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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Sunday, October 26 2014

Tanzania's Laveda and Kenya's Alusa evicted

Kenya Officially Out of Big Brother Hotshots.

Kenya's dream of winning Big Brother Hotshots ended tonight with the eviction of Alusa, the first male housemate to be evicted. Alusa was the remaining Kenyan housemate in the house after Sabina got evicted last week.

Alusa's eviction came after Laveda from Tanzania who thanked Africa for taking her as she is. Laved is the sixth female housemate to leave the house. During the Friday night party, Laveda blacked out making herself a nuisance before housemates and Africa, could this be the reason she was evicted, may be yes.

In the same vein, our very own Ellah, the only Ugandan housemate survived for the third week in a row making it to the fourth week after he team won Extravaganza . She was seen hugging Tayo just to show how excited she was.

Permithias, JJ, Mam' Bea and Macky2 are the other housemates that were up for eviction last week.

Ellah will now spend more time with Kacey Moore. Meanwhille, her era as Miss Uganda ended yesterday after Leah Kalunguka replaced her as the new Miss Uganda 2014-2015.

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Saturday, October 25 2014

Saxophonist Laveda doing her thing

It was Friday night in the house and Botswana's Dj Izzy rocked it like no other. Housemates later went to the Jacuzzi and while there, Mam' Bea came saying that Laveda was upstairs hissing like a snake. It was not long before Idris got wind of this. You can blame all this on Biggie's Absolut Long Island Ice Tea cocktail.

We learned that she was playing with her kitty in the open without bothering about anyone or cameras for that matter. At the time, Idris was not himself after being rejected by Goitse (Botswana) and as he got to terms with the rejection, Laveda was busy making a fool of herself.

Idris got mad. He wanted to pour out his anger and frustration but was refrained by Mr. 265 and others. Laveda was equally frustrated with Permithias who is not being 'man enough', she has showed him all the signs that she is into him, but they only pecked yesterday.

"How can you mastur*_te before every one, " Idris asked while shaking his head in disbelief.

Realizing that a fight was about to break out, Big Brother called Idris to the diary room for a closed session, but of course, the discussion centered along refraining from fights as it could lead one to being disqualified.

The cameras were nowhere close to Laveda but instead on Goitse who was crying at the time thinking that Idris' actions were as a result of her rejecting him, but then Luis (Namibia) was quick to tell her that something that happened upstairs is what upset him.

The cameras have now started showing Laveda who was last seen taking a 2ltr jug of water as a way of nursing a hangover. Fans across Africa are now divided. Following the act, most Tanzanians are NOW looking at Idris as their country rep, Laveda's tagline is #AkuunaKulala, which means No Sleeping, so may be, she keeps busy that way.

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Tuesday, October 21 2014

Esther Akankwasa
Uganda's evicted rep in the Big Brother House, Esther Akankwasa has reached out to her fans since leaving the house last Sunday.

"I want to take this medium to thank all my fans and Team Esther BBA hotshots (Small Pepperians) for all your support through out my stay in Big Brother house...I really appreciate you guys and to my haters, thank you because it made me realize who I am and the potential in me."

"It was a game and I put my best. I have no regrets at all co's what matters is the platform and I will make good use of it. I love all very much, stay blessed, " She concluded.

Esther was in the house for two weeks, she was evicted together with Lillian the tw#rking queen from Nigeria and in a twist of events, a third housemate, Sabina from Kenya was also evicted on Sunday Night.

The house now has 21 housemates, 13 male and 8 female housemates. Uganda has one representative, Ellah, who is up for eviction for the third time in a row.

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Monday, October 20 2014

Alusa, JJ, Mam'Bea, Laveda, Macky2, Permithias and Ellah are up for eviction

It's day 15 of the Big Brother Africa reality show. 5 housemates are down including Uganda's Esther but before we get to terms with that, Ellah, the only Ugandan housemate left in the house is up for eviction for the third time in a row.

In the first week, all housemates apart from the Head of House were up for eviction, in the second week, Ellah was added onto the chopping block by Samantha but she survived being evicted by a whisker.

It should be noted that in yesterday's nomination session, Esther did not nominate Samantha who put her on the chopping block last week. However, this is a game and there can only be one winner.

This week, our very own Ellah, Kenya's Alusa, Zimbabwe's JJ, Tanzania's Laveda, Ghana's Mam'Bea and Permithias from Namibia are up for eviction. South Africa's Nhlanhla is this week's Head of House and as required by Biggie's rules, he had to play his role of adding another housemate on the chopping list and Macky2 found himself on the list.

To vote for Ellah, type ''Vote Ellah'' and send SMS to 8884. Miss Uganda has been accused for being in her lane of runway and the beauty pageant and that she is failing to come out and try something new, though the VIP folks are having their share of the beauty queen during shower, but is this enough to save her? Tune in next Sunday to see who comes back.

The Sitya Loss singer, Eddy Kenzo, has been tipped to perform on that day.

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Monday, October 20 2014

Sabina, Lillian, Esther, Mira and Resa are out of the BBA House
Big Brother Hotshots house now has 8 female housemates after Lillian, Esther and Sabina were evicted during the live eviction show on Sunday. Resa and Mira left last week.

Housemates are equally worried that the house is running short of girls. Africa is very clear with what they want and what they don't want. Esther was evicted for what she does best, being a 'master @ bet' which broke her bed in the process. Twe#king has not helped Nigeria's Lillian either, it just caused her more problems.

Sabina has an eight month old baby, so Africa just found it fair to relieve her from the game so that she goes and attends to her baby. In one of her diary sessions, it was clear she was missing her baby who was left under the care of a maid, and from the message she sent out to the maid, Africa was left with no choice but to set her free after 14 days as opposed to the 63 days.

Mira's getting on to the Big Brother game just 5 days into the house was certainly not a good example to the majority of the viewers. Mira and Luis got it on, so there was no way Africa could spare her in the house for the next few weeks, she could end up feasting on all the boys in the house.

In this game, the one with least votes packs their bags and that is exactly what happened with Resa from Zambia. Meanwhile, our Ellah should count herself lucky, she survived by a whisker bearing in mind that not even Kenya's vote was enough to save Sabina, she was evicted and yet Kenya voted for her.

Just as well, Ellah  got only one vote and it was from Uganda, but she managed to survive at least crossing to week three, a period longer than Denzel and LK4 spent in the house.

How Africa voted

  • JJ - Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe (5)
  • Tayo - Ghana, Nigeria, Rest of Africa (3)
  • Sabina - Kenya (1)
  • Permithius - Namibia, Zambia (2)
  • Frankie - Rwanda (1)
  • Laveda - Tanzania (1)
  • Ellah - Uganda (1)

Sabina, Lilian and Esther were evicted as per the tie-breaker rules

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Sunday, October 19 2014

Esther Akankwasa, Lilian and Sabina Evicted
Uganda's Esther, Nigeria's Lillian and Kenya's Sabina are the latest housemates to be evicted from the Big Brother House. Nigeria's twe#king queen and Uganda's queen dancer were evicted during the live show this Sunday.

I'm all good, said Lillian while Esther said that she was okay with whatever Africa decided. It's not surprising that these two were out now that (Esther and Ellah) from Uganda, ( Tayo and Lillian) from Nigeria were all up for eviction.

The show then crossed to highlights for the housemate who loves twe#king, Lillian, but looks like Africa did not buy her strategy much as IK told her that in the history of Big Brother, she is the only housemate who twe#ks but this did very little in saving her. Lillian went on to rap during the live show. 

Then the beautiful one from Uganda was showed her highlights in the house which were more of her dancing for Biggie. IK asked her about the Nigerian housemate, she said; "Tayo is my friend for ever please". Small but dangerous IK said, she replied Small Pepper baby.

Highlights of Esther doing We found love, dancing for Biggie, and The Biggie Twe#k were Esther's highlights. She stayed in the house for only two weeks.

The rate at which Africa is evicting female housemates is getting very scary. The house now has 13 male housemates and 8 female. Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria have all lost a housemate and now have just one representative. Should anything happen next week to any of these countries, it will be the end of the game.

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Tuesday, October 14 2014

Shower hour, opening and the closing shows of Big Brother Africa are the most popular times on the reality show. However, shower hour is for only those with the VIP Big Bro Access and from the look of things, they are enjoying Ellah's curves that are on full display for the entire Africa.

Esther aka 'Small Pepper' might be the loud type which is among the reasons she got nominated yesterday, but when it comes to showering, Small Pepper is not about to expose her little details.

Biggie's cameras are all over not even the washrooms have been spared and the housemates through their phrase; "Big Brother Is Watching Over You'' are pretty much aware of that.

Our very own Esther, the reigining Miss Uganda, Stellah Nantumbwe aka Ellah cares less and she showers with nothing wrapped around her before millions of viewers. In set is evicted Resa, Sipe, Goitse enjoying their shower. Ellah will only put on a shower cap and she's good to go, but Esther will supplement the shower cap with a two piece costume.

The 23-year-old who describes herself as 'charismatic, bitchy, outspoken, loving and sophiscated' now has one week in the house as she is up for eviction plus seven others who include Small Pepper. Esther told Biggie that when she wons the Shs 780,000,000/- she will buy cars for her mom and invest the rest in real estate.

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Tuesday, October 14 2014

Esther breaks down in the house after talking about her failed marriage

Yesterday, Esther broke down again when she talked about her failed marriage which only lasted nine months. Esther cried like a baby and the housemates she was talking to started hurling all sorts of insults to Esther's ex-hubby and all men in general.

Esther was so hurt because she was the one that was blamed and yet it was the husband who was cheating. She said that he was seeing all the girls he was friends with on facebook, taking them to Germany and yet he had never taken Esther to German.

This is what some of the fans think:

  • shz so fake fake fake,wanting 2 draw us close with her fake stories pshh
  • Babe dnt cry... 9ja lov u
  • Small Pepper !!!! work it girl milk dat broken marriage cow girl do watever kips u in e house Hahahahaha this girl tho
  •  i fil sori 4 ma smal peper..dnt judg hr u dnt kn hr stori..i luv yah!tayo & macky u'r tru african men
  • Crocodiles tears to keep her in the house
  • Lol these cigarettes aint good for u *Esther
  • I really felt her pain. I dnt knw y wen a guy cheats dey say 'its hw dey r forgive dem, its in deir blood' bt wen a woman does d whole world judges her n forgets forgiveness. Let he who is witout sin b d frst to cast d stone.
  •  lol esther is such a drama queen hahahahahahaha
  • Lolest small pepe i love dis soul she's not faking she made me lol last 9te lyk neva b4 during her diary session.... Dat gal can act
  • People should not be heartless.her husband miss treated her n he dates some girls on facebook .she also said dat dey kip sendn nak3d pix to him . She s real
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Monday, October 13 2014

Big Brother Hotshots - Nominated housemates Week 2

Esther and Ellah will this week have to face Africa. Last week all housemates apart from the Head of House were up for eviction. Africa saved some but Ellah was not among those saved as she was in the batch of 12 housemates who did not get a vote from Africa.

Two of the 12, Resa and Mira went home. Biggie then announced that housemates from the Waka Waka team that won the Extravaganza music show of which Ellah was among were immune from eviction. This got Ellah more excited as she danced around the house and hugged fellow housemates on learning that she was safe for another week.

Esther was already on the chopping block for this week after garnering 5 votes together with Rwanda's Frankie, Zimbabwe's JJ, Tanzania's Laveda, Kenya's Sabina, Nigeria's Lillian and Tayo.

Samantha from South Africa is the current Head of House, she was called in to exercise her role as Head of House (which is to add one housemate who is not nominated on the list) and that was our very own Ellah unfortunately.

According to Biggie, one housemate will have to pack their bags next Sunday. This is a tricky position for Uganda because with two housemates from the same country being up, Uganda will only save one housemate. Our neighbors, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda have all been nominated, so they have their housemates to save other than voting for Uganda.

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Monday, October 13 2014

Ellah and Esther make it to week 2 in the Big Brother Hotshots

Yes this is news considering that last year, Denzel was evicted just after seven days and in the second week, LK4 followed. This year, Uganda's female housemates have done better than that not forgetting that it's a shorter version following the fire that gutted the Big Brother House. This season will be for 63 days as opposed to the usual 91 days.

Yesterday, Ellah survived by a whisker as she was among the 12 housemates who did not get any vote from Africa. In the end, Resa and Mira were struck off the Big Brother girls list after falling on the wrong side of Africa. Mozambique and Zambia now have one housemate each.

It's good news for Team Ellah as she is safe this week. Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah is part of the Waka Waka group that won the Music Extravaganza task making them immune from eviction this week.

On the other hand, Esther Akankwasa is in the group that lost and they will comprise part of the list of nominees for possible eviction next Sunday.

Who nominated Esther Akankwasa?

  • Trezagah from Mozambique nominated our very own Esther because she makes a lot of noise and also the only Big Brother gal that smokes.
  • Kenya's Alusa nominated Esther because he has minimal connection with her.
  • Mam' Bea from Ghana also nominated Esther with claims that she talks a lot.
  • Goitse from Botswana nominated Esther for not working as a team.
  • Zimbabwe's Butterphly nominated Esther because they don't get along.

Nomination Chart

Rwanda's Frankie - 8, Nigeria's Tayo - 7, Zimbabwe's JJ - 7, Namibia's Permithias - 6, Uganda's Esther 5 (listed above) and Kenya's Sabina - 4.

The final list is expected today after the Head of House, South Africa's Samantha playing her save and replace role. To vote for Ellah or Esther, type 'Vote Esther' or 'Vote Ellah' and send the sms text to 8884. Each message costs shs500/-.

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Monday, October 13 2014

Mira and Luis making out

The second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House during the yesterday live show was Mozambique's Mira after Zambia's Resa. Mira was so close to Namibia's Luis, they actually played the Big Brother game after the Friday party.

Luis Tshita Munana was sure he had gotten a playmate for a greater part of the show, but unfortunately, he was left in tears when IK announced that his darling, Mira had only seconds in the house. During the live show, Mira told Africa that she missed her phone and family back home.

Minutes after the eviction, Luis cried uncontrollably. He could not believe that in less than a week, he had met Mira and within no time bonded so well and now, she is no longer in the house.

In the uncut video, Mira and Luis are seen making mild movements under their duvet. Big Brother experts say had these two stayed in the house for at least 50 days, the guys behind the Biggie cameras would have got a run for their money but with a week in the house, hmmm, that was a simple Big Brother game noyt in any way close to Gaetano's..!

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Sunday, October 12 2014

Mozambique's Mira and Zambia's Resa evicted

Big Brother Hotshots first eviction was held this evening and unfortunately, Zambia's Resa and Mozambique's Mira will have to watch the game from their respective homes.

"It's been an amazing journey and I'm at peace, " Resa told IK. The second housemate to be evicted was Mira who said that she was happy to be out of the house as she was missing her family and phone.

Back in the house, Namibia's Luis is already missing Mira and can't help tears from rolling down his cheeks. Kenya's Sabina was seen comforting him. It should be recalled that after the party yesterday, Luis and Mira took it to another level. Biggie's cameras zoomed on them and it was all going down.

Hmmm THAT explains the tears Luis was shedding because he had only gotten to know her better, but he might have to play his cards elsewhere...!

"I got close to Luis from Namibia, he is a fine guy, " Mira added during the live eviction show. Africa is good at evicting couples while housemates tend to use it as a strategy to stay in the house.

This week, Uganda's Ellah survives eviction while Esther and other members she performed with in the music extravaganza are form part of the list for eviction next week.

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Saturday, October 11 2014

Arthur reveals his Ugandan roots to Esther

Rwanda's Hotshot, Arthur Nkusi is half Ugandan. This was revealed this morning while chatting with Uganda's Esther Akankwasa.

The comedian cum radio presenter told Esther that his mum is Ugandan and hails from the central region, she is called Harriet Kibuka. Arthur went on to say that he loves Bebe Cool and Chameleone's music even Maurice Kirya but Bobi Wine's music is a class apart.

See also: Larry Okoronkwo Reveals Big Brother Deal

The Rwanda comedian did not forget fellow comedians, The Amarula family who he says were his classmates. I'm still hurt with the death of Paddy Bitama, he added.

As the conversation progressed, another Rwandan housemate, Frankie who was following closely chipped in with Juliana who lost her only son, Keron but was also quick to add that Moze Radio and Weasel were his favorite Ugandan stars.

At this rate, Uganda's Esther and Ellah risk losing some of their votes to these lads who seem to be on point with their game.

Meanwhile, Esther was this afternoon complaining to Biggie that he needs to reduce on the South Africa and Nigerian Music being played in the house and switch to a bit of Ugandan music. She spent the whole Independence day wrapped up in a Ugandan flag as her way of celebrating 52 years of  independence.

She is looking forward to being the next Head of House (HoH).

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Wednesday, October 08 2014

Esther Akankwasa did Rihanna's We Found Love

Details have emerged of what led to the split between Esther Akankwasa and her German lover, Damminger.

After having one too many, Esther Akankwasa was having a chat with Kenya's Sabina as they flipped through photos she carried to the house. Some of the shots were her wedding photos with ex-hubby, Nico Damminger. Sabina was curious to know what happened between them.

Initially, Esther was reluctant to fill her in on the details claiming he is a good man, but he will get someone better for him. "That period was one of my hardest time," Esther added. 

Why call him a good man when you are not together, did you go to see him in Germany, Sabina asked. "No and he took another woman there and I was like why I'm I doing this if I'm not your number one." Biggie interrupted this particular session with a commercial just to stop her from spilling more beans.

Esther and Nico walked down the aisle a few months after dating, but what shocked many, the marriage was dissolved nine months later. 

The Dammingers during their wedding

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Monday, October 06 2014

Esther Akankwasa could not believe she had got 45%

While doing Rihanna's We Found Love, Esther gave it her all and lost her voice at some point, but being good at dancing, she wiggled her way to the end and waited for the verdict, her score was below average. She had expected more than 85%.

This morning while talking to fellow housemates, she recalled of how one lady in the audience was not so amused at her performance and yet she felt, for a woman putting on 6.5 high heel shoes, that performance was a killer.

Last night, Kenya's Alusa referred her as a young gal, she was quick to defend herself; "Should I show you my azz before you know that I'm not a young gal, or if I was young would I be here!"

Esther is appearing more on Biggie's camera's compared to Ellah, but then again, Ellah seems to have a strategy which will render Esther useless as the 63 days are reduced.

Just last night, Ellah was having a chat with Kenya's Alusa and Rwanda's Frankie who were asking her if she puts up in Kololo, she replied No, I stay in Makindye.

Meanwhile, following last night's performance, all housemates apart from Levada from TZ are up for possible eviction.

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Monday, October 06 2014

Tanzania's Laveda is the Head of House

More of the 26 housemates made their way to the house after their talent show performances.

Mam' Bea from Ghana scored 72.5% by just show casing her fashion design in a sari like attire followed by our very own Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah who did a Mama song but got 54.6% from her performance, again an average score though better than Esther.

Goitse from Botswana followed with a 64.2% score after her unique dance. Alusa from Kenya hit the stage next with his Swahili-Lingala song that earned him a cool 61%. He was in the Emerald house last year. Samantha doing a song that she did specifically for Big Brother got the audience that was supposed to be voting her clapping, it worked because she got 61%.

The lady of the night, Laveda from Tanzania followed playing her saxophone, which turned out to be the most appealing. She scored 85%. IK rated her as the sexi3st on the show. She was clad in a long slit dress.

Then came the comedian from Rwanda who warned girls from following their boyfriends to the ATM machines, he got 77.5% for that. 21-year-old Sheillah from Botswana followed with a performance that left her with 59.3%, Malawi's Sipe followed with a 59%.

Luis from Namibia came with his Champion song blending it with his six pack, it earned him 58.3%, Zambia's Macky 2 followed with a 59.1%

Mira from Mozambique hit the stage doing a poem entitled Mama Africa, she got 47.8% for it. Idris, the photographer from Tanzania was up next dancing to the sounds of Waichukucha garnering him a cool 64%..He was dressed like Michael Jackson.

It was then time for the BET Award winner, Davido doing his Skelewu hit song. At the end of the performances, Biggie told all the housemates that they were up for eviction apart from Laveda, whose score was the highest, making her the head of house and therefore immune from eviction this week.

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Monday, October 06 2014

Esther's Talent show score was below 50%

It was time for the next eight housemates to make their way to the Big Brother house but before that, they had to give Africa the best of what they got.

JJ the entertainer from Zimbabwe was up next doing justice to the guitar and his score was 72.6% followed by our very own Esther Akankwasa who hit the stage doing Rihanna's 'We Found Love' but her singing did little in elevating her, it was the dancing that propelled her to 45.4%, the second lowest score at the time.

She was soon joined by Mr. 265 from Malawi who also scored 45.9% which was slightly better than Esther's but in the same range. The show switched to Tayo from Nigeria who came in with his version adopted from the Big Brother Experience, he got 58.6%.

A professional sushi chef, Permithias from Namibia was next and amazingly, his performance was good with a 68.3% score. Resa was next scoring over 60%.

One observation so far from the Hotshots house is that most of them are into music with good voices, so what our dear Esther is doing is to twerk a bit every time she comes across those rehearsing their songs, she could come out of the house without the money but at least with contracts to feature as a video vixen for tracks recorded in the house.

Resa (Zambia) and Nhlanhla (South Africa) followed in that order.

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Sunday, October 05 2014

IK performing at the launch show
Big Brother Africa Hotshots launched on Sunday at 8:00pm with a performance from IK. Housemates had been revealed in the days leading up to the event on the MNet website, so all they had to do at the launch show was to make a one minute presentation show casing their talents.

Rwanda's Frankie was the first on the Big Brother stage doing some rap song, the audience rated him 64.3% followed by Kacey Moore from Ghana who got 52%.

It was not long before the exotic dancer from Nigeria, Lillian hit the stage. This one did some twerking attracting loud cheers from the audience, she scored 69%.

Butterphly from Zimbabwe was up next, she got 44.4% followed by Mozambique's Trezagah who got 45.3%. Kenya's curvy Sabina hit the stage rocking a green outfit that accentuated her curves doing the Motorbike performance. It was original, no wonder the audience rated her 73.8%.

Those were the first six housemates to make their way to the house. Kenya's Sabina was quick to sample the champagne bottles the moment she got to the house.

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Thursday, October 02 2014

Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah's video with Biggie

Esther Namuddu Akankwasa's video with Biggie

Talking to Biggie, the current Miss Uganda said that Africa should watch out for her cocktail personality though she was not loud enough and when it came to Esther, she was loud but what she said was not clear.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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