beginning of Phil+Liz(Philiz).

Short of that, Phil is up for eviction and between him and Erastus, one of them will have to leave the Big Brother Revolution on 27.Sep.09.

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Tuesday, September 22 2009

               Phil and Kristal
Now this is the revolution at work ! Phil Okure is up for eviction with one of the twins. The twins are now in the game after being introduced to the other housemates last Sunday. Uganda which has two representatives is up with Namibia that has three representatives in the Big Brother Revolution.

Initially the twins were up for eviction but on calling the Head of House (HOH) to the diary room who happens to be Nigeria's Kevin, he swapped Edward for our Phil....very clearly getting into our bad books so the next time Kevin is up for eviction, no doubt Uganda will deal with him accordingly.

It is a very tight race for Phil because chances are a good number of fans out there would love to see the confusion that comes along with identical twins especially now that the girls have been united with the boys.

Had it been Nigeria with three different housemates it could be understood, because that is the only country with 3 housemates as compared to Namibia that has 3 of which 2 are identical twins. The fair thing to do for Kevin would have been to leave the twins so that one of them leaves the house because the mere fact that they are twins, surely there could not have been any harm in one of them leaving...but for now,

we will deal with it..Uganda vote for Phil...Phil to stay in the house plus other countries please let us shelf the arrogance bit and vote for Phil.

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Monday, September 21 2009

Emma and Geraldine in tight race for Hannington

It is not clear what Phil is up to especially after the evictions but what is clear is that Hannington is getting on with the game. The first few minutes in the house after the girls had been united with the boys, the Ugandan boys were holding back but looks like Hannington has come out of his shell.

He started with Geraldine and they had some lengthy talk but after some time Emma sung a song that she composed recently which had a line on cheating husbands and that is how Hannington quickly switched to Emma through the track.

Emma was straight to the point that the first time they saw him, all the girls were like Him(Hannington) could look better if he had his hair short. The Ugandan housemate was quick at defending himself saying that, he planned to play the game that way especially for this week.

Emma suggested that Nkenna(Nigeria) can actually plate it for him and may be have a better look than what he is currently. Emma went on to ask how old he was and he replied 23. At 23 Hannington says he has no girlfriend and he has not even been in a relationship.

Emma finds it strange and goes ahead to ask why? Hannington replies, that is how it is. The cameras have been on this couple in the making for the last 45 minutes and it is very clear Emma is seeing a lot of potential in our Hannington. Hannington can't wait to go to the jacuzzi with the girls.

Other male housemates likely to hook up are Yacob from Ethiopia who is right now in the company of Tanzania's Elizabeth but occasionally eyeing Rene from Namibia.

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Sunday, September 20 2009

         Edna(Angola) and Maggie(Zambia)
The revolution has kicked off with the male housemates discovering that they have twins in the house competing for the same prize. They have all along been dealing with Erastus and Edward thinking they are dealing with one person, but this is now history as the twins are both in the game.

The boys and girls have also been united and the house is now one with both male housemates and female housemates mixing. Meanwhile Angola's Edna and Maggie from Zambia were not that lucky to have a night in the house with the boys but at least they were better than Wayoe and Teddy because for them they got to hug the boys.

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Sunday, September 20 2009

          Jose Chameleone(Red) and Bobi Wine(White)

The Gheto President H.E Bobi Wine's music is getting massive airplay on Big Brother Africa Revolution. Today(Sep.20) at least three tracks have been played. Singa was the last one to play and earlier on  Bad Man from Kamwokya - Bobi Wine Ft Navio and one other were played.

Last week Blu3's Burn and Philly Lutaya's Born in Africa were played. If you find the above tracks cool then you can get more from here Uganda Music Online.

Other African artists whose music is being played are 2 Face Idibia's Africa Queen which I have so far heard twice plus Lingala hits which Paloma and Mzamo are enjoying dancing too. Talk of Dancing, Tanzania's Elizabeth is a good dancer and very flexible indeed.

Guess what Biggie is playing Bad Man  from Kamwokya right now 7:37pm EAT if the boys were to be evicted tonight we would have every reason rto worry for our boys Phil n Hannington.

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Saturday, September 19 2009

         Paloma and Rene
Paloma(Zambia) and Rene(Namibia) are having a fight currently(12:30am) EAT over hygiene. Paloma blew her nose in the sink and Rene found her doing exactly that so she told her that is contagious.

A war of words kicked off there after though Rene was quick at saying she was sorry, it was not easy for Paloma to accept the apology. According to Paloma, she had run out of tissue, so she blew the mucus into the sink and used water there after. This upset Rene to bits.

They both lit their cigars to try and cool tempers but it was getting hot in the house because the cameras were concentrating on this fight. It took the intervention of the other girls. For the record, Paloma is the big Momma in the house while Rene is the blonde who assures you of "entertainment at its very best."

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Friday, September 18 2009

              Kevin(Kenya) and Yakob(Mozambique
Nigeria's Kevin is the new Head of House a task he won after beating Mozambique's Yacob. Big Brother gave Kenya's only remaining housemate in the game Jeremy playing cards as follows:

Big Brother: ''Jeremy, in the diary room you'll find a pack of cards, gather all your housemates in the dinning room, the pack of cards must be gathered face down on the table then Kevin and Yacob must take turns to flip the cards over and the one who flips the joker first will be the winner of the head of the house contest"

Later Big Brother announced Kevin as the boys house winner. Nigeria is a serious threat this time round now that it has three housemates starting with Kevin who is the current HOH and the two girls i.e. Nkenna and Geraldine.

Meanwhile the "Berlin Wall'' will break loose this Sunday as the girls and boys make the two rooms one. To many African viewers, this is when the game will begin. The wall separating the boys from the girls is breaking this Sunday and trust me that very night the house will go on fire because the girls have been watching the bulls from a screen.

The first week had boys only and at the end of the week, Ghana lost Wayoe its only housemate in the game and Teddy from Kenya who were evicted with USD 2,500 each. This week all the girls are up for eviction and yes we gonna have some casualties and the good news is our Ugandan boys are going nowhere now that none of the boys will be evicted this Sunday.

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Friday, September 18 2009

          Wayoe and Teddy
The first Sunday was not good for Kenya's Teddy and Wayoe a rasta from Ghana as they became the first housemates to be evicted from the Big Brother revolution. Teddy and Wayoe have not had a chance to stay in the house with the girls. Meanwhile Ras Wayoe was an entertainer and it is not clear why he got the least votes assuming they were not confused for the voting rules that changed this time. As a reminder to all those voting, you vote for the housemate you want to stay in the house not the one you want to leave because that very vote can work against you.

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Sunday, September 13 2009
The show kicked off with boring HP as the babes were being driven to the venue in Aston Martins. The first housemate to leave the Big Brother house was Teddy from Kenya and the second housemate was Ras Wayoe from Ghana.

The first female housemate to enter the house was 24 year old Emma from Angola a production assistant followed by 23 year old Nkenna from Nigeria.

The third housemate was Maggie Mungalu (23) a student and model from Lusaka Zambia as 24 year old Mzamo from Malawi an accountant got into the house.

The fourth female housemate was Mzamo 24 years from Malawi who is an accountant by profession while the fifth housemate was from Maputo Mozambique who is Jenipher Mussanhanne(Jen) a student.

The sixth female housemate was Rene Moolmana 26 year old hair stylist who is passionate about animals. The seventh female housemate was 21 year old Elizabeth Gupta (Liz) from Tanzania who is a cutie and did a lot of boob shaking on stage.

The eighth housemate to enter the big brother house was Kristal Culverwell from Zimbabwe (26) a Trainee paramedic who was previously a wine advisor. She has a tatoo at the back.

The ninth housemate was Lizwe Coka from South Africa making a total of two South African housemates followed by Geraldine Ihema 24 years old and a legal intern. Geraldine is the 3rd Nigerian housemate in the house.

The eleventh female housemate in the house was Edna Alfredo a 27 years old Housing Assistant who is not expecting to win but just to have fun in the house.

The twelfth housemate was 25 years old booty Paloma Manda from Zambia.

The girls will be in their room for at least one week before the walls break loose to mingle with the boys. Meanwhile Ras Wayoe and Teddy were licking their lips as the girls passed by to get to the house. Occasionally, the bouncers were having to be stopped as they wanted to hug some of the female housemates

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Wednesday, September 09 2009
  • Big Brother is now a female voice compared to the male deep voice
  • Week one commenced with male housemates only
  • Uganda and Kenya have two Housemates each
  • Each housemate has been given $ 2,500 which can reduce depending on failed tasks
  • Kabelo or KB was replaced by IK as the host of the show
  • Housemates were welcomed by stars who stayed in the house for 24 hours
  • No Shower Hour
  • All housemates to share the same room
  • In the past shows, all the previous participants could grace the opening ceremony, but not the revolution. This featured the past three winners and how they are getting on with their lives. Cherish is happily married in UK, London Richard is in the final stages of setting up his recording firm, happily married and Ricco is in Brazil.
  • Some countries like Tanzania are not represented in the first week.
  • This being the revolution, do not be surprised if 12 girls get into the house this coming Sunday and countries like Uganda might still have female representatives.
  • The final section of the opening ceremony had more sad viewers than those who were happy simply because the female housemates were no where to be seen.
  •  The housemates got to the venue on bikes while a helicopter brought IK.
  • Identical twins are in the show just to spice up the game.
  • The prize money has been doubled from USD 100,000 to USD 200,000

 Watch This Space

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Tuesday, September 08 2009
Hanningtone Kuteesa
Uganda's bushy representative in the Big Brother Revolution..
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Monday, September 07 2009
Hannington bites Khanyi one of the stars jungle style

Africa should watch out for this guy when the girls come in next Sunday
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Monday, September 07 2009

              All housemates are nominated
Housemates are still just confused like you the viewers as far as the names are concerned but inspite of not knowing the names the housemates still know who they want out.

Itai from Zimbabwe has nominated Phil from Uganda and Kaone from Botswana.
Teddy from Kenya has nominated Kevin from Nigeria and Itai. In the end all the housemates have been nominated and you the viewer have to vote for the housemate you want to keep in the house.

This means that the more you vote for your housemate the better the chances for him to stay in the house. The one with least votes will be the one to leave the Big Brother Africa house next Sunday.

Big Brother wants your vote. To vote for your housemate to stay in the revolution house SMS Hannington or Phil to 6626 depending on whether you are on MTN, UTL, Warid or Zain. Each sms will cost you 1,000/- Ugx.

For other countries please visit on how to keep your housemate in the game.

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Sunday, September 06 2009

The show kicked off with dancers who did a lot of summersaults on stage. IK arrived to the show in a helicopter. Housemates are arriving on bikes. Somali-Canadian rapper K'Naan has finished performing and as he performed, flags from all the 14 countries were being moved around.
8:30pm (EAT)

First in the house was Itai Makumbe from Zimbabwe, 31 years old doing his Masters degree with high hopes of working in Civil Society when he completes his Degree. When he wins the money he wants to visit his Dad in England who he has not seen in a long time.

Uganda is next.The guy we talked about here BBA Uganda Rep Update  is the Ugandan house mate. When Hannington got into the house, he made it a point that he pecks all the lady stars in the house.

The next housemate to get into the house was Edward Muthius aka Teddy 34 years of age from Kenya and he is unemployed. At 8:56pm K' Naan performed again.

The fourth housemate to enter the house was 27 year old Kevin Chuwang from Nigeria. He is unemployed. The fifth housemate to enter the was Kaone from Botswana. The sixth housemate from Ethiopia Yacob Yehdego got into the house and he is 27 years old too and an Assistant Manager.
Time check: 9:11pm(EAT).

Quinn Sieber from South Africa a radio presenter/DJ aged 21 was the 7th male housemate to enter the Big Brother revolution house. Followed by another male housemate from Mozambique, Leonel Estevoa. Quite scary because all the housemates are male and no female at this point.

A rastaman from Ghana George Wayoe aged 34 and unemployed entered the house.  At this point we were hoping the rest of the housemates to come in will be ladies, but Biggie has revolutionised the show to the extent of denying viewers babes at least for the first one week.

Another housemate from Uganda enters the house. Filbert Okure, 25 years old and a Marketing Assistant making a total of two Ugandan housemates in the house. Uganda make some noise......

Jeremy Ndirangu (22) a music and creative instructor from Kenya gets into the house making a total of two housemates from Kenya. At this point Uganda and Kenya has two housemates confirming that one from each of the countries is fake.

Twins from Namibia Edward Moongo 33 who happens to be unemployed too joined the house together with his twin brother Erastus Moongo. These are supposed to play the confusing game as one twin brother will be staying in a secret place and occasionally coming to the house to confuse other housemates.

Tempers were lost as no female housemate had been mentioned making it look like it is a game for boys only but wait a minute, the girls are coming in next week and tomorrow evictions are on. Meanwhile with the way the revolution has started, chances are some of these housemates are fake especially Uganda and Kenya that have two housemates each, it simply means one of them is fake and they will have to get out of the house real soon.
10:00pm(EAT) The show that launched the revolution has ended.

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Thursday, September 03 2009

Inside Big Brother Africa 4 House

It is exactly 2 days and 18 hours to the revolution and details to the Big African game are emerging. The above pics depict the interior of the Big Brother house where 14 strangers will meet on Sunday. This will be there home for another 91 days.

The continent is alert ready to witness the launch of the revolution which will have the winner walk away with $ 200,000 after 3 months of unpredictable tasks from biggie.
More of the Big Brother House

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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