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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Thursday, July 28 2011

         Vina Calls Karen a Slut
Vina and Karen are at war after Karen called Vina a slut. This was after Vina slept with Lomwe. The matter was so serous that Karen had to plead for Vina to forgive her. Vina later obliged and forgave her.

She went to another room where she found Uganda's Sharon and straight on told her how she was flirting with Lomwe. Sharon told her; "Karen I have a man outside the house" she immediately left Karen to join Wendall and Lomwe who were seated in the lounge.

During the last round of save and swap, Vina was the Head of House as Karen was up for eviction, so she did the right thing of saving her and putting Lomwe in her place. As fate could have it, Lomwe was not evicted and so he bounced back to the house not only as a housemate but also a finalist.

Vina cried so much after switching Lomwe but it should also be recalled that when Kim was still in the house, Lomwe and Kim were so close that you could easily confuse them for siamese twins.

Vina had to choose Lomwe as opposed to Sharon for the save and swap game. However, the guilt was too much for her that she even allowed Lomwe to massage and then later shared a bed. This is why Karen swung into action with slut attack. The curtains will be going down on Sunday and channel 198 switched off but after knowing the two winners, Sharon Salmon Nalukenge O and any other.

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Monday, July 25 2011
It's less than a week for the Big Brother game to end which will mark the end of the 91 days for the 26 housemates that started off on May 1. The male housemates were 10 as the female housemates were 16, so it's a good game for the females still standing but a better game by the male housemates who are still in the game bearing in mind that they were few right from the start.

On Sunday Kim from Zambia, Millicent from Kenya and Vimbai from Zimbabwe were forced to pack their bags after Africa decided that they be given a break from the freebies they had enjoyed for the last 84 days.

The no nonsense Luclay from South Africa and Hanni from Ethiopia put themselves up for eviction but Africa is indeed watching so as opposed to throwing them out of the house, they were given a chance to try their luck out in the finals.

The housemate who was clad in a towel during the last eviction was none other than Vimbai but this time she knew Africa has no time for jokes, so she dressed decently this time but it's also not clear why Tanzania voted for her because even her own country rejected her at the time she needed them most.

The issue of Nigeria is similar to that of a double edged sword. It's good that they are two finalists but also bad, because, your country is always your biggest support under any circumstances but in the case of Nigeria, they are having to battle it out between Karen and Vina.

Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania are likely to vote for Sharon O from Uganda and the rest of Africa for the good morals that the young mother has exhibited in the house. Luclay, Lomwe, Hanni and Wendall are all part of the seven housemates in the final race for USD 200,000 which by the way will see two winners this year.
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Sunday, July 24 2011

      Millicent, Kim and Vimbai Evicted from Big Brother Amplified House
The game is up for Kenya's Millicent, Zambia's Kim and Zimbabwe's Vimbai after they fell the victims of the Sunday live eviction show. Millicent and Kim were the only housemates left in the house representing their countries after Nic and Mumba got evicted in the earlier shows.

Last week, seven housemates were up for eviction only to be beaten by South Africa's Luclay who emerged with 5 votes as four housemates got 2 votes each. Hanni, Lomwe, Wendall and Millicent got 2 votes and a tie-break mechanism was used leading to Vimbai loosing on a percentage basis.

Uganda kept the spirit of East Africa by voting Millicent as Sharon O was not nominated and Zimbabwe was torn between saving Vimbai and Wendall, so Zimbabweans voted for Wendall leaving Vimbai to be saved by Tanzania, a vote which could not do her much help.

Kim also had her country voting for her but the percentage of votes from one country could were not enough to save her. The house is now left with seven housemates who include Uganda's Sharon, Karen and Vina from Nigeria, Lomwe from Malawi, Luclay from South Africa, Hanni from Ethiopia and Wendall from Zimbabwe in the run for the two top prizes.

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Thursday, July 21 2011

Sharon O
The game is coming to the end very soon and our very own Sharon is very much in the game till the last day. Ronnie Mulindwa and Lisbon(son) are just as happy as Sharon's fans for having gone to the house and come back with her 'goods' intact a test that many housemates have failed since the inception of this reality TV show.

Starting from Gaetano, Maureen and just recently Ernest, they failed to pass that test and for Uganda housemates like Phill, Hannington and Morris, anything could have gone down had it not been for leaving Biggie's house earlier than their time.

Africa has been on Sharon's case for not contributing so much but this is a reality show so she is just being herself. Sharon's beauty has done wonders in keeping her in the house and saving her the number of times she has been up for eviction, she has always been on her knees to thank Africa every time they saved her.

Sharon has equally been fairly on good terms with all the housemates except for her having to nominate which is part of the game anyway, she is a mother and has behaved like any responsible mother, the husband is equally proud of her and will have all reasons of receiving her at Entebbe Airport the moment she jets back.

Now that makes Africa's decision for the first winner a walk over but now the second name is where there is going to be a trick. One thing is for sure, Otono is the strongest of the male housemates left but having to sort it out with Karen. Vina and Karen are from the same country and that is a problem to one of them who is likely to be Vina.

At the end of the show, do not be surprised if Karen and Sharon are the winners.

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Monday, July 18 2011

         Kim, Wendall, Millicent, Lomwe, Vimbai, Otono (Luclay) and Hanni are up for eviction in the second last week
Uganda's representative in the Big Brother Amplified house has survived the last nominations which saw seven housemates up for eviction making her a finalist in the run for the prize that will be won in less than two weeks time.

Zimbabwe's housemates Wendall and Vimbai, Zambia's Kim, Kenya's Millicent and Malawi's Lomwe together with three other who sacrificed themselves are up for eviction. Hanni from Ethiopia, Luclay from South Africa and Karen sacrificed themselves as they had no reason to nominate.

Vina from Nigeria is the current Head of House so she saved Karen who happens to be from Nigeria and replaced her with Lomwe from Malawi. Lomwe and Sharon from Uganda were the only housemates who had not been nominated but like we predicted, Lomwe had to get on board. Karen, Vina and Sharon are safe this week.

Vina was later seen crying after what she had done but Hanni from Ethiopia was quick at telling her that it's only a game so she should not stress herself. This season of Big Brother will have two winners walk away with $200,000 each.

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Monday, July 18 2011

          Sharon O is now a Big Brother Amplified Finalist
The list of nominations is left with just one thing and that is for the Head of House Vina to save and swap but so far Sharon O got zero nominations implying that she does not appear on that list.

During her chat session, Vina said that unless when she is up for eviction then it will be a bit complicated because then it will be a question of saving herself for any other but the good news is she is not and Karen is. So Vina will be saving Karen from Nigeria since she is also from the same country and probably putting up Lomwe who got zero votes.

Vina has already made it clear during her chat session that she is close to Karen, Hanni and Sharon so this will leave her with no choice but saving Karen and looking at the list below, Lomwe is best suited to get on the chopping block.

Kim is equally worried of the Head of House Vina now that she is close to Lomwe and yet Vina equally likes Lomwe so she feels she is interfering in Vina's territory and therefore a fertile ground for putting her up but then again this is not valid anymore now that she is one of those who have polled the highest.

Monday nominations:
Karen, Kim - 3 votes Vimbai, Luclay, Millicent and Wendall -  2 votes as Vina and Hanni got 1 vote each. Uganda's Sharon and Lomwe came out with no votes.

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Monday, July 18 2011

        Karen sobs guring her chat session
On Monday afternoon, Biggie was calling all the housemates for their chat sessions of which Kim and Sharon were the first ones to have their chat sessions. Karen was to follow but when Biggie called her she remained seated.

Sharon reminded her twice that she had been called by Biggie to the chat room but the Nigerian housemate kept on taking her drink while singing amazing grace. She later went to the chat room singing.

Biggie straight on reminded her that when Biggie calls you, you must respond immediately. Karen simply told him that she has a problem with her leg. Big Brother repeated himself: "Do you understand, when Big Brother calls you, you must respond immediately.." Karen simply looked on without saying a word.

They asked her if she wanted to proceed with the chat session and she said no, so Biggie asked her to leave the chat room immediately. Karen noticed Biggie was serious and was not playing games, she then started to plead for her chat session to proceed.

Biggie asked her one more time if she was ready to proceed with her chat session to which she said yes. She started off with congratulating the former President of South Africa Nelson Mandella on his 93rd birthday.

Big Brother then asked her about last night's eviction and she said she was upset to the extent that she could not sleep. She told Biggie that If there was a way she could replace herself with those housemates who left last night, she could do so.

Karen was now crying and unable to say a word as Biggie was unable to proceed with her chat session. They asked her to leave the chat room but the booby Nigerian star was still crying and failing to leave the chat room. Biggie simply switched the cameras to the rest of the housemates who were busy chatting the afternoon away.

Last week Karen pleaded with Africa to save those housemates that left yesterday but all her pleas fell on deaf ears because she does not tell Africa what to do and with this act of disobeying Big Brother, it will cost her some fans strong as she may be.

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Sunday, July 17 2011

Botswana's Zeus, Zambia's Mumba and Bernadina from Namibia were the victims of Sunday live evictions

Bernadina, Zeus and Mumba were the victims of the Sunday night live eviction show leaving behind ten housemates with two weeks to the final line. Bernadina was the first one to be called out of the house.

As Biggie reminded her of being left with only 30 seconds to leave the Big Brother house, she was saying this was the happiest moment of her life. On stage, they showed her the highlights while she was in the house and those who nominated her.

Initially she thought Vimbai was one of those who had nominated her but in the end it was Hanni and Luclay. She threw her fuse at Luclay which was one houmsemate not communicate with their relatives.

IK bounced back to the house for the second eviction and this happened to be none other than Zeus from Botswana. On calling his name he told fellow housemates how he was going home coupled with singing the I'm coming home track. Zeus broke down after yesterday's Saturday dance wondering how those close to him will interpret his relationship with Nigeria's Karen in the house.

They showed him his highlights in the house which included the popular photo scene of him holding the firm boobs of Ghana's Confidence. Apart from Karen, Mumba, Wendall, Hanni, Luclay, Sharon and Vimbai nominated him. He threw his fuse to Wendall from Zimbabwe.

IK appeared to the housemates for the third time. He called out Mumba and Lomwe and asked them to stand. IK called out Mumba's name and kept it right there without saying a word for some seconds as Lomwe showed all signs of the time when IK told Mumba to leave the house as she had been evicted.

Mumba was the last housemate to leave the house on Sunday. Her fuse was one housemate to walk backwards for one week and this unfortunately went to endowed Otono who had already got a fuse from Bernadina of not being able to communicate with his relatives.

Meanwhile, during the show Zimbabwe's Vimbai was dressed in a towel as though she was heading for a bath tub simply because she was last week's head of House and therefore not worried of leaving the house given it's immunity status. Tomorrow, the housemates will be nominating each other and the housemates who poll as the highest will be up for possible eviction.

How Africa voted:

  • Bernadina: 1 Vote – Namibia - Her country
  • Zeus: 2 Votes – Botswana and South Africa.
  • Mumba: 3 Votes – Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola.
  • Vina: 4 Votes – Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rest of Africa and Ghana.
  • Lomwe: 5 Votes – Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique
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Sunday, July 17 2011

            Luclay and Sharon O
As the girls were trying to get some sleep, Sharon O interrupted their session and told them of how 'Otono' is big and circumcised. For the record, Otono is Luclay from South Africa but Mumba was quick to add that with Otono, that is normal as he moves around naked all the time.

Millicent and Sharon were sharing a bed as Mumba was sleeping next to them. The talk then crossed on who has slept with who and (Ebhoke) Ernest+Bhoke were sampled out first. Mumba defended them saying no they never did it but they kissed, whereas those for the debate were like Ernest and Bhoke did it from the shower room.

Moments later they were snoring.
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Sunday, July 17 2011

      Zeus and Karen
If you thought that it's only Sharon and Luclay who cry in the Big Brother Amplified house then you must have been wrong. Zeus from Botswana broke down after the Saturday night dance on recalling that he was actually up for eviction and he could easily be leaving the house the following day.

The reality of being up for eviction had caught up with him as he narrated his ordeal to Karen who danced with one leg which was plastered up to the knee. This stressed Karen as you know they share a lot in common.

He was later seen being consoled by Millicent and Mumba who is equally up for eviction sending her to bite off all her nails as she wondered how Zeus was failing to handle the game. Hanni and Vimbai joined the other gals to comfort him.

According to Zeus he says this is not about the looming eviction but the people he loves out there, he feels that when he leaves on Sunday, he would have let them down. Millicent however, told him that having come this far in the game, he will be looked at differently out there.

He told the gals to leave him alone so that he can think about the whole situation. Karen had to jump with one leg to Zeus and straight on tried to put her big boobs around him but he assured her not to bother and instead told her of how he wanted a moment alone.

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Saturday, July 16 2011

      Sharon scared by IK's eviction face
Having survived four possible evictions most especially the last one in which five housemates were up for eviction and only two went back to the house is one of the reasons Sharon feels she is a threat.

You do not blame her for thinking like that. We have had strong housemates like Ghana's Alex who had not been up before and the only time he was up for eviction, he never came back to the house.

Michael from Mozambique, Confidence from Ghana, Ernest from Uganda were equally strong housemates but because of the way the Biggie decides like the case of two houses which is not the case now and how Africa decides can either throw you out or keep you in for whatever reason.

She was telling Millicent and Karen how strong she is no wonder that is why she has been up four times but still managed to survive but these two just told her not to be arrogant. It should be recalled that in the last eviction, Karen and Sharon survived though Karen was a head of Sharon by a cool 5 votes and how I wish she knew this, those will be the last words coming from her.

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Tuesday, July 12 2011

Vimbai saves Wendall in exchange for Mumba

Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe are some of the countries which still have the two housemates in the Big Brother where as some countries have long forgotten about Big Brother after all the housemates were long evicted like Ghana and Mozambique.

Karen and Vina are the two housemates from Nigeria and oh yes they are playing the game so well especially Karen but when it comes to the two working together, you can clearly see gaps.

Kim and Mumba are the two representatives from Zambia but at one time the two exchanged bitterly when the issue of Kim's beauty course and her school came up. This is when Mumba came out of her shell. The two housemates are still not very close but at least you cannot compare their relationship to that of Karen and Vina.

Finally Wendall and Vimbai are actually having some chemistry between them very similar to Nkuli and Luclay before Nkuli was booted from the house. Vimbai seems to be interested in Wendall though the pilot seems to be playing it safe.

Vimbai is the current Head of House so when Biggie called her to the chat room to save a nominated housemate, it seemed to be the easiest task for her now that Wendall was up for eviction.

She did not waste anytime by saving her boy Wendall and replacing him with Mumba who has so far been nominated once. Meanwhile, the disqualified housemate Lotus was the limit, she even nominated her fellow country mate Bhoke saying that she wanted to be the only housemate from Tanzania.

This week Lomwe, Zues, Bernadina, Vina and Mumba are up for eviction so start voting for the housemate you want to stay in the house, but the one with the least votes will have no choice but to appear on these pages as evicted.

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Tuesday, July 12 2011

       Karen Igho from Nigeria
It is called the Big Brother game and at the end of the 91 days the winner takes it all. We saw how Kim played Nic and now she has made it clear they do not have a future with Lomwe who was very close to Hanni in the earlier weeks.

Last week Karen was the HoH and as a unique way of playing the game, she sacrificed herself a move that was by all standards successful looking at her score of 8 votes followed by Sharon who garnered 3 votes.

It is not clear whether her feelings with Zeus are part of playing the game, but at least with her loud voice and rough way of talking, she coils her tail in between her legs when Zeus is around her. In today's chat room session, she even went ahead to beg Africa to save Zeus claiming that she has not yet known him enough.

She got a problem with her leg this afternoon forcing most of the housemates around her for a greater part of the day. Biggie later availed her with crutches to support her in her movements around the house.

She is also determined to play the Friday arena game and according to her, if the leg is not okay by Friday, she will use the crutches. Now hoping the leg is not her latest stunt to get sympathy from Africa, we will wish her a quick recovery but this being a game with big prizes for the winner, lots of tricks are exhibited by these housemates and we just may be right to say that she might not have a big problem with her leg after all.

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Monday, July 11 2011

                Zeus, Lomwe, Bernadina, Mumba      
Yesterday was eviction night and Sharon had been up for eviction but out of the five who were up for eviction, only two survived of which Sharon was one of them and the other was Karen.

On Monday, housemates were busy nominating each other and in the end Nigeria's Vina, Bernadina from Namibia, Mumba from Ghana Zeus and Lomwe got the highest votes in terms of nominations.

Mumba was not on that list but she got herself there when the current Head of House, Vimbai saved Wendall and replaced him with Zambia's Mumba. Karen's move of not swapping with anyone has again paid off because many thought that since Vimbai and Karen have not been on good terms after Karen massaged Wendall's back, she could use this as a pay back, besides in the previous weeks, Vimbai could always nominate Karen.

Sharon has equally survived this one so this means that she is still in the game for at least two weeks bearing in mind that the game still has only three weeks to go. 13 Housemates have so far left the house and 13 are still in the house.

This coming Sunday, one of these housemates Vina, Bernadina, Mumba, Zeus and Lomwe will be going home.. So start saving your favourite housemate.


  • Sharon O Survives Yet Again As Three Are Evicted
  • Val Okecho from Sanyu FM Rocked the House
  • Zambia's Mumba Now Knows Obsessions
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    Sunday, July 10 2011

    Sharon O has shocked all Big Brother Africa fans by surviving this eviction in which she was up against very strong housemates but managed to download all of them with at least 3 votes except for Karen from Nigeria who had 8 votes.

    Last week five housemates were up for eviction and three of them starting with Miss P, Alex and Weza in that order left the house on the Sunday night live show.  Miss P and Alex got 1 vote each as Weza got 2 votes. The show kicked off with Ice Prince doing his 'Superstar' track.

    The head of house was called out to reveal to the other housemates what her decision was and when it turned out that she had left the nominations as they were minus saving her self, all the housemates were shocked by the move.

    Kim broke down on learning that Karen had sacrificed herself. Luclay got up and hugged Karen, as Sharon told of how she had the same dream that Karen had sacrificed herself as the Amplified Crew took over the stage.

    Miss P was the first one to be called out of the Big Brother house sending Kim (Zambia) to more tears. On stage, she said, "It was awesome for having left the house" Weza, Sharon, Mumba and Luclay were the housemates who nominated her.

    IK swung into action and called out Alex, Sharon O and told them to stand up. Sharon your safe, IK roared as she made the cross sign and thanked Africa once again and broke down to tears of joy.

    As 'player' Alex made his way to the Big Brother stage, Ice Prince bounced back with his popular hit 'Oleku'. Alex was so casually dressed for he did not think it was just about time for him to pack his bags for the next plane to Ghana. On responding to IK's question of what actually went wrong, he said he had been blown by the Jerry Springer show.

    Alex was nominated by our Sharon who said that she was aware Alex had not been up and wanted to see how Africa feels about him. The others who nominated him were Hanni, Millicent and Vimbai.

    IK switched to the house again calling Karen and Weza. He immediately shot at Weza and saved Karen. The housemate from Nigeria broke down but you can imagine to what extent she could have cried had it turned out that one of the switched housemates had been evicted.

    At the time of filing this report, the Jangu track was playing with Vina, Karen, Bernadina and Hanni joining Sharon O.
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    Saturday, July 09 2011

    Sharon looks on during the Saturday Party  as Leonel spins the discs. (Inset) is Val Okecho from Uganda
    Housemates were first treated to a Saturday music show by former Big Brother Africa 4 contestant Leonel Estevoa before DJ Val Okecho from Uganda took over for the one hour Saturday show that was live on 88.2 Sanyu FM in Uganda.

    The housemates enjoyed themselves because as opposed to other Saturday parties, this one was beyond the one hour courtesy of Leonel's session. Sharon was clad in some blue stuff that could bring out all her assets.

    She shouted her voice out when she saw the logo of Sanyu FM running around in her pink high heels. Problem is that Val did not play any of the Obsessions' song not even Big Brother's favourite 'Jangu' but at least he played 'Ashawo' by Chinedu though it seemed new to the housemates.

    At the end of the show, she of course did not recognize Val may be because of the cap he was donning but also went ahead to remind him that; "Im Sharon from Uganda, but you did not play Jangu."

    The housemates were dressed in anything but clothes with Millicent doing the open/close leg move on a pole clearly stealing the show. Lomwe and Kim could occasionally wrap themselves in a duvet while dancing some erotic moves. It should also be noted that Kim had no panty line under so Lomwe preferred to wrap him self to Kim than dancing.

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    Friday, July 08 2011

    Uganda's Sharon and Mumba from Zambia
    Sharon broke down again on Friday evening like she does every time she is up for eviction. Weza, Millicent Kim and Mumba gave her all the support to at least stop her from crying and look at things from a more positive approach.

    Mumba from Zambia told her that by the time she came to the Big Brother Africa house she only knew Radio and Weasel from Uganda but now she knows Obsessions and everytime she hears the 'Jangu' song that is an added advantage.

    Millicent from Kenya told her that the rate at which the Obsessions song has been played, one may think Big Brother is hitting at you. You've even marketed Jackie, we do not know her in this house, when I heard Jangu, it was a hit and now it is a hit *3.

    Weza told her that she does not need to google her because she now knows all that information and the girls told her that nobody in the house has got airtime like Sharon, so even if she left on Sunday, It can only get better from out than getting worse for her, so she should instead be proud of all that.

    The gals added that actually some housemates are artistes but their songs have not been played at all and if they have been played, it is not at the rate at which 'Jangu ' has been played.

    After all those positive messages, of looks, brains and swagg as told by the gals, Sharon had stopped crying but was still broken.

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    Wednesday, July 06 2011

    Karen from Nigeria
    She is a model, she is loud, and happens to be the current HoH, fought with Kim and Luclay, got big boobs, touched it and said it smells fresh, she is in love with Zeus and the list goes on is none other than Karen from Nigeria.

    Nigeria is represented by Vina and Karen but the two housemates have different personalities and features ranging from skin tone, accent, character and so on. They have both been Leaders' of Big Brother Business or Head of House, but the time Vina  was head of house, the entire house was up for eviction apart from Weza, making Vina's task of who to swap with an easy one, so she put Felicia in her place for those to face Africa, and in the end she was evicted.

    Karen on the other hand has made headlines not only by the way she talks, but also does not take nonsense from anyone. Kim tried her and indeed got her treat when Karen, told her that the beauty school she went to in Zambia does not exist.

    Karen has gained more popularity this week when she refused to switch herself with any other housemate. As Head of House, you can save yourself once nominated, but this wasn't how Karen looked at, in fact when she won the Head of House task, she wondered if she could offer it to someone else.

    Biggie called her to the chat room as Head of House, Biggie asked her if she could save anyone, but she refused saying that they all deserved to win. She fought with Kim and Luclay but even then, she could not think of putting any of these on the chopping block.

    Luclay from South Africa was the first one to sacrifice himself, but he is one guy who Africa will not take serious and in fact he did not get any mileage from the move like Karen has got.

    Karen, Sharono, Weza, Alex and Miss Peo are up for eviction so start voting for SharonO, but by the end of the day, the housemate with the least votes will come back home and Biggie does not care if four housemates on that night have the least votes, he will give each 10 seconds to leave the house.

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    Tuesday, July 05 2011

    Sharon, Karen, Miss Peo, Alex and Weze are up for eviction
    Uganda's representative in the Big Brother Amplified has been surviving every time she has been up for possible eviction. Sharon is up with very strong housemates. This week Alex from Ghana, Karen from Nigeria, Miss Peo from Botswana, Weza from Angola and our very own Sharon Salmon Nalukenge Obsessions are up for eviction.

    Karen is the current Head of House and many thought that she could save herself and replace with any other housemate of her choice but she surprised Africa when she instead sacrificed herself.

    It's the first time Alex from Ghana is appearing on the chopping board since the game started. Sharon needs your votes as she is up against very strong housemates. The eviction will be this Sunday and one fo the housemates will have to leave the Big Brother house losing out on the chance to win US$200,000 which will have two winners walk away with the prize money.

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    Sunday, July 03 2011

          Luclay taking care of himself as Weza thinks of winning him back
    Weza and Luclay are not seeing eye to eye after exchanging. Luclay told Weza that; "You made a big mistake taking me on" This was when Weza was trying to tell him that she was sorry.

    Luclay assured her that we are going to have a big fight, so it does not matter anymore, what matters is you to keep away from her. Meanwhile, Luclay was seen running around in his undies shouting whether anyone out there was ready...

    The rest of the housemates looked at him wondering whether he was okay.

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    Sunday, July 03 2011

                Sharon O applying lotion on her thighs
    On Sunday morning and to be exact at 10:55am(EAT) after Uganda's Sharon had finished showering, she sat on the bed applying lotion on her entire body. She also asked Millicent from Kenya to help apply the lotion on her back.

    She then applied too much lotion in her palms, stood up and smeared it around the boobs area, tummy and all the way down exposing a cool neatly shaved area. She timed one camera that was probably not focusing on her and she thought she was safe, but hell no, Biggie's camera's are all over.

    Forty minutes later, she was still working on her eye lashes and face as Weza was busy convincing telling the gals how Alex confided in her on how he was interested in four gals i.e. her(Weza), Millicent, Vimbai and Sharon.

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    Sunday, July 03 2011

              Kim and Lomwe feeling each other
    Zambia still has two female housemates Kim and Mumba in the Big Brother Amplified house but Kim is prepared to outshine her fellow countrymate Mumba to make sure she is the only one from her country in the race for the US$ 200,000.

    She was very close to Nic from Kenya to the extent that a day could not pass without her and Kim talking about 'labola' or bride price. In the end, the two fell out very badly that Kim had to nominate Nic.

    As fate could have it, Nic emerged as the housemate with the least votes and accordingly, he packed his bags to Kenya leaving Millicent as the only representative in the house from Kenya.

    She has now turned her guns to Lomwe whom she grabbed after the house was re-united. remember these two were leaving in separate houses when we used to have the Tails and Heads, now whether this is another 'Nikim' stunt, we will only tell when her true colours eventually shows.

    She is however, one gal who is playing her game and I think she is playing very well bearing in mind that in the first weeks of the game, she looked dull but now even her 'Igwe' accent just gives her a package and a ride over her fellow countrymate Mumba and some few housemates.

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    Monday, 23 April 2018
    Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
    Monday, 19 March 2018
    Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
    Wednesday, 28 February 2018
    Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
    Tuesday, 27 February 2018
    Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
    Tuesday, 20 February 2018
    Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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