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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Thursday, September 30 2010
Uganda Online Poll for Barnmates
It's about two weeks or so before the curtains for the Big Brother All stars fall but before they do so, seven barnmates have been nominated and two of them will get a 'third' chance to compete for the grand prize of US $ 200,000.

The mere fact that all the participants had played the game before and they never won, they were given a second chance in the All Stars. Some of these housemates could still not measure up as far as Africa is concerned, so they were evicted to the barnhouse loosing the second chance.

Biggie makes the rules and oh yes it is entirely up to him to twist the game the way he/she feels. Last Sunday, Meryl was evicted a day after her ''engagement" to Tanzania's Mwisho who only got one vote to stay in the house, otherwise they were supposed to pack their bags together and head for the barn had Mwisho's country not voted for him the way Namibia did to Meryl.

This week Africa will again decide which two barnmates will become housemates but the poll conducted by Uganda Online for the last one week suggests that Sheila(Kenya) is polling at 73% followed by Angola's Tatiana at 15% out of 8004 votes.

The poll leaves out Meryl for the simple reason, she scored zero votes that led to her being thrown to the barn. Simple logic, If your country cannot vote for you to stay in the house then how can other countries vote for you to bounce back to the main house. 

If Hannington, was still in the barn, he was likely to be one of the two housemates to bounce back to the main house. Meanwhile, some analysts of the game say that the ''Merylsho'' engagement was just a stunt aimed at confusing Africa and knowing Meryl, sustaining the ''Merylsho'' arrangement for a month after the game will be out of question.
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Monday, September 27 2010
As we type this the barnmates are busy celebrating after Biggie told them that no one was leaving next week. The announcement came after Uti, Kaone and Mwisho had scored the highest in the nominations.

Meryl had nominated her 'hubby' well knowing that he(Mwisho) could save himself now that he is the head of house.  He will not exercise his head of house rights since no one will be leaving the house come next Sunday.

Instead two barnmates will be joining other housemates in the main house and according to the Uganda Online poll, it is widely projected that Sheila and Tatiana will be going back.

Meryl who joined the barn house yesterday does not affect our poll results in any way because even her own country could not save her when she faced Africa on Sunday. The barnmates were equally told of how two barnmates will be going back to the house.

Meanwhile, the barnmates discussed the Meryl Mwisho act something that seemed to perplex Sheila because for the time she had been in the barn house, they had never discussed this at all and little did she know they had a clue about it.

With two barnmates joining the house, it will put the number of housemates to six i.e. Munya, Uti, Kaone, Mwisho and two barnmates. The housemates are thinking they are in the top four but we can't wait to see how they will react to this.
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Sunday, September 26 2010
The last female housemat in the Big Brother house has also fallen living behind her new found love Mwisho, Uti, Kaone and Munya who will be joined by two barnmates with the highest votes next week.

All the housemates apart from Munya were up for eviction but Uti did so well with 8 votes, 6 for Kaone, 1 for Mwisho and 0 votes for Meryl. This is how she came to be evicted from the house. Surprisingly though Meryl's country voted for Kaone as opposed to voting for her.

The show was graced with former housemates gracing the music. Mimi, Kwaku, Kevin and Elizabeth did some tracks as Leonel was spinning the discs. When the time for eviction was up, IK did not waste anytime, he just mentioned Meryl's name.

They kissed for minutes as they could not believe the quality time they had been having in the house had come to an end. Biggie kept on informing Meryl to leave the house as the kissing was going on. It took the intervention of the bouncer for Meryl to leave the house.

On coming out of the house, the first question was: "How does it feel to be engaged?", she said: Awesome...."We love each other and we are going to have more babies"

Meanwhile, Mwisho is the next head of house so there was no way he could have survived next week had it not been for that role and also the fact that next week might be focused on the barnmates who will be going back to the main house as opposed to a housemate leaving for the barn.
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Saturday, September 25 2010
Tomorrow between Kaone and Meryl, one housemate will be spending a night in the barn but before that we take you down to a day that has gone down in the history of Big Brother Africa as a unique day with Namibia's Meryl and Tanzania's Mwisho getting engaged.

Whether this is a joke or they are serious will be looked into some other day but for now the two have been engaged in the presence of both family members in the house. Mwisho's brother from Tanzania came to the house to witness his brother ask for Meryl's hand in marriage.

Tanzania's Mwisho in his speech said: "A long the way I met Meryl and from then on things changed from friends to being more than friends, Whatever mistakes I make now, I hope I have a lifetime to do better things,".

Meryl's Auntie and Uncle were in the house as they saw Mwisho go down on a bended knee asking Meryl if she could marry him to which Meryl replied: ''I' d love to baby". This is when Mwisho slipped on the tanzanite ring on Meryl's finger.

Munya being the head of the house, he was the MC as Uti was the Best Man. Now Meryl's secret is: "She is having a relationship with a well known Namibian personality, he could be married, he could be not, I'm having a relationship, she could be in an affair, keep you posted"

In the secret, it is clear Meryl is moving out with someone though she also adds that that someone could be seeing someone else. Meanwhile, in one of her lines she said, she had been with over 30 men with now her latest addition, Mwisho.

In spite of the wedding confusion, Meryl, Mwisho, Uti and Kaone are up for eviction and there is no amount of confusion that can stop Africa from having the new bride or Kaone leaving the house tomorrow, Watch this space!
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Friday, September 24 2010
The main house has five housemates as the rest are in the barn house with three out of the game for different reasons. Of the five housemates in the big brother house, four are up for eviction apart from Zimbabwe's Munya who is also this weeks head of house.

Mwisho and Meryl are among the four housemates who are up for eviction implying that should it turn out that one of them has the least popular vote, they will be pushed to the barn house but before all that happens, the two will be officially married.

Mwisho told Biggie of his intentions to marry Meryl and when asked to confirm the news, Tanzania's Mwisho said: "I'm serious in life and it wouldn't be surprising to me and it wouldn't be a surprise to my family and friends,"

This will be the first time housemates are getting engaged on the Big Brother Africa reality TV show though a number of former housemates are moving out like Quinn(South Africa) and Jennipher (Mozambique), and just recently the latest proposal by Kevin (Nigeria) to Elizabeth Tanzania.

The wedding is slated for Saturday and Africa will be witnessing the first ever wedding celebration by housemates live on telly. In the big brother revolution, Biggie brought in a couple from outside the house who got engaged on telly but this time around, it will be Mwiisho and Meryl.
Meryl and Mwisho are now Officially Engaged
Kevin Proposes to Tanzania's Elizabeth Gupta
Munya Safe As The Rest Are Up for Eviction
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Monday, September 20 2010
               Kaone, Uti, Meryl and Mwisho are up fro eviction
The game is becoming tight by the day and though one barnmate (Lerato) is not allowed to nominate for obvious reasons, it did not help the situation either as four housemates are up for eviction the first time in the Big Brother All Stars.

Munya who is the current head of house was among those who scored the highest in nominations this evening but he saved himself and put Meryl who had survived the nominations. This means that all the housemates are up for eviction apart from the head of house, Munya from Zimbabwe.

Kaone is 'Finished'
This week is equally very predictable as Kaone is leaving the house next Sunday. He is the only one among the male housemates who has not faced Africa compared to Uti and Mwisho who faced Africa and bounced back to the house.

The only female in the house
Meryl so far is riding on two or three aspects: Being the only female standing in the main house gives her an edge in the game, Girlfriend to Mwisho which acts as a precursor to steamy moments in the house which has been one of those crowd puller products after shower hour was scrapped.

That means Meryl is not leaving, Uti happens to be stronger than Mwisho and Mwisho is stronger than Kaone given his affair with Meryl. This leaves Kaone standing on the Botswana vote which might also not be enough to save him.

Next week will even be more interesting as it will be between Munya who has gained a lot of 'Africa Muscle', followed by Uti and now the pair(Merylsho) which is going to be split in the next week. This however, strongly depends on who wins the head of the house task. Keep it locked to Uganda Online for more!
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Sunday, September 19 2010
Munya has survived the seventh eviction after he beat Jen from Mozambique and as she left the house it was Meryl this time around who shed tears for her. Like we have been telling you in the previous weeks, we were again spot on with the eviction for this week.

Mozambique's finest Jen will tonight sleep in the barn house as she has been evicted from the main house and being a good dancer she is, Biggie played her some music as requested by IK and she did some dancing for Africa.

Her dagga was "One housemate may not use any swear words for one week and whenever one housemate swears he/she is supposed to remind them not to swear and that went out to Uti. Now that her secret was not revealed by other housemates, she left with USD 1,000.

When Jen got to the barn house she called a cow a goat and said some words to it in her local language which we certainly missed but what grabbed our attention was calling a cow a goat.

Meanwhile, IK announced that in two weeks two lucky housemates will be voted back to the house an opportunity Hannington has missed now that he was disqualified last Friday.
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Sunday, September 19 2010
Munya from Zimbabwe is surely not about the to leave the game as for the last several weeks he has been up for eviction and coming out safe and as if that is not enough, he has become the new head of the house.

This leaves Kaone, Meryl, Mwisho, and Uti to face his head of house act tomorrow should he survive eviction tonight. The show started with 14 housemates and since then two have opted out of the game as Uganda's Hannington was disqualified for unacceptable behaviour.

If Jen leaves tonight, Meryl will be the only female housemate left in the main house together with Uti, Munya and her boyfriend Mwisho. Uti was last weeks head of house who also emerged as one with the higest polls and therefore up for eviction, but he saved himself and put up Munya. We are yet to see if Munya survives eviction for the seventh time.
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Friday, September 17 2010

Now Biggie has done it to Uganda - On Tuesday, Lerato and Hannington had a fight from an argument in which Hannington was not entertaining questions from Lerato which ended up in Hannington pushing Lerato, who in the process lost her cool and a bitter exchange of words ensued.

Hannington apologized to the barnmates and Africa at large but this is the game and Biggie's verdict is as follows: "After very careful consideration and consultation, Big Brother has decided that you have been disqualified from the game, and you have been evicted." 

Big Brother also advised Hannington to seek services of a therapist as he has anger issues and was given 2 hours to pack his bags ready for the next plane to Uganda. Now Lerato was given a lighter punishment which involves not taking alcohol, not participating in the nominations and taking care of the dish washing for as long as she is in the barn.

Now the big question on Africa's minds is why a lighter punishment for Lerato, is it because she is from South Africa..!

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Monday, September 13 2010
Jen and Munya up for eviction
Jen has never been up for eviction and has always been crying every Sunday when a housemate is evicted from the main house to the barn house. Jen is up for eviction with Munya who is up for the seventh time.

Munya from Zimbabwe is going nowhere because Africa has spoken for the last six times he has been up so there is no reason he would leave this time around. Its very unfortunate that Jen has ended up facing Africa with a strong man who is even likely to stand till the end.

Initially, Jen and Uti had the most votes but as you may be already aware, Uti is the current Head of House though some housemates insist he cheated on the task for head of the house.

Uti saved himself and put Munya up for eviction. Now this is another wasted swap because had Uti put Kaone up against Jen, this would have been a more complicated puzzle to deal with, but for now as things stand, "Jen is finished"
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Sunday, September 12 2010
          Paloma hugging Meryl before leaving the house
Paloma from Zambia has been evicted like we told you in our previous article. IK started off by telling Mwisho how safe he was before letting Paloma know that she had been evicted. Paloma has become the eight housemate to be evicted after Code Sangala left the house last week.

She lost to Mwisho to cross to the barn house but she did not loose terribly as Code did. Mwisho had 9 countries voting for him where as Paloma had six countries voting for her. When Meryl was called upon to tell her fellow housemates who she replaced herself with, she told them it was Paloma.

Paloma did not look surprised at the move as Jen Munya and Meryl accompanied her to pack her bag. Paloma's eviction leaves six housemates in the main house who include Munya, Uti, Mwisho, Meryl, Kaone and Jen.
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Wednesday, September 08 2010

Hannington and Sheila in Barn house watching Telly
Its no doubt Hannington was the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house and straight to the barn together with Sammy from Ghana. Sammy has since quit the game for medical reasons leaving Hannington as the oldest barnmate in the barn house.

While in the main house, he had tried Kenya' Sheila who was still proving to be a hard nut to crack and by the time Hannington got evicted from the main house, he ha even left Sheila a ring which by the way she kept on wearing after Hanny had left, though she had made her point clear that she did not have a thing for him.

It is the All stars and one unique thing with it is that the barnmates are free to vote for those still in the main house and also have a TV set that will link them to the main house if there is any breaking news.

Now Biggie did exactly that a few weeks back when he showed the barnmates Meryl and Sheila making out something that disturbed Hannington who had thought that it was Mwisho going down on Sheila. Hannington saw some movements in the sheets and also noticed his ring so he concluded that was Sheila, but then again he needed to know who was the second person under the sheets.

It later emerged it was Sheila. Now as if that was not enough Sheila was up for eviction and trust you me Africa had no better way of paying her back other than throwing her in the barn.

Hannington in the Barn
Hannington was very close to Tatiana before Sheila came in and the moment he placed his eyes on Sheila in the barn, he dropped Tatiana and now has started the unfinished business.

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Wednesday, September 08 2010

Uti shaving Mwisho

Nigeria's Uti can be a good barber given the good job he did on Tanzania's Mwisho. In the Big Brother House, Biggie will let in hair dressers like twice in the entire 91 days so in most cases the guys become bushy and the galz shabby.

The lack of hair dressers in the house makes housemates resort to improvising by either plaiting for both the male and female housemates. Hannington from Uganda has had plaited hair all along but when the hair dressers came in the house, he reduced it giving him another look all together.

Meryl's boyfriend Mwisho has a style which is uniquely tagged to him with just very little hair at the back of his head and Uti from Nigeria has played a helping hand in making him maintain the hairstyle which he has used as part of his make up for the All Stars show.

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Monday, September 06 2010
             Yacob from Ethiopia
In the Big Brother revolution Jen from Mozambique left the house within the first month of the game. She was brought back in the Big Brother All stars and she has managed to play the game so well as two male housemates have so far quit Biggie's house.

It started with Sammy from Ghana who the doctors recommended that he leaves the house after discovering that he was better off playing the game outside big brother's house. The cardinal rule in this game is that you do not leave the house and should you do so, then that can as well mark the end of you.

This also explains why Uti has not yet gone for his Dad's burial who died three weeks back. The second housemate to leave the Big Brother All stars was Yacob from Ethiopia a country that is having a second chance in the game and with Yacob being the only representative from Ethiopia both in the revolution and All stars.

The game has been rough for Yacob from the time he was evicted from the main house to the barn. He is one fellow who does not like the sound of chicks at all. At one point, he was in the diary room attending to Biggie and the chics were making too much noise, he asked biggie to excuse him so that he can send the chics away. 

Biggie obliged and Yacob did exactly that. He chased the poor chics away. Meanwhile, for as long as you are in the barn, how well you milk the cow and look after the hens counts a great deal in your chances of having a second chance on the US$ 200,000.

The other problem Yacob was faced with was failing to get along with the female barnmates. They spent most of their valuable time exchanging terrible words. For example, he attacked Tatiana over the guys she has slept with in the main house and also the guys she has slept with in the barn house and yet her boyfriend is watching all that mess. This made Sheila, Tatiana and Lerato gang up against him. 

Yacob left the Big Brother All stars on 06.Sept.2010. The only time he was head of the house is when he was sent to the barn house so he did not have the chance to enjoy the rights and the benefits that come along with one being the head of house.
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Monday, September 06 2010
       Mwisho and Paloma are up fro eviction
This is getting very interesting and predictable by the day. Don't say we did not tell you. Paloma will be joining the barn next Sunday as she is up for eviction together with Zambia's Paloma.

Meryl and Mwisho were up for eviction but being the head of house, Meryl replaced herself and put up Paloma. This was very tricky for her because on being called to the diary room, she first kissed her boyfriend before attending to biggie.

In the diary room she had literally failed to make a decision until biggie pushed her. She later made her move and Paloma emerged as the other housemate facing Africa this week. The housemates together with barnmates new Paloma would actually save herself so she emerged as one of those with the most votes.

For the record, Meryl and Mwisho otherwise known as (Merylisho) are very close buddies in the All stars show so this is looked at as the first attempt to break this bond but Meryl thought through and came up with a replacement which will be easy to beat next Sunday.
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Sunday, September 05 2010
         Malawi was the only country that voted for Code to stay
Once again we were spot on with Code's eviction. Code Sangala from Malawi was evicted Sunday evening making the number of barnmates six after Sammi left the house. Uti Code and Munya were up for eviction and your guess is as good as mine Zimbabwe's Munya survived for the sixth time.

Jen's tears were rolling as Biggie started the countdown for Code to leave the house. Uti got 8 votes and Munya 6 votes as Code only had his country to fight for him. It was indeed a tight race between Munya and Uti.

Mwisho saved himself as head of house and put Munya in his place but this was a wasted swap as he did not get evicted at the end of it all. This has now put Munya more or less in the lead once he can clobber Uti and to a small extent Mwisho.

 Unlike other housemates who discover barnmates moments after entering the barn house, it took Code twelve minutes to discover that he was not the only person in the barn. Yacob who by the way is likely to leave the barn tomorrow asked Code who Mwisho swapped himself with and Code said: "Munya but you see Munya always survives this shit

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Sunday, September 05 2010
Namibia's Meryl is the new Head of House taking over from boyfriend Mwisho from Tanzania clearly confirming another week for the two before they can think of relocating to the barn house.

Meryl, Paloma and Jen are the only female housemates that are still in the main house as the rest of the girls are playing the game from the barn house. In fact during last night's Saturday dance in which 91.3 capital fm's  Allan Kasujja was the DJ, Meryl danced with Mwisho groin to groin as Paloma and Jen danced looking at their images.

Tonight, Uti, Code and Munya are facing the axe though Munya does not know he is up for eviction. It might be very difficult for Code to survive this one.
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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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