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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Monday, August 30 2010
Big Momma crosses the line as she tells Mwish what Zambia wants
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Monday, August 30 2010
The game is becoming tight by the day with now top dogs up for eviction. Munya is up again for the sixth time and without wasting time on this, he will survive for the sixth time. Uti has a good game still going for him on two counts, one he has a sympathy vote for having lost his dad and two; he is equally entertaining and according to our experts, he is in the top two for the top prize who happen to be Munya and Uti.

That leaves one man standing but not for a long time because anyway, he will be a barnmate come this Sunday and this happens to be none other than Code Sangala from Malawi. He was saved last week by his very good friend Jen who was the Head of House a title she fluked after the real HoH had to shift to the barn house, but he was not lucky this time.

It is quite interesting bearing in mind that the barnmates are part of the game and they continue to participate actively in the polls though their target failed this time. They wanted Jen from Mozambique out but she failed to score the required points that would put her up for eviction even after half of the barnmates voted for her.

Mwisho was the current Head of House and he happened to be one of those with the highest votes but given his magical title, he had himself to save and replaced with Munya. How I wish he had replaced himself with Paloma, may be this replacement could have paid off, however putting up Munya seemed to be a wasted replacement which might not bear fruits in the end.
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Sunday, August 29 2010
Like we told you in the previous article (Zimbabwe's Munya and Kenya's Sheila up for GrabsKenya's Sheila Kwamboka has been evicted from the Big Brother All stars and she heads to the barn where all the barnmates are aware of her girl to girl action with Meryl which they watched bit by bit on telly.

Sheila was up for eviction with Munya from Zimbabwe who has survived the axe for the fifth time. Now this puts him straight to the top two of the game. Jen and Uti broke down as she left the house. Mwisho said to her that call me.

Girlfriend Meryl said to her that she will see her soon as Uti chose to sit down to protest Sheila's leaving the house. When Jen mentioned the name of the person she replaced Code with, Sheila said that: "she knew it"

On Friday night Sheila and Meryl were under the sheets doing stuff and IK could not leave this bit out but Sheila simply said they were chewing gum ooops!

She was happy to meet Lerato while in the barn making the number of Barnamates five with Tatiana, Lerato, Hannington, Yacob and now Sheila. Mwisho is the new Head of House so whoever thought they had got Meryl, they might have to wait for another week.

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Sunday, August 29 2010
Hannington Undressing Tatiana
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Sunday, August 29 2010
The House has been on fire in the last couple of days with housemates threatening to get to the levels that Uti and Yacob got to sometime back. We now bring you which housemates have been at it and why.

Kaone and Sheila
Sheila from Kenya and Kaone from Botswana were at it over booze. Some bottles went missing and Kaone blamed it all on Sheila who did not take it down well and retaliated with a very strong vulgar language. Problem is that Kaone was drunk and only kept on singing is favourite line: "why do you wanna kill the youth in me"

Meryl and Munya
Munya called Meryl a bitch and even sput saying he can't even try out her stuff. Meryl was so cold over that act from Munya who she had promised her entire all but because of the baby baby Munya left home, he has been thinking about t them since he came to the house to the extent that he has even turned down all the advances from Meryl and Tatiana.

She timed Munya around the toilet and gave him her piece of mind. Munya simply apologized for the utterances and blamed it on the booze.

Lerato and Yacob
It is war in the Barn. While our boy Hannington and Tatiana are going about their chores like lovers do it is war between Lerato and Yacob. Lerato accuses Yacob of behaving like a young child who cannot handle situations. During the Saturday night dance, Hanny and Tatty were dancing groin to groin while Yacob was dancing to his image as opposed to taking on Lerato. In the end, Yacob simply blamed Lerato for not playing the game well as Hannington undressed Tatiana who simply had blue shorts and leggings only.
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Friday, August 27 2010
             Meryl from NamibiaSheila from Kenya
Kenya's Sheila and Namibia's Meryl made out under the same bed for over 30 minutes as the rest of the housemates were out there in the jacuzzi. Meryl and Sheila kissed, touched and did all silly things as the barnmates watched every move they made under the sheets.

This left all the barnmates perplexed because they watched a lot going down between these two. Initially we were suspecting Code under the sheets with Meryl but later as the other face was shown, it was Sheila.

This hurt Hanningtion so much that he kept on saying ''I knew it'' and he added that he wants to go back to the house. Yacob said that was cool because they showed them what viewers are able to see.

Tatiana said that it looks like it is not the first time they were doing, it looks like they have been at it all this while.

The cameras focused on Mwisho who was moving round in circles and at one point he tried to touch below their mattress looking for a match box to light his cigar, that is when we saw Meryl's face.

Now Sheila and Munya are up for eviction does she survive the African vote that does not subscribe to the girl to girl act. 
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Tuesday, August 24 2010

Big Brother Revolution winner Kevin Chuwang last Saturday proposed to Elizabeth Gupta the housemate from Tanzania in the previous Big Brother at a ceremony in  Port Hacourt that had over 2,000 guests.

This was after the two had performed a track, "Anything you want, right there you get it". Kevin went down on a bended knee and simply asked Elizabeth, will you marry me? The crowd responded with a say yes applause leaving Elizabeth with no choice but to say Yesss!

This forced a young lady from the crowd who stormed onto the stage and hugged the two over the move. One Priscilla said: "I knew they were in love so am not surprised!!! all I can say for now is to wish them all the best in their relationship"

Nigeria's Kevin Wins Big Brother Revolution
Just How Different is the Revolution

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Tuesday, August 24 2010

Munya and Sheila up for Eviction
Munya and Code were up for eviction but Jen as the current Head of House swung into action and saved Code only to put up Kenya's Sheila in his place. It is the fourth time Munya is being put up and has come out safe.

No doubt he will survive this one leaving Sheila for the Barn. The two are very strong housemates but by the end of the day one has to go and I'm afraid to say this, Sheila will be playing the game from the Barn House.

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Sunday, August 22 2010
Jen from Mozambique is this weeks head of house after she became second to Yacob from Ethiopia that got evicted on Sunday night. This means that Jen is immune from being evicted and assured of another stress free 2 weeks in the game starting with this one.

Jen played in the revolution series and never completed the game but looks like with the revolution , she is playing the game. Big Brother All stars has also registered a housemate pulling out of the game thigh the difference with this one is that it was due to medical reasons that the doctors recommended that Sammi from Ghana leaves the house.
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Sunday, August 22 2010
Ethiopia's Yacob has been sent to the barnmates after it emerged that he had the least popular vote. He had become the head of the house unfortunately he will not have to enjoy that after being evicted.

Yacob and Meryl had a fight in the course of the week in which Meryl assured Yacob he could not afford a woman like Meryl.

IK started with Munya and waited for a moment before telling him that he was safe. He broke down to tears before the next housmate who was Yacob was mentioned. In the house now is Munya from Zimbabwe, Paloma, Jen, Sheila from Kenya, Kaone, Mwisho, Meryl and Uti while the rest are playing from the Barn house with Sammi out of the game.

Yacob was asked about the moment he had with Meryl as she described to him the type of man she would wish to have and Yacob quickly said, that's me. Yacob has been in the house for 5 weeks before he crossed to the barn to try out his luck with the cow and hens plus other barnmates.

Yacob's joining the barn house marks the end of Hannington having two babes at his disposal and also the continuation of the unfinished business with Lerato. Yacob's dagger was thrown at Sheila which was: making all the beds and keeping the bedroom very tidy"

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Friday, August 20 2010
         Ghana's Sammi out of BBA
The housemate from Ghana has left the Big Brother house on health conditions after doctors recommended that he leaves the house to go and get ample bed rest. Sammi from Ghana left the Big Brother Africa All stars this afternoon.

He was evicted together with Uganda's Hannington though the game has changed this time round that once evicted from the main house you are transferred to the Barn House where you continue playing the game but on how well you play with the hens and the cow.

Sammi's leaving the house leaves Hannington with two babes (Tatiana and Lerato) in the barn though he has been dominated by Tatiana. Problem is that instead of milking the cow he is instead milking Tatiana.

According to the doctor's report, Sammi was suffering from elevated hypertension. Biggie had a surprise visitor for him while in the barn and that was none other than his Xgirlfriend, Juliette.

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Tuesday, August 17 2010

Big Brother 2 Nigerian female housemate Offuneka is in the barn House. Looks like this is Biggie's surprise visitor for Tatiana. As it is the rule for the barnmates, a surprise visitor has to be brought on board for two days. Sammy received his ex girlfriend, Hannington stayed with the mum where as Lerato had to chill out with her former boyfriend and fellow housmate in the same big brother, Maxwell from Zambia.

As Ofunekka got into the barn, one hen laid an egg as a polite gesture to welcome her in the barn.
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Tuesday, August 17 2010

It is not only Namibia Vs Ethiopia for the barn next Sunday but it wass just about to become nasty in the house as Meryl lost her cool after she heard Yacob discussing her to other housemates in particular Kaone and Uti.

What killed Meryl the more was the topic of how Munya dumped her for Tatiana. Meryl told off Yacob that she did not care if he thinks she is a whore or a groupie. We hope this has not escalated her chances of getting out of the house and heading to the barn where she might not do much fighting with the hens or cow but may be get along with Sammy B.

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Monday, August 16 2010
             Meryl, Munya and Yacob up fro eviction
Its getting hot in here - Namibia's Meryl notable for flashing, Zimbabwe's Munya who's done a bit of crying and Yacob almost had a fight with Uti are up for eviction. Kaone who happens to be this weeks Head of House a position he fluked after Tatiana was pushed to the barn.

The weakest link among the three is Yacob because much as they are all stars Munya and Meryl have had better games in the past compared to Yacob who was in the revolution that had over 20 housemates. This gives Meryl and Munya an edge over Yacob but now that three are up, it is a bit tricky because it might take the sentence of Hannington and Sammy who ended up joining the barn at the same time.

Should it turn out that two are going that will definitely be Yacob and Meryl in that order. It is not clear when Meryl joins the barn will click with quiet and reserved Sammy after having a ball with striper Mwisho who is everything bad news when it comes to Biggie's game.

Meanwhile our boy Hannington is clicking with Tatiana big time as they more or less sleep together chat kiss and touch paying for the time he had been bored in the barn. On the other hand Lerato is not very amused with Tatiana in the barn. As if that is not enough Hannington was a better person to hang out with while in the barn but the moment Tatiana came to the barn, Hannington was hers to take.

All I can say to Lerato is take it easy as next Sunday, Yacob will be joining her from there to continue with their unfinished business in the main house.
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Sunday, August 15 2010
Like we predicted Tatiana from Angola has been evicted from the Big Brother All Africa stars and sent packing very quickly to the Barn House. Tatiana's time in the house is over she can now try out the game from the Barn house where she will link up with the housemates Hannington and Lerato whose eviction she caused.

Code, Munya and Jen from Mozabique were shedding tears  for her living the house. Asked wheteher she had any regrets she said never, nothing. She is close to Munya she said she has a special friendship with Munya but they had limits.

IK asked her about their relationship with Lerato and she said it is all a game and she is serious competition to her so they are going to meet n the Barn and start the game afresh but this time around with how well they take care of the cow and the hens.

Tatiana had even won the task of Head of House followed by Kaone but now that she has been evicted, Kaone will be the Head of House. She was up for eviction with Munya from Zimbabwe.

Tatiana threw her molotov at Uti which involves parking all his clothes and putting them away for a week. Her secret was ''She is a singer'' and having said that IK asked her to sing a song.

Tatiana in the Barn
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Thursday, August 12 2010
Uti lost his Dad on Monday and since then it has been a terrible game for the Nigerian housemate. Big Brother gave a number of options for him to consider which Uti and one of the his family representative together with Big Brother producers explored and came out with the preferred option.

The rule on emergencies on the game goes as follows:
"Should there be any extreme crisis in a contestant’s family or private life outside of the show, Big Brother will communicate this to them. Should a Housemate and Big Brother decide that the nature of the crisis mean that they have to leave for any protracted time, they will not be allowed to re enter the house and may be replaced."

Two options were presented to Uti and his family which were as under: 

1."Uti leaves the Big Brother house immediately until the funeral . This would entail an absence of 2 to 3 weeks as no funeral arrangements are in place yet. In this case Uti may not return to the game."

2. "Should Uti attend the funeral only, an absence of 3 to 4 days including travel would be required. In this instance he would be accompanied by 2 chaperones, a senior member of the production team and a Nigerian who is conversant with the language of Uti’s family. This monitoring arrangement would be in place to ensure no communication with the outside world on any information which may impact on the contestant’s behaviour in the Big Brother series. Should this monitoring be judged to be effective, Big Brother would allow Uti back into the game on terms and conditions prescribed by Big Brother."

Uti and family agreed on option 2 and he can only be allowed back to the house only if the conditions are fully fulfilled and Biggie is convinced. So Uti the ball is in your coat..Meanwhile, Uti has a good game going for him after Munya who was equally good lost a few steps when he broke down and also when he thought of opting out of the house.
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Tuesday, August 10 2010
Our boy Hannington should be cursing the day Biggie started bringing surprise guests for the Barnmates. As you may all be aware, Sammy and Hannington have had their share of visitors though Hannington's visitor was a special one. It was her mum who came to the house making him a little bit uncomfortable and reserved.

Sammy had a fair deal though the very deal had its problems that left him crying for sometime in the barn long after Julliette had left the Barn House. Sammy's Ex was brought in the Barn for two days and on the second night, Sammy had fun.

Last Sunday the Barnmates were joined with a third evictee from the main house who happened to be a female none other than Lerato from South Africa. Hannigton specifically was happy to see Lerato to the extent that he hugged her for over 3 minutes as Sammy waited to do the same.

Now the very Hannigton is having it rough after Lerato's surprise visit has already arrived in the barn and this visitor is Maxwell from Zambia who was Lerato's boyfriend in Big Brother Africa ll in fact below you can catch up with what transpired between Lerato and Maxwell back in 2007.

Hannington was so quiet that Maxwell noticed and asked him why he was not talking. Maxwell referred him to a bull dog that had not teeth. Meanwhile, Maxwell has put on a lot of weight. 
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Tuesday, August 10 2010
Sheila and Tatiana had polled the highest in the nominations but Sheila being the head of house was called in to the diary room and she replaced her self with Munya from Zimbabwe. This make life very difficult for Tatiana given the comments she made while putting up Lerato for eviction.

She said that her biggest competitor is Lerato and that is the reason she made her face the axe. Now Africa has got her and the next thing she will realize it will be her, the hens, the cow and the other three 'Barnmates'

Munya is so far not having a good game going for her but that does not mean he face the barn at this point in time. He survived the previous eviction and so is the next one which Tatiana will not survive.

We can't wait to witness Tatiana and Lerato in the Barn House next week.
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Tuesday, August 10 2010

              Nigeria's Uti
Nigeria's UTI currently in the Big Brother All Stars who also featured in the Big Brother Africa 3 lost his Dad yesterday. Uti was called to the Diary room for the news though he opted on staying in the house to play the game to the end.

Uti told the housemates not treat him like he had a strange disease. If anything Utis says it is easier for him in the house to get used to the fact that his dad is dead because he is only interacting with housemates and not any  outsiders who would make the situation so emotional.

Housemates gathered and gave a treat to the ladies in an effort to console Uti and make him busy. All the male housemates were donning black tops and jeans and were serving the ladies in a restaurant. The ladies enjoyed the moment which was crowned up with a prayer from Paloma.

Uti however confided to the housemates that he discussed this with his Dad who had been ill for sometime. His dad told him not to worry about him but instead play the game to the end otherwise he will be branded a quitter.

Meanwhile, Uti told Biggie that it is okay if he could be allowed to go and bury and then come back to the house. The rules of the game are very clear, you do not interact with the outside world if you have not been evicted.

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Sunday, August 08 2010
Housemate from Kenya, Sheila took in so much of the hard drinks that later took a toll on her. It was heavy drinking and dancing yesterday and by midnight local time, the curtains went down and that marked the end of the dance.

It was pay back time for housemates like Tatiana as booze backfired in form of throwing up. While that was fairly okay, it was a different story for Sheila. She slept off with her vuvuzela wide open and the pick panty kept on moving with her vuvuzela in full view to housemates like Uti and Kaone who enjoyed every moment of it as it lasted.

Today they were having a recap of last night and so they gave an account of this one which left Sheila shocked, but then again she said: blame it on booze and later apologized. Tatiana wondered why she was apologizing for who she is.
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Sunday, August 08 2010
Lerato Evicted from the Big Brother House
South African Housemate Lerato has been evicted from the Big Brother All stars. She was up for eviction with Munya from
Zimbabwe who survived the axe.

Tatiana was called upon as head of the house to reveal to fellow housemates who she had swapped with and she said Lerato. 

Lerato simply said I’ts All Good. Meanwhile, in the House Yacob-Ethiopia was getting along with Lerato that her being evicted from the house just left him shaking his head in disbelief. 

Sheila-Kenya broke down and cried like a baby when it turned out that Lerato had been evicted. This also served as an opportunity for her to get real close to Uti who she loves but has all along feared to tell him. Uti was a Gentleman as he took care of Sheila’s tears. 

IK was very smart with Lerato because he did not hint at all at another life after the house. He simply told Lerato; you can now head home as the rest of us went for a commercial. 

Hannington and Sammi were so excited on having another barnmate making the total number or real barnmates three. On opening the Barn, Lerato saw hens, a cow and was all in total shock. “OMG THERE ARE CHICKENS” she said. 

Hannington hugged Lerato for over three minutes as Sammi patiently waited to have his turn. It looks like it was a deliberate move because out of the surprise visitors that the barn mates got, Sammy had a better deal because it was his Xgirlfriend that they brought to the barn and oh yes they had their time, so for Hanny this was pay back time. 

We will monitor the situation closely and see how these three barnmates behave.

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Sunday, August 08 2010
 These two turned the heat up on the dance floor yesterday
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Saturday, August 07 2010
The housemate from Zimbabwe has told Big Brother he wants to leave the house. This was after Tatiana revealed to him what other housemates had been discussing about him among others leaving his 3 day old baby to come and stay in the Big Brother House.

A few days back Munya broke down to tears after a small talk about his role in the previous big brother which Richard won. This very talk was between Munya and Tatiana. Could we be noticing a case of the real game unfolding.

Remember Tatiana is the current Head of the House and Munya together with Lerato are up for eviction to the Barn House but to the housemates this is as good as going home..Could it be that Munya thinks he can't make it this Sunday and that he would rather go out before then.

Munya told Big Brother today that he wants to leave the house voluntarily just because some of the housemates think he is fake. Tatiana has been pleading with him for the greater part of the day to revise his decision but Munya is like "i'm Done"

In the previous Big Brother that Munya was involved in, he really had a good game going for him but in the All stars he has broken down and cried like a baby and now he wants to opt out of the game even before the official quitter Jennipher thinks of it. Watch This Space!

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Friday, August 06 2010
Sammi B has joined Munya on the list of crying babies. He must have thought about what happened with Julliette on her last night in the Big Brother Barn. Biggie brought a surprise guest in the house who was none other than Sammy's former girlfriend.

On the first night they slept on separate beds much as Julliete proposed that the two barn mates sandwich her but of course Hannington knew this was Sammy's Ex and may be this was the time to catch up on lost time, so he did not buy Jullietes' idea.

Julliete did not waste any time on the second night which also happened to be her last night in the house. They were heard whispering off the mics but we suppose she was telling the dude from Accra that she was in the Barn for her last day so it was up to Sammy to bring it on.
Sammy very quickly got to work and started moving his hand all over Julliete as she pretended she was sleeping but as Sammy did a combination of science and art Biggie just had to switch the camera to the main house which was some what boring at the time.

Juliete is not the house any more and as Sammy thinks about what happened the last night bearing in mind that these two had long separated and moved on with their lives, he just cannot help crying...!

Meanwhile, our boy Hannington did not get an Ex-girlfriend but it was his mom instead who spent two days in the house. Oh yes it was another touchy moment as  MP Ruth Kavuma left the house.
 Hannington's Mum Joins him in the Barn
Wednesday, August 04 2010
        Hannington and His Mom in the Barn
Ruth Nvumetta Kuteesa the MP for Kalangala and also Hannington's mom is in the Big Brother Barn together with her son making the number of ''Barnmates'' four after Sammy's Ex Julliet joined the barn yesterday.

This is mean of Biggie because Hannington is very careful with what he has to say and he is not free anymore with the mom around. The mom slept on one of the beds as Hannington slept on the floor right opposite her.

Meanwhile Sammy and Juliet were covered in a duvet with Sammy feeling Julliet in all corners. Things were getting hot in the duvet before Biggie turned the Camera's to the main house.

Juliet has already put a lot of life in the barn for Sammy making every minute in the barn worth living. Sammy is indeed a happy man unlike Hannington who spent the whole evening learning how to knit as the mom had already slept off.

By the time the cameras came back to the barn, Sammy was lighting his cigar as Juliet faced the wall. He went to the bathroom then later came back to kiss Juliet before relocating to his mattress. They both slept off. In the morning, Hannington and the mom will wake up thinking these two had nothing going down but wapi...!
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Tuesday, August 03 2010
The revolution was exciting but the All stars version is yet another treat with Biggie bringing Sammy's Ex  into the barn. Where and how Biggie dug up the ex files will be discussed another day but for now Juliet has joined Sammy causing a lot of pressure to our boy Hannington.

May be Biggie is equally looking up Hannington's ex as revealed in his secret to Biggie. We are also yet to know if Juliet is the mother for Sammy's baby who had a brain problem. All that we will leave to Biggie because it looks like we are in for more surprises.

Meanwhile, Juliet has washed the dishes, prepared good food for the Barn Mates. As Juliet took a shower, Sammy was seated right by the bathroom to ensure that Hannington does not get any close as he had joked that he (Hannington) would be around to scrub her back.

We are yet to see how these tow barn mates behave towards Juliet though Sammy has an advantage over Hanni now that Juliet is a former girlfriend.  However, when it was time to sleep she suggested that they put the three mattresses together and the barnmates sandwich her but Hannington chickened out for obvious reasons.

Sammy also had issues with Juliet after he told her to milk the cow the following day and also fetch water something that did not go down well with her. She assured Sammy that she would not do any of those tasks. This is the reason Sammy opted on sleeping alone though by the time we logged off, He was smoking due to no sleep! Watch This Space!

Hannington and Sammy Transferred to a Farm
Munya Vs Lerato for the Big Brother Barn

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Tuesday, August 03 2010
         Meryl and Mwisho
Tanzanian Housemate Mwisho spent yesterday evening talking about  how he would like to have many wives coupled with many children. Earlier on Meryl had told the other housemates how she had slept with 30 men but only dated 5. These two are a perfect match by virtue of that CV.

Having kissed passionately that evening that must have acted as a precursor to the wrestling that was witnessed later in the night. Namibia's Meryl and Mwisho went to bed and immediately giggles started.

Moments later you could hear heavy breathing from the sheets which breathing got heavier attracting Lerato who could not help laughing. Sheila was forced to tell Lerato to "shut up and sleep"

Meryl later uncovered herself feeling knackered after a lot had gone down. The pictures says it all. 
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Monday, August 02 2010
The in thing for the evicted housemates now is the Big Brother Barn that is a consolation home for the housemates who have been evicted from the Big Brother House. The beauty with this is that the Barn Mates have a telly in the barn where they keep watching over the rest of the housemates in the main house.

The Barn mates so far are Uganda's Hannington who was the first to be evicted from the main house and Ghana's Sammy. It should be remembered that before Hannington was evicted, he had become the Head of House after shouting the loudest of all the housemates followed by Tatiana.

As luck would have it Tatiana became the next head of house by default after the rightful HOH Hannington had been evicted. In Todays' nominations she ranked the highest together with Munya from Zimbabwe.

Biggie had to call her to the diary room to make her changes which she did. She had herself to save in replacement with Lerato a decision that took her a couple of minutes to make. That is how Lerato and Munya became available to face Africa though not to head for their homes but to the Big Brother Barn.

Meanwhile, the other housemates in the main house think the guys who have left the house have been evicted for good a thing that might make them lag behind as the guys in the barn garner points depending on how well the befriend the cows.
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Sunday, August 01 2010
Its another twist in the Big Brother Africa all stars as Sammy from Ghana and Hannington from Uganda got evicted from the house but pushed to the Big Brother Africa Barn.

The first housemate to leave the house was Hannington after Tatiana who was the head of the house swapped herself with Hannington. He hugged all the housemates as Big Brother announced that he had 30 seconds to leave the house.

As Hannington left the house, Tatiana was seen crying as the Blu3 track 'Wherever you are' played in the background.  Sammy and Hannington will be able to watch all the other housemates from the farm but the rest of the housemates will not be able to see them.

Big Brother has the right to change the rules of the game from time to time and that is what he has just done. Much as Sammy and Hannington are still in the game from the Barn house, there tasks will be making sure no the cows and hens do not get any problems.

The Good news is the barn mates are still in the game for the prize money but this depends on how well they play the game from the Big Brother Barn
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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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