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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Tuesday, June 26 2012

Maneta is now in Zimbabwe
Last Friday, Maneta Mazanhi who represented Zimbabwe in the Big Brother Stargame sneaked into the country quietly bringing an end to speculations of her whereabouts.

"I came on Friday aboard South African Airways around 6pm. I was advised that I needed to sneak into the country quietly because people were literally baying for my blood," Maneta said.

Maneta and Roki were disqualified after a sensation altercation. The two Zimbabwe housemates failed to learn from DKB and Zainab earlier and took Biggie for a ride when he constantly warned them about their actions.

When Rocki poured water on Maneta, she retaliated with liquid soap right in Rocki's face, Biggie simply called Maneta to the Diary Room where she kept her for several hours as her temper cooled.

Last year had two winners and one of them was Wendall from Zimbabwe and the other was boobliscious Karen from Nigeria. Its also important to note that Munya from Zimbabwe missed the grand prize of US$200,000 but because he played the game so well, fellow countrymates together with President Robert Mugabe contributed US$300,000 which they handed him in cash.

Vimbai Mutinhiri who was the other housemate representing Zimbabwe also got US$10,000 for having represented Zimbabwe. Many Zimbabweans feel Roki and Maneta did not represent their country so well and now that the two Big Brother Starmates have apologized to their nation and the fans at large, we wait to see if they will get similar boosts like their predecessors.
Is Maneta in Zimbabwe or South Africa?

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Monday, June 25 2012

Jannette gives Wati a hand job
Jannette and Wati are no longer looking each other in the eye after Wati revealed to fellow housemates how Jannette got to his bed and grabbed his pack before playing with it while blowing his mind away.

On the other hand, Jannette who does not seem to recall what goes around her world while drunk says, it never happened and it cannot happen. Jannette stood by her word and insisted that it never happened. "I don't remember being that generous," while talking to Biggie during her diary session.

Wati was also called in moments later and he told Biggie that shit happened. He also added that Wati never lies about stuff like that. Meanwhile yesterday, during the live eviction show that saw Barbz pack her bags, Wati told Africa that he had lied about it.

The mood is tense in the Downville house and another fight could break out between these two. Wati is up for eviction and he has promised to work on this at least before he leaves the house this Sunday,

The cameras are now monitoring these two closely as this version of Big Brother is being referred to as 'Big Temper Africa' as this season has had more fights and disqualifications more than any other.

Wati is convinced he was serviced and Jannette even after consulting her alter ego, she cannot be that generous, so who should we believe!
Uganda's Jannette Kisses Wati from Malawi
Jannette and Talia in Battle Over Malonza

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Monday, June 25 2012

                           Nigeria's Goldie spent the whole of Sunday crying

Nigeria's housemate Goldie spent the whole of yesterday crying after the game had taken its toll on her, so below we bring you the possible reasons behind her crying.

1. Prezzo's love - She opened up to the Kenyan rapper Prezzo to the extent of even learning some of the lines in his songs as a way of communicating to his heart but wapi, she eventually realised that things might not work out as she had anticipated.

2. Head of House - Goldie was last week's HOH a post that comes with 'Save and Replace privileges. She was not up for eviction so she could not save herself, but even then she had to do it or she could be up for eviction instead. She saved Prezzo and replaced him with Keitta. This disturbed her a lot.

3. Upville Bonding - Barbz and Goldie had become very close in the last 45 days and were getting along in the Upville house but the mere fact that Prezzo and Barbz were both up and she could only save one, it made the Nigerian rep fail to cope with events in the house. In the end, Barbz was evicted.

4. Disqualifying of Maneta - Disqualification of Maneta who was up for eviction left Barbz in the jaws of Africa. Had Maneta remained on the chopping block, she could have been the one leaving the house but when she used the liquid soap tactic to leave the house, it left Africa with no choice. This was evident from the 11 votes she got against Keitta's 4 votes.

5. Boring Biggie's House - 45 days in the house with no access to her fans, family and friends not watching your favourite programs, missing her boy friend was all boiling in her head. 3 weeks in the house, Zainab was missing sex badly how about Goldie who had gone a full six weeks without her favorite missionary style, no wonder she had resorted to kissing Prezzo under the guise of her 'goldie' weave.

6. Never Watched Previous Episodes - Goldie had never watched Big Brother Africa shows before and so she did not know that when it comes to Big Brother, that is how the game is played. She thought it was a matter of cat-walking in the house, but things were not working out. It could have been a different game for her had she watched but for now, its teary Goldie in the house.

7. Fear of competition - Initially they were the Big seven but all of a sudden, the once famous VIP Upville house had turned tables on them and instead Downvillers are taking over the house after Mampi, DKB and now Barbz have left the house.

8. Lady May Kitchen Take Over - Goldie has been using the kitchen as her grip on the game but Lady May has known that trick and she revealed this to Biggie in one of her DR's sessions that she will always go to the kitchen as long as Goldie is there.

9. Goldie Hair Extensions - Gold is her trademark. This can be seen from her gold carat hair, but it looks like she is running out of those hair extensions and constantly having bad hair days. Biggie only brings hair stylists for those up for eviction, fortunately or unfortunately Goldie has not yet had this chance.

10. USD300,000 - That is the prize for the last man standing and its no joke, if you are outside the house, you could think that its a bed of roses. The race is still too tight for her and yet she is just half way down the line.

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Sunday, June 24 2012

Barbz, Keitta and Maneta were up for eviction but Maneta was disqualified leaving the two to sort themselves
It's Day 49 with 42 days left as the oldest housemate, South Africa's model Barbz was the latest VIP to be evicted from Biggie's house. She got 4 votes against Keitta's 11 votes

But before that, the Maneta-Rocki saga was shown and it clearly showed that Rocki attacked Maneta first and whatever she did was out of frustration and if anyone has to be blamed, it has to be Rocki.

The show then crossed to Upville. IK told Junia that we were not hearing her voice in the Upville like we used to in the Downville. All the Upville housemates were then called to the lounge by Biggie. Keitta and Barbz were standing next to each other as they waited for IK's announcement.

Ghana's Keitta was called twice before they told him that he was safe. Barbz was then told that she had been evicted.

Barbz did the catwalk...OMG I'm just excited to see so many faces, she said. Barbz had a thing for people from Ghana and she was blending with Keitta. She had a trophy for her mom. As she was leaving the stage, she did the catwalk in the wrong direction before she was called back. She again cat walked off the stage.

Random Nomination in the Downville
IK joked with Watti and told him that he is cool while drunk, to which he said, Thank you. IK then crossed to Kyle, you've been quite all along what inspired a certain vocalization of your thoughts? Kyle said I'm a man of all seasons. IK crossed to the balls.

Talia and Tamara from Zambia were the first ones to be nominated followed by Nafy and Wati from Malawi. This week, Africa will save 2 Downvillers not necessarily couples.

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Sunday, June 24 2012

Talia and Jannette sorting themselves over who should take Malonza
Kenyan dude in the Downville house is threatening to tear Uganda's Jannette and Zambia's Talia apart. Yesterday, the Downville house had their dance party with Talia dressed to kill making her the Downville Queen at the moment after top shots like Maneta, Zainab and Junia had left the Downville house.

Shortly, after the dance, Jannette who was visibly drunk and Talia settled for serious discussions about Malonza. Talia was concerned whether Jannette was having anything serious with Malonza most especially after the steamy kiss they had a few days back.

Jannette made her point clear to her that there was nothing serious going on between the two and she said, she did not enjoy the kiss, Talia whispered just to make sure Africa does not click, but our resident experts were following every bit of the discussion.

Talia asked Jannette if they had played Biggie's game? Jannette said NO and she swore that she can never. She however, told Talia that she will confront him over this. Moments later, Malonza joined them and the discussion became a threesome kind of talk.

Meanwhile, during the dance, Malonza was locked in a raunchy dance with Jannette when he held one of her legs by his hip and danced while gyrating their bodies, and since Jannette is a dancer, she danced erotically to the extent that Talia felt she stood no chance with Malonza.

Tonight, BIG FISH Barbz from South Africa will be tussling it out with Ghana's Keitta to determine who goes to Southville or Ghanaville, keep it locked.

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Saturday, June 23 2012

Roki leaks at Junia's feet while Maneta is yearning for a piece of Keitta
Big Brother Contestants from Zimbabwe were the latest housemates to be disqualified on the 19-June-2012.

Rocki was received at Harare International Airport on Thursday night but Maneta was nowhere to be seen. Now Its not clear if Maneta stayed in South Africa or she used a a different route.

In disqualifying them Big Brother stated that: "Maneta and Roki - you have both contravened the Provocation rule - repeatedly. Roki you intentionally provoked Maneta by pouring water over her head. Maneta, you then threw cleaning fluid in Roki's face.

Maneta, you also threatened to stab Roki. This after you had both thrown fluids over each other earlier in the day. Big Brother asked you both to show restraint - and neither of you did. As you are both no doubt aware, you have left Big Brother with absolutely no choice.

In terms of the House Rules you have both been disqualified from the game."

Urban groovers have recorded a song 'Taneta Maneta' in which they are dissing Maneta for her actions in the house. Maneta who almost gave it out to Keitta had he played his cards well is under fire from Big Brother Africa fans.

Former Zimbabwe Big Brother Contestants Speak Out:

Vimbai Mutinhiri: I get so many emails a day from young Zimbos who want to rep their country and uplift themselves! Sad Roki&Maneta wasted the opportunity.

Munya Chidzonga: I think Maneta needs a break. But i doubt shes gonna get it.
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Tuesday, June 19 2012

Maneta unleashing her wrath on Rocki
Its game over for Zimbabwe as both housemates representing Zim have been disqualified.

Maneta has been battling with eviction fever since yesterday when she learnt that she was up for eviction. Now this has changed the game plan for next Sunday as two housemates who were up for eviction have been disqualified leaving South Africa's Barbz as the only nominated housemate in the house.

On Tuesday afternoon also known as a black day for Maneta, Big Brother was conducting Keitta's diary session which lasted hardly a minute before he told him that he was stopping it right there. The house was on fire. Rocki poured water on Maneta who in turn got a bottle of cleaning detergent and sprayed it right in his face.

Biggie called Maneta to a closed diary room session for over 45 minutes. At the end of it all, Biggie called all Upvillers to the lounge and read the rules to them once again. He then told them how Rocki and Maneta had been disqualified for breaking the rules.

Maneta had spent the whole day crying and anyway, she was aware that she could not make it come next Sunday so there was nothing to cry about the fate that had befallen them, but Rocki who thought that because he had poured water could be forgiven, cried like a baby while saying farewell to Kenya's Prezzo.

A total of four housemates have been disqualified, four have opted out while a number of them have been evicted. Maneta and Rocki are the second pair to be evicted after DKB and Zainab got disqualified earlier on.

The Downville house now has four countries with each country having two housemates of which Uganda is among and the Upville house has Barbz from South Africa, Prezzo from Kenya, Keitta from Ghana, Lady May and Junia from Namibia in the run for USD300,000.

Maneta Pours Cleaning Detergent in Rocki's Eyes
Pictures Ghana's Mildred Would Not Want to See

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Tuesday, June 19 2012

     Being up for eviction got to Maneta's nerves that she even went over board
Maneta has spent the whole afternoon crying failing to cope with the fact that she is up for eviction. She was putting on her sheds to the time Big Brother banned sheds in the house, she resorted to covering her face with a black cloth.

Big Brother roared again, housemates no headgear, this is when she let her hair loose covering her eyes. She then decided to go upstairs with Keitta following her, she warned that please don't come near me.

Its important to note that she was putting on black all through and did not want her eyes to be seen by anyone. She looked herself in the mirror while crying as Biggie called Keitta to the diary room.

Its at this point that she attacked Rocki. The cameras had turned to Keitta so as Africa, we missed the footage of how Maneta got to pour the cleaning detergent to fellow country mate Rocki's eyes. Keitta's diary session was suspended immediately as Biggie now had to summon Maneta to the diary room.

Upvillers got the milk they had and poured in Rocki's eyes as a quick remedy to restore his sight. Some of that stuff spilled over to Lady May's eyes, so the two housemates were panicking after they thought they could lose their sight.

At the time of filing this report, Maneta was still in the Diary room, and chances are she could be disqualified.

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Pictures Ghana's Mildred Would Not Want to See
Goldie Replaces Prezzo with Keitta

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Tuesday, June 19 2012

Zimbabwe's Maneta super glues herself on Ghana's Keitta
The only official couple in the Big Brother Stargame from Ghana was split two weeks back when Keitta was upgraded to Upville as Mildred (Eazzy) got evicted. The couple was having issues in the house.

Mildred at one time told Biggie that they were on the verge of collapse now that Keitta was flirting with most of the female housemates, something that did not go down well with Mildred.

Notable among them was Sierra Leone Zainab who confessed that she wanted to have Keitta's last name, Osei. Africa was glued on their telly sets waiting to see what happens after Keitta joined Zainab in Upville, but unfortunately, 48 hours later, Zainab was thrown out of the house when she was slapped by the no nonsense Ghanaian comedian DKB.

Now the latest to play with Keitta's heart is none other than Zimbabwe's beauty Maneta. Keitta has tried to distance himself from her but the 'yellow' babe is determined to get a piece of him at least before she is evicted now that the two are on the chopping block with Barbz from South Africa.

Biggie replenished the store room with some hard stuff yesterday bringing a big smile to most housemates who had started complaining of boredom most especially the Downvillers.

After taking one too many, Maneta spread herself like an eagle and wanted to swallow Keitta like a python that had landed on its prey after 45 days without meat but Keitta was hesitant and instead tried telling her that he looked at her as a sister and also his girlfriend Mildred was watching. 

After this 'hug' that lasted several minutes, Keitta was heard saying that I no longer have Mildred. Rocki told him to be strong and not to fall for the Big Brother Galz traps. Keitta and Maneta need to be watched this week as there has been a tendency of such housemates losing temper in their last minutes in the house and giving out their all.

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Tuesday, June 19 2012

Its no longer Big Brother Africa, It is war. Nigeria's only housemate in the Big Brother Stargame is this week's head of house and the nomination fever was in the Upville week. Prezzo, Manetta and Barbz were the nominated housemates but Goldie had to come in and use her save and replace rights as HOH.

She saved her bad boy Prezzo and replaced him with the only Ghanaian Keitta who is still standing in the house. Prezzo was all smiles when Goldie was called into the diary room to exercise her rights as head of house, he knew he was safe after all.

This left Barbz and Maneta to conclude that they were up on the chopping block because they saw no way Goldie could replace them when they are very close with Prezzo. Goldie made matters worse when she even dared to ask who could have thought of putting Prezzo up for eviction.

This week, Maneta(Zimbabwe), Keitta(Ghana) and Barbz(South Africa) are up for eviction and the big question is, will Maneta survive this one? Ghana has one housemate in the house while Zimbabwe has two i.e Rocki and Maneta and South Africa has Keagan and Barbz after Lee was evicted last Sunday.

Get voting for your favorite housemate because the one with the least votes will be leaving next Sunday.

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Monday, June 18 2012

           kyle an Jannette representing Uganda in the Big Brother StarGame
Appearing for their diary session, Jannette revealed to Biggie how they heard his voice calling out on Junia.

Jannette added that she was happy for Junia being in the Upville because she never expected it as well. Junia kept on saying that Keagan and Lee were the ones to be upgraded to Upville. It is a good feeling when you don't think you can get something and in the end you get that very thing.

Biggie then asked them what their worries were in the house, Kyle told Biggie that he was bored and at least if he could get a book to read or something to drink, that would make his stay in the house fun.

Janette's worry was her ball being selected in the random nomination but then again if it did, her prayer is that either her or Kyle are upgraded to the Upville house. The talk in the Downville house now is how they are going forward as Downville in the remaining weeks.

Last Sunday, Junia and Keagan got 7 votes each with Uganda voting for Junia as Lee got zero votes against Jessica's obe vote. The winner at the end of the 91 days will be walking away with USD300,000. The house now has 17 housemates.

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Sunday, June 17 2012

Namimbia's Junia and South Africa's Keagan Upgraded to Upville house
South Africa's Keagan and Namibia's Junia were upgraded to the Upville house as Lee and Jessica were evicted during the Sunday live eviction show.

Lee and Keagan from South Africa, Jessica and Junia were up for eviction last week. Uganda's Jannette was IK's favorite for the week and when asked what her chances for the games was, she said she was going to win.

Junia and Jessica looked beautiful with their hair styles and were the first ones to leave the Downville house. Uganda's Kyle hugged Jessica so tight that he did not want to leave her.

They eventually hit the stage and IK started off with Junia. How much do u love Keagan? We do like each other, Junia replied. She was asked if she kept track of how many people she had kissed in the house? Junia said Lee, Ola and Malonza and she was reminded that Alex was on that list too.

She confessed that she likes Malonza very much and they will remain friends. She was asked about her beef with Jannette, and to this she said there was no beef.

The show then crossed to Jessica. IK told her of how they were amazed with how they kept it real. How do you feel about Luke? It's real between me and luke, Liberia here I come, she said. She was also asked about her beef with Jannette. She said Jannette got up to her nerves last night and at one time she asked fellow housemates to take Jannette away before she could beat her up.

The viewers have decided to keep one of you in the house and that is Junia just like we told you in our last posting. Jessica was evicted but instead of going to Namibia, she decided to go to Liberia to catch up with Luke whom she met three days in the house and they kicked off with steamy moments.

Junia in Upville
Junia met the Upvillers who seemed so quiet and she wondered whether it's always that quiet in the house. Its not until she met Maneta and later Keitta that she felt home which could be their home for the next 49 days.

Lea and Keagan live the Downville House
Lea and Keagan, please leave the house, IK roared as Tanzania's AY came back to the stage doing 'Money'

The South African pair hit the stage sending the audience in wild cheers. Keagan who had a great time in the house coupled with fighting in the house with Junia was asked about it and he said there was nothing serious.

They asked him about Jannette and the SA dude said Jannette is too small.

IK crossed to Lee and asked about the game in the jacuzzi with Junia to which he said was a truth and dare game and he did that to survive.

Lee was evicted and Keagan was upgraded to Upville. There will be nominations in the Upville house tomorrow though Keagan and Junia won't be part of this nominations. Keep it locked.

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Friday, June 15 2012

Sierra Leone representative in the Big Brother StarGame
Disqualified Sierra Leone housemate in the Big Brother StarGame is currently chilling in the UK after being slapped by Ghana's DKB in the Big Brother house that eventually led to their disqualification thus ending their dreams on the prize of USD 300,000.

During her time in the house, she was voted as the housemate with the most flava while in the Downville house. Zainab, Keitta and Maneta are the only Downville housemates who have had a chance to step into the VIP Upville house.

Having crossed that line meant that she was playing the game well and could easily be one of the finalists as she had started giving the Upville housemates a run for their money.

The Olympic games will officially kick off on the 27-July-2012 in London. Zainab like very many sports fans intending to grace the games, they have made their way to UK early enough to avoid disappointments.

Meanwhile, appearing on the Big Brother Africa reality show has simply opened more doors for the Istanbul based model. She was this morning interviewed on BBC Network Africa in London.

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Thursday, June 14 2012

Prezzo and Goldie having their first intimate kiss, as Barbz is worried for her fellow babe
Barbz is the South African model who got into the Upville house as a VIP and has since played the game well especially when she unleashed her swagg for Biggie on Wednesday afternoon.

In yesterday's diary session, Biggie was gangsta and demanded that the housemates unleash their swagg accordingly, and to this, the oldest babe gave the young housemates a run for their money and yet this was an area they were expected to excel.

Barbz further told Biggie that she was worried for Nigeria's Goldie who has put in her whole in their 'in-house relationship' with Kenya's rapper Prezzo who she suspects to be a dog. The couple has been close but with nothing serious, but going by what happened today, Goldie and Prezzo who are being referred to as (Goldie+Prezzo=Goldezzo) had the first intimate kiss.

East African fans and their Nigerian counterparts are now watching the two very closely especially now that Goldie is using her Kiwani hair to conceal evidence. A few days back, Goldie shed a bucket of tears after Prezzo told her that they were only friends and should not expect anything serious outside the house.

On the other hand, Goldie has given it a try and she is looking at Prezzo as the love of her life, in fact she is no longer in the game for the money but Prezzzo.! Biggie has made it a habit of playing Prezzo's music, and she has mastered word by word as one of the ways to get the Kenyan rapper have her relocate to Kenya.

It happens, because Uganda's Philbert Okure hooked up with Liz and are now expecting their first child.

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Wednesday, June 13 2012

Mampi' real look without head gear
This was Zambia's representative Mampi before leaving the house and its not clear what exactly happened to her 'kiwani' hair but one thing is for sure, her hair line was terrible and the best thing that could happen to her was to have it covered.

Those who saw Mampi on the eviction nite donning that short black dress and high heels to celebrate her time in the Big Brother house cannot believe you in any way that this was Mampi.

If it was Mampi who had gone on strike demanding for a brazilian wig like sexy Eazzy did, it could be understandable given her distorted hairline. Mampi was so exhausted in the house that she did not care anymore whether the cameras were on her or not.

Mampi appeared on the stage which Eazzy swore never to step on looking hott with another extension that covered her head well. Now you know when these babes demand for those extensions, Biggie next time you should grant their requests for they are Big Brother gals.

Mampi was the first VIP housemate to be evicted followed by DKB who was disqualified after a physical brawl with Zainab from Sierra Leone.

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Wednesday, June 13 2012

           Ghana's Mildred Ashong aka Eazzy

Keitta is a lucky guy when you look at his babe donning the Brazilian hair extension no wonder she refused to go on stage the day she was evicted.

She demanded that Biggs provides her with her Brazillian hair extension or she won't appear on stage and in the end, Eazzy never showed up on stage.

Mildred who was happy that she was out of the house now that she was a celebrity among most Downville housemates who were going about their lives normally was also happy for the fact that her boyfriend had been upgraded to Upville.

Eazzy told her ardent followers and fans that what many were confusing for sex was not that. Biggie told them to play the game as partners and during that time, they were busy discussing life in the Upville house with Keitta promising her not to do anything silly with Zainab.

However, when Keitta got to the Upville house, Zainab had cut off her hair and was not as smashing as she was while in the Downville house.

In her words she says: "It wasn't a selfish decision but it was based on certain reasons which I can't really say because it might go against the whole Big Brother Production. I want to tell my fans that I made a promise not to have sex in the house and I fulfilled that promise. We only spent a lot of time together and that was it".

I want to tell my fans that I did try my very best to represent Ghana with my boyfriend as a couple and I am totally sorry to anybody who was offended if I didn't come on stage but there were a lot of issues in the house concerning my hair."
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Monday, June 11 2012

South Africa's Downville housemates during theor diary session in which Keagan reacted like a volcano
Its no doubt South Africa's Keagan is hot tempered to the point that at one time Biggie was forced to withhold booze for a week after he became drunk and was a problem to other housemates in the Downville house.

South Africa is one of those countries with three housemates, and evicting Keagan this coming week will not affect them in anyway because Barbz is doing very well in the Upville house and once joined by humbled Lee, it will be a big push for South Africa.

In today's diary session, Keagan and Lee told Biggie that they will stick to their original plan like they've been playing the game in the past. However, when Biggie asked what they were going to add to the game this week, Keagan reacted, like he normally does anyway.

"If you 're going to ask me that stupid question again, may be we should leave," Biggie was left with no choice but to end their session prematurely.

This week, four housemates are up for eviction and two will be upgraded to the Upville house. Keagan is going home no doubt. We said it before that Jessica did not have much to bring to the show for as long as Luke was evicted.

This will leave us with Lee joining fellow country mate model Barbz in the Upville house and Namibia's Junia because the support that Ola used to enjoy, most of it crossed to Junia and this will go on up to the time she leaves the Big Brother Africa house.

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Sunday, June 10 2012
Junia and Jessica from Namibia, Lee and Keagan are up for eviction
It's 35 days in the Big Brother house and the Ugandan housemates are still safe.

The Big Brother live show kicked off with our very own Maurice Kirya doing 'Misubawa' followed by the highlights in the house both in the Downville and Upville though the DKB-Zainab saga was the highlight of the moment.

The highlight of the Just Good Friends by Goldie and Prezzo was not missed out bearing in mind that Nigeria's Goldie wanted a lot more than that.

It was revealed that Keagan will be the HoH for Downville and Lady May the HOH for the Upville house.

The disagreements between partners was highlighted especially those who are already out of the house like Esperanca and Seydou, Talia and Tamara, Mildred and Keitta who even told Keitta not to sorry her as he tried to apologize for the wrongs.

The show turned to the Upville house as IK asked Lady May what she was thinking at the time of the fight and she said that was the time she needed to think about her self. He told them that he will talk to them next week which left some very happy.

Next week, two housemates will be evicted and two will be upgraded to the Upville house. It does not matter if they are playing as partners. Random selection machine landed on Namibia (Jessica and Junia) first and the second round landed on South Africa (Lea and Keagan).

Uganda's Jannette and Kyle have survived implying that they still have another two weeks in Biggie's house. Since IK revealed to Africa that two housemates will be leaving the house next week, we now take this opportunity to tell you that Junia and Lee will be upgraded as Jessica who mingled with Luke in the sheets coupled with bad tempered Keagan will have to got Namibiaville and Southville, our views and not necessarily those of Biggie.

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Sunday, June 10 2012

          Uganda's Jannette kissing Malawi's Wati in the Big Brother Downville house
History is repeating itself here. During Big Brother Africa 2, The Malawian housemate then Code Sangala almost forgot about his wife back home when he got so involved with Maureen Namatovu in the house.

Those were the days when the role of Head of House(HOH) could come with so many privileges like going away from the rest of the housemates to an exclusive room which had massage oils, and a cocktail of drinks among others.

Just like Mildred from Ghana, Maureen went through a lot convincing viewers that nothing went down. Those days, viewers could not sleep because of the uncut shower hour clips that could be shown late in the night.

Now just recently, we told of how our gal Jannette was very close to Wati from Malawi and now it's real getting serious. Last evening, Jannette grabbed Watti by the neck wanting to swallow him that very minute but Watti coiled after one of the cameras were focusing on him.

A few days back, Jannette was kicked out of Malonza's bed several times as she tried to give him some, she then opted to kissing Malonza by force. Jannette's wish is to go to the Upville house before she leaves the house, will her strategy of getting what she wants by force work?

Meanwhile one Geoffrey Gichuhi commented that; "Jannette has to be taught the meaning of lips kissing, you can't be kissing anybody you come across!, I think she just sees people kissing in movies etc, but she doesn't understand the reasons behind it.

Kissing is a very intimate and romantic interaction. Kissing is not only a part of love making, it is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion and also a way to portray your love and commitment to your partner. She is disrespecting herself and lowering her dignity."

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Saturday, June 09 2012

Nigeria's Goldie and Kenya's Prezzo playing the game from the Upville house
It is now 34 days out of 91 when the Big Brother show started showing on channel 198 for those exclusive to DSTV.

In the past it used to be one housemate per country and the game was so interesting and so competitive. The game later changed to bringing in more than one housemate per country and this is where Biggie plays his tricks.

In this season for example, he introduced the VIP section which had seven housemates and its those countries that had three housemates in total representing their respective countries.

Lets take a look at how those countries are fairing after a month in the house.

Nigeria - Ola, Chris and Goldie came into the house on the Nigerian ticket but just after 14 days, Ola succumbed to hyper tension and could not play the game anymore. Ola and Chris were in Downville where they play the game as pairs, so the two had to leave. Nigeria now has Goldie in the Upville house who is busy nursing a broken heart after Prezzo told her they were only friends.

South Africa - Lea and Keagan are in the Downville house while model Barbz is doing well in the Upville where she has also been HOH. However, the Indian accent for the Downville folks is not making things any better. Keagan's bad temper after he has taken just one bottle makes him better off playing the game from Southville.

Namibia - All hopes for Namibia are on Lady May as the Downvillers, Junia and Jessica are only trying. Some Big Brother pundits have started putting the money on Lady May who is next weeks HOH. Jessica has not got much to bring to the table apart from her making out with Luke from Liberia if it is anything to go by.

Ghana - They were blessed with a VIP placement in the Upville house when comedian DKB got to the house but his strategy of fighting was a complete off that even if he was not disqualified, he would still be evicted because that CV was not good per say. Some fans say he is better off trying boxing or wrestling because, housemates and viewers were not able to detect any humour in him.

Two days before his disqualification, Ghana had fallen a victim after Mildred Ashong aka Eazzy who is now battling with fans on whether she had sex on telly or not, got evicted as her boyfriend Keitta was upgraded to Upville.

Kenya - No doubt Kenya is doing very well through their rapper boy Prezzo who is also East Africa's hope in the game now that the Tanzania duo of Julio and Hilda were evicted and the Ugandans are still in the Downville house. Alex and Malonza who are the other Kenyans in the Downville house are friends with our gal Jannette and this could work in her favour when she is up for possible upgrade to the Upville.

Zambia - Mampi was the first Upviller to be evicted that her thunder dance tactic did very little in saving her. Mampi was a dancer and her fans really enjoyed her but then again, she was a lot better than the Downvillers, Tamara and Talia. Talia is doing badly after her boyfriend Seydou from Angola left the show.

Zimbabwe - Maneta and Teclar were the two sisters playing the game from Downville to the time when Maneta was upgraded to Upville where she met fellow country mate Rocki. Maneta was nominated by Rocki but then Africa said 'NO' and she bounced back to the house. She is one housemate who has been up for eviction in both Downville and Upville but came out stronger.

The winner for the $300,000 will come from the above countries as the rest are just filling the gaps.

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Thursday, June 07 2012

Botswana's representatives Edith and Eve who were evicted last Sunday

The Botswana sisters Eve and Edith Maygilip arrived in Botswana this morning. The galz who gave Biggie company for 28 days in the Downville house got evicted last Sunday together with Keitta's babe Mildred who snubbed the last moment because Biggie had not provided her with the 'Kiwani' hair.

The sisters like many other housemates did not know that in the Downville house, they were playing the game as a couple, they then started hating on each other. Housemates like Maneta and Teclar brought in the issue of how one, snatched the other's boyfriend.

Angola's Seydou hooked Talia from Zambia a move that did not go down well with fellow country mate Esperenca who in the end asked Biggie to allow her go home as she was missing her child.

Seydou was so disturbed as he constantly referred her to a bitch and warned of serious consequences when they get home.

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Wednesday, June 06 2012

Model Zainab O Sheriff based in Instanbul represented Sierra Leone in the Big Brother StarGame
Zainab O Sheriff a married model from Istanbul Turkey was the Big Brother housemate representing Sierra Leone but got disqualified after a physical brawl with DKB from Ghana.

Zainab opened the door several times when comedian DKB was in the washrooms. He tried to stop her but the model did not desist from the act and as expected, DKB came for her trying to tell her that what she had done was wrong.

Its on record that, DKB has anger management issues or he has been using fighting as a strategy to play the game but it looks like it is the very strategy that brought him down. DKB told Zainab that he will slap her to which Zainab provoked him to go on and do it.

DKB acted just like a typical African man, slapped the model and one thing led to the other. Biggie intervened after carefully looking at the footage, he decided that the two be disqualified.

Zainab is married to a Turkish but three weeks into the house, she was trying out everything to get Keitta into her trap but this was saved by the fact that Keitta's official girl friend Mildred was in the house.

She told Biggie three weeks into the house that she was missing sex very badly and she was to play the game with Rocki from Zimbabwe or Prezzo from Kenya given a chance, though at the time, Prezzo was so tight with Goldie.

By the time she was disqualified, she had managed to cause a rift between Prezzo and Goldie. Prezzo and Zainab were blending very much most especially through their tattoos which were all over their 'privates' and were just about to explore them.

DKB and Zainab were not buddies at all after the fight in which DKB reminded Zainab of her past something that did not go down well with her. Chances are, this second fight was linked to the first one.

Big Brother just found it wise to send these two housemates packing now that they even had previous fights like Seydou accusing Zainab for using her fingers while eating, the Prezzo Vs DKB fight which almost brought the roof down.

Zainab's exit came in handy because her hubby will receive her intact, otherwise she was to be the third female housemate to be feasted on after Jessica and Luke, Keitta and Mildred rolled in style via the sheets.

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Tuesday, June 05 2012

             Mildred Ashong aka Eazzy
Appearing on one of the local stations, Ghanaian rapper/singer Mildred Ashong aka Eazzy has told her fans that she did not play Biggie's game while in the house. Mildred was the first one to be evicted during last Sunday live eviction show in South Africa.

Keitta Osei (25) an international model and Mildred Ashong a musician in Ghana were playing the game in the Downville house up to last Sunday when Africa decided that Mildred goes to Ghanaville and Keitta to Upville.

Mildred and Keitta are the first official couple to go to the Big Brother's house though the game was not flowing smoothly for them like other housemates who joined as friends, sister and brothers.

At one point, they fought over Mildred's ex who happens to be a footballer. The two hatched a plan that they thought could save them now that they were up for eviction. Keitta got right on top of Eazzy as the two kissed passionately with her naked thighs spread for Keitta to the full view of Africa.

Having realized that the trick did not work out for her, but how could it have worked when the two are from the same country which is looked at as one vote, she has embarked on a damage control process.

She says that "I was so afraid of that Big Brother man, you cannot tell where his cameras are, even when the room is totally dark and you cannot see,everybody outside watching on TV can see you, so I was never naked in the Big Brother house neither was Keitta and if there is anything out there, we were totally having a romantic time ,we were making out which normal couples do, Come on guys, at least if we were not doing it, "

Mildred....Hmmmmm Big Brother say so! Meanwhile, Keitta has not benefitted that much from his immunity this week as being the new kid in the Upville house. Keitta was immune from nominations this week as he had just been upgraded to the Upville house but after the disqualification of DKB and Zainab, there will be no evictions in the Upville house this week.

Mildred who went on strike because Biggie did not provide her Brazillian wig as she requested is a happy woman after Zainab was thrown out of the Upville house. Zainab had badly wanted a piece of Keitta's heart before she was upgraded to the Upville house. Africa will now miss out on that drama that was about to unfold.

But then again, Keitta told IK that if he was alone, he could be playing the game differently, so Africa should watch out for Keitta as he plays the game alone!!
Related: Mildred and Keitta Rock in the Sheets

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Monday, June 04 2012

Rocki stopping DKB from thumping Zainab
Big BRO is no joke and this time round he has fired both parties that were involved in a physical battle. It was the second time these two were fighting but now that this fight got physical, Biggie just disqualified comedian star from Ghana and the only housemate from Sierra Leone who was playing her game well until she was disqualified today.

The list of disqualified housemates is growing starting with Uganda's Hannington, Tanzania's Lotus and now DKB and Zainab. It has been public knowledge that Zainab and DKB don't see eye-to-eye but that aside, DKB's strategy in the house was to fight as he has already had a fight with Kenya's Prezzo,  Namibia's Lady May and just recently the fight with Zainab in which he accused her of sleeping with two men.

Zainab referred him to his wife to find out if sleeping with two men would make her a wore..DKB went wild on the mere mention of his wife in this scuffle. Today was the second time they were having a fight after Zainab provoked DKB forcing him to slap her.

Biggie's rules are very clear and he does not entertain violence so he had to disqualify these two. The Upville house now has 6 housemates in the run for the top prize and these include Maneta and Rocki from Zimbabwe, Barbz from South Africa, Goldie from Nigeria, Prezzo from Kenya, and Keitta who joined the Upville house yesterday when his girlfriend Eazzy 'Mildred' and the two sisters Eve and Edith left the show.

Africa had hoped to see what happens in the Upville house after Keitta and Zainab had met and this time round without Mildred who was making life difficult for them, but all that will be no more with the disqualification of these two who were up for eviction anyway.

The two houses that started with 35 housemates in total now have 20 in left after 15 have either opted out, disqualified or evicted. Biggie has announced that there will be no eviction this week in the Upville house. Watch this space!

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Sunday, June 03 2012

Mildred and Keitta in action

The first couple to get to the Big Brother Africa house was on the verge of splitting for not being able to play the biggie game for almost a month. During the week when tempers were flaring in the Downville house between sisters Tamara and Talia from Zambia, Seydou and Esperanca from Angola who have since then left the house, the Ghanaian couple was equally having problems.

Eazzy 'Mildred' told Biggie that they are no longer as close as they used to be, Keitta is flirting with other gals and does not care much about her anymore. Keitta promised to change and as you can see in the pic, the two were locked in a passionate kiss during their diary session.

Like Luke from Liberia who used his last hours in the house with Jessica from Namibia, Keitta and Mildred realised that by the end of today, they will not be playing the game anymore in Downville.

They will be either in Ghanaville or one of them will be in Upville by the end of the Sunday live eviction show. This was the very thought that knocked them hard and decided to hit the sheets missionary style.

Mildred tried to cover up but Keitta had charged as he drilled her oil well into cabbages. Tonight, Edith and Eve from Botswana together with the second romping couple in the Big Brother Africa StarGame house are up for eviction and the best housemate will be upgraded to Upville that was once for stars.

Our guess is Keitta for Upville and does not reflect the decision of Africa. Watch this space!

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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