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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Tuesday, May 31 2011
Uganda's Ernest and his better half in the Big Brother Amplified house Bhoke from Tanzania are among the housemates who are up for eviction this week.

        Tanzania's Bhoke, Uganda's Ernest and Peo from Botswana are up for eviction
Luclay from South Africa was saved by this week's HoH Danny from Ethiopia and put  Peo or Miss P from Botswana to face Africa implying that from Ernest, Bhoke who are also known by their avatar 'EBhoke' together with the big butt lady, one of them will be leaving the house next Sunday.

Uganda survived last Sunday's eviction after Sharon O from the Heads house was facing it off with Vina, Bernadina and Confidence and in the end Michael from Mozambique left the house and Bernadina crossed to the Tails house.

This week is even worse because there are only three housemates up for eviction. Two of them are a 'couple' and that might garner them some votes because a section of some fans out there would want to see just how far Ernest and Bhoke can go leaving Miss P exposed to the jaws of Africa.

Ernest on the other hand has been acting the lover boy, though a recent survey has put Alex more of a darling to the ladies than Ernest. If the support that Alex is winning over Ernest is to be converted to votes, then this can only mean that Ernest needs your votes.

Uganda has missed the Tanzanian vote because by default that will cross to Bhoke from Tanzania and the Botswana vote will go to Miss P. It is not clear if the Kenyan vote will be shared between Tanzania and Uganda.

Finally Ernest needs your support, because looking at last week's line up, Michael was not necessarily the weakest housemate of all those on the chopping board last week but he left so 'Team Ernest' get your votes through!

To vote via SMS: send the word VOTE followed by Ernest to 7117 on MTN, Warid, Orange and Airtel with each text going for Ugx 220/- Each phone is allowed up to 100 messages per voting session, so this is an appeal to vote Ernest now...Big Up!
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Monday, May 30 2011

Housemate from Mozambique - Michael was evicted on 29.May.2011

Mozambique has been having one housemate after Herminio opted out of the Big Brother game a few days before the start of Africa's most popular reality TV show. This left Mozambique with one housemate who was so far playing the game so well but Africa thought otherwise and made it 28 days as opposed to the 91 days.

Michael loves spending time with quiet people and this does not come as a surprise because in his first week, the chemistry had developed for Sharon who happens to be quiet and therefore the best choice for Michael.

He tried Sharon as much as possible but as you may be aware, Sharon is a mother and the hubby is glued on TV watching every step so it was not going to be that easy for Michael.

It was as though he knew that he will be leaving very soon, so he decided to launch an attack on whoever could cross his way. Noticing that Sharon was proving to be a hard nut to crack, he turned his guns to Nkuli from South Africa.

With Nkuli, he had managed to get a hug though he indeed 'amplified' the hug to include kissing something that did not go down well with Nkuli. Just last Monday, Sharon O, Vina, Bernadina, Hanni and Confidence were up for eviction but Vimbai who is the out going HoH saved Hanni from Ethiopia and put Mozambique's Michael in her place.

Surprisingly, our gal Sharon O and Vina got the most country votes as Confidence from Ghana, Vina from Nigeria and Bernadina from Namibia got one vote each from their respective countries.

Which Countries Voted for Sharon?
Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania showed the spirit of East Africa in saving Sharon O followed by Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Sharon O Survives as 'Boy Friend' Michael is Evicted
Herminio Opted Out of Big Brother Amplified 

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Sunday, May 29 2011

            Sharon as IK had just called her name and Sharon after knowing that she was safe
Five Headmates were up for eviction and the housemate with the least votes had to leave the Big Brother Amplified house at the end of the live show.

 IK crossed to the house but the housemates could not hear what he was saying but Biggie's technicians were quick at fixing it.  IK tried out rapping before he crossed to Sharon who said it wasn't her best moment.

IK then talked to the HoH to reveal to the other housemates what her decision was for the swap, Vimbai said that she saved Hanni(Ethiopia) because she reminds her of a lot when she was her age and replaced her with Michael(Mozambique) who plays the dishonest role according to Vimbai.

Michael just got up and hugged Vimbai as Biggie announced that he had ten minutes to pack his bags.

Bernadina's name was called first to come to the stage. She Hugged housemates as the Amplified Crew who I think are the best dancers from the African continent got on stage with a helicopter propeller type of dance.

Bernadina came to the stage and when asked on what her best moment was she said the clown suit. She very quickly left the stage as Biggie had to make some money from adverts.

We didn't know what this was but it later turned out that Bernadina was safe but moved to the Tails house. Michael was told to leave the house next. Confidence and Sharon kissed him out of the house as Millicent and Vimbai were crying over him leaving the house.

Michael loves Sharon and this is what he had to say while on stage, "I likes Sharon and she is a pretty girl. It was not just a game, it was real."

Sharon O, Vina and Confidence were called last and after a while, IK told them they have been saved. Sharon shouted Thank you Africa. Tailsmates will be nominated tomorrow. Bernadina has just survived one but can she survive the nominations for tomorrow, keep it right here for more updates

                  Sharon and four others are up for eviction

Uganda's Sharon Up for Eviction
Michael from Mozambique on Sharon's Case
Big Brother Amplified Top 5

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Sunday, May 29 2011
Karen (Nigeria) and Kim(Zambia)
Karen from Nigeria and Kim from Zambia almost tore each other to pieces after the Saturday Night dance. Kim spent a greater part of the evening crying after Karen told her that she didn't go to the beautician school and that she was fake.

Karen on noticing that Kim was crying she went to the room and called Miss Pee to join Mumba and Bhoke who were comforting Kim at the time. Karen tried to apologise but Kim was not about to take anything from her.

What disturbed Karen the more was that as she tried apologising, Kim pushed her by the face. As the peace talks were going on to try and bring the two girls(Karen and Kim) to order, Karen noticed that the girls were ganging up against her, she lost her cool and ordered everyone to shut up.

She then descended on to Kim and started throwing all sorts of insults that can't appear on these pages. Kim woke up and started hitting back verbally, but then at some point, Kim must have recalled what happened to Lotus from Tanzania a few days back, so she held back and swallowed her pride.

By now Karen was cutting like a knife and she had already said she did not give a damn about the money anymore and was not about to take any sh*t from anyone. However, the fight between Karen and Kim has something to do with Nic from Kenya.

As we write this, Kim and Karen do not see eye to eye and Kim told some of the housemates that being friends with some people in the house is next to impossible. The next fight will be between Mumba and Karen watch this space!
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Saturday, May 28 2011
We have been conducting a poll for close to one month now for which housemate is likely to make it to the top 5 and the poll has put Wendall and Confidence at 12% followed by Vina at 10%. Ernest Wasake from Uganda followed at 9%.

Michael from Mozambique and Karen from Nigeria tied at 6%. This is an indicative poll but it highlights some good observations. The poll shows that much as Uganda still has it's two housemates in the house, Ernest is playing a better game as he polled 9% and Sharon only ended up with 4%.

The game has been on for close to a month now but some housemates have still failed to leave a mark or their presence in the house is still not being felt at least by our readers because Mumba from Zambia, Danny from Ethiopia and Bernadina from Botswana scored 0%.

Hanni, Nic and Vimbai scored 1% followed by Peo and Kim at 2%. Millicent and Lomwe were at 3% while Sharon and Alex were at 4% and 5% respectively. The same poll brings the two housemates at 12% in the limelight.

Wendall still has not yet played the game to put him that far and Confidence was even nominated and almost failed to go back to the house, but anyway we still have another two months to monitor the situation on who takes the amplified prize of USD 200,000.

Meanwhile, the next eviction show is on the 29.May.2011 and we conducted a poll asking our readers who is likely to leave the house next and Bernadina was leading followed by Sharon O, so if our poll is anything to go by, then Bernadina could as well pack but we wait till the show because the vote has to be determined by Africa.
Poll on who leaves the house on May 29, 2011
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Friday, May 27 2011

Big Brother Amplified Shower Hour and Uncut Shows are now premium services

The mighty shower hour is on and has always been on anyway though this time, one must have a credit card to be able to access the exclusive footage from Monday to Friday. The charge is a once off for the three months but with one month down the line, it only means one has two months to view the live shower hour and the amplified uncut.

This is what Biggie is terming as Big Brother VIP or BBVIP. One must have a valid credit card which is visa or mastercard to part with South African Rand 70 which is the equivalent of USD 10.

As you may already be aware, the amplified version had 16 female housemates of which Jossy Joss and Nkuli have been evicted and Lotus disqualified leaving 14 female housemates and 9 male housemates from both the 'Heads' and 'Tails' houses.

So folks out there with credit cards can go ahead and watch out for the exclusive shows taking care of the under 18's because the content is certainly not suitable for them. To view the content, you must be a registered member of the DSTV site or have a DSTV connect profile

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Thursday, May 26 2011

Hanningtone Kuteesa
He is one of the Big Brother Africa 5 representatives who still make news much as he did not spend so much time in the house for being disqualified after a physical exchange with Lerato from South Africa.

Hannington Kuteesa was on Friday spotted at Kisementi based bar, Just Kicking smoking his lungs out. It looks like he did not have enough quid on him so he resorted to smoking cigar after cigar for over an hour.

He did all that by the pool table side. A close buddy appeared from nowhere and bought him a bottle of Tusker. This bottle lasted for hours as he watched other people playing the pool game.

Disqualifying housemates has now become fashionable because even in the current series of Big Brother, a housemate from Tanzania, Lotus was literally chased from the house after slapping Luclay.

Meanwhile, It takes two to tangle and our observation is that all the disqualified housemates so far are from East Africa(Uganda, Tanzania) and the other parties hail from South Africa. Last year Hannington had Issues with Lerato from South Africa and this year, Lotus from Tanzania had serious issues with Luclay again from South Africa.

More stories on Hannington, Uganda

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Tuesday, May 24 2011

Tailmates were having a chat session with Biggie and Karen came out loud and clear on this. She told Biggie that now she is going to start the dating game and her target is Ernest.

Big Brother asked her why Ernest and she said that in the other house, Weza told her that Ernest has a soft spot for light skinned girls and Karen feels she has that quality. She is convinced Ernest does not like Bhoke because she is dark skinned.

When Kim was called to the Chat room a similar question was posed to her as into who she was close to in the tails house, she initially said she was close to everyone and Biggie insisted on her being specific.

She smiled and said Nic, "I can't believe I'm saying this" and then gave details of the other emerging couples in which she broke them down as Alex and Miss P, Ernest and Bhoke clearly leaving out Karen.

This forced Biggie to ask Kim why Karen was not hooked up? Kim added that with a person of her character, it is not easy and besides she is so loud may be because no one has expressed interest in being close to her.

Meanwhile, Karen promised to keep Big Brother posted on the developments of her trying to hit at Ernest. A few days back, they nearly had a fight after a small exchange now we just don't know how her plans will work out but at least we will be watching out for that and keeping you posted.

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Tuesday, May 24 2011

Sharon and four others are up for eviction
The Headmates are at it again faced with the eviction fever and this time around our Sharon O is on the chopping board with four others who include Michael from Mozambique, who has been very instrumental in making Sharon say a word, Confidence from Ghana, Bernadina from Namibia and Vina from Nigeria.

It is the second time for Confidence to be up for eviction though the first time was not that easy for her. Michael and Confidence were discussing about how surprising it was for Hanni and Bernadina to appear on the chopping board and little did he know that Vimbai(HoH) had saved Hanni and replaced her with him (Michael).

The previous version of Big Brother winner Uti Nwachukwu is drumming up support for Vina clearly making her safe from this eviction and Nigeria still has a good game going so far because both housemates are still in unlike Namibia which has one housemate.

Uganda still has two housemates but it is as though there is only one housemate. It is not a common thing seeing cameras focusing on Sharon and even when they do, the beauty is quiet. Now it is not clear if she will get out of this but the best folks should do for now is to vote saving Sharon because the housemate with the least votes will certainly come back home on Sunday, May 29, 2011.

Below are some of the comments from Biggies wall :

Sarah Charity: "Confidence out n sharoooooooooonn O innnnnnnnnnn. haters go n die."

Mmoloki Tshireletso: ?"@Sarah...sorry It's not our fault, u can tell Sharon is not Afrika's favorite."

Slie Gazu-Dladla:"Why is Sharon O crying she has to go! She's full of herself mnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm"

It's now very clear Sharon needs your support though it will be very sad if a housemate from Mozambique or Namibia leaves because they are being represented by one housemate each.

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Sunday, May 22 2011

Popularity vote showing how Nkuli got zero votes
Four housemates were nominated for possible eviction but as it turned out the four were from two countries making it a race between South Africa and Zambia. Luclay and Nkuli are from South Africa whereas Mumba and Kim are from Zambia.

Looking at how Africa voted, It is very clear that Luclay's beating by Lotus earned him votes because he was man enough not to return the slap to Lotus who attacked him on Friday after a small scuffle.

Luclay got 8 votes, Kim got 5.5 votes and Mumba 1.5 followed by Nkuli from South Africa who got 0 votes. Now that Nkuli and Luclay hail from the same country, Africa decided to pay Luclay with sympathy votes for the slap he had earned himself in the week that led to Lotus being evicted.

Uganda threw its weight to Kim for obvious reasons. Kim is 'dating' Nic from Kenya so there is the East African connection otherwise how else would Uganda vote for Kim and not Mumba and yet they are from the same country.

How Africa Voted
Luclay from South Africa got 8 country votes - Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa and the Rest of Africa

Kim from Zambia got 5.5 country votes - Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Mozambique (half).

Mumba from Zambia got 1.5 country votes - Zimbabwe and Mozambique (half).

Nkuli from South Africa got 0 country votes. Could the way she laughs have contributed to this?

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Sunday, May 22 2011

Nkuli from South Africa Evicted

The show kicked off with Ethiopia's Nhatty doing a track dubbed 'Brand New Day' for Maama Africa and when IK asked him who he thought was going to win he said Hanni.

Week That was in the Heads
IK crossed to the Headmates to see the week that was show casing various tasks that included the circus games, and Mumbai becoming the Head of the House. They were no nominations but the headmates were still focused on the game.

Week That was in the Tails
It kicked off with Lotus very excited with the arrival of Danny, chat room session with clown Karen crying, the fighting of Karen and Bhoke for Ernest. The new Head of House in the Tails house is Nic.

Evicted Housemate
The show crossed to Jossy and how he was faring a fter spending 15 days in the house. He said he is going to visit Ghana and get to see Confidence's club. He said the name Confidence suits her and that she enjoyed the show . Joss added that he came into the house as Namibian but he left an African.

Lotus Disqualification
The show turned to the reason the Tanzanian housemate was disqualified. Lotus and Luclay first quarreled and moments later she woke up and slapped Luclay. Biggie passed his verdict.

Crossing over to the House
IK told them yesterday was his birthday so they were partying with him. Asked Danny of course just in case he was missing Lotus. He said he was feeling sad. IK quickly crossed to the HoH.

Miss Peo: "Okay guys I only had to make a decision from the four who were nominated. I had to save Karen because she seems to have an exaggerated personality. And from the batch that was not nominated, I went for Mumba."

'I've Already Packed'
Biggie told Mumba to pack her bags but she immediately said I've already packed. The show crossed to the Amplified dancers who I must say are good dancers.

Four Nominated Housemates Appear on Stage
Nkuli, Mumba, Kim and Luclay came on stage though Kim was very smart. IK asked Kim about the fellowship between her and Nic, she said he is a very interesting person and she connects with him and would like to know more in the future. 

IK asked Nkuli to laugh and earlier we were asking whether anyone had noticed the way Nkuli laughs.

Mumba said she will be cool with Miss P if she went back to the house because they all knew nominations were coming.

Luclay - I made a decision to nominate no one because the fight between me and Ernest was not a fight between South Africa and Uganda.

Eviction Time
Mumba, Luclay and Kim were asked to go back to the house leaving Nkuli on stage. She said the best memomry in the house were the parties. The least people she will miss are Ernest, Alex and Nic because they double faced.

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Saturday, May 21 2011

Lingerie Party
Karen from Nigeria proposed to fellow tail mates that Friday will be a Lingerie Party. This was Karen's idea and so she determined the direction the party would take. The male housemates were in the lounge waiting for the female housemates who were getting to terms with Karen's attire requirements.

The boys were in their swimsuits patiently waiting for the gals who came in one by one from upstairs doing the cat walk. Nic from Kenya, Ghana's Alex were seen licking their lips as Ernest and Luclay were very happy with what they were seeing.

Mumba, Kim and Bhoke put on short dresses as Peo was clad in some pyjama short that exposed her booty to the full view of Africa and then the party organiser Karen together with Nkuli were clad in leggings, panties plus boob revealing tops.

The party then crossed to never ever sexual tales in which different housemates revealed places they have never had sex before like in the car, public places and so on. Nkuli and Kim confessed to have kissed girls.

Most experiences will not be reproduced here because this was a playboy kind of arrangement. Lotus missed out on the party after she had been disqualified a few hours earlier.

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Friday, May 20 2011

Lotus from Tanzania was disqualified from Big Brother Amplified
Tanzania has two female housemates in the Big Brother Amplified and one of them is Bhoke who is best of friends with Uganda's Ernest and the other is Lotus who can be best described as the housemate with a pin in her nose.

Lotus was on Friday afternoon disqualified from continuing with the show after she slapped Luclay from South Africa who is up for eviction with three other female housemates.

The announcement was made two hours after biggest fight of the season so far. Biggie said: "The Big Brother House Rules state very clearly that: "Any Housemate who becomes physically  violent will be removed from  the House immediately.
"In addition, the Rules also make it very clear that:

Housemates will be disqualified by Big Brother if they  have broken any of the rules or undermined  the world of Big Brother. In this event they cannot return  and may be replaced."

The two housemates were involved in a quarrel which later turned physical. Biggie disqualified Lotus and asked her to pack her bags immediately while Luclay was assigned the duty of washing dishes and cleaning the house for as long as he is in the house.

Luclay was involved in another fight with Karen from Nigeria though for this particular fight she lost and opted on crying. Lotus will be the second Big Brother contestant to be disqualified after Hannington Kutesa from Uganda who was disqualified last year for beating up Lerato from South Africa.

Tanzania now joins Angola, Mozambique and Namibia which have one housemate each. Meanwhile, Lotus had voted for her fellow countrymate Bhoke to be evicted because she wanted to be the only Tanzanian in the game  

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Thursday, May 19 2011

Big Brother Amplified Female Housemates

Big Brother Season Six is on and this time around dubbed bigger, louder and powerful but from what we have seen so far, the game simply has more female housemates than the male housemates and to us that is the only amplified aspect.

The house has twenty six housemates of which 16 are female housemates and the male housemates have been reduced to 9 after Jossy Joss was evicted last Sunday.

Bernadina-Namibia: If you recall Tatiana, I'm sure the selection committee was having that in mind so they brought Bernadina on board who so far is left alone after losing Jossy Joss last Sunday, but we have not yet seen her game.

Bhoke - Tanzania: Doing so well to the extent that her country and Uganda will do anything to save her just because they are very close with Ernest from Uganda. Her conversations with Ernest, the moves in the Jaccuzi have already won so many hearts that can empty their accounts just to vote for her to remain in the house.

Confidence - Ghana: Amplified in her way. The oldest in the house, silicon boobs and an entertainer, though last week she survived being evicted because all the three female housemates (Vimbai, Weza and Vina) she was up with beat her in terms of votes and for the male housemates (Danny and Joss), it was a tie of one vote each but beat them on percentage and that is how she went back to the house.

Felicia-Malawi: Amplified via talking and competing with Milicent for Wendall's dongle, short of that, her profile is still growing.

Hanni-Ethiopia: Beautiful, well composed, good complexion, hooked up with Lowme and carefully playing the game.

Kim - Zambia: I don't know whether this is to do with the country and it's norms because anyway both galz from Zambia have been very reserved, quiet and keeping in the background. Kim has however come out of the shell by hooking up Kenya's Nic and they have kissed on several occasions as though their lives depend on that.

Mumba-Zambia: Just like her fellow colleague from Zambia who has kind of opened up, Mumba is still failing to open up and she has been trying to say a few words but it is not easy to tag a topic to her now that she keeps in the background.

Millicent -Kenya: She has for the last two weeks promised to be a first lady just because one President put his details in the news paper that he was searching so since then she has been crying out loud on telly for this President to take not of that and may be her dream will come true. She has a nice body and also knows how to shake her body, so in the planned lingerie party for Friday, these will be the babes to look out for.

Nkuli - South Africa: Now this one has hooked up and with fellow country mate and that is her biggest role in the game so far. No air tickets or visas will be required when it comes to checking on Luclay. She is up for eviction together with her man from South Africa, Luclay.

Karen-Nigeria: Nigeria has taken the trophy twice but with this year's selection, there is no way the silicon boob babe, with a voice deeper than biggie coupled with that 'organic' accent will even make it to the top ten. She has proposed to fellow housemates that next Friday is a lingerie party. Good idea but Africa is waiting for you Karen.

Lotus-Tanzania: Now this one anyway you must have seen the ring right by her nose and may be the fake hairstyle and sleeping with Danny. She also cried after exchanging with Karen. She only needs one glass of Amarula and she will start jumping all over the house. They are all in the house for the money but her nominating fellow housemate, Bhoke leaves alot lot to be desired.

Peo - Botswana : Now this light skinned beauty has the hottest booty in the house and that is just how amplified  Peo is. She is at times called Miss P. She was this week's HoH and when it came to exercising her rights, she saved Karen and replaced her with Mumba who now has two days in the house because she will be packing her bags come this Sunday.

Sharon-Uganda: Some have said that if this was a beauty contest, then Sharon would be in the right place. She is an authority when it comes to the catwalk but been quiet all through except for a few instances when Michael was vibing her.

The last time she talked, the topic was of her and her hubby Mulindwa having a three some, which some analysts have rubbished. They say she did that to try and convince Africa into her winning the money but she might have to think of something else because that threesome bit did not sell.

Vina - Nigeria: Her only effort in the game is her hair style and playing the referee role in the Millicent Felicia battle for Wendall the pilot.

Vimbai-Zimbabwe: The model from Zimbabwe cried on learning that it was her they had swapped in the place for Karen so when Biggie told her to pack her bags, tears just rolled. She has however made headlines by assuring the old mama in the house that she is tens years older than all of them so should lead the example.

Weza- Angola: She has just survived being evicted from the house last Sunday because she was up for eviction with five other housemates but in the end she had 4 votes, Vimbai and Vina got three votes while Confidence got only 1 vote.

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Wednesday, May 18 2011

Bhoke(Tz) and Ernest(Uganda)
Monday Night was a night that was dedicated to Ernest and Bhoke as they opened up to each other on topics ranging from  family to sex lives among others. Bhoke was clad in a white top only plus a light material that she used to wrap around herself with her legs facing Ernest.

The Ugandan housemate engaged the Tanzanian housemate on several issues. He first asked her about her room in Tz which she said was big though empty with most items in the living room.

Ernest went a little close by asking Bhoke if she invites visitors most especially male visitors at her home. The Tanzanian TV presenter said yes, and Ernest was wondering if these 'male' visitors spend a night when they visit.

I'm Loud
The Tanzanian housemate said they cannot spend a night now that she stays with her mum. She also told Ernest of how she is loud reminding me of Millicent who assured Michael not to joke with East African girls for they will make him forget about his women from Mozambique because they are lethal in bed.

As the opening up progressed with Ernest listening attentively while taking his beer, Bhoke told him of how she lost a child, how her parents separated and do not even say hi to each other. She even told of how her mum is about to move to a bigger house which is about to be completed.

Ernest on the other hand told her of how he was going to change the way he was conducting himself on the issue of women. First he told her that he normally uses protection but when things are compromised, then he removes the protection.

Bhoke was a bit confused because it was like the man she was trying to open up to is kind of a womanizer and one who goes without protection. Anyway she told him to be careful but Ernest said he just does not bang anything with a skirt.

He has a checklist of the things he considers in a girl so by the time he is with a girl, then that is the right person. Kim who had been worried the whole evening because she had been nominated made her way to the 'ladies' and on coming back, they asked that she joins them. Time check was 2:00am and the ladies were now engaging Ernest.

They later retired to bed together though we are yet to establish if something went down. However, judging from what happened on Tuesday morning which Biggie is terming  as lovers' Tiff, Ernest laughed at Bhoke.

She was not amused with the move, so she asked him why he was laughing, Ernest told her that he was not laughing at her but at the fact that she had kicked the exercise instructor in the mid-area. Even after that explanation, she was not impressed, but we will continue monitoring the situation and get back to you with the updates as they unfold. Watch this space!

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Tuesday, May 17 2011

Nkuli, Luclay(South Africa) and Mumba plus Kim both from Zambia are up for eviction
Ugandan housemates in the Big Brother Amplified house have for the second time survived nominations meaning that they are still in the game for at least another two weeks without worrying about going home.

Last week was for the Heads team as all those who were up for eviction were from the Heads house. They will also be free this week as the eviction fever turns to the Tails House. It is however not clear if the second last housemate will be given a second chance like it was the case for Danny from Ethiopia, as usual we leave that to Biggie for he makes the rules.

This week, Nkuli and Luclay both from South Africa who are in 'love' are up for eviction together with Kim from Zambia. Karen from Nigeria had also won herself a place on the nomination's list only to be saved by the big butt lady Miss P or Peo from Botswana who is this week's Head of House.

Karen was replaced with Mumba who happens to be from Zambia too, implying that all housemates from South Africa and Zambia are up for eviction and this puts Mumba from Zambia in hot soup.

You can't blame the head of house for doing what she did because if she doesn't save anyone, then it is the HoH to get on board for those to be evicted and this does not come that easy now that they're in it for the money.

Of the four housemates who are up for eviction, Nkuli (former girl friend to Michael from Mozambique) and Luclay are currently a Big Brother Amplified couple and Africa has a tendency of respecting these couples in the short run to see how the game goes for the next weeks to come.

That leaves us with Kim and Mumba all female housemates from Zambia. However, Kim is already doing very well with Nic the Kenyan housemate, they actually sleep together and the other day, they were discussing about the 'Lobola' the equivalent of bride price and Kim told him that it is estimated at about USD 5,000.

Now that leaves one housemate with no clear CV and that is Mumba, who should have started packing her bags had she known from the start that she is up, but since she is a victim of a HoH swap, she will get the feel on Sunday and for her, she will not even be shocked like Vimbai who cried uncontrollably because she's been quiet anyway just like Jossy and Danny.

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Monday, May 16 2011

Lotus and Bhoke both from Tanzania are fighting for Ernest
Uganda is one of the countries in the Big Brother Africa which has now run for two weeks on channel 198 for DSTV subscribers. This is the sixth episode of the reality TV with several Ugandans having left a mark in the history of reality TV.

Gaetano was a star in the sheets with Tanzania's Abby and since then all other housemates have tried their level best to emulate him. When it came to BBA2,  We had the popular Shower Hour which is now available as an internet version for those with credit cards.

Our Maureen Namatovu left a mark on that and it was only Ofunneka who came close to beating her when it came to exposing what her mama gave her.

Then just recently in the Big Brother revolution, Uganda hit headlines as the first country to be disqualified from proceeding with the reality show when Hannington who was better known as 'Smelington' from the message strap lost his temper and downloaded Lerato from South Africa.

In the sixth version which is dubbed Big Brother Amplified, Uganda is represented by Sharon O who has already made headlines as the most beautiful female housemate something that has worked for her in the last two weeks but if she continues being tight lipped, I'm afraid she could end up following Jossy Joss who only remembers being quiet as his contribution in the house.

The other Ugandan representative is Ernest who when called by Biggie's deep voice, you can easily confuse it for Alex from Ghana. Ernest is now in the Tails house while Sharon is in the Heads house.

Ernest crossed to the Tails house with Bhoke, a TV presenter from Tanzania after Biggie separated them from the other housemates at the time of introducing the second house. Remember Bhoke is the gal who stood right by the shower door as Ernest was taking a shower. She watched the entire network and since then, she is head over heels for the circumcised hunk.

Meanwhile, Lotus and Bhoke have all been competing to have the Ugandan hunk. They have both kissed him passionately in the last week but this will come to an end with the coming in of Danny to the Tails house. That explains the excitement that was exhibited by Lotus when she saw Danny join them.


Related: Ernest and Bhoke's Last Night in the House

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Sunday, May 15 2011

Namibian Jossy Joss is the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Amplified
The first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Amplified was Jossy Joss from Namibia who scored the least votes out of the six housemates who were up for eviction.

 The Nambian housemate entered the Big Brother game by accident but his leaving has surely not been accidental now that he hates cleaning and has been quiet for the last two weeks.

During the live show, IK started off by asking Confidence if they had resolved their differences with Vimbai and the Big sister said yes and all that is now history.

The six housemates who were up for eviction, four were female housemates(Confidence, Vina, Weza, Vimbai) and they indeed impressed Africa so Biggie asked them back to the house while Danny(Ethiopia) and Jossy Joss were the last two standing.

This is Biggie's game and so he makes the rules. Danny got more votes than Jossy Joss, so he was sent to the Tails house where Lotus was more than happy to receive him. She jumped on him with legs wide open and moments later unleashed a glass of wine for Danny who was still in shock after surviving the axe and only to join housemates he had spent a week without seeing.

The four housemates who bounced back to the main house were all in shock with tears rolling down their cheeks as they could not believe they had just survived. Vimbai and Zeus hugged though it was written over Vimbai that Zeus had a case to answer for having swapped himself with the 24 year old who had the guts to attack a 37 year old.

Meanwhile, for those who recall as he walked into the house with a swagga will be surprised to learn that he was the first housemate to leave. In fact he is appearing on these pages for the first time unfortunately when he is even leaving the house.

Bernadina is now the only housemate left from Namibia joining countries like Mozambique and Angola which have one housemate each.

Six Up for Eviction as Ugandans Survive
Vimbai Attacks 37yrs Old Confidence for Nudity
Evicted Housemates

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Sunday, May 15 2011

           Wendall attacks Millicent over cigarattes
The Zimbabwean housemate could do a Hannington move in the Big Brother Amplified house if not checked. It has turned out that he is bad tempered and even if one said they were sorry, he will not take any of that.

One of the gals took his cigarettes. He blamed Millicent for the missing cigarettes yet in actual sense Vina had taken them. The cigarettes were later brought back but he was still not cooling down.

Vina said she was sorry but Wendall was spitting fire by then. It took the intervention of Confidence, Hanni from Ethiopia who even hugged him and fellow housemate from Zimbabwe Vimbai to calm him down.

Biggie should see to it that housemates do not witness another Hannington-Lerato saga as pilot Wendall looks like he has some qualities of even doing worse off things.

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Saturday, May 14 2011

Hanni and Lomwe's affair has taken off
Reality TV is real because what you see is what you get and that is exactly what is happening on Channel 198 for DSTV subscribers. The brushing, the showering, the eating, who blacks out after one glass of Amarula has been on since the first day of this month and now down to it's fourteenth day out of 91 days.

The house has twenty six housemates who have now been split into two houses with one having 15 housemates called the 'Heads' and the other having 11 housemates called the 'Tails'. However, this game strives mostly on housemates being together for a while and there after the love chemistry develops.

We now bring you the couples which have already hooked up or likely to hook up in the house and probably end up in a wedding of sorts because it is now on official Kevin(Nigeria) and Liz (Tanzania) are married.

Lomwe and Hanni - These are already in advanced stages.

Nic and Kim - The housemate from Kenya is planning for 'Lobola' and Kim told him it's about USD 5,000. They now sleep together

Luclay and Nkuli - These two South African housemates have turned to each other and things are heating up every other day. Initially we thought they were discussing matters to do with their country but it has now turned to the individuals and any minute from now they are about to explore the inner personalities.

Michael and Sharon - The housemate from Mozambique is on Sharon's case though back at home, Ronnie Mulindwa is still very positive Sharon cannot 'do it.'

Bhoke and Ernest - The Tanzanian girl and the Ugandan dude Ernest Wasake are definitely an item. The chemistry is becoming irresistible by the day.

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Thursday, May 12 2011

Confidence attacks Big Sister Confidence

This is a game and at the end of it all, we will have one man standing or woman for that case to walk away with USD 200,000 and here is Confidence who is aware that she is up for possible eviction and oh yes Vimbai is up for eviction too but she has got no clue now that she was switched with the Head of House(HoH) who is immune to eviction.

Biggie gave them a task to do calendar photo shots in bikini and nude for those who chose. This seemed like a golden chance for Confidence to reward Africa by giving them a boobs treat may be they will save her come next Sunday.

I think Vimbai realised that that move had given Confidence mileage and so she attacked her on basis of being ten years older than almost all the housemates, that she was to act her age as opposed to doing the opposite.

The Vimbai/Confidence attack goes in part:
Vimbai: The problem is that Confidence has chosen a very convenient part of our conversation to share with you..!

Confidence: So why don't you share the unconvenient part that I left out..

Vimbai: As much as I feel we have come here as individuals, I feel there is a role that comes with being more mature than any of us which is wisdom...when you are mature you should be able to say that this is right or wrong but for you to actually encourage something that is potentially detrimental....You 've got ten years on us dude, you've got more than ten years..

Confidence: Are you guys understanding what she might be saying that I encouraged...No you just said that didn't you guys hear that.. I encouraged, for me to encourage that I have ten years of wisdom that I encouraged you guys to go nude..NO Confidence barked come on people..

I'm no body's big sister, I have little brothers and sisters and if I want to be big sister to them then I will be..

Meanwhile, Confidence's center folds have appeared on our pages before and she is pretty aware of her assets and just like her name she confidently flaunts them. 

Another house was created on 08-May-2011

Housemates Split into Two Groups - Big Brother is full of surprises. Housemates were all tensed up knowing that some could end up going home but instead a new house was created and eleven housemates were pushed to the new house and fifteen stayed in the old house. find out who is in which house.

Michael Kisses South African Housemate - Michael from Mozambique seems to have dumped Sharon and is busy pursuing Nkuli from South Africa.

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Tuesday, May 10 2011

Wendall was under attack from Malawi's Felicia and Kenya's Millicent
Last Night is a night you will remind Wendall about even after three years and will tell you that he can't forget such a night. It was about time for Biggie to switch off the lights for the housemates to sleep after having gone through the nominations stress when all this happened

It is not clear if Malawi's Felicia and Kenya's Millicent were killing stress but at least it left Zimbabwe's Wendall disturbed in the knees. Before we go into details of this, it should be noted that there is extra view on Big Brother which allows you to view a different picture from what is showing on Channel 198 directly but then again from the same house.

Simply click OK on your remote and you will be redirected to another screen dubbed BBAA Extra.

This is where you can get those scenes which in most cases might not be suitable to watch while with the little ones like shower hour (We were able to view Bhoke looking at Ernest showering through the extra view), modem, USB connectors etc.

Wendall was in his bed as Felicia and Millicent were about to tear themselves on who should sleep with Wendall that night. They even gave Wendall a chance to make a choice between the girls and all he did was just to smile and holding tight to his pillow.

Felicia was in shorts as Millicent had a black panty under her night gown that she constantly exposed to Wendall to grab his attention. Millicent at one point developed ideas of even putting their beds together now that they are sleeping next to each other.

Millicent kept on arguing with Felicia as to who was better suited to sleep with him. The Kenyan housemate actually went right on top of Wendall and asked him who he was interested in and the pilot from Zimbabwe was only smiling back.

Millicent was the babe who kissed with Ghana's Alex and was in a tight race with Vimbai for Alex's love but Biggie comes up with plans always and this time around created another house which left them in the Heads house as Alex crossed to the Tails house.

Our online snoops logged off from here as the girls were still debating on who should hit the ice first but at least this is an area to watch over the next days, we will keep you posted.

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Monday, May 09 2011

First set of housemates up for Eviction

Ugandan housemates Sharon and Ernest in the Big Brother Amplified are still in the game at least for two weeks after they survived the first nomination. Zeus from Botswana who is also the current head of house was also up for eviction but as HoH, he was able to replace himself with Zimbabwe's Vimbai.

The other housemates who are up for eviction are Confidence from Ghana who by the way is disturbed by this move, Danny from Ethiopia, Jossy from Namibia, Vina from Nigeria and Weza from Angola.

This makes a total of six housemates up for eviction and at least two or more could be leaving the house next Sunday at least to reduce on the congestion in the Heads/Tails houses.

Meanwhile, The 'Heads' have heard Big Brother's loud voice addressing the The 'Tails' so as far as they are concerned, it is official that there is another house. Zeus and Lomwe have confirmed that on separate occasions they had Biggie's voice from the kitchen and bathroom calling out one of the housemates to the chat room.

To vote in Uganda: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 6626 - UTL, Warid and the cost of an SMS is Shs1000. Go for your phone and start voting for Ernest and Sharon O.

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Monday, May 09 2011

Uganda's representative in the sixth version of Big Brother Africa dubbed Amplified have been separated. The separation was as a result of Big Brother splitting all the 26 housemates into two groups during the live eviction show in Sunday.

One group has 15 members who returned to the original house which is now being called ''The Heads" and that is the group where our own Sharon O is tussling it out with the likes of Michael from Mozambique, Confidence from Ghana, Hanni, Millicent, Danny, Vina Bernadina, Wendall, Felicia, Zeus, Vimbai, Lomwe and Weza.

The other group of 11 members was transferred to a new house and they are referred to as the "The Tails". Uganda's second representative Ernest Wasake is in this group and he is likely to have a better stay here as Confidence was bullying him from the main house.

Everytime he tried to touch, Confidence could go on strike making life very difficult for Ernest who spent most of his nights licking his lips as the likes of Zeus and Alex were having quality time.

Nominations have kicked off and all the housemates from different houses are competing with each other for the top prize of USD 200,000. The show is on channel 198 for DSTV subscribers and it has been on for 9 days so far.

The first batch of housemates to be evicted is expected this coming Sunday.

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Sunday, May 08 2011

           Big Brother's Second Amplified House
There were no evictions this Sunday but housemates have been separated into two groups with each group having a house of its own. IK had a bag that contained 15 gloves and asked each housemate to pick one glove and that is how the two groups came about.

One group had fifteen housemates and the other had eleven housemates. The first fifteen were allowed back to the house and these went to the main house. The only change for them is the colleagues who did not come back to the house.

The fifteen who are back to the main Big Brother house are Michael, Sharon O, Felicia, Lomwe, Vina, Wendall,  Hanni, Zeus, Weza, Vimbai, Confidence, Millicent, Danny, Jossy and Bernadina.

Sharon O and Michael are already enjoying the new arrangement because they still can see each other.

Another House
The remaining eleven were sent to the new house and these are Peo, Nkuli, Mumba, Karen, Nic, Bhoke, Ernest, Kim, Luclay, Alex and Lotus. This was a pleasant surprise for this group as it was a new experience all together.  

Housemates will start nominating each other this week so you need to start voting.

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Sunday, May 08 2011

Vimbai and Confidence planning how Alex can be grabbed in the night
In our Kenya and Ghana Locked in First Amplified Kiss, it marked the beginning of love chemistry brewing among housemates as Millicent and Alex kissed. Vimbai on the other hand has feelings for Alex and confessed to Confidence after the party that she has a crush on Alex.

"I just think he is indecisive but I think by tonight he will be decisive, don't loose hope on him" Confidence said to her. Remember the housemates had just had a party and were all high as many like Lotus(Tz) had already blacked out.

Time to Sleep
Confidence suggested that tonight all beds be joined to form one jumbo bed so that if there was any reason to mingle, then the game would flow easily and indeed no time was wasted.

Zeus was a bit tired but continued seeping on his glass as Miss P or Peo gave him company as she gently caressed his chest. Alex was sleeping on his bed taking white wine as Bhoke and Vimbai were seated right on his bed.

Bhoke was in a very short pink dress and by now she had started dancing provocatively as Alex enjoyed the show. She later sat with open legs facing Alex. Bhoke left to pick something from her bed. This is the moment Vimbai went under Alex's duvet.

Bhoke came back and also joined Zeus in his bed though he had kind of slept off. This left Ernest(Ug) very disturbed as he was the only one not paired. It disturbed him for several minutes and Confidence noticed so she invited him in her bed.

Ernest did not waste any time, rushed to under Confidence's duvet and straight on started touching. Confidence roared. No you can't do this. She even removed the duvet clearly exposing Ernest's hand that was trying to make it's way under her jean.

The Game
By now the lights were off and we were operating under infrared view which allows night vision similar to what Team Six used to grab Bin Laden. Vimbai was in her short dress that could easily go up, asked Alex to help her remove her bra, which he did and mild movements commenced.

Aware of the night vision, Vimbai put her left arm around her shoulder to confuse Africa but our censors were in full alert by now. She used her right arm to guide Alex's dongle to access her USB port as the mild movements in the sheets were becoming uncontrollable.

Biggie must be a multipartist, it is at this point that he took us to Nic and Wendall who discussing over something we could not follow at that time. Biggie later brought back the cameras to the romping couple with Alex who was shouting Kumayaaaa as hecontinued surfing Vimbai.

It's now official Millicent has lost out on Alex and Africa by now should be looking out for a suitable avatar for (Alex +Vimbai)

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Saturday, May 07 2011

Uganda's representative in the Big Brother Amplified Sharon O has been quiet for most of the times except for the times when Michael from Mozambique was on her case. Sharon was with Kim and Felicia when Biggie relealised that the clip Africa should be watching at that point in time was what these the babes were talking about.

She was audible and seemed to be enjoying the topic as she narrated how her and the boyfriend together with some girl were involved in a  threesome at some hotel. Felicia was all smiles as Sharon narrated her three some version, but she realized that the cameras were focusing on her, and decided to point at the camera saying, "He is watching me.." as she laughed"

This game is no joke at all. As she was busy explaining, she posed a question to Kim and Felicia if they had ever been involved in a threesome, and from their replies, it was clear they had not though Kim just had something as simple as kiss.

Sharon felt terribly off and told them how they were making her feel wierd. Ronnie over to you, which hotel was this and who was the babe because anyway Sharon has let the cat out of the bag.

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Saturday, May 07 2011

24-year-old Nkuli B. Ngqola is representing South Africa in the sixth series of Big Brother Africa. She is the housemate with a tattoo of an African map on her back. The other South African housemate is Luclay and he threatens to be the best choice from South Africa right from BBA1 to BBA6.

By the way, has anyone noticed the way she laughs?

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Friday, May 06 2011

Big Brother never runs out of sexy ideas. He had this one which he dubbed 'Take a Prisoner'. The housemates were paired and asked to wrestle after oiling themselves as though they were going to have a massage.

Zeus (Botswana) who by the way happens to be the first Head of House was the first one to get in with Felicia from Malawi though her bikini was doing some injustice to her as it threatened to expose the southern region.

This will by default save her from being swapped because there is no way you treat a head of house to such cozy moments and your sacrificed to face Africa. Sharon O was paired with Kim from Zambia but like other housemates, this was no easy task at all so none took the day on this one.

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Friday, May 06 2011

Karen Igho - Nigeria

Nigeria has two housemates but there's this one you must have noticed by now either from her boobs or the kind of topics she is always discussing. She was talking about a very controversial topic with four female housemates and Ernest as the only male housemate.

The topic was too much for him that he could not imagine Africa watching him listen to such nonsense from Karen so he excused himself and moved to join other fellas.

Controversy is Karen's second name. She shared a man with Vina who happens to be the other housemate from Nigeria when the two lived in the UK, small world indeed.

Meanwhile, the above pic clearly depicts that Karen's boobs have been tampered with because in the other pic that is still Karen with smaller boobs. She is very proud of them because on day one, Karen Igho made sure she hits the jacuzzi with her boobs on full display.

Just wondering why she didn't come with such hair to the house, her current look now won't pass for Biggie material unless when this is a direct effect of brought about by Sharon O's beauty.

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Thursday, May 05 2011

We have had instances of housemates pulling out of the Big Brother game but at least after they have tasted the waters. Herminio from Mozambique was supposed to be the second housemate from Mozambique to run with with Michael Zuana who is doing wonders in the house so far.

Herminio from Mozambique

Herminio sighted personal reasons for pulling out. He did this at the eleventh minute leaving Biggie with no choice but to honour his wish. It was not Biggie's decision that these countries be represented by one housemate.

The other country having one representative is Angola while the rest of the countries have two representatives each. In Uganda, Ernest Wasake and Sharon Salmon are representing us though Sharon is using her beauty more than anything to represent us.

Yacob from Ethiopia and Sammy from Ghana did not complete the Big Brother Revolution. In fact for Sammy, it was terrible. It was after his former girl friend was brought into the house and actually they shared a bed in the barn.

He was in tears a day later and before long, he asked Biggie(then female voice) to allow him leave the house bere the 91 days. Jennipher also pulled out in BBA4 but they brought her back during the Big Brother All stars and she made it t eviction level.

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Thursday, May 05 2011

Michael Kisses Nkuli but she cleans that area
The only housemate from Mozambique will not let an opportunity pass by. On day two, he was on Sharon O's case and may be he must have noticed that Sharon was wasting his time because from the way he is playing the game, looks like he is on a tight programe to send something down.

He has now switched to Nkuli from South Africa and so far doing well. Yesterday they were covered under the same sheets as Nkuli took her wine. Now that was a very cozy moment for Michael who is determined to have his prey sooner than we think.

However, today this affair had started showing signs of take off though Nkuli's reaction left a lot to be desired. The two were hugging each other as Michael sent his arms surfing Nkuli's back, all the way down.

Nkuli responded by putting her arms around Michael's shoulders, something that left him weak in the knees. He thought things were now firing up so he kissed Nkuli though this is the very kiss that brought the fun to an end.

Nkuli pushed Michael away and cleaned the area that Michael kissed which seemed like a clear sign of disapproval. It's only day 5 and housemates from fourteen countries are locked up in one house, we are watching that space to see if these actions will end up in (Nkuli+Zuana) merger or something else.

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Wednesday, May 04 2011

Vina from Nigeria and Lotus from Tanzania

Housemates from Nigeria and Tanzania in focus: - Vina Longpet is a radio presenter from Lagos where as Lotus Kyamba is TV presenter from Tanzania. Both countries have had the chance to win the Big Brother prize.

Nigeria has even taken the top prize twice through Kevin (BBA4) and Uti (Big Brother Revolution). Since inception, it was only Big Brother One that was won by Cherise Makubale and since then, we have not seen a female housemate win the game.

Richard Dyle Bezuidenhout from Tanzania won the Big Brother Africa 2 and this was one of the most interesting group of all times. Now with that brief background, the two countries have had a chance taking the prize money home and the two housemates Vina and Lotus among others are using their hair styles as a strategy to convince Africa, but I highly doubt if Africa will buy that.

Article Continues below

Karen from Nigeria and Bhoke from Tanzania
Unemployed Karen from Nigeria is the other housemate representing Nigeria while Bhoke a TV presenter in Dar-es-Salaam. The two countries have been lucky to have another set of representatives in the Big Brother Amplified house but Karen still has to convince Nigerians in particular and Africa at large that she can even go beyond the first three evictions.

On day one, she tried to walk with a boob swagg to the jacuzzi clearly displaying her boob floral tattoo, but I doubt this is enough to save her because judging from the messages on the screens, some indicate she is doing badly.

Finally, Bhoke from Tanzania as compared to Lotus will certainly give some mileage to Tanzania if we are to go by her beauty and character. She is one bold babe who by day two she had already checked out our Ernest(Uganda) fully clad in his 'adams suit' as he showered.

The two countries have female housemates representing them which points to our earlier observation of Big Brother being won by a female way back in 2003. We are yet to see if this is a move by Biggie to have a female take this season's prize.

Meanwhile of the 26 housemates, 16 are females and only ten are male housemates, so there is every need to reduce the female housemates as much as possible.

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Tuesday, May 03 2011

Michael from Mozambique is determined not to give up on Sharon
It was only day 2 and Sharon Salmon from Uganda is under intense pressure from Michael, the only housemate from Mozambique after his counterpart dropped out at the eleventh hour. Michael spent a greater part of yesterday evening with Sharon O talking about business, music and the likes.

As the chat went on between these two, Sharon constantly reminded him of how she had a boyfriend back at home and they have been together for eight years. Sharon added that she actually stays together with the the boyfriend.

So doing it with you in the house is just not worth it; Sharon assured Michael from Mozambique. Michael changed tactics and started interviewing her about her business of which replied that she had a boutique dealing in lady stuff like lingerie.

Michael asked where she gets her clothing for the boutique from, Sharon told him from the UK. At this point, Sharon was not very comfortable with the flow of questions and she started saying that she was developing a cold.

Michael being a gentleman he was trying to be, he proposed that she takes some tequila to clear her throat. She did not buy the idea. Michael has promised to pursue this move to the very last and he is not about to be stopped.

He then proposed that the two of them go and have a shower together. This was rejected by Sharon forcing Michael to chill elsewhere with Nkuli from South Africa. It is however how not clear if Sharon will stick to her guns knowing the house.

The camera turned to the shower room and Ernest Wasake the second housemate from Uganda was showering as Bhoke fromTanzania was busy looking at him from head to toe as he sung a song for her.

Ernest and Bhoke are likely to go very far because at the end of the shower, Ernest asked Peo if she enjoyed the shower hour! watch this space!

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Monday, May 02 2011

      Alex and Millicent locking horns..err lips
The housemate from Ghana Alex and Millicent from Kenya were the first housemates to kiss in the Big Brother Amplified house. Now this is just less than 24 hours when the count down of the 91 days commenced for the US $ 200,000 for the winner.

Each country has two representatives apart from Angola and Mozambique whose two housemates pulled out at the last minute sighting personal reasons. The house is still flooded with the 26 housemates and by last night you could hardly follow the proceedings as booze was taking its toll.

The Jacuzzi fans are already getting the benefits as Nigeria's Karen had her well packed boob to show with a tattoo on one of them and Angola's Weza displayed her butt tattoo.

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Monday, May 02 2011

Hannington, Ernest Wasake and Phil Okure

The Big Brother reality TV shows have always been unpredictable and so is the current one that kicked off on Labour Day. Fourteen housemates were made known to Africa two days before the show and Sharon Salmon was representing Uganda.

IK mentioned the second housemate as Ernest Wasake to join the Big Brother House. Some people thought at this point that this was one of those Big Brother twists and the game had turned from Sharon to Ernest.

Uganda now has two representatives with Sharon who is already a celeb and known by many being a member of tHe Obsessions group and Ernest who was a radio presenter with Vision FM 94.8FM until Jan 2010. He is now a Communication and PR Consultant.

He is also a young brother to Dennis Matanda who is a columnist with the Monitor News paper though he is based in the US.

We are yet to see what comes out of him but he was quickat spotting the housemate who was clad in the shortest attire during the show, he did not waste time as he made his intentions clear by planting a hot peck to Weza Soluya.

Meanwhile, Weza could be one chic to watch out for as she has a hot body while in a swim suit plus a butt tattoo.

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Sunday, May 01 2011

           Big Brother Amplified Housemates
The Big Brother Amplified game has started and this time round it started off by unveiling half of the housmates two days before the show. However, as the show progressed more housemates were revealed as we will break them down for you.

  1. Vimbai Mutinhiri from Zimbabwe was the first one to hit the stage and when asked what she was going to do; she simply said that is between her and her God.
  2.  Ernest Wasake from Uganda hit the stage next. It was the first time learning about this Ugandan representative as Sharon had been unveiled before. He came smartly tacked in his single breasted suit with a double vent. Grace Nakimera's track was played as he came on stage.
  3. Hanni from Ethiopia cam on next. This is one of the housemates who had been introduced earlier so we expected her.
  4. Mumba Mwaka from Zambia was the next housemate.
  5. Miss P from Botswana who said that she will be missing her watch, church and computer for three months.
  6. Zuane Michael from Mozambique hit the stage casually dressed.
  7. Vina Longpet from Nigeria followed.
  8. Lotus Kyamba from Tanzania hit the stage though IK was very quick to notice her trademark with was the nose ring. This was one fell as she was joining other housemates. It is not clear whether the shoe or the floor caused this.
  9. Nic Wangondu from Kenya came in dancing and was very quick a t letting everyone know how he was single but IK did not buy any of that and just branded him a player.
  10. Bernardina Buys from Namibia followed.
  11. Young achiever Weza Solunga from Angola came in style as she was clad in a short dress or rather top without a bottom. Our boy Ernest was quick at noticing this one and did not waste any time, he planted a hot peck on her.
  12. Luclay Misoya from South Africa hit the stage and when asked what his strategy was; he said he was representing  all hustlers in Africa.
  13. Our Gal who is being referred to as Sharon O in the house came on stage next dancing to the Obsession track 'Jangu' for which she is a member. She said her strategy will be Music Dance and Drama (MDD). She later added that she will not loose her dignity for money. We will be watching that! Meanwhile, she beats all the gals so far.
  14. Felicia Susan Ngoma from Malawi hit the stage
  15. Zeus Bantsi from Botswana who happens to bea professional rapper hit the stage. He even did some rap before he joined other housemates.
  16. Kim Musoda from Zambia followed and on asking her what strategy she could use to stay in the house, she simply said she will be her lovely self.
  17. Millicent Mugadi from Kenya followed though what amused most people was when she said that she will not mind people using her to get what she wants.
  18. Nkuli Ngquola from South Africa Africa hit the stage and on her back was a large tattoo of an African map.
  19. The 37 year old CEO from Ghana hit the stage next. Confidence Haugen from Ghana actually hit IK with her nice scent.
  20. Jossy Ailonga from Namibia came on stage walking with a swagger on the Big Brother Amplified stage.
  21. Bhoke Egina came on next and on her own words she says 'She will not have sex for money'
  22. Daniel Kassa from Ethiopia hit the stage next.
  23. Wendall Parson from Zimbabwe a pilot who was aksed which strategy, the pilot simply said, ''If it's fun, then he will take it to another level"
  24. Unemployed Karen Igho from Nigeria came on next. She had a pin on her face and when asked how many of those she had, she said two but one of them was below her navel and she almost showed before IK stopped her.
  25. Lomwe Namali came on next.
  26. Alex Biney was the last to come on stage with folded jeans very typical of free style. He said that if he got the money then he will take his family to Jamaica.

Busta Rhymes brought the show down with Break your Neck followed by Look at me now. The housemates were then told to get to the house and trust Sharon O she was the first one to get to the house.

Meanwhile, as you have noticed the housemates are very many and therefore not the real housemates. They will be undergoing several tasks that will be aimed at eliminating them, to a small number that will be heading for the competitive leg.

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