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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Tuesday, June 28 2011

             The Heads and Tails are now in one house

Its thirty four days to the grand finale as the Heads and Tails houses got scrapped bringing the housemates together again like it was in the first weeks. Alex and Millicent were still celebrating their union after the two houses put a 'berlin wall' in between them but before they could explore the new found love, Unpredictable Biggie swung into action with his surprises in the game.

The game has now started and the girls who were bickering over the scarcity of men in the Tails house can now rediscover themselves in the main house as the boys are now in plenty.

Miss P is one of those who have benefited most from the move that biggie pulled on day fifty seven. She had managed to dominate Alex from Ghana to herself but with the coming in of Millicent to the Tails house, life had become so hard for her and in fact she was stressed.

All that is now a thing of the past as the game seems like it has just started and all housemates have to play the game because we are close to the final month which means that identification of winners kicks off.

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Monday, June 27 2011

Sharon O in curve revealing leggings

Sharon O was clad in a blue top and grey leggings which exposed her shapely legs and nice booty to Africa and she seemed to enjoy every moment as she moved around the house with a swagg.

But the same attire made life equally hell for her as she constantly brought the VPL visible panty line to order. Smart as she was, the panty could occasionally make its way to no go areas forcing her to put it right now that all camera's were on her.

Meanwhile, Sharon was up for eviction last week and was only saved by Uganda as that was the only vote she got, however, it was enough to save her because Felicia got zero votes after her country, Malawi gave it's vote to Lomwe leaving her hanging in balance.

Hanni took the day home with 5 votes, followed by Wendall with 3 votes, Lomwe and Zues got 2 votes each. Uganda's Sharon, Kenya's Millicent and Vimbai all got 1 vote leaving Felicia with 0 votes and that is how she packed her bags.

Just wondering what the O in Sharon's biggie avatar means could it be Otono...She is now being called 'Sharono' but so far so good from the Ugandan representative.

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Monday, June 27 2011

The game has shifted to the Tails house after Millicent joined the Tails making all the girls go crazy. Booty Miss P was in the room trying to get some sleep but it all failed as leggy Millicent was trying to catch up with the lost love after the two had been in separate houses.

Miss P later got her duvet and excused herself from the room and went to join the other Tail mates. Alex is now caught in a web of about three female housemates who are now yearning for his blood. Millicent told him that he is the luckiest bastard he has come across this year.

Miss P was very close to Alex and in fact they have been sharing a bed together until Millicent joined them making life very hard for all involved. Karen, Mumba, Weza and Kim spent the whole night talking about Alex and his game.

Millicent on the other hand is worried for what lies ahead as the girls have all ganged up against her. Millicent is happy to see Alex, but unfortunately the other housemates are not happy to see her in the 'Tails' as she has come to encroach on what is their's so if Millicent is up for eviction on Monday, don't say we did not tell you.

Meanwhile, Luclay and his Weza are not on talking terms after swapping saliva like their lives depend on it.

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Sunday, June 26 2011

Alex Huggs Millicent aftershe had just been evicted from the Heads house to the Tails House

Miss P has already given up on Alex and in fact reminded Alex of Millicent's presence. Millicent and Alex had started on a good note before the main house became the Heads in which Big Brother sent some housemates to the Tails.

The glove that Millicent picked sent her to the Heads house as Alex went to the Tails house. This has always been Miss P's fear and indeed it came to pass that Millicent from Kenya was the second last housemate and thus had to end up in the Tails house.

The girls have kind of noticed this and in a way they have all teamed up and are making life very difficult for Alex, they've hidden his alcohol.

Felicia from Malawi was evicted and whole on stage she was asked who her favorite housemate was, she said it was Millicent and her worst was Vina who meanwhile put her on the chopping board and in the end faced Africa.

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Sunday, June 26 2011

Sharon is safe again as Felicia from Malawi is evicted
Tears were rolling down Sharon's cheeks long after Felicia had left the house clearly showing how shocked she was after being up for possible eviction. The show was graced by Shaa from Tanzania who disorganized IK for a greater part of the show as she did her 'Crazy' track.

The show crossed to last week's evicted housemates Danny and Nic. Danny insists he misses Alex the most much as he nominated him. Nic was also interviewed and of course the issue of Kim came up. However, he said he is in a six year relationship and cannot mess it up just because of Kim he's seen for weeks.

The cameras turned to the house but the housemates could not hear IK, Biggies' machines let down IK not once but twice as they failed to synchronized the sound in the house and the stage.

They made a quick and logical decision to bring in the Amplified Crew to bridge the gap. Moments later the sound was back and IK did not waste any time crossing to the house and asking Vina to reveal to the other housemates what her decision was.

Vina was the head of the house and so she saved herself and swapped with Felicia. Biggie swung into action and told Felicia of how she had only ten minutes to pack her bags. She rushed upstairs together with the entire gal brigade and packed all the g-strings and other items.

Millicent was the first housemate to be called, followed by Zeus and Sharon. IK was quick at telling Zeus how safe he was. The host of the night called our Sharon at this moment...she said "I hear you, I hear you let's go on..''You are safe'' IK roared. She immediately knelt and thanked Africa.

Meanwhile, if you recall the first Big Brother Amplified kiss, it was between Millicent from Kenya and Alex from Ghana. Millicent has now joined the Tails house where Alex is and in fact they almost kissed the moment they saw each other. Karen from Nigeria kept on cheering them to go on and kiss.

Miss P is sad and blue after Millicent has joined the Tails house because much as Alex was a bit reluctant with going very far with her, they were close buddies. This is however going to be affected with Millicent in the Tails house.

IK bounced back to the house for the nominees who did not know their fate and assured them that they are all safe. This is the third nomination Sharon has survived since the show kicked off a clear manifestation of a game well played with minimum efforts.

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Saturday, June 25 2011

Sharon O

Sharon O together with the other 'Heads' enjoyed the Saturday night jams with DJ Blac but the moment the one hour dance ended, Sharon who is representing Uganda in the Big Brother Africa was all sad and blue with tears rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably.

Hanni from Ethiopia held her like a baby as Vina from Nigeria kept on wiping tears from her eyes. It should be recalled that the last time Sharon was up for eviction, she could not help crying, but it later turned out that of the six housemates who were up for eviction, Sharon emerged the second and that week, her partner in crime Michael from Mozambique left the Big Brother house.

Sharon and seven other 'Heads' have all been up for eviction this week and we are yet to see what happens on Sunday live show that will be held in South Africa.

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Saturday, June 25 2011

Angola's Tatiana is into modeling, acting and now she has hit the music scene too with her single whose video is out making rounds on TV's across Africa. She did the 'Crazy' track with Nigerian MC Naeto. This is a typical example of Big Brother Africa unveiling opportunities for the daring housemates.

Mimi and Kwaku have equally released tracks. The most recent Uganda's Big Brother flop Ernest Wasake could venture into music too as a way to exploit the fame that comes with Big Brother. While in the house, Ernest told fellow housemates that he will consider meeting Jose Chameleone for some serious talks as he intends to venture into music.

Sharon O is already into music courtesy of her being  member of the Obsession group, something that has given the Obsession gals a good mileage every time their 'Jangu' track is played.

Below is Tatiana Durao's video. 


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Monday, June 20 2011

         Zeus, Lomwe and Wendall are up against Millicent, Felicia, Vimbai and Hanni 
The eviction fever has crossed to the 'Heads' and our Sharon has not survived the chopping block as she is up for eviction with Zeus, Lomwe, Millicent, Felicia, Hanni, Vimbai and Wendall.

All housemates from Malawi(Felicia, Lomwe) and Zimbabwe (Wendall, Vimbai) are up for eviction followed by Hanni from Ethiopia, Millicent from Kenya and Botswana's Zeus all up for eviction.

Zeus and Hanni had three votes while the rest of the nominate housemates had two votes each. Initially the entire heads house was up for eviction apart from Felicia, so Vina who is the HoH went to the chat room and swapped herself with Felicia.

The race is becoming tight by the day and we are yet to see of Sharon can survive this one.

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Monday, June 20 2011

Zambia's Kim in tears the night Nic from Kenya was evicted
Last week saw the coming to an end of Ebhoke (Ernest and Bhoke) and this week started off by Nic being evicted leaving Kim from Zambia in tears.

Danny from Ethiopia had been evicted earlier on and after the amplified performance IK came back calling out Karen, Nic and Luclay...and after leaving the three tensed up he declared Karen safe as the crowd went into wild cheers.

Moments later Nic held Luclay's arm tightly before IK called Luclay's name..''Luclay your safe..'' IK roared. Kim started off crying as Biggie counted down the seconds.

Clad in his suit Kenya's Nic made his way to the stage as IK asked him; Dude how you doing? I'm good thanks, he replies. The show crossed to his highlights.

He said that Kim was his favourite because he got to know her and she is extremely intelligent and on asking him who he thought nominated him, he surprisingly said Kim nominated him.

So when they showed him who nominated him, Kim was actually one of them and he still insisted he was not surprised because he noticed that he was getting into a relationship and yet he was not not willing to take it to another level.

The house is now left with seventeen housemates with Uganda's Sharon still in the game but also loooking forward to her in this coming evictions which have crossed to the Heads house in which she belongs.. Meanwhile Luclay's comments at the end of the show did not go down well with some viewers.

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Sunday, June 19 2011

Kim sad and blue after the boyfriend was evicted together with Danny
Last week five housemates were up for eviction but two of them were not that lucky as their luck ran out on the Sunday night live eviction show in South Africa

Karen from Nigeria emerged the strongest of all those who were up for eviction with 31.65% out of six countries that included Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Namibia and the Rest of Africa and of course her own country Nigeria voting for her.

Kim from Zambia followed with 25.11% taking the second position to bounce back to the Big Brother house out of those who were nominated last week.

It should also be noted at this time that Kim was among those who nominated Nic from Kenya who happens to be her boyfriend in the house and has also gone along way in helping her play the game. As it turned out, Nic was also evicted on the 19.June.2011.

Luclay from South Africa's days in the house are now numbered based on how he performed in the just concluded nominations and subsequent evictions. Luclay had two votes (His country South Africa and Botswana) which were the same votes that the housemates that eventually left the house had though his was slightly higher in terms of percentage.

Luclay is a problem to the viewers, to Big Brother and the housemates so any chance of handing him over to Africa could save him the house. This left us with Nic-Kenya and Danny from Ethiopia who emerged as housemates with the least votes and  Kenya now is left with Millicent and Ethiopia has the arguably most beautiful housemates Hanni representing Ethiopia.

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Wednesday, June 15 2011

        Miss P and Alex in the Jacuzzi

Ernest and Bhoke fans should not worry after all for there is another hot couple in the Tails house that is determined to leave no stones unturned as far as the Big Brother game is concerned.

Last Saturday the 'Heads' had a nurses and doctors dance treat which they seemed to enjoy while the 'Tails' were casually dressed in their thigh and boob revealing attires as they wiggled what their mamas gave them.

The Saturday Night dance lasts only one hour and there after the curtains go down. They enjoyed their 'blue cocktails',  the African music by DJ Joe from Kenya who applied some African and East African touch to the music.

After the dance, the Tailsmates were very quick at switching to plan B and this was the Jacuzzi. However, the Botswana housemate and the only Ghanian left after Confidence was evicted took the hot bath to another level.

Botswana's Peo took charge of Alex as he became weak in the knees to the extent that he could not stand any longer in the tub prompting under water movements. At some point Alex was seen navigating under Peo's panty and things seemed to be getting hotter in the already hot tub before Biggie switched the camera's but by then Peo's panty had lowered way below the belt.

Later Peo was seen confiding in Kim and telling her how they (Peo+Alex) noticed each other on the very first day only that their 'affair' has been kind of private but at this rate, the couple is getting to uncontrollable limits because the chemistry is becoming too much for them to keep under cover and the end result will be an Ebhoke move.

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Tuesday, June 14 2011

         Five Housemates up for eviction in theweek up to Jun18, 2011
This week the eviction fever has crossed to the 'Tails' and five housemates are up for eviction. Nikim(Nic+Kim), Danny, Luclay and Nigeria's Karen are up for eviction. Strangely though Kim nominated her boy friend Kim, and we hope Nic does not fall a victim of love gone bad games.

Alex was the head of house and was equally up for eviction but as HoH, he had to save himself only to put Karen on the chopping line. Karen had rallied fellow girls against the boys because she wants this version to be taken by a female housemate.

When Biggie was mentioning the names of those up for eviction, she was smiling all the way now that her name was not mentioned, but after the HoH swap, we are yet to see what 'make up' she will wear the moment she learns that she is needed to tell Africa why she should not leave the house.

Meanwhile, Mumba has been talking about Luclay and the comments he made on learning that he was up for eviction. Mumba said; "Africa vote wisely you cannot vote back someone who uses the f*** word on you."

This week Danny from Ethiopia, Nic from Kenya together with his girlfriend from Zambia Kim, Karen and South Africa's Luclay are up for eviction so get doing to what you do best by voting for your favourite housemate but at the end of it all, the one with the least votes will have to come back on the Jun 19, 2011.

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Monday, June 13 2011

           Confidence from Ghana was the seventh housemate to be evicted
Seven Housemates were up for eviction last week and by the end of the Sunday show five bounced back to the 'Heads' house and Weza joined the 'Tails' house.

Confidence you have 30 seconds to leave the house...and she confidently said I will as she assured the other headmates of how she was going home to have some champagne. On stage she told IK that every moment was great to her.

IK asked her who she hated most and all she told IK was she had put all that behind her and she was moving forward before the show crossed to show her highlights in the house. On asking her who is going to win she was very quick at saying no one in the heads house is going to win may be the Tails house.

With Confidence being evicted, it leaves Ghana with only Alex the fashion designer. Hanni-Ethiopia, Vimbai-Zimbabwe were saved. Zeus-Botswana and Millicent from Kenya had been saved earlier in the show.

Meanwhile, many have been wondering how amplified the show is, but this is indeed amplified as this version of Big Brother will have two winners both walking away with US$200,000.

The housemates do not know that apart from you, IK and Big Brother. They will only learn of it the D-Day...Team Sharon we go we go....!

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Sunday, June 12 2011

The 'Tails' enjoying the Jacuzzi
Nic and Kim enjoying the Jacuzzi as Karen looks on in admiration. This was after the Saturday Night Party but before this, Karen and Luclay had had a fight so she could hardly say a word as she had just survived being thrown out of the house for figting Luclay.

She is so loud but for the first time in the house, she had coiled her tail in between her legs.

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Sunday, June 12 2011

         Luclay and Karen fight over a small scratch
The Tails mates were on fire as Luclay from South Africa and Karen from Nigeria were about to tear themselves into pieces. Miss P was trying to calm the two housemates only to be interrupted by Karen forcing Miss P to shut up her up.

This almost resulted in another scuffle between Karen and Miss P who was quick to apologize. Luclay is mad because he was scratched and it resulted into a bleeding opening.

This was moments before the Saturday night party kicked off with Kenya's DJ Joe. Had it not been for Nic from Kenya to act as a barrier between Luclay and Karen, we could be writing something different by now.

This is the second nasty outburst from Karen. A few weeks back, Karen was at war with Kim over her beautification course from a school that does not exist. Meanwhile, Karen and Luclay are supposed to be friends and looking at the linked video trailers, you will know what we are talking about.

Luclay also picked a fight with Uganda's Ernest before he was evicted.

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Saturday, June 11 2011

          Big Brother Africa 1, 2 and 3 Housemates
The first series of Big Brother Africa was held in 2003 and ended up in a win for Zambia with Cherise Makubale taking the prize money. Gaetano Kagwa represented Uganda and in the sixth week, he was swapped with Cameron Stout a contestant from the Big Brother UK. Uganda and Tanzania did very well because much as they did not take the day, Mwisho was a runner up and Gaetano was the first housemate to leave the house on the last day.

Biggie must have been broke because the next time we heard of Big Brother was in the year 2007 when Big Brother Africa 2 bounced back. Uganda was represented by Maureen Namatovu who pushed until the second last week leaving three housemates in the house. Richard from Tanzania took this one home.

Biggie is now coloured and the biggest reality TV show in Africa is becoming an annual event. Big Brother Africa 3 hits our tellies in November 2008. Uganda was represented by Morris who did not do very well compared to his predecessors. He left five housemates in the house. This was taken by Ricco from Angola.

In September 2009, Big Brother Revolution bounces back. This is when Biggie started his tricks of bringing in more than one housemate per country. Nigeria was the only country to have three housemates and in the end the winner(Kevin) was from Nigeria and yet some countries had only one representative. Uganda had two representative Hannington and Phil.

In July 2010, the game is back and this time dubbed 'All Stars' implying that previous contestants not winners though were given a second chance. Uganda got Hannington bouncing back only to be ejected on day 61 after a nasty exchange with Lerato from South Africa. Uti from Nigeria took this. He even lost his dad while in the house.

In May 2011, the game is back again but this time amplified with all countries having two housemates except for two countries Mozambique and Angola with one housemate each. The girls were sixteen and the boys were ten. Unfortunately as you read this, our boy Ernest Wasake was the first Ugandan to be evicted after he had sex the previous night with the Tanzanian TV presenter Bhoke who is also watching the game from out.

Uganda now has one representative Sharon O who is likely to last for over 50 days in the house. The winner will walk away with US$ 200,000 after 91 days for the show that commenced on May 01, 2011.

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Thursday, June 09 2011
         Bhoke and Ernest in the Big Brotehr Amplified house

The first Ugandan Big Brother Amplified housemate to be evicted from the house is already in town after jetting in yesterday aboard a Kenya Airways flight. He was received by his mom Sarah Wasake, Multichoice officials and two brothers.

Ernest was then escorted to Sheraton Hotel where he spent a night. Uganda is now represented by one housemate Sharon Salmon or Sharon O who surprised every one when she emerged the second out of six housemates who were on the chopping board.

The house now has twenty housemates after six were voted out. Of the six, countries like Tanzania and Mozambique have lsot out completely with no more represenation on board. Tanzania had Luclay, the housemate with a weired hairstle and a pin in the nose, this one slapped South Africa's Luclay leading to her being disqualified.

Mozambique had only one housemate after the other Herminio opted out even before the show kicked off. Uganda's Sharon has once again done Uganda proud by surviving ths week's nomination'sthat saw seven up for eviction.

This week, Confidence-Ghana, Vina-Nigeria, Mumbai-Zimbabwe, Weza-Angola, Millicent-Kenya, Hanni-Ethiopia and Zeus from Botswana. Two Housemates will have to leave next Sunday, because given the remaining weeks and housemates, it would make sense to evict two housemates every Sunday so that the final Sunday will leave us with the top five. 

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Tuesday, June 07 2011

          Ernest and Bhoke's steamy moments in the house
The last week for Bhoke and Ernest was a bit stressful but in the end they got a solution to it as though they knew they were both living. One thing was clear to them that at the end of the eviction show, one of them will be out of the house and therefore the end of their romance in the house.

During the Saturday party Ernest and Bhoke were dancing bend over strokes clearly  revealing their intentions for the night. The video is for those above 18 and so we've been forced to remove it from the page.

Biggie had no choice but to show them the exit so that they can know each other better outside the house. This has been the longest couple in the Big Brother Amplified and their being nominated simply made matters worse.

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Monday, June 06 2011

         Ghana's Confidence, Kenya's Millicent, Weza, Vina, Hanni, Vimbai and Zeus are all up for eviction

Uganda and Tanzania are still getting to terms with yesterday's eviction that marked the end of Tanzania in the Big Brother house and a blow to Uganda after the best housemate was booted out of the house.

The Headmates are now feeling the eviction fever though on the good note for Uganda, Sharon O survived this week's nomination. This means she is still in the game even the week after this one because next week will be for Tailmates to be up for eviction.

Felicia from Malawi was saved by Lomwe who is the Head of House (HoH) and replaced with bad girl Vimbai from Zimbabwe. Seven housemates are this week up for eviction with Zeus from Botswana as the only male housemate as the rest are females.

The Nominees for this week are: Confidence (Ghana), Hanni (Ethiopia), Millicent (Kenya), Vina(Nigeria), Weza Angola, Vimbai (Zimbabwe).

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Monday, June 06 2011

Ernest taking his last cup of coffee in the Big Brother house
The Big Brother Amplified reality TV show kicked off 35 days back and since then only four housemates had left the house starting with Jossy Joss, Michael, Nkuli plus Lotus who was disqualified.

On all the eviction shows, it was one candidate leaving the show and if it turned out that two housemates had to leave the Heads house, then the second last housemate crosses over to the Tails house. Bernadina and Danny have benefited from this move.

Last week it was Sharon O who was up against four others and she emerged the second best even after being very quiet. It is now not clear if the dull housemates will stay in the house as the strong ones are evicted. Michael from  Mozambique was strong and so was Ernest but it's not clear whether Africa has changed the way they vote or Biggie now looks at it from another angle.

It is as though Biggie knew Ernest was coming back. Moze Radio, Weasel Doug  together with Keko performed, The Amplified Crew danced to 'Talk n Talk' a track by the Goodlyfe Crew making it more or less a Ugandan night on top of Grace Nakimera's music that played.

Meanwhile, there is a way the game is tending to Luclay's side something that is not going down well with some countries. The house now has 20 housemates after five have been evicted and one disqualified.

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Monday, June 06 2011

Bhoke and Ernest after being evicted from the BB Amplified house
Uganda's housemate and and the Tanzanian housemate who were 'lovers' in the house have been evicted from the Big Brother house after 34. This marks the end of Tanzania in the Big Brother game after Lotus was disqualified and leaves Uganda with only Sharon O.

Luclay from South Africa only came to learn of his replacement with Miss P during the live show but he kept on saying that I decline I decline...implying that he wanted to face Africa and probably be out after the show.

Bhoke who got 2 votes (Tanzania and Zambia) was called out first from the house and IK asked her about the Ebhoke relationship as to whether it was real. Bhoke replied, "No not really I don't think so I wasn't playing the game it was real."

IK crossed to the house to announce the name of the second housemate to leave the house and our boy Ernest was called out of the house marking the end of Uganda's only hope in the game now that Sharon is too quiet for life.

Clad in his 'Kanzu' Ernest came on stage with Grace Nakimera's track playing in the background. IK asked him how he felt about leaving the house and his reply was, "This is a once in a lifetime experience, It's amazing, this is it" IK told him to be careful because that is exactly what Michael said before he left.

It was purely a Uganda moment because as they showed him his highlights in the house, Maurice Kirya's 'Boda Boda' track was playing along. Moze Radio, Weasel and Keko thrilled the amplified stage together with Amplified Crew.

Ernest at least knew Karen and Luclay had nominated him though he was surprised that Nic from Kenya and Alex had nominated him. Mumba, Danny were the other housemates who cost our boy the USD 200,000.

He blew a fuse to one of the housemate and that had to be none other than Nic. "Like seriously I did not see this coming how the hell do you nominate me, I love you no I don't." Ernest charged as he left the stage.

Meanwhile, these two lovers(Bhoke and Ernest) have been evicted from the house on the same day and now they are in an environment without Biggie's voice, Camera's, microphones we wonder what tonight will be for them.

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Saturday, June 04 2011

      Weza was confiding in Hanni on how she hurt her stuff
Weza was on Saturday afternoon cleaning the outdoor mirrors as she had a chat with Hanni from Ethiopia. It later turned out that she was telling Hanni about the pain from her vajayjay which had a cut in the process of the clean up exercise.

Weza normally uses the shaving creme but this time round she wanted to experiment with a shaver only to do injustice to her Kandahar. Hanni confirmed the more that she was a virgin because she simply told Weza that all that was news to her.

It has never crossed her mind to trim or clear in fact she was a bit surprised to hear of pain as a result of the act. The Ethiopian housemate added, "I don't bother with these kind of things, haven't you noticed me, In fact, I don't even bother with high heels."

She was later seen in high heels and a mini but London was burning. As for Weza, Africa is sorry for you and we wish you a quick recovery.

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Wednesday, June 01 2011

Three housemates are up for possible eviction this week with Uganda's Ernest being the only male housemate against his 'girlfriend' Bhoke from Tanzania and Miss P from Botswana.

Now since the two are up for eviction, Bhoke is kind of pulling out of the relationship knowing that anything can happen next Sunday. Bhoke told 'Otono' Nic that her and Ernest were not a couple, but were only getting to know each other.

She also added that they live in two different countries, so insecurity will take the best of her. Bhoke and Ernest have kissed, shared a bed together and also exchanged insider information about each other.

It looks like Ernest has moved on because he is now sharing a bed with new 'virgin' Bernadina who joined the tails house last Sunday.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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