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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Monday, July 30 2012

        Big Brother Stargame Finalists Keagan and Lady May
Its the final week for the Big Brother Africa reality show and next Sunday we will be able to know who walks away with the top prize. All the six housemates in the house are finalists and are competing against each other for the top prize of USD 300,000.

In their first diary session as finalists, Big Brother gave them assignments which require a housemate to act, talk and carry on their chores like its the other person. In this particular case, Namibia's Lady May was told to emulate South Africa's Keagan.

Apparently, what has failed her is the talking. On a few occasions, she has tried to bring out the 'Indian accent' but it has failed her so in the end she is just laughing her head off. On the other hand, Talia was told to act like Wati, all she has done so far was to strum the guitar.

The task will go on till tomorrow but we hope a war does not erupt between these two if Keagan gets to know it that Lady May is trying act just like him, he will erupt like a volcano.

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Monday, July 30 2012

         Kyle got 6 votes, Prezzo and Lady May got 4 votes each and Jannette got only one vote that saw her leaving the house.
Uganda's only representative in the Big Brother house is having a good game in Biggie's house and if he continues like that, he could even bring the money home. Kyle has been up for eviction before not once but twice and he managed to bounce back reminding us of the likes of Munya and Richard who seemed to bounce back every time they were up for eviction.

Kyle could bounce back with 2 country votes but this time round Kyle beat even the 'President' of Kenya i.e. Prezzo when he got 6 votes against Prezzo's 4 votes. Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zambia and of course Uganda voted for 'our boy Kyle'.

Jannette only got one country vote and that was from Ghana. One Chinyere Ifeoma commenting on a top Big Brother fan site said; "Kyle is the most level headed player for the molla. He does not run away from his housemates, he does not bully them neither does he run them down in his diary session. You will never catch him snitching on any one. That guys reminds me of Kelvin.

Mike Ezenwa: Yeah Kyle is the only person who deserves to win the game honestly! but Im skeptical on what Biggie is up to this year. He has singled out some housemates as untouchable. Anyway let's keep voting Kyle till Sunday. Africa made my Sunday today considering the massive votes given to Kyle.

This is exactly how Kyle and Jannettes' rankings kept on shooting up with Kyle being looked at as the most boring, quiet and less entertaining but looks like the strategy is working for him and could even see him winning the money now that he is a finalist just like Sharon O did in the last version of Big Brother Africa.
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Sunday, July 29 2012

        Jannette evicted from the Big Brother Stargame House
Jannette Georgina Lutaaya (21) has been evicted from the Big Brother house a week to the end of the show leaving Kyle in the house who became a finalist by default having survived this Sunday's eviction.

Jannette and Kyle have shocked very many Ugandans for having come this far bearing in mind that they did not expect them to go past the first week. During the first days of the show, eviction was based on a random ball nomination system making Uganda and Kenya as the last standing couples from Downville crossing to Upville.

Its at this time that Kyle and Jannette were to taste Africa because they were playing as individuals and not as a couple but even with this, Kyle was able to survive Africa twice. Popular housemates like Keitta were able to fall as Kyle remained standing on the same chopping block.

Tonight, Kyle, Prezzo, Lady May and Jannette were given their results of how Africa felt about them as far as the winning prize of USD 300,000 is concerned. Africa decided that Jannete goes home.

As she cat-walked to the Big Brother live stage, Jackie Chandiru's Gold Digger was playing in the background. She told IK that she is crazy when she drinks. I K asked her which housemate she was likely to fall for out of the house, she said: "I find Ola sexy and I could hook up with him."

The small princess looked too small to have a feel for Nigeria's Ola to which IK said was an abomination for a person of 30kgs to fall for Ola. Jannette quickly said she was 35kggs but this figure did not save the situation either as IK told her that his dog was actually bigger than her.

The show ends next Sunday with six housemates in the run for the top prize i.e. Kyle, Prezzo, Lady May, Talia, Wati and Keagan.

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Sunday, July 29 2012
Ex Big Brother Housemates Zainab and Barbz
Sierra Leone Big Brother Stargame housemate Zainab with South Africa's model Barbz in trendy outfits.
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Saturday, July 28 2012

Chris and Ola sandwich Zainab in Nigeria
Ex Big Brother Stargame housemates are already networking even before the show comes to an end. Sierra-Leone disqualified housemate Zainab is in Nigeria hanging out with her Naija fans.

Zainab's visit to Nigeria would be a no visit minus meeting Chris and Ola were 'sexcited' on meeting the curvy model who was disqualified after falling out with Ghana's DKB who has cancelled two shows following the death President Jon Evans Atta Mills.

The Big Brother Stargame is left with less than 10 days for channel 198/197 to stop broadcasting Africa's biggest reality show that could easily see both Ugandans coming back tomorrow.

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Thursday, July 26 2012

It is sad news for Uganda as both housemates are up for eviction and yet, only one can be saved.. This week Jannette, Kyle, Lady May and Prezzo are the housemates up for eviction. However, the issue of being up for eviction is working Jannette seriously to the extent that if she continues like this, she will be the first housemate to leave the house this Sunday.

With only a few days left for the show to end, Uganda's couple(Kyle and Jannette) are the only ones still standing after all the other couples were dismantled long before the downville house was scrapped.

However, this will come to an end this very Sunday as both of them are up for eviction facing very strong contenders in the game i.e. Prezzo and Lady May. The two are playing as individuals so they could both come back on in a worst case scenario, one would stay and the other gets on the list of finalists.

Jannette undressed to a bra and lace after taking one too many as she walked in zig-zag style in protest of being up for eviction and did not care if her mom was watching! Next week, our very own Ugandan DJ from Sanyu FM, DJ Pita will be spinning the discs at the live show and at the eviction party.

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Monday, July 23 2012

       Keitta and Alex evicted from the Big Brother Africa house
Prezzo, Keitta, Lady May, Wati and Alex were up for eviction last week and by the end of the show Ghana's Keitta and Kenya'sAlex were sent home.

Uganda's Kyle was the Head of House last week. IK called him out to reveal his decision as head of house to fellow housemates. I saved Keagan's a**e and replaced him with Keitta because according to my mathematics, Keitta can easily bounce back.

Former Big Brother Contestants Zeus and Lomwe bounced back to the stage with 'Dancing Shoes' that got the audience screaming their lungs out. IK asked them how they came to collaborate and they told him that this plan was hatched while still in the Big Brother House.

IK did not waste any time before crossing to the business of the night. He started with Wati and Lady May followed who he told that they were safe. Ghana's Keitta who was up for the second time did not survive Africa, but as he was beading farewell to fellow housemates, Talia broke down. He yelled at her, Don't f*****n do that.

On stage, IK asked Keitta on why he would not allow his girl friend back to the show and he seemed not to recall having mentioning that. He was then asked why he does not shower regularly in the house, and to this he said the house is so stressful and there is not much activity in the house that warrants showering on a daily basis.

Prezzo and Alex who were not sure of what their fate was saw IK bouncing back and this is when Alex from Kenya was told that it was time for him to leave the house. IK asked him if he had the same taste for babes like his brother Malonza who was head over heals for Uganda's Jannette, he said no, but had a thing for Talia.

Zeus and Lomwe bounced back with their 'Double Wowza' blockbuster hit. Lady May and Prezzo got 5 votes each, Wati 3 votes, Keitta 2 votes. Alex from Kenya got 0 votes. Housemates will be nominating tonight. Watch this space!

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Monday, July 16 2012

Goldie from Nigeria evicted from the Big Brother Africa Stargame
With 21 days left before they crown the winner of the Big Brother Africa Stargame, Nigeria's Goldie could not believe that she was out of the Big Brother house as she was in tears all through her interview on the Big Brother stage.

The Sunday live show kicked off with Winky D from Zimbabwe doing his thing. Lady May, Prezzo, Kyle and Goldie were the housemates up for eviction and at the end of the show Goldie from Nigeria was sent packing.

The show crossed to lovers Junia and Malonza who were evicted the previous week. Junia said that the fight with Keagan taught her that she can actually fight back and added that what they have with Malonza is beautiful to which Malonza said that he was happy with the developments.

The show then crossed to the house for Keagan to reveal to fellow housemates on what transpired in the diary session when he was called to save and replace. Keagan revealed to other housemates that it was Kyle who was told to place his bags to the store room immediately.

The show then crossed to Prezzo + Goldie aka (PREGO) highlights of the bad times and the good times in which Prezzo referred Goldie to an African Queen coupled with lyrics which had a lot of lines reflecting on their love in the house.

It was not long before sexy queen dancers hit the stage rocking their yellow thighs on stage leaving the audience to go wild at the end of their well coordinated dance patterns.

Eviction Time:
Mr. Dondolo delivered the results to IK in a sealed envelope as Kyle wrapped the Ugandan flag around himself. IK called Lady May's name first and she was told that she was safe.. Kyle was called next nad the amazing news on Biggie was that he was safe.

Goldie had now lost her voice but this was the time to break the PREGO alliance and that was none other than Nigeria's Goldie Prezzo gave her a push to the gate and asked for a hug, which Goldie thought about before unleashing a hug with no feelings and no kiss to go with it.

While on stage IK asked Goldie about their relationship with Kenyan rapper Prezzo and she said that;"........" Goldie who came crying on stage with her scary eye lashes could not believe she had left Prezzo for the likes of Uganda's Jannette in the house.

When showing her highlights which included her crying, Goldie just kept on crying but her being nominated by Keitta made her sob like a baby and her reason was because they were both from West Africa, she thought they had an alliance.

Goldie was next week' s Head of House but all that has now been put to waste.

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Tuesday, July 10 2012

Prezzo, Goldie, Lady May and Uganda's Kyle are up for eviction
Kyle, Jannette, Malonza and Alex were the last lot that were smuggled from the Downville house to Upville but a day later Kyle was put on the chopping block making life very difficult for him.

While they were in the Downville house, the Ugandan ball never romanced with the random nominating machine but in the Upville house, things are biting for the Ugandan lad.

In the just concluded eviction, Junia and Malonza were evicted and unfortunately for him, he learnt of his fate the very day he was leaving.Keagan who was the Head of House swapped himself for Malonza and in the end he was evicted.

Keagan is again the Head of House for the second week in a row and this time he replaced himself with our boy Kyle. This is how Kyle got himself on the chopping block and will be tussling it out with the First Golden lady and the President of the house from Kenya, Prezzo and Lady May.

Meanwhile, Lady May beat them all with the 8 votes to go on the chopping block. Africa might be in love with the gal from Namibia but in the house, it's a different story! Kyle is now faced with a tough combination of (Prezzo+Goldie) and Lady May.

In last week's eviction results Prezzo got the Kenyan and the Tanzanian vote while Kyle got the Ugandan vote and the Malawian vote. Its not very good news when Prezzo and Kyle face Africa on the same ticket bearing in mind that they are both yearning for the East African Vote.

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Monday, July 09 2012

Prezzo and Kyle got two votes
Last week six housemates were up for eviction including Uganda's Kyle and by the end of the show Kenya's Malonza and Junia from Namibia were evicted.

Lady May got 5.5 votes followed by the first lady Goldie with 3.5 votes. Lady May and Goldie shared a vote from Liberia. Kenya's Prezzo followed with 2 votes, one from Kenya and the other from Tanzania.

Kyle was the next in line with 2 votes of course one from Uganda and the other from Malawi. The evicted housemates got one vote each. The housemates will be nominating today.

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Sunday, July 08 2012

Namimbia's Junia and Kenya's Malonza were feasting on each other in the house
Uganda's Kyle is safe after Malonza and Junia fell the victims of the night when Africa decided that they go home.

Malonza from Kenya was casually dressed and did not have a clue that he was going home. On announcing that he was leaving the house, Junia broke down. IK asked him about Junia and he said they were special friends.

He was asked about Uganda's Jannette and the Kenyan lad said he was friends with benefits when it came to her. In his highlights, there was more of him kissing with Junia.

IK bounced back to the house and told the ladies Lady May, Junia and Goldie to stand. Lady May was told that she is not leaving the house leaving Goldie and Junia waiting for their fate.

Namibia's Junia was the next housemate to be evicted. This was more than a welcome move bearing in mind that a few minutes back she was in tears after her 'boyfriend' Malonza was evicted.

Asked if she was willing to mingle with Malonza, she said may be. Junia came on stage with no shoes. Junia told Africa that she has no beef with Jannette. They can now have some quality time with no Biggie cameras trailing them.

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Wednesday, July 04 2012

Tatiana and Richard ruled the Big Brother Africa Season 2
Ardent lovers of the show just can't stop watching it every time it starts screening. Every season has its own characters some come onto the show for a short while and leave a lasting impact, others stay on the game for the entire 91 days, but you can hardly remember them. Below we bring you some of the characters who still linger on in our minds:

Bertha - Her strategy was the bible. She had the character of a God fearing person, but after sometime, she gave it up and abandoned her bed too only to jump into a male housemate's bed.

Richard B - This housemate from Tanzania was deeply in love with Angola's Tatiana and the could sort themselves out as and when they felt like. Richard at one time was kissing Tatiana while his other hand was working on Ofunneka of Nigeria. This made Africa roar and since then a number of things have changed on show including moving the shower hour to the exclusive version.

Meryl - She was beautiful and had the booty and was not scared of flaunting it. It was during their season that shower hour was at its peak and she could bare her whole for Africa to see. She was given a second chance in the Big Brother All Stars, though she did not win the money but at least she won a Man who happens to be none other than Tanzania's Mwisho. They are married and have just had their first child.

Gaetano - He was the first housemate to rock in the sheets while the whole of Africa watched, since then most housemates have made this a must happen given a chance to feature in Biggie's house. He is also one housemate who has benefited greatly from the post show fame.

Ola - The Nigerian Housemate in the Big Brother Stargame was a threat right from the time he joined the house. No housemate since Big Brother Africa inception beats his physique height and weight and chances are, this is what blew the judges away. Its however, not clear if the tricks he used to have an impact on the show in the 14 days are the very ones that made him succumb to pressure and eventually quit the show prematurely.

Munya - He came close to taking the grand prize but missed it as there is always one winner at least for their versions of the show. He even had a chance to go another house in Europe for only 48 hours, but he was able to leave an impact on the female housemates in that house. Regarding the missing of the grand prize, he even beat the overall winner in their year. The winner got USD200,000, but President Mugabe of Zimbabwe plus other businessmen contributed USD 300,000 for him.

Uti - He represented his country Nigeria and along the way, his father passed on and the following conditions were open to him: He either went to bury his dad and never returned to the house, or he stayed in the house to the time he could be evicted or play the game till the last day. He Decided to stay in the house and not go for the funeral of his dad, in the end he won.

Mildred - She is a Ghanaian artist and joined the Big Brother House with her model boy friend Keitta. They are the first official couple to be in the Big Brother House and had it not been for Mildred's eviction, it would have been a different story for now as far as their relationship is concerned. She was the first housemate to go on strike and not appear on the Big Brother stage and the reason behind her action was stemming from a Brazillian hair extension.

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Tuesday, July 03 2012

Namibia's Junia and Lady May, Malonza and Prezzo from Kenya, Nigeria's Goldie, and Uganda's Kyle are up for eviction

Kyle and Jannette are the Ugandan representatives in the Big brother Stargame together with Kenya's Alex and Malonza who were delivered to the Upville house. This was after Nafy and Tamara were evicted while Wati and Talia upgraded to the Upville house.

Seconds into the Upville house, The four housemates were delivered to Upville in a box marking the end of Downville and Upville being the official Big Brother House with all housemates playing as individuals.

Unfortunately for the smuggled Downvillers who found themselves to the Upville house by default, they were not as lucky as Talia and Wati who are safe from eviction this week following their being saved by Africa on Sunday.

On Monday, it was nominations in the Upville house and not the random nomination machine which had ended with the Downville house. Lady May came out with 5 nominations followed by Uganda's Kyle with 3 nominations and Keagan who is the Head of House, Prezzo, Goldie, and Junia all had 2 nominations.

South Africa's Keagan replaced himself with Kenya's Malonza. Meanwhile, Prezzo is officially done with with Goldie because he nominated her and yet she saved him a few days back. This week, Kyle, Malonza, Prezzo, Goldie, Lady May and Junia are up for possible eviction. Start voting for your favorite housemate now!.

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Monday, July 02 2012

The last Downville Housemates
The Big Brother StarGame has just started after the two houses were merged. This happened after the eviction of Malawi's Nafy and Zambia's Tamara. Talia from Zambia and Wati from Malawi were upgraded to Upville.

Within seconds of Talia and Wati getting to the Upville house, they saw a blue box delivering the other two pairs that they had left in Downville marking the end of Downville making Upville the official house.

The Upgraded housemates will not lose out totally from their being Upgraded to the Upville that only lasted for seconds. They are immune from nominations this week but this privilege does not apply to the four who were delivered to 'Upville' in a box i.e. Kenyas' Alex, Malonza and Uganda's Kyle and Jannette.

With 35 days left, 12 housemates will be in the run for the top prize. Kenya has 3 housemates (Prezzo, Alex and Malonza), Uganda has Kyle and Jannette, Namibia has Lady May and Junia, Keitta from Ghana, Keagan from South Africa, Goldie from Nigeria, and finally Wati from Malawi.

Apart from Talia and Wati, the rest will be participating in the nominations tomorrow and we will let you know if Uganda's representatives will be safe from possible eviction.

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Sunday, July 01 2012

Wati and Talia Upgraded to Upville as Nafy and Tamara were sent to Homeville
35 days to go with 14 housemates left in the house. Zambia's sisters Tamara and Talia together with the Malawian pair were up for eviction last week and at the end of the show Nafy and Tamara were Evicted as Talia and Wati Upgraded to Upville.

Seydou was in the house watching the Big Brother Stargame live from South Africa before the show crossed to Barbz who was still excited about Biggie's voice and she missed being reminded that she had to make sure her microphone was fixed properly.

The show crossed to DV showing a preview of Uganda's Jannette being kissed by Kenya's Malonza among others and then highlights in the UV were shown.

IK went for the business of the night, which was eviction. Will the two couples up for possible eviction please stand, wish you guys all the best, IK roared. Nafy and Wati, please leave the house.

Toya De Lazy hit the stage with a thrilling performance that got the audience going wild. Nafy and Wati were smartly clad in their suits and when IK asked Wati about the alcohol, he said; 'I love my alcohol'.

The show crossed back to the DV and Tamara, Talia were told to leave the house. On stage IK started with the rivalry between the sisters and they kissed to show that they had put all that behind them. Talia was in a black long slit dress and based on Tamara's highlights, she is a dancer and IK told them to strutt their stuff a little for Africa. Talia was asked if she could continue with Seydou, she said yes as she spotted him in the crowd.

The first housemate to be evicted was Nafy who handed the flag to bad boy Wati. Tamara was the next to be evicted. Wati got 30% of the vote and Talia 60%. They were upgraded to Upville.

Toya De Lazy bounced back. She is one of the best performers Biggie has brought to the Big Brother Stargame live stage. She loves P-Square and she could do a collabo.

The two houses Dissolved
The show then crossed to Upville and Junia was so happy to have drunko Wati to Upville. Biggie then delivered the two couples from Uganda and Kenya to Upville by default officially making it one house. Wati and Talia are immune from nominations but the Kenyans and Uganda's Kyle and Jannette are now playing the game as individuals and will be subject to participating in tomorrows nomination exercise.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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