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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Monday, August 26 2013

Namibia's Dilish Mathew wins Big Brother The Chase
The 91 days of Big Brother The Chase eventually came to an end on Sunday night with Namibia's Dilish Matthew the winner of the USD 300,000.

Our very own Keko was one of the performers for the night doing 'See Ya' though Sulu blew the night away with his 'Ruby' song featuring Salma. In the top five, we had Beverly and Melvin, both Nigerians and in that order, they were the first housemates to be evicted.

Beverly was so excited on meeting Angelo outside the house that he jumped on him real hard in form of a hug. It was not long before Elikem joined them after being evicted. Elikem's eviction was a shocker to many including himself. Being the last man standing, deep down, he thought this year's money was his to take. No wonder he was dressed like a ''real winner'' but Africa had different plans all together.

Zambia's Cleo was next out. At the time, Dilish was all by herself busy wiping tears of joy. Clad in her long blue dress with a slit that cuts through to her pelvic, Dilish was called out of the house by Biggie as he said to her: "Congratulations Dilish, You are the winner of Big Brother The Chase."

Dilish was joined by her lover, Stephen who came armed with a crown. He very quickly placed it on her like one who had just won a beauty contest. Dilish got 5 votes (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and Angola) followed by Cleo with 4 votes, Elikem 3 votes, Melvin 2 votes and Nigeria's video vixen, Beverly Ada Osu getting one vote which was from Ethiopia.

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Sunday, August 25 2013

Nigeria's finalists in the Big Brother The Chase
Our very own Keko and Sulu ft Salma were one of the performers who left viewers and Africa at large excited. All the evicted housemates and disqualified Nando from Tanzania attended the Big Brother Grand Finale show.

The first finalist to be evicted was Nigeria's Beverly Ada Osu who never got a chance to be nominated and when she got on the Big Brother stage, she just rushed to Angelo and gave him a big hug. "I love Angelo from the minute I saw him." she told IK.

Beverly told IK that nobody but Melvin deserved to win but that did not work as Melvin was the second finalist to be evicted. All eyes were on Zambia's Cleo, Namibia's Dilish and Ghana's Elikem. It was not long before Elikem joined them as the third finalist to be evicted.

This shocked many who thought that the winner this time round had to be a male housemate now that he was the last man standing, but trust Africa, they this time gave it to a lady. Elikem has managed to win Pokello's love in the process because she dumbed her lover for Elikem.

It has paid off as they are going for a romantic vacation together. The last two ladies standing are Cleo from Zambia and Dilish from Ghana. This will be the second time for a female housemate to win the top prize.

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Monday, August 19 2013

The Chase ends for Angelo and Bimp
Africa has spoken and when it does, a housemate drops. Yesterday, Ethiopia's Bimp and South Africa's Angelo were the victims marking an end to their game in the Big Brother The Chase. Dilish, Angelo (SA) and Bimp (ET) were the housemates up for eviction.  Dilish garnered 7 country votes surviving the chop as the rest got 4 each leading to their eviction.

While on the Live Show stage, IK showed Angelo his clip summary of how he wanted to have a piece of different Big Brother girls starting with Kenya's Huddah and Annabel, Fatima, Big Momma and finally Beverly. The Rasta Man from South Africa responded that: "I was just chasing my feelings. It's important to follow your feelings." Hmm he almost showed Ghana's Kaakie the same while on stage.

Ethiopia's Bimp was standing next to his 'rival', Angelo who interestingly was one of those who had nominated him, but there they were, out on the same day. Biggie played back a clip of Beverly mounting Bimp in the Jacuzzi and Angelo was asked how it feels, but to this he said, "I will beat him(Bimp) after the show."

In the house, Beverly was sobbing throughout the night as she could not believe that her lover Angelo as she fondly calls him had left without bidding farewell. Bigge told Angelo to head straight out to the exit door and not back to the house.

The top five or the finalists for the chase are; Ghana's Elikem, who was the first finalist and also the first Ghanaian to come this far, Melvin and Beverly from Nigeria but since Angelo left, Beverly stands no chance on this one. Its important to note that Beverly is the only housemate who has never been nominated in the history of Big Brother and also the number one entertainer when it came to the Big Brother game.

The other two finalists are Cleo from Zambia and Delicious Dilish Matthews from Namibia.

It's six days to the end of the show, who do you think is taking this one?

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Monday, August 12 2013

Elikem tops final week's nominations
Updated:- As Head of the House, Elikem from Ghana is safe. He replaced himself with Angelo from South Africa joining Dilish and Bimp who were already ranking high on the nominations board. Two housemates will have to leave this coming Sunday to pave way for the BIG FIVE.

The Big Brother house has only seven housemates left with Elikem from Ghana as this week's Head of House (HoH). That title alone makes him a finalist by default. Yesterday, Feza Kessy from Tanzania left the house to go and team up with Botswana's Oneal in the Emerald house.

Monday is another challenging day for housemates as it means nominations. This morning, Elikem got 5 nods but since he is the current HoH, it does not matter anyway because he will save himself and most likely put up South Africa's Angelo.

This is how the Housemates are playing the game this week

  • Elikem - got 5 votes, but he put up Bimp and Angelo.
  • Bimp - got 4 votes, but voted for Dilish and Elikem.
  • Dilish - got 2 votes, but voted Elikem and Bimp.
  • Beverly - got 1 vote, but her choice was Beverly and Cleo.
  • Angelo - got 1 vote but nominated Elikem.
  • Cleo - got 1 vote but nominated Beverly and Elikem.
  • Melvin - got no votes but nominated Elikem and Bimp.

However, Africa is looking forward to Elikem's decision of Save and Replace which will determine the direction the game takes in determining the last five standing housemates, otherwise The Big Brother The Chase finalists.

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Sunday, August 11 2013

Feza has missed out on the money but she wont miss out on Oneal
Feza from Tanzania was the only hope for East Africa but day 77 marked the end of her game. Fellow countrymate, Nando did not get a chance to shout out to Africa on the Big Brother stage after he was disqualified for breaching the Big Brother rules. This week had only Big Brother girls up for eviction but Tanzania's Feza could not pull through.

Dilish took the day home with seven country votes while Cleo and Feza both had four country votes. The tie breaker rules were applied. Botswana joined the three East African countries in voting for Feza but it was still not enough to keep Feza in the house. Her love for Oneal was not lost as Botswana reciprocated with their votes.

Feza has left behind seven housemates that include: Beverly and Melvin from Nigeria, Bimp from Ethiopia, Elikem from Ghana, Dilish from Namibia, Cleo from Zambia and Rasta Angelo from South Africa. Beverly and Angelo or call them Bengelo are the only lovers left in the house and for some reason, Africa has always had issues with lovers, so you can as well take these two off the grand prize.

Elikem has already crossed over to the line up of finalists now that he is this week's HoH. On Monday, we will who else is up for eviction. Meanwhile, Feza's love for Oneal is real. In the last one week when Oneal was out of the house, Feza's heart was beating for Oneal. She even confirmed this when IK asked her if she loved the dude from Botswana, she said YESSS!

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Monday, August 05 2013

Angello takes his lover for models to another level
Before going to the Big Brother House, Nigeria's top video vixen, Beverly Ada Osu told one of her pals that she cannot get married in Nigeria. I just can't" That statement is now making more sense after Beverly got upclose and personal with South Africa's, Angello Collins, she is now ready to get married and relocate to South Africa.

The two were in the bath tub a few days back while exploring all corners of their bodies to the fullest. The following day while in the Jacuzzi, Angello told his black beau that he loved her and wanted to have kids. These words kind of got Bev unaware because, initially, she thought it was all about playing the Big Brother game, but the Rastaman from South Africa was damn serious.

Beverly's response on what Angello had just told her was vague. The Rastaman lost his cool and did not say a word to Beverly as the two spent time in the hot tub jacuzzi hours after the eviction show. Beverly noticed that the Rastaman was serious after all and she could not just imagine losing her new found love just like that, the Nigerian top model opened up on her past and told Angello that she was even ready to spend several months with him in South Africa.

"I could have loved LK4 or Bimp but I didn't, I'm in love with you," Beverly told Angello.

Candice Halts Supporting Angello
However, 71 days in the Big Brother house, Bev and Angello are behaving like siamese twins but back home, Angello's girl friend, Candice Arends has even stopped drumming up support for Angelo's cause following the steamy sessions he enjoyed with the Nigerian lass two days back in the bath tub as the entire continent watched.

One of her retweets however, seems to suggest that if Angello can admit that what he did was wrong, Candice could give him a second chance, "I have respect for people who can admit when they messed up, there's no shame in that."

One thing is for sure, Angello has a thing for models but many are still wondering how he could trade Candice for Beverly! but Biggie is watching and only time will tell which direction Angello takes.

This week, our very own East African gurl, Feza, Cleo and Dilish are up for possible eviction.

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Monday, August 05 2013

Tanzania's Feza and Ethiopia's Bimp leading in this week's nominations
It's 21 days to the end of the show and 8 housemates are still in the house, though Nigeria has an upper hand with two housemates. East Africa still has a chance with Feza but not a very strong one after she emerged with the highest nominations this morning closed followed by Ethiopia's Bimp.

All that is left is for this week's HoH, Beverly Ada Osu to play her save and replace role, but it's unlikely that Feza will be saved. Below is how the housemates nominated and the reasons behind their choices.

Ethiopia's Bimp nominated:

  • Elikem they do not get along
  • Dilish - I feel she is a threat to my game

Elikem from Ghana nominated:

  • Bimp
  • Feza - She switched on her character towards me.

Cleo from Zambia Nominated:

  • Feza - Least favourite person in the house
  • Beverly - Since she is the current Head of House (HoH), she can always save herself and swap with another housemate.

Feza from Tanzania nominated:

  • Elikem because he will survive and he is one of the people who are enhappy that she stayed yesterday
  • Cleo - because she can't trust her.

Melvin from Nigeria nominated:

  • Beverly - she is HoH so she is going nowhere.
  • Feza - We're not as close as we used to be before.

Dilish from Namibia Nominated:

  • Feza - She has lost focus in the game and failed to keep up appearance.
  • Bimp - Nothing personal but he stands a chance of being saved by Beverly if his name appears tonight.

Rasta Angelo from South Africa nominated:

  • Cleo - I feel that she is playing the game very well and that is competition.
  • Bimp  - Dude knows what he is doing and he is very strong because Bassey and Zulu are behind him.

Beverly (This week's Head of House) from Nigeria Nominated:

  • Cleo - She is my friend but my competition too. We are too alike, so one has to go for the other to stay.
  • Dilish - She is too picky.
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Monday, August 05 2013

Oneal evicted and his only worry is Feza
Last night Africa bid farewell to Botswana's Oneal who had done 10 weeks in the Big Brother The Chase house. He was the only housemate evicted last night as opposed to the previous weeks when at least two housemates had to be evicted. Oneal left behind his better half, Feza from Tanzania, the only housemate representing East Africa.

Three housemates were exposed to Africa after Elikem revealed to the rest of the housemates that Ethiopia's Bimp had joined Feza and Oneal among those up for eviction. This did not affect Bimp in anyway as he came out with 10 votes, 3 for Feza and only 2 for Oneal.

IK asked him how it felt being the only housemate evicted this week, he said: "I'm a special person." Feza could not stand the fact that she was going to spend the rest of the nights alone as she shed tears trying to get to terms that her lover boy was out of the house.

Feza was so disturbed about Oneal leaving the house to the point that she even forgot Elikem's name because that was the only thing that made sense to her. One of Feza's fans had this to say:

"Talk about natural beauty talk about about Feza Kessy... I love the way you admire your relationship with Oneal no matter what the people had said. Keep playing the game girl, Oneal is behind you. Do not get disappointed please. Let you character adorn what you have in the game as well as in your relationship."

Eight housemates are now left in the house, four male housemates that include South Africa's Angelo, Nigeria's Melvin, Ethiopia's Bimp and Ghana's Elikem. The Big Brother girls still in the house include: Nigeria's Beverly who is a top entertainer when it comes to the Big Brother game, Cleo from Zambia, Dilish from Namibia and the East African beauty, Feza!

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Sunday, August 04 2013

While in the jacuzzi hot tub on Saturday night, it brought back the bathtub memories prompting these words from the South African rasta: "Beverly, I love you. I want to get married and have kids, but Beverly just kept on looking him in the eyes and acting dodgy. This made Angelo very annoyed that he stopped talking to her. She later shed a few tears and tried to walk out of the jacuzzi, but Angelo pulled her back. I love you not because you have tattoos or dreads, Beverly said...but Angelo could not take any more of that.

Beverly was doing very well before this but given what happened in the bathtub, she is being blamed more now that she is a woman.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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