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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Monday, March 19 2018

Two of these evicted housemates will be bouncing back to the house

Of the eleven evicted housemates, two of them will this Sunday bounce back to the house, the first time ever evicted housemates are returned to the house. This also includes Khloe and K Brulle who were disqualified from the game...Read More

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Wednesday, February 28 2018

Bambam and Teddy-A are the second couple to be caught in Double WAHALA situations

Bamike Olawunmi aka Bambam and Teddy A were on Monday night able to tread the path that Nina and Miracle took a few days back, however, this has left the fans split over the matter. The singer, actress and songwriter who is a graduate of Microbiology is paired with Rico Swavey, but very close to her previous partner Teddy-A..Read More

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Tuesday, February 27 2018

Nominated BBNaija housemates in the fourth week

All is not well for Cee-C after her lover boy, Tobi failed to save her, she is now in the hands of fans who will determine if she continues to play the game or she packs her bags to leave the Big Brother house. The other housemates on the chopping block are Ahneeka and Angel going by their Gelah pair name, Leo and Ifu also known by their LIFU pair name.

Angel and Ifu Ennada were playing the game as partners last week and survived evictions by a whisker, they are now facing the voters once again...Read More

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Tuesday, February 20 2018

Nina could stand teh fact that she was not going to share the bed with Miracle

Big Brother has shuffled the pairs in yet another Double Wahala move that has since left the fans complaining. A case in point, Miracle and Nina were playing the game so well, in fact, they came out of the last eviction show as the best polling 25.8% of the total votes.

Miracle and Nina have been compatible from day one that they even kissed on the first day in the house, it' no wonder that Miracle took her on from behind in the wee hours of Sunday morning and Monday night, her good night kiss left many in shock.

In the above pic, Nina was in tears and very upset with what Big Brother had done. Miracle has now been partnered with Anto. It should be noted that if Miracle was not with Nina, he was supposed to be with Anto something that left Nina very uncomfortable that she is following every move they make.

Miracle still has a good game going for him as he is this weeks' Head of House, unfortunately, now that they are playing the game as pairs, he will enjoy those privileges with Anto and not with Nina something that has left her deflated as you can see in the above pic.

Tobi was the first Head of House for two weeks in a row followed by Khloe who unfortunately was disqualified together with her partner K Brule and this week, Miracle is the new Head of House after beating Ifu Ennada, Ahneeka and Leo in the Head of House challenge task.

1. Miracle and Anto (MITO).
2. Bambam and Rico Swavey (BANCO)
3. Angel and Ahneeka (GELAH). 
4. Alex and Tobi - TOLEX
5. Ifu Ennada and Leo - LIFU
6. Nina and Teddy A - TENA. 
7. Cee-C with Lolu- CELO

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Monday, February 19 2018

Princess, Britto, Dee-One and Vandora were evicted from the BBNaija house


  • Two housemates disqualified (Khloe and K-Brulle)
  • Four housemates evicted
  • MINA - Miracle and Nina, the first housemates to kiss were able to graduate from taht level to the advanced one
  • CEBI- Cee-C is a tigress
  • 63 days left

The game is now on after some housemates left the Big Brother house empty handed, some were disqualified..Meanwhile, there is no house ever that has disrespected Biggie like this one ..Read More

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Friday, February 16 2018

First set of housemates that are up for eviction in the BBNaija house 2018

The house has twenty housemates in total and 16 are up for eviction, we will start with the four who are not up for eviction. Khloe is the current Head of House and she is playing the game with K-Brulle under the #DoubleWahala arrangement.

The other two are Leo, the fingergate teacher and Alex, the green hair housemate who could not stand Leo's fingers that she had to run for safety in MINA's bed..Read More

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Sunday, February 11 2018

Niniola performing at the Big Brother Naija live show

On Sunday, it was the second live fake eviction show in the Big Brother Naija house. Niniola performed live and left the Biggie fans yearning for more.

The second live show kicked off with a performance from Niniola. The show host, Ebuka revealed that next Sunday, more than one double-Wahala pair will be leaving the house. Fans should expect real action this week as housemates are aware it won't be business as usual going forward.

LOTO (Lolu and Anto), MINA, K- Square (K Brulle and Khloe) and Prito (Princess and Britto) were the nominated pairs up for the fake eviction this week. MINA (Miracle and Nina) were saved by the HOH and replaced with BamTeddy (BamBam and Teddy A).

Tobi has been the HoH for two weeks in a row, but luck was not on his side this time around as as Khloe assumes that role in week three.

Ebuka was back to teasing housemates who were worried that the game had ended for them. "The name of the first pair to leave the Big Brother game is ....LOTO remain standing I will get back to you, K-Square sit, you are safe."

A post shared by Big Brother Naija (@bigbronaija) on

After saving those two from the fake eviction, Ebuka turned to the other housemates to let him know of they were playing the game.

"Cee-C and Tobi what is it between you two?" Ebuka asked. "It's just a partnership for now," Cee-C replied.

Niniola bounced back for her second performance.

The show then crossed to the Head of House challenge. This involved the male housemates singing for the female housemates who were dancing with tennis balls on their backs, the balls kept on falling to the time when the music stopped.

Khloe and Bam Bam qualified to move on to stage two of the HoH qualifier.The female housemates did the same for the male housemates who unfortunately were disqualified.

In the end Khloe became the Head of House for the third week, and it is a deal for her because the game has now started.

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Monday, January 29 2018

K Brule looks exactly like Miyonse and Teddy A is the multi tattooed guy

This season is going to be hotter than the previous versions, the housemates are not joking and, other than the money, they are into serious business.

The last housemate went to bed at about 4:00am Naija time, but they were determined to go all the way. Biggie never runs out of games, the housemates were not given their bags, so they literally had the clothes they walked with to the house, underwear save for the Biggie's towels they met in the house...Read More

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Monday, January 29 2018

Big Brother Naija housemates 2018

Big Brother Naija season 3 is on already and the house is full of drama. On night one, some housemates almost failed to sleep as they were busy getting to know each other. Just like the previous versions, Ebuka is the host of this one save for Big Brother's voice that has changed, the new Biggie is not audible and matters are made worse when he tries to sound just like the original Biggie.

Ten male housemates and ten female housemates are in the run for 45million Naira prize, they include housemates from different fields ranging from pilots, fashion designers, bankers, freelancers and fitness managers, among others.

Some have promised to give Africa what they have never seen before. A case in point is Anto, who was born and raised in the US and a fan of Big Brother Africa, she says that for instance in the previous season, there's nothing to write home about, so she is here for the money, but also to give Africa what they've not seen before.

They are all promising fire, but at the end of it all, there's only one man or in that case one woman standing.

The show will run for 85 days and the housemates will be playing the game as partners, thus the phrase Double Wahala, they will be punished jointly and also when it comes to eviction, the affected pair will leave the house together. Viewers are appealing to Biggie to allow them play as individuals as opposed to partners.

On the very first night, 6 housemates were taken to a different house that Biggie is yet to show us. 

Read AlsoBig Brother Naija season three kicks off

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Friday, January 12 2018

Big Brother Naija season 3 starts this January

It's only 16 days left before the cameras can start recording the action in the Big Brother Naija house.
Ebuka Obi-Uchendu will still be the host of the biggest reality show in Africa.

Season 2 was won by Efe Ejeba taking with him the N25 Million prize money and SUV after three months in the Big Brother house. 

Auditions for the show were held in six locations across Nigeria drawing massive crowds that expressed interest in being part of the reality show with vid cams roving in all corners of the BBNaija house.

Big Brother Naija Season 3 premieres on Sunday 28 January 2018 and will be exclusive to DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Plus Channel 29.

Big Brother Naija 3 to start and Ebuka will still be the show host

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Friday, July 14 2017

Ernest and Bhoke spotted in TZ

Uganda's Ernest spotted in Dar having a quality time with Tanzania's Bhoke

Big Brother Amplified housemates Ernest and Bhoke are in Tanzania having more of what they enjoyed seven years back while in the Big Brother house.


Big Brother Africa 6 aka Amplified had Sharon O and Ernest Wasake representing Uganda, and while in the house, Sharon O kept it tight even when Michael from Zimbabwe tried very much to cross that line, he failed. On the other hand, Ernest was on rampage with Bhoke, the number of viewers for the game soared during that time, but dropped sharply when these two [Ernest and Bhoke] housemates were evicted. They left the house on the same night now that the two were up for eviction.

Outside the house, they continued exploring their bodies now that the Big Brother cameras were not following them. Just yesterday, Ernest was spotted with Bhoke enjoying each other's company at a top bar in Dar, he could not hide his excitement;

"I realize now that women really are designed by God to upgrade men! He decided to make men like Toyota ipsum and women like fine tuned Ferrari! Tanzania is lovely, and I am grateful to God for all! We all need good friends in life, especially when we start balding," Ernest wrote.

Some of the notable housemates from Tanzania are Richard Dyle Bezuidenhout and Idris Sultan who both won the money, Idris was very close to our gal Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah.

Big Brother Gals - BBA6  - Amplified

Big Brother Amplified Female Housemates

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Sunday, April 09 2017

Efe wins Big Brother Naija 2017

EFE Wins Big Brother Naija 2017

The winner of Big Brother Naija See Gobe is EFE.
It was the grand finale of Big Brother Naija with five housemates tussling it out for the 25million Naira and a brand new SUV. The show kicked off with highlights of last week's eviction that saw Bally leave the house, then crossed to how the finalists have been going about their chores in the last week.

2 Baba hit the stage doing his 'Holy Holy' track. Ebouka went to the house, he did not leave empty handed, he came back with Marvis who was the first finalist to be evicted. Yemi Alade hit the stage telling the fans how she wants her body to be ca.ress.ed as she did her thing with the queen dancers.

Marvis was asked if she will give Efe a chance, she said may be...because she has something out based on logistics..
Debbie-Rise was the next housemate to be evicted but before she could come out, Emmy Gee was lighting up the stage with his Rands and Nairas.

Final moments in the house
Tiwa Savage was next on stage doing her Romantic song that she did with Koredo Bello.
Ebouka was back to the house and straight on put TBoss on the spot when she said she does not need the money and the jets talk.

A clip of Efe kissing Marvis was shown next plus Bisola's games with Thin Tall Tony. It was not long before TBoss was shown the exit.

TBoss and Bisola did not leave empty handed as they got some goodies from PAYPORTE and respectively.

2 Baba was back on stage to crown off the show with his African Queen reggae version that got everyone singing along.

The Big Brother Naija prize car

The winner walked away with 25million Naira and a brand new SUV. 

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Sunday, April 09 2017

2 Baba perfoming at the Big Brother Naija grand finale show

2 Baba perfoming at the Big Brother Naija grand finale show..

Marvis was the first finalist to be evicted

Marvis was the first finalist to be evicted

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Monday, April 03 2017

Bally speaking to Ebouka shortly after being evicted

Yesterday's eviction show was the most tense from the time the show started. Housemates who were up for eviction were clearly seen panting, it was even worse for TBoss who kept going to the wash room or get a refreshment every time the show switched to an ad break.

American born Nigerian artist, David Adeleke aka Davido was the main performer for the live show. This time round, the evicted housemate did not come out on their own, the doors were opened and the relative of the evicted housemate walked in as a sign that their housemate had been evicted.

It was a tight race this week that saw over 11 million votes but TBoss came out as the darling of many when she garnered 26.49% of the vote clinging to the top, another darling, Debbie-Rise followed in that order with 25.36%. Marvis was not very far with 24.40% but unfortunately, Bally, who was last week's top housemate became the last with 23.76%.

That is how he was evicted. Highlights of his time in the house focused on him and Bisola, but he came out clearly to say that he had no feelings for Bisola, I was only a victim just like Thin Tall Tony.

The game now has five housemates; Efe (24) as the only male housemate with four female housemates; Bisola (31), Debbie-Rise (27), Marvis and TBoss.

Next Sunday will see the overall winner walk away with the grand prize SUV car and 25 million naira. The game is between Efe and TBoss.

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Monday, March 27 2017

Big Brother Naija-Final Nominations - 4 up for eviction

Final nominations - Four up for possible eviction

Marvis was called in first to the diary room, she nominated Tboss and Debbie-Rise.

Bally was called in next and TBoss, Debbie Rise were his nominations claiming that the two were strong and a threat to his game.

Debbie-Rise followed to the diary room in her high-heel and cream short skirt, Biggie took some seconds before asking her to nominate her two choices, she went for Marvis and Efe.

Efe was up next, he nominated Debbie Rise and TBoss on being asked why, he said that based on logistics, they are a danger to his game..

TBoss - I nominate Efe and Marvis because I think they nominated me as well, Efe is one of the strongest competitors and  he needs to give me some space.

Bisola - TBoss and Debbie Rise - because the audience lost them and they are a threat to me..

"Housemates, before the nomination process continues, Biggie would like to congratulate you for winning your wager for last week, In the store room you will find a gift from Biggie to celebrate."

He went on to warn them about breaking the house rules...

Would the following housemates please stand: Debbie -Rise, Efe, Marvis and TBoss, you have been nominated for a possible eviction on Sunday.

Head of House, Bisola, who is also immune from the final nominations was given a chance to save a nominated housemate and replace them with a housemate not nominated, this is how Efe went off the hook and Bally got on board.

Biggie went on to tell them that at least one of the housemates nominated will be evicted next Sunday.

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Monday, March 27 2017

Bally emerged the best

Last night, Bally was evicted and fans are now vying for TBoss..Amazingly, Bally is still strong..

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Sunday, March 26 2017

Bassey talking to Ebuka shortly after eviction

Bassey evicted from the Big Brother Naija House

Bally, Bassey, Debbie-Rise and TBoss were the housemates up for eviction this week but unfortunately, Bassey did not make it.

Debbie-Rise was the first one to be called only to breath a sigh of relief when the show host, Ebuka, told her she was safe. "I feel bad that I've left the game but I'm also excited I've come this far," Bassey told Africa.

The toughest part for him in the house was dealing with emotions especially the ladies who wanted to be close to him, but he was glad he fought all that.

In the house, Debbie-Rise was all in tears because her 'prince charming' had been evicted. They showed his clip in the house with Debbie Rise planting a good night kiss on his lips. Trust Bassey, this was his response; "I was half asleep when Debbie-Rise pecked me..."

One of the fans asked him who he liked between Uriel and Debbie, Bassey said he liked Debbie Rise, however, he has a girl friend outside the house breaking the hears of Debbie Rise fans.

TBoss comforting De bbie-Rise

Bassey's dream of earning the 25 naira and an SUV has ended but says he will continue with his music.

"But seriously I would have prefered Bally to leave! Instead of Bassey... Bassey is more useful than Bally but I know why he's out! because he always nominates Efe!! So Efe fans now saved Bally instead of him," one commented.

Six housemates are left in the house and there's a game changer, housemates can now discuss who they put up for eviction. It should be recalled that in the past, they were not allowed to discuss this Africa should look out for how the game revolves in these last two weeks..

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Sunday, March 19 2017

Thin Tall Tony with Ebuka after eviction

Thin Tall Tony Evicted from the Big Brother Naija

Thin Tall Tony's game has ended in the Big Brother Naija house after he became the latest housemate to be evicted. He leaves behind seven finalists.

Bisola could not help tears from rolling down her cheeks when they mentioned that her bae had been evicted.

While on stage, TTT told the show host that whatever happened between him and Bisola in the house was not real.

"Bisola is an amazing person and a friend I will keep for life but what happened in the house was not real.."

The based on logistics star, Efe, is unstoppable as he again emerged the winner out of the housemates who were up for possible eviction. Efe garnered 50% of the total vote followed by Debbie-Rise who got 21% and TBoss 14%.

Before the show could end, Biggie came up with a game changer which was to blow up hundreds of balloons using their armpits, then buttocks and later their hands, Efe emerged the winner becoming the Ultimate Head of House.

The seven finalists are; Efe, Marvis, Debbie-Rise, Bassey, Bally, Tboss and Bisola.

Thin Tall Tony's last moments in the house

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Sunday, March 12 2017

Bisola dumps Thin Tall Tony for Bally

Bisola and Bally crowned off the night with a deep kiss in one of the corners as the rest of the housemates snored including Thin Tall Tony. The kiss was not enough as they wanted to explore each other, Bisola moved to Bally's bed where they were safely covered in a duvet.

They kicked off with the Big Brother game as Biggie's roving camera's went for Thin Tall Tony (TTT) who was at the time snoring and dreaming of his family back at home.

It should be recalled that Bally has been very careful with crossing the line but this was not possible this time as Bisola feasted on him. Bisola left Bally's bed after having it all and the two promised each other that whatever happened should not happen going forward.

Housemates have been very careful when it comes to matters of crossing the line since the disqualification of Kemen whose hands were caught on camera surfing TBoss without her consent, it was a serious matter that took a whole day's workshop on Women's day just to teach the housemates on matters consent.

There will be no one going home tonight of the eight housemates still in the game.. TBoss, Bisola, Debbie-Rise, Marvis, Efe, TTT, Bally and Bassey are the only housemates in the game that will see the winner walk away with 25 naira and an SUV ride..

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Sunday, March 12 2017

Marvis and Efe dancing together

Marvis and Efe an Item after the wedding task

Housemates had a Marvis-Efe wedding in the Big Brother Naija house but for three days now, the two are behaving like newly weds...It was a task but the housemates with a strong Naija accent seem to be taking it to a whole new level.

During the Saturday night party, the two danced together most of the time and when it got to bed time, Efe went to bed with Marvis..His hand was seen doing several rounds under the duvet as Tboss wore a beaming smile next to them.

The Based on Logistics star soon demanded for a good night kiss and hug which Marvis gave freely..Efe then left her in the giant bed all by herself.

Efe then had a chat with Debbie-Rise who clearly told him she was tipsy, he escorted her to upstairs before kissing her goodnight...oh he also covered her before heading to his bed...

On his way to bed, Efe met Bassey playing the guitar all by himself and wondered why he was not sleeping at the time, he left him and dashed to his single bed next to Thin Tall Tony who was busy snoring as Bally feasted on his Bisola. 

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Wednesday, February 22 2017

I can stand a cheating lover - Bisola

"Provided you apologise every time you do it, it's ok with me, I already have a daughter out of wedlock so If I keep on leaving every relationship because a man is cheating, how many will I leave?, All men cheat ohhh!! eh eh!!" 

I can tolerate a cheating lover- Bisola

Still on matters to do with love, Jon told the housemates that if you are not happy in your relationship, it’s better for you to pack and go. What if you are married and have children? Efe aka 'Based on Logistics' asked! It does not matter, the thing is, if you are not happy pack and go especially if you are aware your partner is cheating, Jon added.

Uriel seemed to agree with Jon. Then came the mother of one, Bisola, who has explored TTT for a greater part of the one month they’ve been in the house, the motor mouthed actress told fellow housemates that with her, she will not pack her bags because one is cheating on her, all men cheat and that is what I know but what I can’t stand is a man who lays his hands on me, I will leave.

As this topic was going on, her 'lover', Thin Tall Tony who is married with kids when not in the house was tight lipped, he did not make any contributions to the topic.

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Wednesday, February 22 2017

Uriel and TBoss after eating the fear factor food

My Lover almost killed me but I hang in there-TBoss

As the talk about love and how to love or be loved ensued, housemates revealed their experiences. One wondered how anyone can keep in a violent relationship; It’s the fear of the unknowns, Uriel said.

It was then that TBoss went on to narrate her ordeal of her lover then  who tried strangling her, he almost left her for the dead had it not been for the heavy kick in the lower area.

“He later married my best friend,” she added.

Meanwhile, all this talk was after Biggie had subjected them to a fear factor meal that almost left half of the housemates puking or feeling like so.

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Wednesday, February 22 2017

Debbie tried talking to housemates matters love

Housemates reject Debbie-Rise love talk

The evening did not go well for Debbie when she tried talking to housemates on love matters, how to love and better still, how to express your feelings to the other party.

However, housemates were quick to shut her down because her theories were from a book. Tell us about your experiences and not what you have read from a book, because, authors of these books are profit motivated and write want you want to know, Jon and Bally told her.

Debbie has tried to give her all to Bassey and Bally but the guys are not forthcoming at all, so she thought that talking to them indirectly would do the trick but she ended up rubbing them the wrong way especially Jon.

Efforts to convince the housemates that she was talking based on her painful experience did not hold much water as none of the boys were willing to buy whatever it is she was selling.

"Debbie-Rise is yet to understand that there is no MANUAL to keep any relationship! Being yourself is just the best.... We ladies make mistakes by trying hard to displease ourselves to please our bf's..... She ll understand someday," One wrote.

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Tuesday, February 21 2017

Jon, Ese and Uriel emerged with the highest votes

Yesterday, all the housemates were busy nominating their strongest challengers for possible eviction and at the end of the exercise, the fake housemates, Efe and Jon, were leading which is proof that they are doing a good job. Efe had 6 and Jon 4. Uriel had 4 votes making her the legitimate housemate with the highest votes.

Fortunately for her, all the other housemates; Bally, Efe, Bassey and TBoss followed with just two votes each.

In principal, Uriel was to be up with herself because Efe and Jon who also had high votes were not in the game for the money, and that in itself could not work out leaving Biggie with no choice but to nullify the nominations.

Trust Biggie, having failed to come up with a proper nominee list, he used Kemen and Marvis to let all the housemates know that it was not business as usual this week, all their efforts to nominate had been put to waste, instead, Biggie and the viewers will be the ones to nominate housemates that will be on the chopping block this week.

As part of the Big Brother rules, housemates are not allowed to conspire and that is the crime Kemen committed while talking to Marvis.

This brought a lot of panic in the house, Balley lost his advantage card and so was Bisola who was equally immune to being nominated this week, all because of Kemen's actions. Kemen is the first Head of House to be slapped with a striker.

Biggie noticed how tense the housemates were and very quickly called in one by one for their diary sessions, it was then that he notified them that not all of them were up for eviction.

Next Sunday will see the fake housemates, Ese and Jon leave the house as the housemates are pretty much aware these two are in the game.

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Sunday, February 19 2017

Marvis beat Thin Tall Tony by a whole 10%

It’s been 28 days and the third housemate, Gifty, is out of the Big Brother house. Ice Prince and Vanessa Mdee were the performers of the night.

Hours before the live show, Biggie, called the nominated housemates for their eviction diary session, they were all asked who they thought was going home and interestingly, Gifty and T3 all said Marvis was leaving and on being asked why, they both said she was not girly.

This week, Biggie introduced another twist in the game. Three housemates, Bisola, Bassey and TBoss were the lucky housemates to participate in the live game that saw Bisola survive being nominated for this coming week, a traditional Naija meal for Bassey.

TBoss failed her question and she will have to wash dishes for at least one day.

The show host, Ebuka, crossed back to the house to let the nominated housemates learn of their fate. Many didn’t see this coming but Marvis beat the other two housemates hands down. She got 42% followed by T3 at 32% and Gifty at 25% and that is how the housemate who is hungry for power and fame left the show empty handed.

Gifty had hoped to buy a house for her mom but now all those hopes have been dashed.

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Sunday, February 19 2017

Marvis planting hot one's on Efe and Kemen
Three housemates are up for eviction this week, Thin Tall Tony, Marvis and Gifty, and tonight, we will see at least one of them leave the Big Brother house. Marvis has been appealing to her fans letting them know that she does not want to leave the house, will they deliver? tune in on Ch 198 on DSTV to see how she will react when evicted.

Yesterday was the denim party so all the housemates pulled out their denim shorts and trousers and the party was on. Marvis was always caught in compromising situations all the time, if she was not dancing wide spread, she was feasting on either Kemen's or Efe's lips.

Matters were made worse after the party when Big Brother hid their liquor, Marvis cried all the way because she was hoping to put up the best show after clearing her throat with some legend bottles, but Biggie was not in the party mood.

Marvis later confided in Efe before breaking down in tears. Bisola and Thin Tall Tony came around to comfort her but the tiny dreadlocked housemate could not hold back her tears.

Thin Tall Tony told her that he was also up for eviction but even if he left the house tonight, he is now a more popular figure out there than he came into the house, most doors will be open for him without having to introduce himself.

Tonight, Gifty, Thin Tall Tony and Marvis will find out who has that much love from Africa.

Dancing like she was blowing Kemen

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Sunday, February 19 2017

Bisola and Thin Tall Tony at it...
The Saturday party was on and the housemates had fun enjoying their lager, music and chicken. Thin Tall Tony and Marvis were pretty much aware they were up for eviction so they danced to the fullest, k!ssed everytime they felt like and with whoever they chose.

After the party, the housemates rushed indoors just to get ready for the now tradional Truth or Dare game, but unfortunately for them, Biggie had hidden all they beer so they had nothing to keep them going with the game that lets them do all the crazy things they can think of.

Motormouthed Bisola and Thin Tall Tony excused themselves and went to do a bit of exploring each other for some good minutes. The camera's were able to grab them for some time with Bisola doing her thing as T3 made groaning sounds.

They [Bisola and TTT] later came to join the other housemates at the usual table that normally acts as a playground for the trutH or dare game..

The Jacuzzi was now accessible and the sharp one's were quick to rush in, seconds within the hot tub, Bisola jumped on Thin Tall Tony and started feasting on his lips..

It was hardly 20 minutes into the tub when Biggie told them to go back to the house, some were ready to jump in but the jacuzzi pool was too small to accommodate all of them, so some missed out as Biggie asked them to go back to the house.

"Biggie I hope you are watching..You see us going in a very sad move...Biggie we are sad, Nigger you've spoilt our fun..."Thin Tall Tony said.

"I feel so sad I feel like we've offended Big Brother," TBoss added.

The housemates later gathered and played the confession game.

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Saturday, February 18 2017

Thin Tall Tony wins the Arena Challenge

Thin Tall Tony wins the Arena Challenge

Friday evening is for the Arena Challenge in the Big Brother Naija House. It started off with Efe but just like last week, the results were not any different, he failed.

Next up was Jon, the fake housemate who managed to cross to the next stage but he only had 40 seconds on the clock which could not take him far.

Ese another fake housemate followed and managed to get to the next levelwhere her time ran out unfortunately.

Gifty was the first housemate to beat the challenge with 6:44 seconds on the clock.

Now that Gifty a lady had made it, Kemen knew it was a walk over and in a record 1:45 seconds the muscle man was done.

Uriel was the second female housemate after Gifty to get the challenge right at 3:16 seconds.

Bassey failed miserably, he did not even wait for his time to be up as he left the challenge 12 seconds to the end of his time.

TBoss – During the day, she requested whoever wins the task to go with her for the luxury treat, but most importantly, she wanted to sleep up stairs. Well, when it came to the task, she tried cheating but the masked bouncer did not allow her, she later managed to complete the challenge 6:42 seconds.

Thin Tall Tony – ‘’Standing tall in the way of your victory is Kemen’s 1:45seconds,” Biggie told him before kicking off with his session and on being done, T3 was leading at 1:22seconds.

Debbie-Rise, Marvis and Bally followed in that order and apart from the latter who scored 1:49 seconds, the other two failed.

The rest of the housemates gave a standing ovation to captain Thin Tall Tony who was immediately told to choose one female and two male for the luxury treat, he did and TBoss (dream comes true), Bally and Kemen were selected for the luxury treat.

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Wednesday, February 15 2017

Jon and Tboss as they prepare to share chocolate
It was a chocolate kiss...

After having it all with now evicted housemate, Miyonce, TBoss is again head over heels for new fake housemate, Jon. Unfortunately for her, she does not know Jon is in the game for a short while.

It was a chocolate-kiss, Miyonce must have hated this if he was watching that particular scene, she never gave him a hot one like that..Blame it on Valentine's day that saw Biggie pass on a few goodies to the housemates, the boys treated the girls to breakfast in bed, they all loved it.

Fans should look out for more stuff from TBoss. Having been up for eviction only to be saved by the HoH, TBoss is going to enjoy herself..However, fans have concluded that she likes them young and light considering that Miyonce was fair in complexion and so is Jon.

Housemates crowned off Valentine's day with a kissing festival.

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Monday, February 13 2017

Vote to save your favourite housemate

It’s Monday which means live Nominations in the Big Brother Naija house. All the 11 housemates were called in to the diary room for their nomination sessions, Bally, the advantage card star was the first in, Biggie asked him if he could use his card to save himself, he confidently said no and amazingly, he was not on the list. He nominated Bisola and Thin Tall Tony (T3).

All is not well for Gifty. She was up last week and so is this week, will her cling onto the Truth or Dare game save her this time? May be yes because she is up with Thin Tall Tony, another strong contender and Marvis, who had survived the nomination with only two votes, but the Head of House (HoH), Ese, who happens to be the fake housemate was quick to add her onto the list after saving TBoss .

It should be recalled that Africa has been wishing for TBoss to appear on the chopping block so she can pay for her ‘Miyonce deeds’...She slept with Miyonce and did all the things that lovers do but nominated him after all that, since then, fans have been vying for her name on the list so she can pay for her sins.

The new housemates who entered the house yesterday are immune from nominations, Gifty tried nominating Ese, but after a prolonged silence, Biggie was able to let her know that unfortunately, Ese cannot be nominated, it was then that she stuck to her initial option of Kemen.

This week, T3, Gifty and Marvis are up for eviction.

Who nominated T3? – [Bally, Bassey, D-Rice]

Who nominated Gifty? – [Efe, T3, Bisola, Kemen]

How the housemates voted?

  • Bally – Bisola T3
  • Efe -  TBoss, Gifty
  • Gifty -  Kemen , Bassey
  • T3 – TBoss, Gifty
  • Bassey – Efe, T3
  • Bisola – TBoss, Gifty
  • Kemen – DR, Gifty
  • D-Rice – T3, Marvis
  • T-Boss – Marvi, Uriel
  • Marvis – Bally, Uriel
  • Gifty- Marvis, T3

Vote via @WeChatApp, @africamagictv or SMS to 32052.

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Sunday, February 05 2017

Efe, Soma and Miyonce are up for eviction

Last night, housemates in the Big Brother House were treated to sounds of DJ Waxxy, they danced like they were making love. It lasted for one and half hours. They were worked to legend beer and other drinks that brought out all the twe.r.king and lap dances that left fans from over 20 countries in Africa watching all the way.

At the end of the dance, Marvis was all spread for Thin Tall Tony who was doing his thing right on top of her...The housemates then kicked off with the Truth or Dare game that later turned out to be more of a 'Dare Affair'. The most daring moves were when Gifty kissed the tip of Bassey who happens to be the most loved lad in the house by the ladies.. Other daring games involved kissing the armpits, toes, 'nipoz', taking clothes off among others.

The fans who kept awake in the late hours are not happy with Biggie's camera men who have taken sensoring of the scripts to a whole new level. In the past episodes, there was a dedicated channel for the uncut stuff but lately, this is a no go zone..

Short of that, it's the same Big Brother house, Biggie's voice is the same and tonight during the eviction show, it won't be surprising to see IK hosting the show that will see Soma, Miyonce or Igwe Efe pack their bags. Today is day 14 of the show and the housemates are 14, all from Nigeria.

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Wednesday, October 07 2015

Saxophonist Laveda doing her thing

This is what Tanzania's Laveda did to garner 85% from the live audience. This result made her the first Head of House. She is now immune from eviction this week as the rest of the 25 housemates are up for possible eviction.

Her voice let her down, a section of fans back home don't believe in her but in the last few hours of the game so far, she is among th housemates you can't miss. She was this afternoon doing a Luganda song that required her to do the traditional song, it was not long before Ellah joined her to do the song.

Esther gave Ellah the platform to tell Africa the meaning of the song; 'Nfunda Nomubi Nga azala', Ellah was quick to do so. ''I would rather marry an ugly person but when they are welcoming to the visitors," Ellah explained before wiggling to the dance.

Soon other housemates got interested in the dance so Ellah and Esther took them outside the house so they can learn the Uganda dance.

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Tuesday, July 28 2015

             Big Brother Africa season 10 cancelled
Big Brother Africa fans will have to miss their favorite reality show TV for this year as the organizers (Endemol, M-Net) seem to have failed to get sponsors. 

"I think it’s mainly because of cash constraints as we all know the show is very expensive to put up," Ghana's MultiChoice Manager, Anne Sacky, said.

Last year's edition, Big Brother season 9 was affected by a devastating fire that swept through the entire house forcing the organizers to arrange another location while all the housemates were already in South Africa.

It was such a costly venture. Visa regulations for some countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone and Rwanda were changed and had it not been for the fire that led to show to be postponed, some countries like Rwanda could have not been part of the show.

We still have five months before we say good bye to 2015, so who knows, anything could happen between now and then, otherwise, this will be a blow to Desire Luzinda, Judith Heard, Anita Fabiola and Hellen Lukoma who were likely to give this year's version a try having failed on season 9.

Big Brother Season 10 cancelled

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Wednesday, December 10 2014
Tayo Gets $350,000 from a Nigerian Billionaire
Last Sunday, Idris Sultan from Tanzania was declared the winner of the Big Brother Hotshots after 63 days of stiff competition. He beat his closest rival Tayo Faniran from Nigeria winning Biggie's US$300,000 cash prize. On being announced as the ultimate hotshot, he fell to his knees kissing the ground as Tayo shook his head in disbelief.
All that is over now for the Nigerian rep whose girl friend gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Toye, while he was in the house. As the second last man standing, Biggie gave him a gold chain, and as he was getting to terms with his loss, one ardent fan who was keenly following him in the house has vowed to give him a whooping $350,000.
Billionaire and oil magnate, Ayiri Emami, from Warri in Nigeria was following the game closely and was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Tayo was the ultimate hotshot, but just like other Nigerians he was dissapointed.
Now that he deserved to win, Emami has even added $50,000 onto BBA prize money that Tayo would have got had he won. The Naija billionaire contributed close to USD30,000 towards the African Queen singer, 2Face Idibia's wedding last year.
Some of the toys in his yard include a 2014 Bentley, Porsche, Escalade and Range Rover to mention but a few. On October 23, it was his wife's birthday and the present was a customised Rolls Royce. It should also be noted that Emami and Asba have been married for several years but still so in love.
This was followed by a lovely intimate dinner at Dell Frisco's Grill in Texas, Houston. Below are some of the shots for the customised Rolls Royce.
Asba Emami's customised Rolls Royce
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Sunday, December 07 2014

Idris from Tanzania wins Big Brother Africa Season 9

Tanzania's Idris Sultan,(21), a photographer by profession is $300,000 richer after winning the Big Brother Hotshots, season 9, beating 25 other contestants. Unlike other seasons, this was 63 days. Last Sunday, our very own Ellah was evicted along with three others leaving behind eight finalists that include;

Butterphly and Mam' Bea, JJ and Sipe, Nhlanhla and Macky 2, and that was the order in which they were evicted. Smartly dressed Idris Sultan from Tanzania was later declared the winner leaving Nigeria's Tayo who was clad in a black and white striped T-shirt in tears.

As usual IK had a chat with the two finalists who were dropped by a white limousine to the Big Brother stage. Tayo said that if he won the money, he would pay bride price for the woman of his life, while Idris said that this money came from Africa, so he give it back to Africa.

Idris was dating Ellah and Goitse, but he loved Goitse more something that did not please Ellah to the extent that when she was evicted, she was drumming up support for Butterphly as opposed to the Tanzanian photographer. Having won the $300,000, Idris is now a ladies man and our beauty queen, Ellah should be prepared if she is to feature on Idris' list.

It's the second time Tanzania is winning the Big Brother prize. Richard Bezuidenhout from Tanzania won BBA2.

How Africa Voted?

  • Idris - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Namibia (5)
  • Tayo - Nigeria and Mozambique (2)
  • Macky 2 - Rest of Africa, Zambia (2)
  • Nhlanhla - South Africa, Botswana (2)
  • JJ - Zimbabwe (1)
  • Sipe - Malawi (1)
  • Butterphly -  - 

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Ellah blaming herself for the romance gone bad with Tanzania's Idris

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Monday, December 01 2014

The Gurlz-Zuena, Ellah The Boyz-Trezagah, Bebe Cool

Yesterday's Big Brother live eviction show kicked off with Bebe Cool doing his latest hit Love You Everyday as Zuena and Sheilah Gashumba among others cheered him from the audience that was singing and dancing along. IK was no exception.

Namibia'a Sheillah and Mozambique's Trezagah were the first housemates to be evicted followed by Ellah and Goitse leaving behind 8 finalists in the run for the top prize of US$ 300,000. The reality TV show ends on December 07, 2014.

It's funny how Ellah was evicted alongside Goitse. These two have been sworn rivals while in the house. They both had a thing for Tanzania's Idris making IK's job easy because once they got out of the house, he simply asked them who was wife number one and wife number two?

Read Also: Ellah Evicted from the Big Brother House

Ellah and Goitse after being evicted

Ellah told IK that she genuinely fell in love with Idris.

Meanwhile, Idris and Ellah would have fired up things a little more in the house had it not been for their relatives who came to visit during the week. Ellah's mom for example told her to scale down on the booze and also cover up a little bit while in the shower room, she reminded the ex-beauty queen that millions were watching, so she needed to be careful with the in-the-sheets game. Idris was equally told to behave himself.

As Big Brother was counting down the seconds for Ellah to leave the house, Idris wanted at least a good bye kiss, but because os the words of caution from their relatives (especially Idris), even a kiss was proving to be a hard thing to part with. It was time up for Ellah so she said: "It's ok Idris, I will see you on Sunday."

Idris while talking to JJ and Nhlnahla said that; "Biggie has taken the two most important women in my life but I wont Cry."

Now that TZ is next door, this Ellah-Idris thing will not just end in the house and not even the fans would allow it to end. Tayo, Nhlanhla or Idris, one of them is tipped to be US$300,000 richer this coming Sunday.

This year was a lot better than last year for Uganda. Both housemates (Denzel and IK) were evicted in the first and second week respectively but this year, apart from Esther Akankwasa who was evicted in the second week, Ellah was just minutes to becoming a finalist, the position which Sharon O enjoys, but Africa had different plans all together.

Auditions for Big Brother Africa 2015 will be around May next year.

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Monday, November 17 2014

Ellah right on top of Idris
Things are getting hot in the house after Biggie introduced the ex housemates during yesterday's live eviction show. Denzel is the Ugandan ex-housemate in the house for the next one week.

Last night, Ellah took the game a notch higher on realizing that she is in the run with Denzel, she locked lips with the photographer from Tanzania. South Africa's Nhlanhla told Ellah not to worry about Denzel now that he only lasted for a week during his time.

During the live eviction show, Ellah was enjoying white wine, after all, she was not part of the line up of those that were to go home that night, but when Biggie announced that much as there are no nominations this week, all housemates were up for eviction.

As if that was not enough, Biggie introduced ex-housemates that included; Uti, Miss P, Vimbai, Leonel, Big Mama among others, the housemates got worked up, no wonder Ellah behaved the way she did.

It was not long before the beauty queen realised that she had to sleep off, she said good night Africa and dashed for a quick shower. Ellah is this season's queen of shower hour, so while there, viewers on the VIP platform were treated to more drama by the housemate whose entertainment does not stop in the house but extends to the showers as well.

Ellah is up for eviction together with the rest of the housemates, she needs your votes.

Ellah and Idris getting cozy

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Saturday, October 25 2014

Saxophonist Laveda doing her thing

It was Friday night in the house and Botswana's Dj Izzy rocked it like no other. Housemates later went to the Jacuzzi and while there, Mam' Bea came saying that Laveda was upstairs hissing like a snake. It was not long before Idris got wind of this. You can blame all this on Biggie's Absolut Long Island Ice Tea cocktail.

We learned that she was playing with her kitty in the open without bothering about anyone or cameras for that matter. At the time, Idris was not himself after being rejected by Goitse (Botswana) and as he got to terms with the rejection, Laveda was busy making a fool of herself.

Idris got mad. He wanted to pour out his anger and frustration but was refrained by Mr. 265 and others. Laveda was equally frustrated with Permithias who is not being 'man enough', she has showed him all the signs that she is into him, but they only pecked yesterday.

"How can you mastur*_te before every one, " Idris asked while shaking his head in disbelief.

Realizing that a fight was about to break out, Big Brother called Idris to the diary room for a closed session, but of course, the discussion centered along refraining from fights as it could lead one to being disqualified.

The cameras were nowhere close to Laveda but instead on Goitse who was crying at the time thinking that Idris' actions were as a result of her rejecting him, but then Luis (Namibia) was quick to tell her that something that happened upstairs is what upset him.

The cameras have now started showing Laveda who was last seen taking a 2ltr jug of water as a way of nursing a hangover. Fans across Africa are now divided. Following the act, most Tanzanians are NOW looking at Idris as their country rep, Laveda's tagline is #AkuunaKulala, which means No Sleeping, so may be, she keeps busy that way.

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Tuesday, October 21 2014

Esther Akankwasa
Uganda's evicted rep in the Big Brother House, Esther Akankwasa has reached out to her fans since leaving the house last Sunday.

"I want to take this medium to thank all my fans and Team Esther BBA hotshots (Small Pepperians) for all your support through out my stay in Big Brother house...I really appreciate you guys and to my haters, thank you because it made me realize who I am and the potential in me."

"It was a game and I put my best. I have no regrets at all co's what matters is the platform and I will make good use of it. I love all very much, stay blessed, " She concluded.

Esther was in the house for two weeks, she was evicted together with Lillian the tw#rking queen from Nigeria and in a twist of events, a third housemate, Sabina from Kenya was also evicted on Sunday Night.

The house now has 21 housemates, 13 male and 8 female housemates. Uganda has one representative, Ellah, who is up for eviction for the third time in a row.

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Monday, October 20 2014

Sabina, Lillian, Esther, Mira and Resa are out of the BBA House
Big Brother Hotshots house now has 8 female housemates after Lillian, Esther and Sabina were evicted during the live eviction show on Sunday. Resa and Mira left last week.

Housemates are equally worried that the house is running short of girls. Africa is very clear with what they want and what they don't want. Esther was evicted for what she does best, being a 'master @ bet' which broke her bed in the process. Twe#king has not helped Nigeria's Lillian either, it just caused her more problems.

Sabina has an eight month old baby, so Africa just found it fair to relieve her from the game so that she goes and attends to her baby. In one of her diary sessions, it was clear she was missing her baby who was left under the care of a maid, and from the message she sent out to the maid, Africa was left with no choice but to set her free after 14 days as opposed to the 63 days.

Mira's getting on to the Big Brother game just 5 days into the house was certainly not a good example to the majority of the viewers. Mira and Luis got it on, so there was no way Africa could spare her in the house for the next few weeks, she could end up feasting on all the boys in the house.

In this game, the one with least votes packs their bags and that is exactly what happened with Resa from Zambia. Meanwhile, our Ellah should count herself lucky, she survived by a whisker bearing in mind that not even Kenya's vote was enough to save Sabina, she was evicted and yet Kenya voted for her.

Just as well, Ellah  got only one vote and it was from Uganda, but she managed to survive at least crossing to week three, a period longer than Denzel and LK4 spent in the house.

How Africa voted

  • JJ - Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe (5)
  • Tayo - Ghana, Nigeria, Rest of Africa (3)
  • Sabina - Kenya (1)
  • Permithius - Namibia, Zambia (2)
  • Frankie - Rwanda (1)
  • Laveda - Tanzania (1)
  • Ellah - Uganda (1)

Sabina, Lilian and Esther were evicted as per the tie-breaker rules

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Sunday, October 19 2014

Esther Akankwasa, Lilian and Sabina Evicted
Uganda's Esther, Nigeria's Lillian and Kenya's Sabina are the latest housemates to be evicted from the Big Brother House. Nigeria's twe#king queen and Uganda's queen dancer were evicted during the live show this Sunday.

I'm all good, said Lillian while Esther said that she was okay with whatever Africa decided. It's not surprising that these two were out now that (Esther and Ellah) from Uganda, ( Tayo and Lillian) from Nigeria were all up for eviction.

The show then crossed to highlights for the housemate who loves twe#king, Lillian, but looks like Africa did not buy her strategy much as IK told her that in the history of Big Brother, she is the only housemate who twe#ks but this did very little in saving her. Lillian went on to rap during the live show. 

Then the beautiful one from Uganda was showed her highlights in the house which were more of her dancing for Biggie. IK asked her about the Nigerian housemate, she said; "Tayo is my friend for ever please". Small but dangerous IK said, she replied Small Pepper baby.

Highlights of Esther doing We found love, dancing for Biggie, and The Biggie Twe#k were Esther's highlights. She stayed in the house for only two weeks.

The rate at which Africa is evicting female housemates is getting very scary. The house now has 13 male housemates and 8 female. Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria have all lost a housemate and now have just one representative. Should anything happen next week to any of these countries, it will be the end of the game.

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Tuesday, October 14 2014

Shower hour, opening and the closing shows of Big Brother Africa are the most popular times on the reality show. However, shower hour is for only those with the VIP Big Bro Access and from the look of things, they are enjoying Ellah's curves that are on full display for the entire Africa.

Esther aka 'Small Pepper' might be the loud type which is among the reasons she got nominated yesterday, but when it comes to showering, Small Pepper is not about to expose her little details.

Biggie's cameras are all over not even the washrooms have been spared and the housemates through their phrase; "Big Brother Is Watching Over You'' are pretty much aware of that.

Our very own Esther, the reigining Miss Uganda, Stellah Nantumbwe aka Ellah cares less and she showers with nothing wrapped around her before millions of viewers. In set is evicted Resa, Sipe, Goitse enjoying their shower. Ellah will only put on a shower cap and she's good to go, but Esther will supplement the shower cap with a two piece costume.

The 23-year-old who describes herself as 'charismatic, bitchy, outspoken, loving and sophiscated' now has one week in the house as she is up for eviction plus seven others who include Small Pepper. Esther told Biggie that when she wons the Shs 780,000,000/- she will buy cars for her mom and invest the rest in real estate.

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Tuesday, October 14 2014

Esther breaks down in the house after talking about her failed marriage

Yesterday, Esther broke down again when she talked about her failed marriage which only lasted nine months. Esther cried like a baby and the housemates she was talking to started hurling all sorts of insults to Esther's ex-hubby and all men in general.

Esther was so hurt because she was the one that was blamed and yet it was the husband who was cheating. She said that he was seeing all the girls he was friends with on facebook, taking them to Germany and yet he had never taken Esther to German.

This is what some of the fans think:

  • shz so fake fake fake,wanting 2 draw us close with her fake stories pshh
  • Babe dnt cry... 9ja lov u
  • Small Pepper !!!! work it girl milk dat broken marriage cow girl do watever kips u in e house Hahahahaha this girl tho
  •  i fil sori 4 ma smal peper..dnt judg hr u dnt kn hr stori..i luv yah!tayo & macky u'r tru african men
  • Crocodiles tears to keep her in the house
  • Lol these cigarettes aint good for u *Esther
  • I really felt her pain. I dnt knw y wen a guy cheats dey say 'its hw dey r forgive dem, its in deir blood' bt wen a woman does d whole world judges her n forgets forgiveness. Let he who is witout sin b d frst to cast d stone.
  •  lol esther is such a drama queen hahahahahahaha
  • Lolest small pepe i love dis soul she's not faking she made me lol last 9te lyk neva b4 during her diary session.... Dat gal can act
  • People should not be heartless.her husband miss treated her n he dates some girls on facebook .she also said dat dey kip sendn nak3d pix to him . She s real
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Monday, October 13 2014

Big Brother Hotshots - Nominated housemates Week 2

Esther and Ellah will this week have to face Africa. Last week all housemates apart from the Head of House were up for eviction. Africa saved some but Ellah was not among those saved as she was in the batch of 12 housemates who did not get a vote from Africa.

Two of the 12, Resa and Mira went home. Biggie then announced that housemates from the Waka Waka team that won the Extravaganza music show of which Ellah was among were immune from eviction. This got Ellah more excited as she danced around the house and hugged fellow housemates on learning that she was safe for another week.

Esther was already on the chopping block for this week after garnering 5 votes together with Rwanda's Frankie, Zimbabwe's JJ, Tanzania's Laveda, Kenya's Sabina, Nigeria's Lillian and Tayo.

Samantha from South Africa is the current Head of House, she was called in to exercise her role as Head of House (which is to add one housemate who is not nominated on the list) and that was our very own Ellah unfortunately.

According to Biggie, one housemate will have to pack their bags next Sunday. This is a tricky position for Uganda because with two housemates from the same country being up, Uganda will only save one housemate. Our neighbors, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda have all been nominated, so they have their housemates to save other than voting for Uganda.

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Monday, October 13 2014

Ellah and Esther make it to week 2 in the Big Brother Hotshots

Yes this is news considering that last year, Denzel was evicted just after seven days and in the second week, LK4 followed. This year, Uganda's female housemates have done better than that not forgetting that it's a shorter version following the fire that gutted the Big Brother House. This season will be for 63 days as opposed to the usual 91 days.

Yesterday, Ellah survived by a whisker as she was among the 12 housemates who did not get any vote from Africa. In the end, Resa and Mira were struck off the Big Brother girls list after falling on the wrong side of Africa. Mozambique and Zambia now have one housemate each.

It's good news for Team Ellah as she is safe this week. Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah is part of the Waka Waka group that won the Music Extravaganza task making them immune from eviction this week.

On the other hand, Esther Akankwasa is in the group that lost and they will comprise part of the list of nominees for possible eviction next Sunday.

Who nominated Esther Akankwasa?

  • Trezagah from Mozambique nominated our very own Esther because she makes a lot of noise and also the only Big Brother gal that smokes.
  • Kenya's Alusa nominated Esther because he has minimal connection with her.
  • Mam' Bea from Ghana also nominated Esther with claims that she talks a lot.
  • Goitse from Botswana nominated Esther for not working as a team.
  • Zimbabwe's Butterphly nominated Esther because they don't get along.

Nomination Chart

Rwanda's Frankie - 8, Nigeria's Tayo - 7, Zimbabwe's JJ - 7, Namibia's Permithias - 6, Uganda's Esther 5 (listed above) and Kenya's Sabina - 4.

The final list is expected today after the Head of House, South Africa's Samantha playing her save and replace role. To vote for Ellah or Esther, type 'Vote Esther' or 'Vote Ellah' and send the sms text to 8884. Each message costs shs500/-.

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Monday, October 13 2014

Mira and Luis making out

The second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House during the yesterday live show was Mozambique's Mira after Zambia's Resa. Mira was so close to Namibia's Luis, they actually played the Big Brother game after the Friday party.

Luis Tshita Munana was sure he had gotten a playmate for a greater part of the show, but unfortunately, he was left in tears when IK announced that his darling, Mira had only seconds in the house. During the live show, Mira told Africa that she missed her phone and family back home.

Minutes after the eviction, Luis cried uncontrollably. He could not believe that in less than a week, he had met Mira and within no time bonded so well and now, she is no longer in the house.

In the uncut video, Mira and Luis are seen making mild movements under their duvet. Big Brother experts say had these two stayed in the house for at least 50 days, the guys behind the Biggie cameras would have got a run for their money but with a week in the house, hmmm, that was a simple Big Brother game noyt in any way close to Gaetano's..!

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Sunday, October 12 2014

Mozambique's Mira and Zambia's Resa evicted

Big Brother Hotshots first eviction was held this evening and unfortunately, Zambia's Resa and Mozambique's Mira will have to watch the game from their respective homes.

"It's been an amazing journey and I'm at peace, " Resa told IK. The second housemate to be evicted was Mira who said that she was happy to be out of the house as she was missing her family and phone.

Back in the house, Namibia's Luis is already missing Mira and can't help tears from rolling down his cheeks. Kenya's Sabina was seen comforting him. It should be recalled that after the party yesterday, Luis and Mira took it to another level. Biggie's cameras zoomed on them and it was all going down.

Hmmm THAT explains the tears Luis was shedding because he had only gotten to know her better, but he might have to play his cards elsewhere...!

"I got close to Luis from Namibia, he is a fine guy, " Mira added during the live eviction show. Africa is good at evicting couples while housemates tend to use it as a strategy to stay in the house.

This week, Uganda's Ellah survives eviction while Esther and other members she performed with in the music extravaganza are form part of the list for eviction next week.

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Saturday, October 11 2014

Arthur reveals his Ugandan roots to Esther

Rwanda's Hotshot, Arthur Nkusi is half Ugandan. This was revealed this morning while chatting with Uganda's Esther Akankwasa.

The comedian cum radio presenter told Esther that his mum is Ugandan and hails from the central region, she is called Harriet Kibuka. Arthur went on to say that he loves Bebe Cool and Chameleone's music even Maurice Kirya but Bobi Wine's music is a class apart.

See also: Larry Okoronkwo Reveals Big Brother Deal

The Rwanda comedian did not forget fellow comedians, The Amarula family who he says were his classmates. I'm still hurt with the death of Paddy Bitama, he added.

As the conversation progressed, another Rwandan housemate, Frankie who was following closely chipped in with Juliana who lost her only son, Keron but was also quick to add that Moze Radio and Weasel were his favorite Ugandan stars.

At this rate, Uganda's Esther and Ellah risk losing some of their votes to these lads who seem to be on point with their game.

Meanwhile, Esther was this afternoon complaining to Biggie that he needs to reduce on the South Africa and Nigerian Music being played in the house and switch to a bit of Ugandan music. She spent the whole Independence day wrapped up in a Ugandan flag as her way of celebrating 52 years of  independence.

She is looking forward to being the next Head of House (HoH).

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Monday, October 06 2014

Esther Akankwasa could not believe she had got 45%

While doing Rihanna's We Found Love, Esther gave it her all and lost her voice at some point, but being good at dancing, she wiggled her way to the end and waited for the verdict, her score was below average. She had expected more than 85%.

This morning while talking to fellow housemates, she recalled of how one lady in the audience was not so amused at her performance and yet she felt, for a woman putting on 6.5 high heel shoes, that performance was a killer.

Last night, Kenya's Alusa referred her as a young gal, she was quick to defend herself; "Should I show you my azz before you know that I'm not a young gal, or if I was young would I be here!"

Esther is appearing more on Biggie's camera's compared to Ellah, but then again, Ellah seems to have a strategy which will render Esther useless as the 63 days are reduced.

Just last night, Ellah was having a chat with Kenya's Alusa and Rwanda's Frankie who were asking her if she puts up in Kololo, she replied No, I stay in Makindye.

Meanwhile, following last night's performance, all housemates apart from Levada from TZ are up for possible eviction.

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Monday, October 06 2014

Tanzania's Laveda is the Head of House

More of the 26 housemates made their way to the house after their talent show performances.

Mam' Bea from Ghana scored 72.5% by just show casing her fashion design in a sari like attire followed by our very own Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah who did a Mama song but got 54.6% from her performance, again an average score though better than Esther.

Goitse from Botswana followed with a 64.2% score after her unique dance. Alusa from Kenya hit the stage next with his Swahili-Lingala song that earned him a cool 61%. He was in the Emerald house last year. Samantha doing a song that she did specifically for Big Brother got the audience that was supposed to be voting her clapping, it worked because she got 61%.

The lady of the night, Laveda from Tanzania followed playing her saxophone, which turned out to be the most appealing. She scored 85%. IK rated her as the sexi3st on the show. She was clad in a long slit dress.

Then came the comedian from Rwanda who warned girls from following their boyfriends to the ATM machines, he got 77.5% for that. 21-year-old Sheillah from Botswana followed with a performance that left her with 59.3%, Malawi's Sipe followed with a 59%.

Luis from Namibia came with his Champion song blending it with his six pack, it earned him 58.3%, Zambia's Macky 2 followed with a 59.1%

Mira from Mozambique hit the stage doing a poem entitled Mama Africa, she got 47.8% for it. Idris, the photographer from Tanzania was up next dancing to the sounds of Waichukucha garnering him a cool 64%..He was dressed like Michael Jackson.

It was then time for the BET Award winner, Davido doing his Skelewu hit song. At the end of the performances, Biggie told all the housemates that they were up for eviction apart from Laveda, whose score was the highest, making her the head of house and therefore immune from eviction this week.

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Monday, October 06 2014

Esther's Talent show score was below 50%

It was time for the next eight housemates to make their way to the Big Brother house but before that, they had to give Africa the best of what they got.

JJ the entertainer from Zimbabwe was up next doing justice to the guitar and his score was 72.6% followed by our very own Esther Akankwasa who hit the stage doing Rihanna's 'We Found Love' but her singing did little in elevating her, it was the dancing that propelled her to 45.4%, the second lowest score at the time.

She was soon joined by Mr. 265 from Malawi who also scored 45.9% which was slightly better than Esther's but in the same range. The show switched to Tayo from Nigeria who came in with his version adopted from the Big Brother Experience, he got 58.6%.

A professional sushi chef, Permithias from Namibia was next and amazingly, his performance was good with a 68.3% score. Resa was next scoring over 60%.

One observation so far from the Hotshots house is that most of them are into music with good voices, so what our dear Esther is doing is to twerk a bit every time she comes across those rehearsing their songs, she could come out of the house without the money but at least with contracts to feature as a video vixen for tracks recorded in the house.

Resa (Zambia) and Nhlanhla (South Africa) followed in that order.

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Sunday, October 05 2014

IK performing at the launch show
Big Brother Africa Hotshots launched on Sunday at 8:00pm with a performance from IK. Housemates had been revealed in the days leading up to the event on the MNet website, so all they had to do at the launch show was to make a one minute presentation show casing their talents.

Rwanda's Frankie was the first on the Big Brother stage doing some rap song, the audience rated him 64.3% followed by Kacey Moore from Ghana who got 52%.

It was not long before the exotic dancer from Nigeria, Lillian hit the stage. This one did some twerking attracting loud cheers from the audience, she scored 69%.

Butterphly from Zimbabwe was up next, she got 44.4% followed by Mozambique's Trezagah who got 45.3%. Kenya's curvy Sabina hit the stage rocking a green outfit that accentuated her curves doing the Motorbike performance. It was original, no wonder the audience rated her 73.8%.

Those were the first six housemates to make their way to the house. Kenya's Sabina was quick to sample the champagne bottles the moment she got to the house.

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Thursday, October 02 2014

Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah's video with Biggie

Esther Namuddu Akankwasa's video with Biggie

Talking to Biggie, the current Miss Uganda said that Africa should watch out for her cocktail personality though she was not loud enough and when it came to Esther, she was loud but what she said was not clear.

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Tuesday, September 30 2014

Esther Akankwasa and Stellah Nantubwe representing Uganda in the BBA House.


It's only days for the Big Brother Africa show to commence, but the housemates are already known. Uganda and Botswana are the only countries having female representatives. Thirteen countries including Rwanda which had earlier been scrapped will be participating in the show.

Kenya's Sabina Stadler Anyango threatens to be the most beautiful giving Stella Nantumbwe, the reigning Miss Uganda a run for her money. Below is the list of housemates and their respective countries:

Dreadlocked Alusa (Kenya), Arthur (Rwanda) and Butterphly (Zimbabwe)

  • Kenya - Melvin Alusa and Sabina Stadler Anyango
  • Rwanda - Arthur and Frankie
  • Zimbabwe - Butterphly and JJ
  • Uganda - Stellah Nantumbwe aka Ellah and Esther Akankwasa
  • Botswana - Sheilla and Goitse
  • Tanzania - Idris and Laveda
  • Ghana - Kacey Moorey and M'am Bea
  • Nigeria - Lilian and Tayo
  • Namibia - Luis and Permithias

M'am Bea and Sabina are the hottest Big Brother Gals

  • Zambia - Macky2 and Resa
  • Mozambique - Mira and Trezagah
  • Malawi - Mr.265 and Sipe
  • South Africa  - Samantha and Nhlanhla.

Laveda, Lilan, Sheilla and Sipe are the other Big Brother gals

This time around, all the countries have equal representation. In the previous seasons, countries like Nigeria and South Africa would have more housemates.

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Friday, September 26 2014

Uganda's rep in the BBA Hotshots, Esther AK

She has been auditioning for Africa's hottest show, Big Brother Africa, for the last so many years and not going through, but this time around, Esther Akankwasa was the lucky one. She will be representing the country with the reigning Miss Uganda, Stella Nantumbwe also known as Ellah in the Big Brother Hotshots house.

The show kicks off in less than 9 days. Earlier reports had indicated that a Nigerian Oga was to represent the country but after the housemates were unveiled on the M-Net website, it turned out that the Naijaman was off the list.

Who is Esther?

Esther has tried out singing, dancing under the now defunct Cyclone group, she also models, got married to Nico Damminger and after 9 months, the marriage was dissolved, been auditioning for all the previous Big Brother shows and not going through. Her tagline is 'Confidence is never borrowed or stolen', so BBA fans had better be on the look out for Uganda's Esther in the Hotshots house.

Esther will be wining up her body in the house, not so sure if any Big Brother Gal will beat the pint-sized model as she has got it all. This is the first time Uganda is being represented by female housemates only.

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Saturday, September 13 2014

Organisers of Big Brother Hotshots M-Net and Endemol are pleased to announce a new date after finding an alternative house. Africa's favorite show will now launch on October 5, 2014 at 19:00 CAT.

"As the countdown to the launch, fans across the continent can look forward to some pleasant surprises in true Biggie fashion.The producers wish to thank fans far and wide for all the patience and continuous support over the past few days," read part of the statement.

Fans have now appealed to Biggie to take all the necessary precautions to ensure the new house does not catch fire.

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Monday, September 08 2014

Big Brother Hotshots will be showing in a few weeks from now
Fans across Africa now believe that the devastating fire at the Big Brother House in South Africa was real after all. Biggie is fond of playing games with the housemates, so many thought this time he had turned to the viewers.

Plans of getting an alternative house are going on smoothly and pretty soon, Biggie will be announcing new launch dates. According to a statement from Biggie's site, they say they are searching both locally and internationally for an alternative house to produce season 9.

"M-Net is delighted to assure all its Big Brother fans that their favourite reality show will launch soon and thanks fans from across the continent for their support during the last few days, " a statement on channel 198 reads in part.

The fact that season 9 could even end up being produced outside South Africa is proof enough that the reality show will eventually take place. The fire happened at the time when journalists and some housemates had traveled to South Africa ahead of the show.

Channel 198 on DSTV continues to play instrumental music as fans across the over 40 countries on the African continent patiently wait.

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Tuesday, September 02 2014
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Tuesday, September 02 2014

Stella Nantumbwe for Big Brother Africa 9

IK will this Sunday be ushering in housemates from different countries. Big up to Tsewagbe Okonronkwo and Stella Nantubwe from Uganda, and wild cheers will be heard from Ugandans and Nigerians watching the show live in South Africa.

The reigning Miss Uganda, Stella Nantumbwe is tipped to be the second housemate in the Big Brother Africa Hotshots season 9. The reality show kicks off in five days time. Stella is still enjoying the benefits of having won the beauty crown and represented Uganda at last year's Miss World pageant in Indonesia.

The beauty queen is set to represent Uganda alongside Lawrence Tsewagbe Onkoronkwo, a Nigerian who was unveiled a few days back. Stella was supposed to have company from neighbouring Rwanda that was supposed to debut on the show with some hot babes, but that won't be possible after M-Net and Endemol SA confirmed that Rwanda and Sierra Leone won't feature on the show.

"Due to schedules and logistical constraints there was insufficient time to follow the necessary procedures in order to process the required travel documentation which has recently become a more complex procedure, part of the statement confirming the details reads. 

Earlier on, contestants from Ghana were also dropped. This is due to the new visa requirements by the South African Government. The organisers add that provisions have been made to include the affected countries in future reality shows.  

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Monday, September 01 2014

Lawrence Okoronkwo tries changing his dress code

Larry Tsewagbe Okoronkwo (24), the Nigerian Oga representing Uganda in the Big Brother Hotshots is under pressure to change his dress code, but the best he came up with was a Uganda Cranes T-shirt.

Larry as his close pals refer to him is trying to distance himself from the Naija dress code, which at the same time is his business just to fit in the demands of the huge Big Brother fans that await him, but on taking a close look in his wardrobe, the best he came up with was a FUFA Uganda Cranes T-shirt.

Okoronkwo, a professional model is pretty much aware of the exposure that comes with Big Brother and he says, the days of being in small places are over, it's now time for spacious places as he explains;

"Believe it or not, God has brought us into spacious places. Our days of being in small places and tight spots are over with forever. It gets better by the second."

Some Ugandan fans are already congratulating him using the Naija accent; "Congs ma broda, u de go shine on our screens ohhh!"

The excited Okoronkwo just laughed it off and said; "All I can say is Vote for Uganda."

Big Brother Africa kicks off in a weeks time and will also be live on the new channel, Maisha Magic that starts today at 4pm on Channel 161.

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Friday, August 29 2014

Lawrence wearig a big smile and inset is Lawrence with Stacey Amiito

Lawrence Okoronkwo, the CEO of Renzion Fashions is all set to represent Uganda in the Big Brother Africa Hot Shots that starts on 07.Sept.2014 on channel 198 and 197 for DSTV subscribers.

Most Ugandans who auditioned failed to measure up leaving the judges with no option but to settle for Lawrence. The second housemate for Uganda is still unknown, but within a week from now, we will be in the know.

The Nigerian man representing Uganda in BBA 9 Hotshots broke the biggie rules by hinting on this development using his wall; "I'm set. 91 days! Two Houses! Cameras, lights, action. See me in your faces. #thetimehascome."

Biggie lovers across the country are left wondering how all those Ugandans who include Tonix, Mary Luswata among others failed to make it.

"When people say they don't see anything good in you, Hug them nicely. Life can be very difficult for the blind. They need some care, " Okoronkwo noted on his wall. Last year's UG representatives, Charlie Denzel and (Isaac Lugudde aka LK4 were in the house for seven and fourteen days respectively.

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Sunday, August 25 2013

Nigeria's finalists in the Big Brother The Chase
Our very own Keko and Sulu ft Salma were one of the performers who left viewers and Africa at large excited. All the evicted housemates and disqualified Nando from Tanzania attended the Big Brother Grand Finale show.

The first finalist to be evicted was Nigeria's Beverly Ada Osu who never got a chance to be nominated and when she got on the Big Brother stage, she just rushed to Angelo and gave him a big hug. "I love Angelo from the minute I saw him." she told IK.

Beverly told IK that nobody but Melvin deserved to win but that did not work as Melvin was the second finalist to be evicted. All eyes were on Zambia's Cleo, Namibia's Dilish and Ghana's Elikem. It was not long before Elikem joined them as the third finalist to be evicted.

This shocked many who thought that the winner this time round had to be a male housemate now that he was the last man standing, but trust Africa, they this time gave it to a lady. Elikem has managed to win Pokello's love in the process because she dumbed her lover for Elikem.

It has paid off as they are going for a romantic vacation together. The last two ladies standing are Cleo from Zambia and Dilish from Ghana. This will be the second time for a female housemate to win the top prize.

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Sunday, August 11 2013

Feza has missed out on the money but she wont miss out on Oneal
Feza from Tanzania was the only hope for East Africa but day 77 marked the end of her game. Fellow countrymate, Nando did not get a chance to shout out to Africa on the Big Brother stage after he was disqualified for breaching the Big Brother rules. This week had only Big Brother girls up for eviction but Tanzania's Feza could not pull through.

Dilish took the day home with seven country votes while Cleo and Feza both had four country votes. The tie breaker rules were applied. Botswana joined the three East African countries in voting for Feza but it was still not enough to keep Feza in the house. Her love for Oneal was not lost as Botswana reciprocated with their votes.

Feza has left behind seven housemates that include: Beverly and Melvin from Nigeria, Bimp from Ethiopia, Elikem from Ghana, Dilish from Namibia, Cleo from Zambia and Rasta Angelo from South Africa. Beverly and Angelo or call them Bengelo are the only lovers left in the house and for some reason, Africa has always had issues with lovers, so you can as well take these two off the grand prize.

Elikem has already crossed over to the line up of finalists now that he is this week's HoH. On Monday, we will who else is up for eviction. Meanwhile, Feza's love for Oneal is real. In the last one week when Oneal was out of the house, Feza's heart was beating for Oneal. She even confirmed this when IK asked her if she loved the dude from Botswana, she said YESSS!

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Monday, August 05 2013

Angello takes his lover for models to another level
Before going to the Big Brother House, Nigeria's top video vixen, Beverly Ada Osu told one of her pals that she cannot get married in Nigeria. I just can't" That statement is now making more sense after Beverly got upclose and personal with South Africa's, Angello Collins, she is now ready to get married and relocate to South Africa.

The two were in the bath tub a few days back while exploring all corners of their bodies to the fullest. The following day while in the Jacuzzi, Angello told his black beau that he loved her and wanted to have kids. These words kind of got Bev unaware because, initially, she thought it was all about playing the Big Brother game, but the Rastaman from South Africa was damn serious.

Beverly's response on what Angello had just told her was vague. The Rastaman lost his cool and did not say a word to Beverly as the two spent time in the hot tub jacuzzi hours after the eviction show. Beverly noticed that the Rastaman was serious after all and she could not just imagine losing her new found love just like that, the Nigerian top model opened up on her past and told Angello that she was even ready to spend several months with him in South Africa.

"I could have loved LK4 or Bimp but I didn't, I'm in love with you," Beverly told Angello.

Candice Halts Supporting Angello
However, 71 days in the Big Brother house, Bev and Angello are behaving like siamese twins but back home, Angello's girl friend, Candice Arends has even stopped drumming up support for Angelo's cause following the steamy sessions he enjoyed with the Nigerian lass two days back in the bath tub as the entire continent watched.

One of her retweets however, seems to suggest that if Angello can admit that what he did was wrong, Candice could give him a second chance, "I have respect for people who can admit when they messed up, there's no shame in that."

One thing is for sure, Angello has a thing for models but many are still wondering how he could trade Candice for Beverly! but Biggie is watching and only time will tell which direction Angello takes.

This week, our very own East African gurl, Feza, Cleo and Dilish are up for possible eviction.

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Monday, August 05 2013

Tanzania's Feza and Ethiopia's Bimp leading in this week's nominations
It's 21 days to the end of the show and 8 housemates are still in the house, though Nigeria has an upper hand with two housemates. East Africa still has a chance with Feza but not a very strong one after she emerged with the highest nominations this morning closed followed by Ethiopia's Bimp.

All that is left is for this week's HoH, Beverly Ada Osu to play her save and replace role, but it's unlikely that Feza will be saved. Below is how the housemates nominated and the reasons behind their choices.

Ethiopia's Bimp nominated:

  • Elikem they do not get along
  • Dilish - I feel she is a threat to my game

Elikem from Ghana nominated:

  • Bimp
  • Feza - She switched on her character towards me.

Cleo from Zambia Nominated:

  • Feza - Least favourite person in the house
  • Beverly - Since she is the current Head of House (HoH), she can always save herself and swap with another housemate.

Feza from Tanzania nominated:

  • Elikem because he will survive and he is one of the people who are enhappy that she stayed yesterday
  • Cleo - because she can't trust her.

Melvin from Nigeria nominated:

  • Beverly - she is HoH so she is going nowhere.
  • Feza - We're not as close as we used to be before.

Dilish from Namibia Nominated:

  • Feza - She has lost focus in the game and failed to keep up appearance.
  • Bimp - Nothing personal but he stands a chance of being saved by Beverly if his name appears tonight.

Rasta Angelo from South Africa nominated:

  • Cleo - I feel that she is playing the game very well and that is competition.
  • Bimp  - Dude knows what he is doing and he is very strong because Bassey and Zulu are behind him.

Beverly (This week's Head of House) from Nigeria Nominated:

  • Cleo - She is my friend but my competition too. We are too alike, so one has to go for the other to stay.
  • Dilish - She is too picky.
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Sunday, August 04 2013

While in the jacuzzi hot tub on Saturday night, it brought back the bathtub memories prompting these words from the South African rasta: "Beverly, I love you. I want to get married and have kids, but Beverly just kept on looking him in the eyes and acting dodgy. This made Angelo very annoyed that he stopped talking to her. She later shed a few tears and tried to walk out of the jacuzzi, but Angelo pulled her back. I love you not because you have tattoos or dreads, Beverly said...but Angelo could not take any more of that.

Beverly was doing very well before this but given what happened in the bathtub, she is being blamed more now that she is a woman.

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Monday, July 29 2013

Tanzania's Nando disqualified from the Big Brother game
You all remember the housemate who travelled all the way from the US to audition for the reality show in Tanzania, that was none other than Nando (22) from Tanzania. He had hopes of building an empire, but all those dreams have been shattered following his Friday fight with Elikem.

Biggie is very clear when it comes to violence, in most cases, he shows you the exit. Once he was done with the eviction show and it was business as usual for the housemates, he summoned all of them to the lounge for a final review of the footage that eventually got Nando an early exit.

Nando was shown the footage in which he threatened to stab Elikem shouting on top of his voice with words like: "Elikem did not deserve to live." To make matters worse, Nando had a pair of scissors under his bed, now whatever that was doing right there can be for another day.

This kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable, "You have been disqualified from the Big Brother game," Biggie roared. Nando was evicted like a chicken thief, he was not allowed to go back to the house, he had to use the diary room to join Sulu and Annabel who had earlier left the Biggie's house.

Nando is the second Tanzanian housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Lotus from Tanzania was also evicted from the Big Brother Amplified. Meanwhile, Nando's being disqualified leaves Feza as the only East African representing the region as far as the Big Brother game and the $300,000 is concerned.

Read Also: Kenya's Annabel and Zambia's Sulu Evicted

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Tuesday, July 02 2013

Maria and Bolt were evicted last week
Sierra Leone's Bolt beat all the Big Brother male housemates to get to the finishing line when he engaged Ethiopia's Betty in the Big Brother game.

Betty was the first one to be evicted and a week later, Bolt followed suit. Bolt was evicted last Sunday together with Namibia's Maria.

This time around, IK played it so well that Bolt thought he stood another chance in the house especially when he said that; Bolt you are not leaving...... prompting a wide grin from Bolt but on completing the sentence, it was breaking news.

You are not leaving...alone but with Maria. This is when Big Brother started the count. Bolt will now have to explain to his wife why he had to remove the ring on day one and also do more explanations of how he could just give her love away in week one.

This week, South Africa's Angelo, Bimp, Cleo, Hakeem, Nando and Pokello are up for possible eviction. For the the first time also, Fatima is up for eviction but she says that It's up to Africa to decide.

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Sunday, June 23 2013

Botswana's Motamma and Betty from Ethiopa evicted
It's 63 days to know the winner of the Big Brother The CHASE, but more housemates continue to get off board leaving 20 in the chase for the prize money. Betty's fans were left wondering what is next after Africa decided to put an end to nocturnal games between their favourite 'housie' and Sierra Leone's Bolt.

Not all is lost though after Tanzania's Nando and Selly from Ghana are filling up that space. Betty was the first female housemate to have her cake sliced by Bolt from Sierra Leone (though her mom says, that was a camera trick done by haters), but effective tonight, Bolt will have to brace more cold nights before getting a replacement.

The eviction of Betty from Ethiopia leaves Bimp as the only housemate running on the Ethiopian ticket while Motamma leaves Oneal as the only housemate representing Botswana. Seven housemates were up for eviction and Tanzania's Nando won them with 5 country votes which included Kenya and Uganda.

Oneal from Botswana followed with four country votes and Malawi's Natasha with three votes. Bolt, Elikem and Betty all got 1 vote, implying that those three are not that popular going by their scores, but tie-breaker rules came into play to determine the winner, and this is how Betty was evicted after it turned out that she had the lowest country vote percentage.

Curvy Motamma could not even get her country voting for her as the Botswana vote had gone to Oneal, which was a perfect move bearing in mind that, he came out the second with 4 country votes.

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Friday, June 14 2013

Motamma and Bimp
Motamma was all sad and blue yesterday evening when Biggie communicated the sad news of her granny passing on. The curvy housemate from Botswana was called to the diary room to receive the news that her grandfather had passed on. It was too much for her to handle breaking down in the process.

Feza was called in to give a helping hand. It was a difficult moment for Motamma but Kenya's Annabel tried her best in comforting her before the three, Feza, Annabel and Motamma decided to say a short prayer. Ethiopia's Bimp was armed with food and patiently waiting for the Big Brother girls to be done with the prayer to deliver the food.

Clad in some long curve-hugging blue dress, Motamma who was complaining of a severe headache at the time opted to sleep in her dress, prompting these words from Bimp, "Can I remove your dress?" Motamma replied that No, I'm okay! Are you sure, Bimp asked again.

The Big Brother rules are clear, no housemate has to leave the house before the 91 days, and if you do, you are disqualified. Motamma could not leave the house to go and bury her grandfather. In 2010, Nigeria's Uti Nwachukwu lost his dad, but he was told to choose between staying in the house or going for burial.

Uti opted to stay in the house and amazingly, he was the winner for that year's version of Big Brother All Stars.

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Wednesday, June 12 2013

Ghana's Elikem is one interesting fellow. While in bed with one of the Big Brother girls, he was behaving like he was snoring when in actual sense, his right hand was into some mischief. Short of that, he is playing the game so well. Tanzania's Feza saved him from eviction and replaced him with Ethiopia's hot babe, Betty.

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Wednesday, June 12 2013

Inset is Natasha from Malawi
Malawi's mama Natasha Tonthola is up for eviction but cannot wait for the D-day to go out of the Big Brother house to get a few things fixed.

"Don’t be scared if you hear a zzzzzzzzz sound while you sleep, it’s just me and my vibrator," was the warning the big mama sent to fellow housemates before going to bed. Maria and Oneal could not believe what was coming out of the Big Mama's mouth but the Malawian rep stood by her words.

“Seriously if you hear a grrr grr sound, don’t think that I am shaving, I am not shaving,” as she laughed. In the wee hours, Mama Natty got to business as she switched on the gadget which must have been smuggled into the house as a 'shaver' waking up Elikem in the process.

This is when Elikem exclaimed, ''I heard It'' trying to alert other Rubies. Natasha was like hehehe "You're are hearing things". With Natasha safely tucked under the duvet, it was not clear if she was playing with herself or joking, but at least Elikem is on record to having heard the noise.

Whether she was joking or serious is a question only IK can ask this coming Sunday or some other day if at all this won't be overtaken by events.

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Tuesday, June 11 2013

Prezzo and Huddah on arrival at the airport

Big Brother Stargame rep for Kenya was on standby to receive his on and off girl friend Huddah Monroe who was the first Kenyan housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother-The Chase house. The Boss Lady as she is fondly called in KY was evicted just after a week in the house together with our boy Denzel.

The Kenyan socialite who had a lot of unfinished business could not hold back tears on learning that her game of chasing the $300,000 was no more, but her tears were wiped away when her on and off boo, former BBA housemate and Kenyan rapper was at the airport to receive her.

While in the house, Biggie's voice roaring like a lion while asking her to leave the house did not make life any better. Huddah and Denzel had to make up for lost time with a massage as a consolation for missing out on the bounty. Denzel had realised that Huddah enjoyed it anyway.

The lady who only spent a week in the house says she was popular but now she is famous. The number of viewers especially in East Africa has since dropped after three housemates were shown the exit in just 14 days. To make matters worse, this week, booby Annabel, the only Kenyan left in the house is up for possible eviction with Pokello from Zimbabwe, Neyll and Biguesas from Angola and Natasha from Malawi.

Huddah Monroe dashed to twitter to drum support for the Kenyan sister: "Anna Banana!!! I really got to bond with my Kenyan sister...lets all support our own!!

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Sunday, June 09 2013

        LK4 and Koketso evicted

The dream of winning the USD 300,000 for Uganda's LK4 and South Africa's Koketso ended on June 09, 2013 which was the second eviction show. LK4 was the third housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother the Chase after Kenya's Huddah Monroe and Uganda's Denzel were evicted last week.

'Leka Kwenyumiriza' by Navio was playing in the background as LK4 made his way to the stage.

This marks the end of Uganda in the chase for the grand prize leaving behind 24 housemates. Selly from Ghana, Sierra Leone's Bassey, Biguesas and Neyl from Angola were the housemates who nominated LK4. While on stage, LK4 told IK that it was not about the money for him, for now its all about Koketso.

Meanwhile, they showed highlights of Koketso in one of the diary sessions when she noted that nothing will happen in the house and if it should, then it had to be outside the house.

The two are now outside the house officially with no cameras or other housemates interfering with their fun. They walked hand in hand as they left the house to go and explore each other. There will be nominations tomorrow.

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Sunday, June 09 2013

         LK4 says all the ladies want him
Blame it on the alcohol. Shortly after the Saturday Night party, LK4 cornered Ghana's Elikem and told him about his detailed 'Curriculum Vitae'. I'm next in line to be King of Buganda and I can make the Big Brother prize amount in just three days.

LK4 went on to tell Elikem why he was up for eviction. The ladies have seen my monster in the shower room and they all want a share of it, that's the sole reason I was nominated. This was way too much for his gal Koketso from South Africa who asked him to shut up.

His next victim was Mama Natasha. The basketball star started off by asking her if she knew who his mum was in Uganda, she is the most powerful woman in the country just in case you did not know, he added.

During the time when LK4 was still dating Zari, he was loaded but not anymore after he was shown the exit. Before meeting Zari, he had just split with his wife Sumaya and somehow he had recovered after getting another babe.

It's not clear what his new gal back home is thinking after LK4 and Koketso are behaving like siamese twins. All eyes will be glued on the show tonight to see if another Ugandan can survive tonight's eviction or they can stay in the house for more action packed series.

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Friday, June 07 2013

One of our reps is busy 'appreciating the fact that' he is back home while the other is getting to terms with the fact that he could be coming back home this Sunday if Africa is not on his side.

However, he seems to have got his grip on South Africa's Koketso something that has put us in good books with South Africa to the extent that they voted for Uganda overwhelmingly when Denzel was up for eviction, unfortunately, the two votes from Uganda and South Africa were not enough to save Denzel.

Back to LK4. According to resident experts, nothing has gone down yet between LK4 and Koketso but at least they were cozy yesterday. This could be taken a notch higher now that the two are up for possible eviction reminding us of the Bhoke and Ernest move.

Meanwhile, LK4 told Biggie that he does not care about the money anymore as he is busy thinking about Koketso. One thing on LK4's mind is if he can't get the money, then he should not miss out on Koketso's love pie. Nigeria's Beverly seems to have given up on LK4's love.

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Tuesday, June 04 2013

Betty looks at exhaustes Bolt

The first couple in the Big Brother the Chase has eventually succumbed to the pressure that has been building up since May 26 when they got into the house. It was love at first sight. It was the first couple to kiss and throughout these days, the couple has been all over each other.

It all started yesterday with Betty being called to the diary room to exercise her SAVE and REPLACE role as she is the current Head of House. She did the needful by replacing her boo who was up for eviction and swapped him with Tanzania's Feza. The two lovers were lying on the bed as Bolt could not hold back tears.

The thought of him being up for eviction was just too much bearing in mind that a day back, two 'strong' housemates, Uganda's Denzel and Kenya's Huddah had just been booted from the show. The HoH is not supposed to reveal what transpired in the diary room and can only do so on the eviction day.

Betty realised things were not getting any better much as Bolt tried to sing all love songs for her with tears rolling down his cheeks, the two decided to take it to another level. The video has since been removed but analysts say that Bolt gave Gaetano a run for his money.

This particular show will certainly bounce back now that these two are not up for eviction, so they are still in the house for at least two weeks.

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Sunday, June 02 2013

Denzel and IK after being evicted from Big Brother the Chase.
Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi will be watching the game outside the Big Brother House like any of us after being the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Shortly after, Kenya's Huddah Monroe was told to leave the house and join Denzel on stage.

Africa is serious this time and it looks like this year's theme is "No Tolerance on Nudity" so any housemate who thought could use this as a trick to win USD 300,000 had better think of the next season. South Africa and Uganda voted for Denzel while Kenya and Tanzania voted for Hudah Monroe.

Ethiopia's Betty beat all of them with 5 votes while Selly and Natasha had three votes each. Denzel and Huddah while in the house were getting along. Denzel massaged Monroe to the point of putting her toes in his mouth but the cameras limited their action.

They are now free from the Big Brother cameras so they can explore their bodies better without Biggie trying to establish if they are wearing their mics correctly.

Uganda now has only multi tattooed LK4 as the only representative in the chase for USD 300,000.

Below are some of the tweets in response to Denzel's eviction:

  • "Indeed Radio and Weasel came to pick up Denzel..hahaha."
  • Lakeone - "Ask him Did you find your eviction a justification for your action or inaction during your stay in the house?"
  • Echwalu - "The first blunder Huddah made was to get close to Denzel. No wonder she has been evicted."
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Sunday, June 02 2013

Bolt and Betty hit by eviction fever

It's Big Brother The Chase with housemates chasing USD 300,000 but it does not come easy if you are up for eviction in the very first week. Tonight, Betty will discover how Africa thinks of her. Unfortunately for her and Bolt, the same fever has affected their one week long love affair.

Last night the couple tried sleeping but they could not get any sleep and lock lips like tyhey have been doing in the past nights. Betty spent the night thinking of the early eviction, a disease that eventually caught up with Bolt.

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Sunday, June 02 2013

Denzel in action at the Saturday Dance Party

1. Real Name, Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi but 'Mr. Bow Tie' can suffice.

2. Loves coloured shorts and always shirtless and he's fit to go as long as his hearing aids are well fixed and he's donning shades.

3. He loves his not so short member to the extent that when it came to avatars, it was the best he could come up with.

4. He is one masseur who takes his love for it to another level including putting the toes of his 'victim' into his mouth.

5. He was the first housemate to be chased by Biggie from the Diary room when he came half dressed.

6. When he is drunk, you can be sure you won't get a word he says apart from appreciative of the fact that, I'm Denzell, appreciative of the fact that I came to Big Bro's house, appreciative of the fact that.....!

7. He pulled a rear move on Nigeria's Beverly who was busy twerking next to the jacuzzi, Denzel simply crawled under her legs like a caterpillar though on his back moving swiftly, but the next thing Beverly noticed, the Ugandan housie was making his way to her southern region using his mouth, she ran for safety before storm Denzel could hit.

8. He says that the jacuzzi bubbles can make him c*m, so the next time Denzel is in the Jacuzzi, he needs to be watched carefully because at this rate he might give up the chase of the Big Brother gals.

9. Denzel is not leaving the house tonight, True Story!

10. You can add your's below about the Ugandan representative in the Big Brother The Chase.

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Thursday, May 30 2013

Most of the housemates if not all could move around the Big Brother House with no clothes on. The housemates will only be clad in their underwear.

This will be the first of it's kind for all housemates to remove their clothes before Africa and yet they won't be in the jacuzzi. This will be a walkover for Beverly, Denzel and Melvin.

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Wednesday, May 29 2013

Bolt, Betty, Angelo and Annabel

Africa is about to witness the first love fight in the Big Brother house between Kenya's fashion designer, Annabel and Ethiopia's Betty. Apparently, Annabel is getting close to Bolt something that is not going down well with Betty to the extent that, the couple had to sleep on separate beds last night which seemed unsual.

It all started last night when South Africa's Angelo(36) went to Annabel, who was by then lying on her tummy, took off her top and gave her a long back massage. This went on for quite sometime as Anna was enjoying every moment as it lasted. The rastaman from South Africa was done but Annabel still needed more of the treat.

This is when she opted for Bolt who did not dissapoint in giving her exactly what she wanted. Annabel enjoyed the good run from Bolt but as this was going on, a lot of anger was building up with Betty much as she did not say a word. They all later settled for separate beds which looked rather strange for the lovey dovey couple.

Elikem from Ghana brought some life into Betty when he tip toed to her bed and told of how he had been disqualified from the game. This sent shock waves to her but moments later, Elikem told her that he was only kidding. This is when she left her bed and dashed to Bolt's bed before the two started feasting on each other's saliva.

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Wednesday, May 29 2013

Denzel figuring out Delish

It's just day 4 of Big Brother Africa, The Chase and our very own Denzel is up for eviction but that has not stopped him from exploring the babes in search for a rib. During his Diary session last night after he had told Biggie all the facts he appreciates, he confided in Biggie that Namibia's Delish is into him.

"I've been watching Namibia's Delish lately and she seems to be interested in me," Denzel told Biggie. We are yet to see if what Denzel was seeing through those sheds reflects the situation on the ground. Meanwhile, as he told Biggie all this, his words were not clear, something he attributed to booze.

Denzel, Huddah, Betty, Selly and Natasha are up for eviction but looking at some of the comments on social networks, Denzel is going no where. Below are some of the comments:

"If Denzel leaves on Sunday, then one of the greatest entertainer will be missed. I like this guy and hope Africa will give him the opportunity to entertain us," Don Cross wrote.

"Denzel is the entertainment," Sasha Ngugama added.

Delish stressing a point to Denzel
Denzel is smitten with delicious Delish.

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Wednesday, May 29 2013

The first night in the house

It's been only two nights in the Big Brother house but things are already getting fired up. Africa should expect a lot from this lot because at this rate, the housemates in the Diamond's house are shining like diamond. Bolt and Betty were getting to know each other better as the rest of the housemates slept.

As things got hot for Bolt to handle, he dashed to his bags looking for what resident experts have termed as rubbers but the infrared did some injustice to him. He ended up in the kitchen where he got some water that Betty seemed to appreciate now that she was very thirsty at the time.

Bolt from Sierra Leone and Betty from Ethiopia who unfortunately is up for eviction but does not know are now confirmed as the first official couple and things will even get better should she survive eviction this Sunday.

If you all remember the dude IK asked if he was married after spotting him with a ring that he quickly removed on seeing Ethiopia's Betty, that was Bolt. IK then asked him to rate Betty out of 10, and he gave her 10 out of 10. Now are you surprised with what is going on in the house 72 hours later, watch this space!

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Tuesday, May 28 2013

LK4 Survives nominations in the first week
Uganda's LK4 has survived the first nominations in this year's Big Brother Africa which wasn't the case for Denzel who was among those with highest votes in the Diamond's house. Housemates up for possible eviction this week are Selly and Natasha from the Rubies house while Denzel, Betty and Huddah Monroe are the housemates up in the Diamond's house.

Initially, Bassey from Sierra Leone had been put up for eviction but was saved by Beverly from Nigeria, this week's HoH in the Rubies house.

Selly from Ghana is still getting to terms with the fact that she could be going home if Africa decides. However, Africa has an option of relieving Malawi's Natasha Tonthola from more pressure. The rules are clear, if you are suffering from certain ailments, you are advised not to go for auditions.

So what Natasha did was to try and smuggle her high blood pressure medicine into the house but Big Brother was able to check her luggage and found the medication which was confiscated on the spot. The whole of yesterday, Natasha was not well and she kept on telling Biggie how she wanted to take her medicine, but you know Biggie sets the rules, so he did not respond to her pleas.

Meanwhile, Uganda's Denzel still stands a chance now that the number of those up for eviction has shot from 3 to 5 and fans from South Africa and other countries still need him in the house at least going by postings on social networks.

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Tuesday, May 28 2013

Denzel, Huddah and Elikem up fro eviction
All is not well for Uganda's Denzel as two of the nominated housemates will have to leave the house next Sunday. The radio presenter has just done the chase for close to 72 hours and looks like nominations are threatening his game already. This week, Kenya's Huddah Monroe, Denzel and Ghana's Elikem were up for eviction, but the HoH saved Ekilem and put Betty from Ethiopia in his place.

Six housemates voted for Denzel and they mostly accuse him for not having respect for women and also tries too hard. Some of the housemates in Diamonds house claimed he was not a team player. This is not good bearing in mind that the first nominations are tricky because if you turn out to have a smelly mouth, that alone can get you on the chopping block.

Who voted Denzel?

  • Neyll from Angolla
  • Betty from Ethiopia
  • Feza from Tanzania*
  • Nando from Tanzania
  • Bolt from Sierre Leone
  • Angelo from South Africa

Uganda's Denzel is up against model Monroe and Elikem so depending on how Africa decides, two housemates with the least votes will have to pack their bags to either Uganda, Kenya or Ethiopia. Uganda, Denzel needs your votes. Meanwhile, LK4 is very safe this week after surviving nominations in the Rubies house, so he is right now enjoying the babes in the Jacuzzi.

Head Of House Saves Ekilem
In a twist of events, the HoH who happens to be Feza from Tanzania was called into the diary room to exercise her save and swap rights, she saved Elikem and replaced him with Betty from Ethiopia.

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Monday, May 27 2013

Denzel massaging Huddah
Big Brother Africa season 8, The Chase is on after launching yesterday in South Africa. The show has kicked off in the house and some of these housemates are aware that they could be evicted next Sunday, so they are not putting any minute to waste.

As the housemates were busy with the fire task, Kenya's Huddah Monroe asked Uganda's Denzel if he could be kind enough to help with a back massage. Denzel was seen smiling from ear to ear as he gladly accepted to carry on the task without any further delay.

Denzel got to work immediately as the Kenyan model lay on her tummy. He stroked her back with one hand as the other simultaneously stroked the thighs softly while she let out some screams of desire. Acts like these will certainly be the in thing with these two that not only have common interests but have also gone ahead to bond mutually.

The two are both Diamonds so big things are yet to come as we continue to watch their space.

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Monday, May 27 2013

Denzel and LK4 representing Uganda in Big Brother the Chase

The housemates representing Uganda in the Big Brother Africa season 8, The Chase have been confirmed as basketball star Isaac Lugudde and Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi.

The house is divided into two groups, the Diamonds and the Rubies. Denzel (29) belongs to the Diamonds and LK4 is in the Rubies group.

Looks like Denzel and Kenya's Huddah Monroe will have more than enough flesh to show Africa. According to Denzel's profile, he refers to himself as a part-time nudist and is looking forward to meeting hot gals, so they make a strong team with Monroe now that they share similar interests.

The house has 28 housemates with Huddah Monroe and Nigeria's Beverly being the youngest at 21 and the oldest housemate is Angelo from South Africa aged 36.

All housemates will be nominating two housemates on Monday and next Sunday, two housemates with the lowest votes will have to leave the house.

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Sunday, May 26 2013

Charlie Denzel and Isaac Lugudde to represnt Uganda in BBA8

Its only a matter of hours before Biggie unveils the 28 housemates to the rest of Africa. At some point we had Desire Luzinda, Doreen Kabareebe, Denzel Mwiyeretsi and basketball star Isaac Lugudde as the top contenders but the number has since dropped to two.

Urban TV's Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi and retired basket ball star, Isaac Lugudde(LK4) are the last contenders standing and if the few indications we have are anything to go by, you could see them walk into the Big Brother house this evening.

On May 18, the last day he tweeted, Denzel made all his social network accounts public, as though trying to link all his accounts, a tool that will be vital while soliciting for votes from Africa.

Being a TV and Radio personality, Denzel constantly uses his facebook account to keep in touch with his fans, but this has not been the case for the last one week leaving us with no choice but to conclude that Denzel will be down south chasing the paper.

Isaac Lugudde better known as LK4 or the 'ladies man' who the ladies love being around is another one who could easily fall sick without paying a courtesy call to his followers on facebook for updates in the basketball world. However, since May 15, there has been no word from the retired basket baller and the main reason could be Biggie's rules that don't allow housemates to interact freely with the 'outside' world as they are already housemates the moment they put pen on paper.

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Saturday, May 11 2013

Unveiling the Big Brother Chase Logo
It's now 15 days to the most popular TV reality show on the continent dubbed 'Big Brother The Chase'. 28 housemates from 14 countries will be tussling it out for the top prize in this years season 8 going by the catch phrase, The Chase. The cash prize is US$ 300,000 Approximately Ugx 780m. Uganda has been participating since the show kicked off ten years back, but no contestant from the Pearl of Africa has had the chance to bring the money home.

Most things in the show will remain unchanged as it has been the case in the previous episodes ranging from the host of the show IK, the 91 days and of course streaming live on channels 197 and 198 on DSTV.

According to M-Net Africa Managing Director, Biola Alabi,“This season, audiences can expect a show encompassing suspense, emotions, drama, fun, excitement and quite possibly, as we have seen in previous seasons, a little romance,” she said.

The show kicks off on Sunday May 26, 2013.

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Wednesday, May 01 2013

The Late Goldie's family to sell off her property
The family of the late Goldie Harvey will today auction her property and the proceeds will be donated to charity, a family source said on Tuesday. Items that include household items will be auctioned at a garage sale outside Goldie's house  located at Ologunkutere Street, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.

It's now 25 days left to the next episode of Big Brother Africa reality TV show that will be exclusive to DSTV subscribers across Africa. Goldie is the first Big Brother Africa star to pass on since the show's first episode in 2003.

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Friday, March 15 2013

UG's Flavia and IK on the first day of the previous season
It's less than three months to the time when Big Brother will unveil the new housemates. Auditions for the shortlisted candidates in Uganda will take place at Sheraton Kampala on Saturday 23 March to Monday 25 March starting from 9:00am. Those who missed the deadline still stand a chance to submit their applications at the time of auditions provided they contact the MultiChoice office near you.

Are you above 21, are you fluent in English speaking, tolerant, bold and passionate about the Big Brother experience, then you can go ahead and grab yourself a form and do the needful. Biggie needs your swim wear suit picture as it's part of the requirements while applying, so if you are an authority in that area (6pack for the dudes and curvy for the Big Brother girls), this will be an added advantage.

East Africa's biggest female contenders at the moment are Desire Luzinda, Flavia Tumusiime from Kampala and Vee Beiby from Nairobi. The show will be screened live on DSTV channels 197 and 198 for a cool 91 days.

Auditions for some of the countries are below:

  • Botswana - Cresta President Hotel in Gaborone on Friday 15 March to Saturday 16 March from 09:00 am.
  • Ethiopia - Raddisson Blu Hotel in Addis Ababa on Monday 11 March to Wednesday 13 March from 09:00 am.
  • Ghana - Holiday Inn Accra Airport in Accra on Saturday, 16 March to Monday, 18 March from 09:00.
  • Kenya - The Kenyatta International Conference Centre KICC in Nairobi on Friday, 15 March to Sunday, 17 March from 09:00.
  • Nigeria - Protea Hotel Leadway in Lagos on Monday 11 March to Thursday 14 March from 09:00 am.
  • South Africa - The Bassline in Johannesburg on Monday, 11 March to Wednesday, 13 March from 09:00 am.
  • Malawi - Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe on Monday 11 March to Wednesday 13 March from 09:00 am.
  • Zambia - Intercontinental Lusaka in Lusaka on Friday 15 March to Sunday 17 March from 09:00 am.

Yo might also be interested:

Upville Housemates Want a Black Spot for Bonking
What Big Brother Africa Hopefuls Should Avoid

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Wednesday, March 06 2013


Former Kenyan Big Brother Africa Amplified contestant Millicent Mugadi through her National Alliance Party(TNA) has ventured into politics and won the position of council chairman. The sexy tall Kenyan was the only female among the contestants, but she managed to beat them including the incumbent.

A few days back, when the Kenyan actress won the primaries, she told her supporters that:“I won my party elections as the councilor where I wrestled politically with the incumbent councilor. I will be battling out with other political parties in March 4. I could not believe that politics and movies are different ball games entirely. In fact, acting is not the same thing as politics, as I saw hell since my incursion into politics."

This was followed by allegations of threats to her life plus an act that robbed her of votes as she explains below: “A certain man has my photo-shopped naked photos and has been circulating them around painting me as a very perverted person. This has resulted to people calling me a prostitute and even some of them who were my supporters have refused to vote for me,” She said.

However, all that did not stop her from winning and she is now the new country representative for Ziwani and thanked all those who voted for her.

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Saturday, February 16 2013

The late Goldie and her husband Andrew and inset is Prezzo and Goldie in the Big Brother House last year
A day after Nigerian pop singer Goldie Harvey passed on, Andrew Harvey, a Briton put over 50 pictures of their wedding with the Skibobo singer on facebook which he says took place in 2005.

In a separate posting, he made it clear to Prezzo that: "Please leave our family to grieve in peace. You have caused enough hurt and pain," Andrew wrote on his wall. Goldie's husband has also made it clear to whoever cares to know that his wife wasn't on drugs.

Now it's amazing how Goldie had kept this bit of her life such a secret. Goldie and Prezzo became so intimate that when Prezzo told her that he was not serious about the relationship, she broke down until Prezzo changed his mind.

They have been so close long after the Big Brother show. Some unconfirmed reports indicate that Prezzo had even bought a house in Nigeria. Last Tuesday, Prezzo revealed how he was slated to travel to Nigeria and be with Goldie on Valentine's day.

Unfortunately, It was on (14.Feb.2013) Valentine's evening that Goldie Harvey was pronounced dead. Andrew Harvey's photo tribute now makes meaning to Goldie's last name, she was married, though it was one of her top most kept secrets.

Prezzo was equally married to Daisy Kiplangat but the two separated. They have a daughter together. Andrew Harvey was never heard of anywhere close to Goldie's circles so the issue of separating or not is out of the question, instead Goldie was publicly in love with Prezzo.

The pictures were filed under: 'A few pictures of my Time with Susan (Goldie) Harvey before her untimely passing' which included wedding pictures, Goldie's picture as a girl among others.
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Saturday, February 16 2013

The Late Goldie Harvey during her last visit to Kampala in December 2012.
Nigerian pop singer Goldie Harvey passed away on Valentine's day from what doctors have termed as Pulmonary Embolism, a clot that travels to the lungs and can be caused by a stroke or surgery among others . She was pronounced dead on arrival at Reddington Hospital in Lagos.

Goldie like her name suggests loved Gold and the above pics were taken during her last visit to Kampala when she came to launch her collabo with Navio. Fellow housemates and other Big Brother Africa fans at large have since yesterday been pouring out tributes for the fallen star.

Goldie was Married.

Andrew Harvey and Gioldie on their wedding day

Goldie's UK-based hubby has also come out to share wedding photos as a tribute to his fallen wife. Goldie had always been silent on Andrew Harvey as to whether they had separated but one thing was for sure, she used not to put on a ring.

Kenyan rapper Prezzo who was very close to Goldie poured out a poetic tribute to his very good friend through his facebook wall:



"God saw you were getting tired, and a cure was not meant to be.
So he put his arms around you, and whispered come with me.
With tearful eyes we watched you, as we saw you pass away.
Although we love you deeply, we could not make you stay.
Your golden heart stopped beating, hardworking hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best".

Other Big Brother former Housemates like Vimbai Mutinhiri arranged a special mass to pray and remember Goldie as a friend.

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Thursday, January 24 2013

The eighth version of Africa's reality TV series, Big Brother Africa is calling for entries with specific emphasis on the following qualities; determination, enthusiasm and tolerance.

We bring you some of the examples based on the previous episodes that won't be entertained and if you know you fall in the listed categories, its only fair that you do yourself a favour and don't go for auditions, because you will be evicted anyway.

Maneta vs Rocki - In the seventh edition, Zimbabwe's Rocki poured water on fellow country mate Maneta who in turn got a bottle of cleaning detergent and sprayed it right in his eyes. Big Brother warns of such acts as will lead to your disqualificagtion from the show.

Physical Fights - If you are the type who cannot co-exist with others, then Biggie is of the view that you shouldn't bother applying at all because anyway, you will not go far in the game. In the last version, Sierra Leone's Zainab and Ghana's comedian DKB were disqualified after their fight got physical.

Respect for Women - Uganda's Hannington Kuteesa and South Africa's Lerato were caught up in a fight that left Lerato crying like a baby. Hannington was evicted but the rules have since changed, both are to be evicted, so you wouldn't wish to get caught in such a web and should you find yourself in a similar scenario, you are advised to put your tail between your legs.

Hair Extension Queen - Ghana's Mildred aka Ezzy who came to the house with his partner Keitta became a nuisance at the end of the show. Honestly, if you come to Big Brother's house and you are in it for the 'Molla', you are supposed to play by certain rules, but Eazzy was like, I will not appear on stage unless they provide me with Italian hair-extensions.

Co-Existance - Esperenca and Seydou were both representing Angola and playing the game as one now that they were in DownVille before being merged to UpVille but it got to a point and the two could not even talk to each other, eventually Esperenca opted out of the game forcing Seydou to follow suit now that they were playing the game as a team.

Those and many others are the ones to avoid as you get closer to winning the prize money which is USD 300,000.

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Thursday, September 20 2012

Kyle and Navio to record songs with Nigeria's Goldie
Prezzo's babe Goldie was in Kenya a few days back only to make a stop over in Uganda on Wednesday(Sept 19). Goldie was taken around town by Capital FM's Flavia Tumusiime also the Channel O VJ.

Goldie toured around Kampala though one thing was on her mind: "OMOoh! Kampala traffic is crazy. She later caught up with Kyle at his place of work, Urban TV in Industrial area where her fans called in and grilled her on a number of issues including their wedding with Prezzo.

Goldie then hit the studio to record their latest track with the 'One & Only' star Navio who is also a nominee in the 2012 Channel O MVA. The former Big Brother star and Nigerian Singer will be jetting back to Kenya before heading to Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Prezzo was recently in Nigeria and during the question and answer session, he told journalists of how he had come to propose to Goldie. The Kenyan rapper also told of how his wife with whom they have one daughter was in possession of divorce papers.

Prezzo now wants to settle with Goldie having lived separately from the mother of his daughter for three years, he feels there is no relationship anymore and he is set to marry Goldie.

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Monday, August 06 2012

Kyle looking on in disbelief as Keagan takes the money
Uganda's Kyle was among the six finalists in the just concluded Big Brother Africa StarGame making him a winner in his own way bearing in mind that many did not believe that the Ugandan couple could even go past the first week.

Uganda has been represented right from the very first day when Flavia Tumusiime was a host on the show that launched the Big Brother StarGame with IK. Kyle and Jannette were the only couple left in the house after the rest were split.

Jannette aka the little princess from Uganda was again the last housemate to leave the house before they came up with a line up of finalists again making Uganda proud. Kyle survived three evictions to get to day 91.

On stage IK asked him what trick he had used to keep in the house for that long, he said: "I was just being myself" IK then asked him about what happened to showing his dude to Africa, he said that the camera scared him.

Kyle was able to trounce Wati from Malawi but Talia who has a share of the money through her love connections with Keagan, Kenya's Prezzo and Lady May were not easy for him to download.

Jannette was counting on a share of the win had Kyle won now that he had promised to give her some of it but all these plans have been quashed.

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Sunday, August 05 2012

The 91days in the Big Brother house came to an end on Sunday, August 5, 2012 with South Africa's Keagan being crowned the winner.

Six finalists were battling it out for the top prize with Uganda inclusive. IK roared and Wati was out of Biggie's house but before he could get on stage Naeto C hit the stage with 10 over 10.

The fifth housemate to get out of the Big Brother House was none other than Kyle from Uganda deflating many Ugandan fans who had hoped that having made it to day 91, he could bring the money home, Africa had different plans for the night.

IK swung into action with the third housemate to leave the house and this was Talia who by the way is very close to Keagan and having won the money, Seydou stands no chance. As Biggie did the count down for her to leave the house, Keagan gave her push to the exit gate and the two kissed, he promised to meet her on stage.

Lady May was the next housemate to leave the stage. She came on stage cat-walking in her costume as though she was heading for a creative dance. One fan was looking at her in a weird manner, she pulled the mic from IK and said ''Hi to the guy who looks like he wants to beat me up."

Our very own Navio hit the stage making Uganda proud with 'My One & Only' which kind of brought a smile on Ugandans who were still nursing Kyle's eviction. D-Banj was the next performer doing 'Oliver Twist' before we got to the most tensed up moment of the show.

IK crossed to Keagan to say his last words and Keagan thanked Africa for having kept him in the house for this long. The show then crossed to the Kenyan rapper Prezzo who was dressed like a President, he revealed to Africa that he had never watched the show before, not been head of house but managed to be in the house for that long, Thank you Africa, said Prezzo.

It was at this point that IK announced the winner of the Big Brother StarGame as Keagan from South Africa. Like it was the case last year when many thought Luclay could win, even in this case, many seemed surprised that Keagan could actually beat Prezzo.

Keagan got 7 votes, Prezzo and Lady May and Talia all got 2 votes while Kyle and Wati got 1 vote each.

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Monday, July 30 2012

        Big Brother Stargame Finalists Keagan and Lady May
Its the final week for the Big Brother Africa reality show and next Sunday we will be able to know who walks away with the top prize. All the six housemates in the house are finalists and are competing against each other for the top prize of USD 300,000.

In their first diary session as finalists, Big Brother gave them assignments which require a housemate to act, talk and carry on their chores like its the other person. In this particular case, Namibia's Lady May was told to emulate South Africa's Keagan.

Apparently, what has failed her is the talking. On a few occasions, she has tried to bring out the 'Indian accent' but it has failed her so in the end she is just laughing her head off. On the other hand, Talia was told to act like Wati, all she has done so far was to strum the guitar.

The task will go on till tomorrow but we hope a war does not erupt between these two if Keagan gets to know it that Lady May is trying act just like him, he will erupt like a volcano.

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Monday, July 30 2012

         Kyle got 6 votes, Prezzo and Lady May got 4 votes each and Jannette got only one vote that saw her leaving the house.
Uganda's only representative in the Big Brother house is having a good game in Biggie's house and if he continues like that, he could even bring the money home. Kyle has been up for eviction before not once but twice and he managed to bounce back reminding us of the likes of Munya and Richard who seemed to bounce back every time they were up for eviction.

Kyle could bounce back with 2 country votes but this time round Kyle beat even the 'President' of Kenya i.e. Prezzo when he got 6 votes against Prezzo's 4 votes. Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zambia and of course Uganda voted for 'our boy Kyle'.

Jannette only got one country vote and that was from Ghana. One Chinyere Ifeoma commenting on a top Big Brother fan site said; "Kyle is the most level headed player for the molla. He does not run away from his housemates, he does not bully them neither does he run them down in his diary session. You will never catch him snitching on any one. That guys reminds me of Kelvin.

Mike Ezenwa: Yeah Kyle is the only person who deserves to win the game honestly! but Im skeptical on what Biggie is up to this year. He has singled out some housemates as untouchable. Anyway let's keep voting Kyle till Sunday. Africa made my Sunday today considering the massive votes given to Kyle.

This is exactly how Kyle and Jannettes' rankings kept on shooting up with Kyle being looked at as the most boring, quiet and less entertaining but looks like the strategy is working for him and could even see him winning the money now that he is a finalist just like Sharon O did in the last version of Big Brother Africa.
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Sunday, July 29 2012

        Jannette evicted from the Big Brother Stargame House
Jannette Georgina Lutaaya (21) has been evicted from the Big Brother house a week to the end of the show leaving Kyle in the house who became a finalist by default having survived this Sunday's eviction.

Jannette and Kyle have shocked very many Ugandans for having come this far bearing in mind that they did not expect them to go past the first week. During the first days of the show, eviction was based on a random ball nomination system making Uganda and Kenya as the last standing couples from Downville crossing to Upville.

Its at this time that Kyle and Jannette were to taste Africa because they were playing as individuals and not as a couple but even with this, Kyle was able to survive Africa twice. Popular housemates like Keitta were able to fall as Kyle remained standing on the same chopping block.

Tonight, Kyle, Prezzo, Lady May and Jannette were given their results of how Africa felt about them as far as the winning prize of USD 300,000 is concerned. Africa decided that Jannete goes home.

As she cat-walked to the Big Brother live stage, Jackie Chandiru's Gold Digger was playing in the background. She told IK that she is crazy when she drinks. I K asked her which housemate she was likely to fall for out of the house, she said: "I find Ola sexy and I could hook up with him."

The small princess looked too small to have a feel for Nigeria's Ola to which IK said was an abomination for a person of 30kgs to fall for Ola. Jannette quickly said she was 35kggs but this figure did not save the situation either as IK told her that his dog was actually bigger than her.

The show ends next Sunday with six housemates in the run for the top prize i.e. Kyle, Prezzo, Lady May, Talia, Wati and Keagan.

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Sunday, July 29 2012
Ex Big Brother Housemates Zainab and Barbz
Sierra Leone Big Brother Stargame housemate Zainab with South Africa's model Barbz in trendy outfits.
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Saturday, July 28 2012

Chris and Ola sandwich Zainab in Nigeria
Ex Big Brother Stargame housemates are already networking even before the show comes to an end. Sierra-Leone disqualified housemate Zainab is in Nigeria hanging out with her Naija fans.

Zainab's visit to Nigeria would be a no visit minus meeting Chris and Ola were 'sexcited' on meeting the curvy model who was disqualified after falling out with Ghana's DKB who has cancelled two shows following the death President Jon Evans Atta Mills.

The Big Brother Stargame is left with less than 10 days for channel 198/197 to stop broadcasting Africa's biggest reality show that could easily see both Ugandans coming back tomorrow.

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Thursday, July 26 2012

It is sad news for Uganda as both housemates are up for eviction and yet, only one can be saved.. This week Jannette, Kyle, Lady May and Prezzo are the housemates up for eviction. However, the issue of being up for eviction is working Jannette seriously to the extent that if she continues like this, she will be the first housemate to leave the house this Sunday.

With only a few days left for the show to end, Uganda's couple(Kyle and Jannette) are the only ones still standing after all the other couples were dismantled long before the downville house was scrapped.

However, this will come to an end this very Sunday as both of them are up for eviction facing very strong contenders in the game i.e. Prezzo and Lady May. The two are playing as individuals so they could both come back on in a worst case scenario, one would stay and the other gets on the list of finalists.

Jannette undressed to a bra and lace after taking one too many as she walked in zig-zag style in protest of being up for eviction and did not care if her mom was watching! Next week, our very own Ugandan DJ from Sanyu FM, DJ Pita will be spinning the discs at the live show and at the eviction party.

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Tuesday, July 10 2012

Prezzo, Goldie, Lady May and Uganda's Kyle are up for eviction
Kyle, Jannette, Malonza and Alex were the last lot that were smuggled from the Downville house to Upville but a day later Kyle was put on the chopping block making life very difficult for him.

While they were in the Downville house, the Ugandan ball never romanced with the random nominating machine but in the Upville house, things are biting for the Ugandan lad.

In the just concluded eviction, Junia and Malonza were evicted and unfortunately for him, he learnt of his fate the very day he was leaving.Keagan who was the Head of House swapped himself for Malonza and in the end he was evicted.

Keagan is again the Head of House for the second week in a row and this time he replaced himself with our boy Kyle. This is how Kyle got himself on the chopping block and will be tussling it out with the First Golden lady and the President of the house from Kenya, Prezzo and Lady May.

Meanwhile, Lady May beat them all with the 8 votes to go on the chopping block. Africa might be in love with the gal from Namibia but in the house, it's a different story! Kyle is now faced with a tough combination of (Prezzo+Goldie) and Lady May.

In last week's eviction results Prezzo got the Kenyan and the Tanzanian vote while Kyle got the Ugandan vote and the Malawian vote. Its not very good news when Prezzo and Kyle face Africa on the same ticket bearing in mind that they are both yearning for the East African Vote.

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Sunday, July 08 2012

Namimbia's Junia and Kenya's Malonza were feasting on each other in the house
Uganda's Kyle is safe after Malonza and Junia fell the victims of the night when Africa decided that they go home.

Malonza from Kenya was casually dressed and did not have a clue that he was going home. On announcing that he was leaving the house, Junia broke down. IK asked him about Junia and he said they were special friends.

He was asked about Uganda's Jannette and the Kenyan lad said he was friends with benefits when it came to her. In his highlights, there was more of him kissing with Junia.

IK bounced back to the house and told the ladies Lady May, Junia and Goldie to stand. Lady May was told that she is not leaving the house leaving Goldie and Junia waiting for their fate.

Namibia's Junia was the next housemate to be evicted. This was more than a welcome move bearing in mind that a few minutes back she was in tears after her 'boyfriend' Malonza was evicted.

Asked if she was willing to mingle with Malonza, she said may be. Junia came on stage with no shoes. Junia told Africa that she has no beef with Jannette. They can now have some quality time with no Biggie cameras trailing them.

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Wednesday, July 04 2012

Tatiana and Richard ruled the Big Brother Africa Season 2
Ardent lovers of the show just can't stop watching it every time it starts screening. Every season has its own characters some come onto the show for a short while and leave a lasting impact, others stay on the game for the entire 91 days, but you can hardly remember them. Below we bring you some of the characters who still linger on in our minds:

Bertha - Her strategy was the bible. She had the character of a God fearing person, but after sometime, she gave it up and abandoned her bed too only to jump into a male housemate's bed.

Richard B - This housemate from Tanzania was deeply in love with Angola's Tatiana and the could sort themselves out as and when they felt like. Richard at one time was kissing Tatiana while his other hand was working on Ofunneka of Nigeria. This made Africa roar and since then a number of things have changed on show including moving the shower hour to the exclusive version.

Meryl - She was beautiful and had the booty and was not scared of flaunting it. It was during their season that shower hour was at its peak and she could bare her whole for Africa to see. She was given a second chance in the Big Brother All Stars, though she did not win the money but at least she won a Man who happens to be none other than Tanzania's Mwisho. They are married and have just had their first child.

Gaetano - He was the first housemate to rock in the sheets while the whole of Africa watched, since then most housemates have made this a must happen given a chance to feature in Biggie's house. He is also one housemate who has benefited greatly from the post show fame.

Ola - The Nigerian Housemate in the Big Brother Stargame was a threat right from the time he joined the house. No housemate since Big Brother Africa inception beats his physique height and weight and chances are, this is what blew the judges away. Its however, not clear if the tricks he used to have an impact on the show in the 14 days are the very ones that made him succumb to pressure and eventually quit the show prematurely.

Munya - He came close to taking the grand prize but missed it as there is always one winner at least for their versions of the show. He even had a chance to go another house in Europe for only 48 hours, but he was able to leave an impact on the female housemates in that house. Regarding the missing of the grand prize, he even beat the overall winner in their year. The winner got USD200,000, but President Mugabe of Zimbabwe plus other businessmen contributed USD 300,000 for him.

Uti - He represented his country Nigeria and along the way, his father passed on and the following conditions were open to him: He either went to bury his dad and never returned to the house, or he stayed in the house to the time he could be evicted or play the game till the last day. He Decided to stay in the house and not go for the funeral of his dad, in the end he won.

Mildred - She is a Ghanaian artist and joined the Big Brother House with her model boy friend Keitta. They are the first official couple to be in the Big Brother House and had it not been for Mildred's eviction, it would have been a different story for now as far as their relationship is concerned. She was the first housemate to go on strike and not appear on the Big Brother stage and the reason behind her action was stemming from a Brazillian hair extension.

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Tuesday, July 03 2012

Namibia's Junia and Lady May, Malonza and Prezzo from Kenya, Nigeria's Goldie, and Uganda's Kyle are up for eviction

Kyle and Jannette are the Ugandan representatives in the Big brother Stargame together with Kenya's Alex and Malonza who were delivered to the Upville house. This was after Nafy and Tamara were evicted while Wati and Talia upgraded to the Upville house.

Seconds into the Upville house, The four housemates were delivered to Upville in a box marking the end of Downville and Upville being the official Big Brother House with all housemates playing as individuals.

Unfortunately for the smuggled Downvillers who found themselves to the Upville house by default, they were not as lucky as Talia and Wati who are safe from eviction this week following their being saved by Africa on Sunday.

On Monday, it was nominations in the Upville house and not the random nomination machine which had ended with the Downville house. Lady May came out with 5 nominations followed by Uganda's Kyle with 3 nominations and Keagan who is the Head of House, Prezzo, Goldie, and Junia all had 2 nominations.

South Africa's Keagan replaced himself with Kenya's Malonza. Meanwhile, Prezzo is officially done with with Goldie because he nominated her and yet she saved him a few days back. This week, Kyle, Malonza, Prezzo, Goldie, Lady May and Junia are up for possible eviction. Start voting for your favorite housemate now!.

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Sunday, July 01 2012

Wati and Talia Upgraded to Upville as Nafy and Tamara were sent to Homeville
35 days to go with 14 housemates left in the house. Zambia's sisters Tamara and Talia together with the Malawian pair were up for eviction last week and at the end of the show Nafy and Tamara were Evicted as Talia and Wati Upgraded to Upville.

Seydou was in the house watching the Big Brother Stargame live from South Africa before the show crossed to Barbz who was still excited about Biggie's voice and she missed being reminded that she had to make sure her microphone was fixed properly.

The show crossed to DV showing a preview of Uganda's Jannette being kissed by Kenya's Malonza among others and then highlights in the UV were shown.

IK went for the business of the night, which was eviction. Will the two couples up for possible eviction please stand, wish you guys all the best, IK roared. Nafy and Wati, please leave the house.

Toya De Lazy hit the stage with a thrilling performance that got the audience going wild. Nafy and Wati were smartly clad in their suits and when IK asked Wati about the alcohol, he said; 'I love my alcohol'.

The show crossed back to the DV and Tamara, Talia were told to leave the house. On stage IK started with the rivalry between the sisters and they kissed to show that they had put all that behind them. Talia was in a black long slit dress and based on Tamara's highlights, she is a dancer and IK told them to strutt their stuff a little for Africa. Talia was asked if she could continue with Seydou, she said yes as she spotted him in the crowd.

The first housemate to be evicted was Nafy who handed the flag to bad boy Wati. Tamara was the next to be evicted. Wati got 30% of the vote and Talia 60%. They were upgraded to Upville.

Toya De Lazy bounced back. She is one of the best performers Biggie has brought to the Big Brother Stargame live stage. She loves P-Square and she could do a collabo.

The two houses Dissolved
The show then crossed to Upville and Junia was so happy to have drunko Wati to Upville. Biggie then delivered the two couples from Uganda and Kenya to Upville by default officially making it one house. Wati and Talia are immune from nominations but the Kenyans and Uganda's Kyle and Jannette are now playing the game as individuals and will be subject to participating in tomorrows nomination exercise.

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Tuesday, June 26 2012

Maneta is now in Zimbabwe
Last Friday, Maneta Mazanhi who represented Zimbabwe in the Big Brother Stargame sneaked into the country quietly bringing an end to speculations of her whereabouts.

"I came on Friday aboard South African Airways around 6pm. I was advised that I needed to sneak into the country quietly because people were literally baying for my blood," Maneta said.

Maneta and Roki were disqualified after a sensation altercation. The two Zimbabwe housemates failed to learn from DKB and Zainab earlier and took Biggie for a ride when he constantly warned them about their actions.

When Rocki poured water on Maneta, she retaliated with liquid soap right in Rocki's face, Biggie simply called Maneta to the Diary Room where she kept her for several hours as her temper cooled.

Last year had two winners and one of them was Wendall from Zimbabwe and the other was boobliscious Karen from Nigeria. Its also important to note that Munya from Zimbabwe missed the grand prize of US$200,000 but because he played the game so well, fellow countrymates together with President Robert Mugabe contributed US$300,000 which they handed him in cash.

Vimbai Mutinhiri who was the other housemate representing Zimbabwe also got US$10,000 for having represented Zimbabwe. Many Zimbabweans feel Roki and Maneta did not represent their country so well and now that the two Big Brother Starmates have apologized to their nation and the fans at large, we wait to see if they will get similar boosts like their predecessors.
Is Maneta in Zimbabwe or South Africa?

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Monday, June 25 2012

Jannette gives Wati a hand job
Jannette and Wati are no longer looking each other in the eye after Wati revealed to fellow housemates how Jannette got to his bed and grabbed his pack before playing with it while blowing his mind away.

On the other hand, Jannette who does not seem to recall what goes around her world while drunk says, it never happened and it cannot happen. Jannette stood by her word and insisted that it never happened. "I don't remember being that generous," while talking to Biggie during her diary session.

Wati was also called in moments later and he told Biggie that shit happened. He also added that Wati never lies about stuff like that. Meanwhile yesterday, during the live eviction show that saw Barbz pack her bags, Wati told Africa that he had lied about it.

The mood is tense in the Downville house and another fight could break out between these two. Wati is up for eviction and he has promised to work on this at least before he leaves the house this Sunday,

The cameras are now monitoring these two closely as this version of Big Brother is being referred to as 'Big Temper Africa' as this season has had more fights and disqualifications more than any other.

Wati is convinced he was serviced and Jannette even after consulting her alter ego, she cannot be that generous, so who should we believe!
Uganda's Jannette Kisses Wati from Malawi
Jannette and Talia in Battle Over Malonza

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Monday, June 25 2012

                           Nigeria's Goldie spent the whole of Sunday crying

Nigeria's housemate Goldie spent the whole of yesterday crying after the game had taken its toll on her, so below we bring you the possible reasons behind her crying.

1. Prezzo's love - She opened up to the Kenyan rapper Prezzo to the extent of even learning some of the lines in his songs as a way of communicating to his heart but wapi, she eventually realised that things might not work out as she had anticipated.

2. Head of House - Goldie was last week's HOH a post that comes with 'Save and Replace privileges. She was not up for eviction so she could not save herself, but even then she had to do it or she could be up for eviction instead. She saved Prezzo and replaced him with Keitta. This disturbed her a lot.

3. Upville Bonding - Barbz and Goldie had become very close in the last 45 days and were getting along in the Upville house but the mere fact that Prezzo and Barbz were both up and she could only save one, it made the Nigerian rep fail to cope with events in the house. In the end, Barbz was evicted.

4. Disqualifying of Maneta - Disqualification of Maneta who was up for eviction left Barbz in the jaws of Africa. Had Maneta remained on the chopping block, she could have been the one leaving the house but when she used the liquid soap tactic to leave the house, it left Africa with no choice. This was evident from the 11 votes she got against Keitta's 4 votes.

5. Boring Biggie's House - 45 days in the house with no access to her fans, family and friends not watching your favourite programs, missing her boy friend was all boiling in her head. 3 weeks in the house, Zainab was missing sex badly how about Goldie who had gone a full six weeks without her favorite missionary style, no wonder she had resorted to kissing Prezzo under the guise of her 'goldie' weave.

6. Never Watched Previous Episodes - Goldie had never watched Big Brother Africa shows before and so she did not know that when it comes to Big Brother, that is how the game is played. She thought it was a matter of cat-walking in the house, but things were not working out. It could have been a different game for her had she watched but for now, its teary Goldie in the house.

7. Fear of competition - Initially they were the Big seven but all of a sudden, the once famous VIP Upville house had turned tables on them and instead Downvillers are taking over the house after Mampi, DKB and now Barbz have left the house.

8. Lady May Kitchen Take Over - Goldie has been using the kitchen as her grip on the game but Lady May has known that trick and she revealed this to Biggie in one of her DR's sessions that she will always go to the kitchen as long as Goldie is there.

9. Goldie Hair Extensions - Gold is her trademark. This can be seen from her gold carat hair, but it looks like she is running out of those hair extensions and constantly having bad hair days. Biggie only brings hair stylists for those up for eviction, fortunately or unfortunately Goldie has not yet had this chance.

10. USD300,000 - That is the prize for the last man standing and its no joke, if you are outside the house, you could think that its a bed of roses. The race is still too tight for her and yet she is just half way down the line.

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Sunday, June 24 2012

Barbz, Keitta and Maneta were up for eviction but Maneta was disqualified leaving the two to sort themselves
It's Day 49 with 42 days left as the oldest housemate, South Africa's model Barbz was the latest VIP to be evicted from Biggie's house. She got 4 votes against Keitta's 11 votes

But before that, the Maneta-Rocki saga was shown and it clearly showed that Rocki attacked Maneta first and whatever she did was out of frustration and if anyone has to be blamed, it has to be Rocki.

The show then crossed to Upville. IK told Junia that we were not hearing her voice in the Upville like we used to in the Downville. All the Upville housemates were then called to the lounge by Biggie. Keitta and Barbz were standing next to each other as they waited for IK's announcement.

Ghana's Keitta was called twice before they told him that he was safe. Barbz was then told that she had been evicted.

Barbz did the catwalk...OMG I'm just excited to see so many faces, she said. Barbz had a thing for people from Ghana and she was blending with Keitta. She had a trophy for her mom. As she was leaving the stage, she did the catwalk in the wrong direction before she was called back. She again cat walked off the stage.

Random Nomination in the Downville
IK joked with Watti and told him that he is cool while drunk, to which he said, Thank you. IK then crossed to Kyle, you've been quite all along what inspired a certain vocalization of your thoughts? Kyle said I'm a man of all seasons. IK crossed to the balls.

Talia and Tamara from Zambia were the first ones to be nominated followed by Nafy and Wati from Malawi. This week, Africa will save 2 Downvillers not necessarily couples.

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Sunday, June 24 2012

Talia and Jannette sorting themselves over who should take Malonza
Kenyan dude in the Downville house is threatening to tear Uganda's Jannette and Zambia's Talia apart. Yesterday, the Downville house had their dance party with Talia dressed to kill making her the Downville Queen at the moment after top shots like Maneta, Zainab and Junia had left the Downville house.

Shortly, after the dance, Jannette who was visibly drunk and Talia settled for serious discussions about Malonza. Talia was concerned whether Jannette was having anything serious with Malonza most especially after the steamy kiss they had a few days back.

Jannette made her point clear to her that there was nothing serious going on between the two and she said, she did not enjoy the kiss, Talia whispered just to make sure Africa does not click, but our resident experts were following every bit of the discussion.

Talia asked Jannette if they had played Biggie's game? Jannette said NO and she swore that she can never. She however, told Talia that she will confront him over this. Moments later, Malonza joined them and the discussion became a threesome kind of talk.

Meanwhile, during the dance, Malonza was locked in a raunchy dance with Jannette when he held one of her legs by his hip and danced while gyrating their bodies, and since Jannette is a dancer, she danced erotically to the extent that Talia felt she stood no chance with Malonza.

Tonight, BIG FISH Barbz from South Africa will be tussling it out with Ghana's Keitta to determine who goes to Southville or Ghanaville, keep it locked.

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Saturday, June 23 2012

Roki leaks at Junia's feet while Maneta is yearning for a piece of Keitta
Big Brother Contestants from Zimbabwe were the latest housemates to be disqualified on the 19-June-2012.

Rocki was received at Harare International Airport on Thursday night but Maneta was nowhere to be seen. Now Its not clear if Maneta stayed in South Africa or she used a a different route.

In disqualifying them Big Brother stated that: "Maneta and Roki - you have both contravened the Provocation rule - repeatedly. Roki you intentionally provoked Maneta by pouring water over her head. Maneta, you then threw cleaning fluid in Roki's face.

Maneta, you also threatened to stab Roki. This after you had both thrown fluids over each other earlier in the day. Big Brother asked you both to show restraint - and neither of you did. As you are both no doubt aware, you have left Big Brother with absolutely no choice.

In terms of the House Rules you have both been disqualified from the game."

Urban groovers have recorded a song 'Taneta Maneta' in which they are dissing Maneta for her actions in the house. Maneta who almost gave it out to Keitta had he played his cards well is under fire from Big Brother Africa fans.

Former Zimbabwe Big Brother Contestants Speak Out:

Vimbai Mutinhiri: I get so many emails a day from young Zimbos who want to rep their country and uplift themselves! Sad Roki&Maneta wasted the opportunity.

Munya Chidzonga: I think Maneta needs a break. But i doubt shes gonna get it.
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Tuesday, June 19 2012

Maneta unleashing her wrath on Rocki
Its game over for Zimbabwe as both housemates representing Zim have been disqualified.

Maneta has been battling with eviction fever since yesterday when she learnt that she was up for eviction. Now this has changed the game plan for next Sunday as two housemates who were up for eviction have been disqualified leaving South Africa's Barbz as the only nominated housemate in the house.

On Tuesday afternoon also known as a black day for Maneta, Big Brother was conducting Keitta's diary session which lasted hardly a minute before he told him that he was stopping it right there. The house was on fire. Rocki poured water on Maneta who in turn got a bottle of cleaning detergent and sprayed it right in his face.

Biggie called Maneta to a closed diary room session for over 45 minutes. At the end of it all, Biggie called all Upvillers to the lounge and read the rules to them once again. He then told them how Rocki and Maneta had been disqualified for breaking the rules.

Maneta had spent the whole day crying and anyway, she was aware that she could not make it come next Sunday so there was nothing to cry about the fate that had befallen them, but Rocki who thought that because he had poured water could be forgiven, cried like a baby while saying farewell to Kenya's Prezzo.

A total of four housemates have been disqualified, four have opted out while a number of them have been evicted. Maneta and Rocki are the second pair to be evicted after DKB and Zainab got disqualified earlier on.

The Downville house now has four countries with each country having two housemates of which Uganda is among and the Upville house has Barbz from South Africa, Prezzo from Kenya, Keitta from Ghana, Lady May and Junia from Namibia in the run for USD300,000.

Maneta Pours Cleaning Detergent in Rocki's Eyes
Pictures Ghana's Mildred Would Not Want to See

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Tuesday, June 19 2012

     Being up for eviction got to Maneta's nerves that she even went over board
Maneta has spent the whole afternoon crying failing to cope with the fact that she is up for eviction. She was putting on her sheds to the time Big Brother banned sheds in the house, she resorted to covering her face with a black cloth.

Big Brother roared again, housemates no headgear, this is when she let her hair loose covering her eyes. She then decided to go upstairs with Keitta following her, she warned that please don't come near me.

Its important to note that she was putting on black all through and did not want her eyes to be seen by anyone. She looked herself in the mirror while crying as Biggie called Keitta to the diary room.

Its at this point that she attacked Rocki. The cameras had turned to Keitta so as Africa, we missed the footage of how Maneta got to pour the cleaning detergent to fellow country mate Rocki's eyes. Keitta's diary session was suspended immediately as Biggie now had to summon Maneta to the diary room.

Upvillers got the milk they had and poured in Rocki's eyes as a quick remedy to restore his sight. Some of that stuff spilled over to Lady May's eyes, so the two housemates were panicking after they thought they could lose their sight.

At the time of filing this report, Maneta was still in the Diary room, and chances are she could be disqualified.

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Pictures Ghana's Mildred Would Not Want to See
Goldie Replaces Prezzo with Keitta

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Tuesday, June 19 2012

Zimbabwe's Maneta super glues herself on Ghana's Keitta
The only official couple in the Big Brother Stargame from Ghana was split two weeks back when Keitta was upgraded to Upville as Mildred (Eazzy) got evicted. The couple was having issues in the house.

Mildred at one time told Biggie that they were on the verge of collapse now that Keitta was flirting with most of the female housemates, something that did not go down well with Mildred.

Notable among them was Sierra Leone Zainab who confessed that she wanted to have Keitta's last name, Osei. Africa was glued on their telly sets waiting to see what happens after Keitta joined Zainab in Upville, but unfortunately, 48 hours later, Zainab was thrown out of the house when she was slapped by the no nonsense Ghanaian comedian DKB.

Now the latest to play with Keitta's heart is none other than Zimbabwe's beauty Maneta. Keitta has tried to distance himself from her but the 'yellow' babe is determined to get a piece of him at least before she is evicted now that the two are on the chopping block with Barbz from South Africa.

Biggie replenished the store room with some hard stuff yesterday bringing a big smile to most housemates who had started complaining of boredom most especially the Downvillers.

After taking one too many, Maneta spread herself like an eagle and wanted to swallow Keitta like a python that had landed on its prey after 45 days without meat but Keitta was hesitant and instead tried telling her that he looked at her as a sister and also his girlfriend Mildred was watching. 

After this 'hug' that lasted several minutes, Keitta was heard saying that I no longer have Mildred. Rocki told him to be strong and not to fall for the Big Brother Galz traps. Keitta and Maneta need to be watched this week as there has been a tendency of such housemates losing temper in their last minutes in the house and giving out their all.

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Tuesday, June 19 2012

Its no longer Big Brother Africa, It is war. Nigeria's only housemate in the Big Brother Stargame is this week's head of house and the nomination fever was in the Upville week. Prezzo, Manetta and Barbz were the nominated housemates but Goldie had to come in and use her save and replace rights as HOH.

She saved her bad boy Prezzo and replaced him with the only Ghanaian Keitta who is still standing in the house. Prezzo was all smiles when Goldie was called into the diary room to exercise her rights as head of house, he knew he was safe after all.

This left Barbz and Maneta to conclude that they were up on the chopping block because they saw no way Goldie could replace them when they are very close with Prezzo. Goldie made matters worse when she even dared to ask who could have thought of putting Prezzo up for eviction.

This week, Maneta(Zimbabwe), Keitta(Ghana) and Barbz(South Africa) are up for eviction and the big question is, will Maneta survive this one? Ghana has one housemate in the house while Zimbabwe has two i.e Rocki and Maneta and South Africa has Keagan and Barbz after Lee was evicted last Sunday.

Get voting for your favorite housemate because the one with the least votes will be leaving next Sunday.

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Monday, June 18 2012

           kyle an Jannette representing Uganda in the Big Brother StarGame
Appearing for their diary session, Jannette revealed to Biggie how they heard his voice calling out on Junia.

Jannette added that she was happy for Junia being in the Upville because she never expected it as well. Junia kept on saying that Keagan and Lee were the ones to be upgraded to Upville. It is a good feeling when you don't think you can get something and in the end you get that very thing.

Biggie then asked them what their worries were in the house, Kyle told Biggie that he was bored and at least if he could get a book to read or something to drink, that would make his stay in the house fun.

Janette's worry was her ball being selected in the random nomination but then again if it did, her prayer is that either her or Kyle are upgraded to the Upville house. The talk in the Downville house now is how they are going forward as Downville in the remaining weeks.

Last Sunday, Junia and Keagan got 7 votes each with Uganda voting for Junia as Lee got zero votes against Jessica's obe vote. The winner at the end of the 91 days will be walking away with USD300,000. The house now has 17 housemates.

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Sunday, June 17 2012

Namimbia's Junia and South Africa's Keagan Upgraded to Upville house
South Africa's Keagan and Namibia's Junia were upgraded to the Upville house as Lee and Jessica were evicted during the Sunday live eviction show.

Lee and Keagan from South Africa, Jessica and Junia were up for eviction last week. Uganda's Jannette was IK's favorite for the week and when asked what her chances for the games was, she said she was going to win.

Junia and Jessica looked beautiful with their hair styles and were the first ones to leave the Downville house. Uganda's Kyle hugged Jessica so tight that he did not want to leave her.

They eventually hit the stage and IK started off with Junia. How much do u love Keagan? We do like each other, Junia replied. She was asked if she kept track of how many people she had kissed in the house? Junia said Lee, Ola and Malonza and she was reminded that Alex was on that list too.

She confessed that she likes Malonza very much and they will remain friends. She was asked about her beef with Jannette, and to this she said there was no beef.

The show then crossed to Jessica. IK told her of how they were amazed with how they kept it real. How do you feel about Luke? It's real between me and luke, Liberia here I come, she said. She was also asked about her beef with Jannette. She said Jannette got up to her nerves last night and at one time she asked fellow housemates to take Jannette away before she could beat her up.

The viewers have decided to keep one of you in the house and that is Junia just like we told you in our last posting. Jessica was evicted but instead of going to Namibia, she decided to go to Liberia to catch up with Luke whom she met three days in the house and they kicked off with steamy moments.

Junia in Upville
Junia met the Upvillers who seemed so quiet and she wondered whether it's always that quiet in the house. Its not until she met Maneta and later Keitta that she felt home which could be their home for the next 49 days.

Lea and Keagan live the Downville House
Lea and Keagan, please leave the house, IK roared as Tanzania's AY came back to the stage doing 'Money'

The South African pair hit the stage sending the audience in wild cheers. Keagan who had a great time in the house coupled with fighting in the house with Junia was asked about it and he said there was nothing serious.

They asked him about Jannette and the SA dude said Jannette is too small.

IK crossed to Lee and asked about the game in the jacuzzi with Junia to which he said was a truth and dare game and he did that to survive.

Lee was evicted and Keagan was upgraded to Upville. There will be nominations in the Upville house tomorrow though Keagan and Junia won't be part of this nominations. Keep it locked.

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Friday, June 15 2012

Sierra Leone representative in the Big Brother StarGame
Disqualified Sierra Leone housemate in the Big Brother StarGame is currently chilling in the UK after being slapped by Ghana's DKB in the Big Brother house that eventually led to their disqualification thus ending their dreams on the prize of USD 300,000.

During her time in the house, she was voted as the housemate with the most flava while in the Downville house. Zainab, Keitta and Maneta are the only Downville housemates who have had a chance to step into the VIP Upville house.

Having crossed that line meant that she was playing the game well and could easily be one of the finalists as she had started giving the Upville housemates a run for their money.

The Olympic games will officially kick off on the 27-July-2012 in London. Zainab like very many sports fans intending to grace the games, they have made their way to UK early enough to avoid disappointments.

Meanwhile, appearing on the Big Brother Africa reality show has simply opened more doors for the Istanbul based model. She was this morning interviewed on BBC Network Africa in London.

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Thursday, June 14 2012

Prezzo and Goldie having their first intimate kiss, as Barbz is worried for her fellow babe
Barbz is the South African model who got into the Upville house as a VIP and has since played the game well especially when she unleashed her swagg for Biggie on Wednesday afternoon.

In yesterday's diary session, Biggie was gangsta and demanded that the housemates unleash their swagg accordingly, and to this, the oldest babe gave the young housemates a run for their money and yet this was an area they were expected to excel.

Barbz further told Biggie that she was worried for Nigeria's Goldie who has put in her whole in their 'in-house relationship' with Kenya's rapper Prezzo who she suspects to be a dog. The couple has been close but with nothing serious, but going by what happened today, Goldie and Prezzo who are being referred to as (Goldie+Prezzo=Goldezzo) had the first intimate kiss.

East African fans and their Nigerian counterparts are now watching the two very closely especially now that Goldie is using her Kiwani hair to conceal evidence. A few days back, Goldie shed a bucket of tears after Prezzo told her that they were only friends and should not expect anything serious outside the house.

On the other hand, Goldie has given it a try and she is looking at Prezzo as the love of her life, in fact she is no longer in the game for the money but Prezzzo.! Biggie has made it a habit of playing Prezzo's music, and she has mastered word by word as one of the ways to get the Kenyan rapper have her relocate to Kenya.

It happens, because Uganda's Philbert Okure hooked up with Liz and are now expecting their first child.

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Wednesday, June 13 2012

Mampi' real look without head gear
This was Zambia's representative Mampi before leaving the house and its not clear what exactly happened to her 'kiwani' hair but one thing is for sure, her hair line was terrible and the best thing that could happen to her was to have it covered.

Those who saw Mampi on the eviction nite donning that short black dress and high heels to celebrate her time in the Big Brother house cannot believe you in any way that this was Mampi.

If it was Mampi who had gone on strike demanding for a brazilian wig like sexy Eazzy did, it could be understandable given her distorted hairline. Mampi was so exhausted in the house that she did not care anymore whether the cameras were on her or not.

Mampi appeared on the stage which Eazzy swore never to step on looking hott with another extension that covered her head well. Now you know when these babes demand for those extensions, Biggie next time you should grant their requests for they are Big Brother gals.

Mampi was the first VIP housemate to be evicted followed by DKB who was disqualified after a physical brawl with Zainab from Sierra Leone.

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Wednesday, June 13 2012

           Ghana's Mildred Ashong aka Eazzy

Keitta is a lucky guy when you look at his babe donning the Brazilian hair extension no wonder she refused to go on stage the day she was evicted.

She demanded that Biggs provides her with her Brazillian hair extension or she won't appear on stage and in the end, Eazzy never showed up on stage.

Mildred who was happy that she was out of the house now that she was a celebrity among most Downville housemates who were going about their lives normally was also happy for the fact that her boyfriend had been upgraded to Upville.

Eazzy told her ardent followers and fans that what many were confusing for sex was not that. Biggie told them to play the game as partners and during that time, they were busy discussing life in the Upville house with Keitta promising her not to do anything silly with Zainab.

However, when Keitta got to the Upville house, Zainab had cut off her hair and was not as smashing as she was while in the Downville house.

In her words she says: "It wasn't a selfish decision but it was based on certain reasons which I can't really say because it might go against the whole Big Brother Production. I want to tell my fans that I made a promise not to have sex in the house and I fulfilled that promise. We only spent a lot of time together and that was it".

I want to tell my fans that I did try my very best to represent Ghana with my boyfriend as a couple and I am totally sorry to anybody who was offended if I didn't come on stage but there were a lot of issues in the house concerning my hair."
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Monday, June 11 2012

South Africa's Downville housemates during theor diary session in which Keagan reacted like a volcano
Its no doubt South Africa's Keagan is hot tempered to the point that at one time Biggie was forced to withhold booze for a week after he became drunk and was a problem to other housemates in the Downville house.

South Africa is one of those countries with three housemates, and evicting Keagan this coming week will not affect them in anyway because Barbz is doing very well in the Upville house and once joined by humbled Lee, it will be a big push for South Africa.

In today's diary session, Keagan and Lee told Biggie that they will stick to their original plan like they've been playing the game in the past. However, when Biggie asked what they were going to add to the game this week, Keagan reacted, like he normally does anyway.

"If you 're going to ask me that stupid question again, may be we should leave," Biggie was left with no choice but to end their session prematurely.

This week, four housemates are up for eviction and two will be upgraded to the Upville house. Keagan is going home no doubt. We said it before that Jessica did not have much to bring to the show for as long as Luke was evicted.

This will leave us with Lee joining fellow country mate model Barbz in the Upville house and Namibia's Junia because the support that Ola used to enjoy, most of it crossed to Junia and this will go on up to the time she leaves the Big Brother Africa house.

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Sunday, June 10 2012
Junia and Jessica from Namibia, Lee and Keagan are up for eviction
It's 35 days in the Big Brother house and the Ugandan housemates are still safe.

The Big Brother live show kicked off with our very own Maurice Kirya doing 'Misubawa' followed by the highlights in the house both in the Downville and Upville though the DKB-Zainab saga was the highlight of the moment.

The highlight of the Just Good Friends by Goldie and Prezzo was not missed out bearing in mind that Nigeria's Goldie wanted a lot more than that.

It was revealed that Keagan will be the HoH for Downville and Lady May the HOH for the Upville house.

The disagreements between partners was highlighted especially those who are already out of the house like Esperanca and Seydou, Talia and Tamara, Mildred and Keitta who even told Keitta not to sorry her as he tried to apologize for the wrongs.

The show turned to the Upville house as IK asked Lady May what she was thinking at the time of the fight and she said that was the time she needed to think about her self. He told them that he will talk to them next week which left some very happy.

Next week, two housemates will be evicted and two will be upgraded to the Upville house. It does not matter if they are playing as partners. Random selection machine landed on Namibia (Jessica and Junia) first and the second round landed on South Africa (Lea and Keagan).

Uganda's Jannette and Kyle have survived implying that they still have another two weeks in Biggie's house. Since IK revealed to Africa that two housemates will be leaving the house next week, we now take this opportunity to tell you that Junia and Lee will be upgraded as Jessica who mingled with Luke in the sheets coupled with bad tempered Keagan will have to got Namibiaville and Southville, our views and not necessarily those of Biggie.

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Sunday, June 10 2012

          Uganda's Jannette kissing Malawi's Wati in the Big Brother Downville house
History is repeating itself here. During Big Brother Africa 2, The Malawian housemate then Code Sangala almost forgot about his wife back home when he got so involved with Maureen Namatovu in the house.

Those were the days when the role of Head of House(HOH) could come with so many privileges like going away from the rest of the housemates to an exclusive room which had massage oils, and a cocktail of drinks among others.

Just like Mildred from Ghana, Maureen went through a lot convincing viewers that nothing went down. Those days, viewers could not sleep because of the uncut shower hour clips that could be shown late in the night.

Now just recently, we told of how our gal Jannette was very close to Wati from Malawi and now it's real getting serious. Last evening, Jannette grabbed Watti by the neck wanting to swallow him that very minute but Watti coiled after one of the cameras were focusing on him.

A few days back, Jannette was kicked out of Malonza's bed several times as she tried to give him some, she then opted to kissing Malonza by force. Jannette's wish is to go to the Upville house before she leaves the house, will her strategy of getting what she wants by force work?

Meanwhile one Geoffrey Gichuhi commented that; "Jannette has to be taught the meaning of lips kissing, you can't be kissing anybody you come across!, I think she just sees people kissing in movies etc, but she doesn't understand the reasons behind it.

Kissing is a very intimate and romantic interaction. Kissing is not only a part of love making, it is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion and also a way to portray your love and commitment to your partner. She is disrespecting herself and lowering her dignity."

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Saturday, June 09 2012

Nigeria's Goldie and Kenya's Prezzo playing the game from the Upville house
It is now 34 days out of 91 when the Big Brother show started showing on channel 198 for those exclusive to DSTV.

In the past it used to be one housemate per country and the game was so interesting and so competitive. The game later changed to bringing in more than one housemate per country and this is where Biggie plays his tricks.

In this season for example, he introduced the VIP section which had seven housemates and its those countries that had three housemates in total representing their respective countries.

Lets take a look at how those countries are fairing after a month in the house.

Nigeria - Ola, Chris and Goldie came into the house on the Nigerian ticket but just after 14 days, Ola succumbed to hyper tension and could not play the game anymore. Ola and Chris were in Downville where they play the game as pairs, so the two had to leave. Nigeria now has Goldie in the Upville house who is busy nursing a broken heart after Prezzo told her they were only friends.

South Africa - Lea and Keagan are in the Downville house while model Barbz is doing well in the Upville where she has also been HOH. However, the Indian accent for the Downville folks is not making things any better. Keagan's bad temper after he has taken just one bottle makes him better off playing the game from Southville.

Namibia - All hopes for Namibia are on Lady May as the Downvillers, Junia and Jessica are only trying. Some Big Brother pundits have started putting the money on Lady May who is next weeks HOH. Jessica has not got much to bring to the table apart from her making out with Luke from Liberia if it is anything to go by.

Ghana - They were blessed with a VIP placement in the Upville house when comedian DKB got to the house but his strategy of fighting was a complete off that even if he was not disqualified, he would still be evicted because that CV was not good per say. Some fans say he is better off trying boxing or wrestling because, housemates and viewers were not able to detect any humour in him.

Two days before his disqualification, Ghana had fallen a victim after Mildred Ashong aka Eazzy who is now battling with fans on whether she had sex on telly or not, got evicted as her boyfriend Keitta was upgraded to Upville.

Kenya - No doubt Kenya is doing very well through their rapper boy Prezzo who is also East Africa's hope in the game now that the Tanzania duo of Julio and Hilda were evicted and the Ugandans are still in the Downville house. Alex and Malonza who are the other Kenyans in the Downville house are friends with our gal Jannette and this could work in her favour when she is up for possible upgrade to the Upville.

Zambia - Mampi was the first Upviller to be evicted that her thunder dance tactic did very little in saving her. Mampi was a dancer and her fans really enjoyed her but then again, she was a lot better than the Downvillers, Tamara and Talia. Talia is doing badly after her boyfriend Seydou from Angola left the show.

Zimbabwe - Maneta and Teclar were the two sisters playing the game from Downville to the time when Maneta was upgraded to Upville where she met fellow country mate Rocki. Maneta was nominated by Rocki but then Africa said 'NO' and she bounced back to the house. She is one housemate who has been up for eviction in both Downville and Upville but came out stronger.

The winner for the $300,000 will come from the above countries as the rest are just filling the gaps.

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Thursday, June 07 2012

Botswana's representatives Edith and Eve who were evicted last Sunday

The Botswana sisters Eve and Edith Maygilip arrived in Botswana this morning. The galz who gave Biggie company for 28 days in the Downville house got evicted last Sunday together with Keitta's babe Mildred who snubbed the last moment because Biggie had not provided her with the 'Kiwani' hair.

The sisters like many other housemates did not know that in the Downville house, they were playing the game as a couple, they then started hating on each other. Housemates like Maneta and Teclar brought in the issue of how one, snatched the other's boyfriend.

Angola's Seydou hooked Talia from Zambia a move that did not go down well with fellow country mate Esperenca who in the end asked Biggie to allow her go home as she was missing her child.

Seydou was so disturbed as he constantly referred her to a bitch and warned of serious consequences when they get home.

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Wednesday, June 06 2012

Model Zainab O Sheriff based in Instanbul represented Sierra Leone in the Big Brother StarGame
Zainab O Sheriff a married model from Istanbul Turkey was the Big Brother housemate representing Sierra Leone but got disqualified after a physical brawl with DKB from Ghana.

Zainab opened the door several times when comedian DKB was in the washrooms. He tried to stop her but the model did not desist from the act and as expected, DKB came for her trying to tell her that what she had done was wrong.

Its on record that, DKB has anger management issues or he has been using fighting as a strategy to play the game but it looks like it is the very strategy that brought him down. DKB told Zainab that he will slap her to which Zainab provoked him to go on and do it.

DKB acted just like a typical African man, slapped the model and one thing led to the other. Biggie intervened after carefully looking at the footage, he decided that the two be disqualified.

Zainab is married to a Turkish but three weeks into the house, she was trying out everything to get Keitta into her trap but this was saved by the fact that Keitta's official girl friend Mildred was in the house.

She told Biggie three weeks into the house that she was missing sex very badly and she was to play the game with Rocki from Zimbabwe or Prezzo from Kenya given a chance, though at the time, Prezzo was so tight with Goldie.

By the time she was disqualified, she had managed to cause a rift between Prezzo and Goldie. Prezzo and Zainab were blending very much most especially through their tattoos which were all over their 'privates' and were just about to explore them.

DKB and Zainab were not buddies at all after the fight in which DKB reminded Zainab of her past something that did not go down well with her. Chances are, this second fight was linked to the first one.

Big Brother just found it wise to send these two housemates packing now that they even had previous fights like Seydou accusing Zainab for using her fingers while eating, the Prezzo Vs DKB fight which almost brought the roof down.

Zainab's exit came in handy because her hubby will receive her intact, otherwise she was to be the third female housemate to be feasted on after Jessica and Luke, Keitta and Mildred rolled in style via the sheets.

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Tuesday, June 05 2012

             Mildred Ashong aka Eazzy
Appearing on one of the local stations, Ghanaian rapper/singer Mildred Ashong aka Eazzy has told her fans that she did not play Biggie's game while in the house. Mildred was the first one to be evicted during last Sunday live eviction show in South Africa.

Keitta Osei (25) an international model and Mildred Ashong a musician in Ghana were playing the game in the Downville house up to last Sunday when Africa decided that Mildred goes to Ghanaville and Keitta to Upville.

Mildred and Keitta are the first official couple to go to the Big Brother's house though the game was not flowing smoothly for them like other housemates who joined as friends, sister and brothers.

At one point, they fought over Mildred's ex who happens to be a footballer. The two hatched a plan that they thought could save them now that they were up for eviction. Keitta got right on top of Eazzy as the two kissed passionately with her naked thighs spread for Keitta to the full view of Africa.

Having realized that the trick did not work out for her, but how could it have worked when the two are from the same country which is looked at as one vote, she has embarked on a damage control process.

She says that "I was so afraid of that Big Brother man, you cannot tell where his cameras are, even when the room is totally dark and you cannot see,everybody outside watching on TV can see you, so I was never naked in the Big Brother house neither was Keitta and if there is anything out there, we were totally having a romantic time ,we were making out which normal couples do, Come on guys, at least if we were not doing it, "

Mildred....Hmmmmm Big Brother say so! Meanwhile, Keitta has not benefitted that much from his immunity this week as being the new kid in the Upville house. Keitta was immune from nominations this week as he had just been upgraded to the Upville house but after the disqualification of DKB and Zainab, there will be no evictions in the Upville house this week.

Mildred who went on strike because Biggie did not provide her Brazillian wig as she requested is a happy woman after Zainab was thrown out of the Upville house. Zainab had badly wanted a piece of Keitta's heart before she was upgraded to the Upville house. Africa will now miss out on that drama that was about to unfold.

But then again, Keitta told IK that if he was alone, he could be playing the game differently, so Africa should watch out for Keitta as he plays the game alone!!
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Monday, June 04 2012

Rocki stopping DKB from thumping Zainab
Big BRO is no joke and this time round he has fired both parties that were involved in a physical battle. It was the second time these two were fighting but now that this fight got physical, Biggie just disqualified comedian star from Ghana and the only housemate from Sierra Leone who was playing her game well until she was disqualified today.

The list of disqualified housemates is growing starting with Uganda's Hannington, Tanzania's Lotus and now DKB and Zainab. It has been public knowledge that Zainab and DKB don't see eye-to-eye but that aside, DKB's strategy in the house was to fight as he has already had a fight with Kenya's Prezzo,  Namibia's Lady May and just recently the fight with Zainab in which he accused her of sleeping with two men.

Zainab referred him to his wife to find out if sleeping with two men would make her a wore..DKB went wild on the mere mention of his wife in this scuffle. Today was the second time they were having a fight after Zainab provoked DKB forcing him to slap her.

Biggie's rules are very clear and he does not entertain violence so he had to disqualify these two. The Upville house now has 6 housemates in the run for the top prize and these include Maneta and Rocki from Zimbabwe, Barbz from South Africa, Goldie from Nigeria, Prezzo from Kenya, and Keitta who joined the Upville house yesterday when his girlfriend Eazzy 'Mildred' and the two sisters Eve and Edith left the show.

Africa had hoped to see what happens in the Upville house after Keitta and Zainab had met and this time round without Mildred who was making life difficult for them, but all that will be no more with the disqualification of these two who were up for eviction anyway.

The two houses that started with 35 housemates in total now have 20 in left after 15 have either opted out, disqualified or evicted. Biggie has announced that there will be no eviction this week in the Upville house. Watch this space!

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Sunday, June 03 2012

Mildred and Keitta in action

The first couple to get to the Big Brother Africa house was on the verge of splitting for not being able to play the biggie game for almost a month. During the week when tempers were flaring in the Downville house between sisters Tamara and Talia from Zambia, Seydou and Esperanca from Angola who have since then left the house, the Ghanaian couple was equally having problems.

Eazzy 'Mildred' told Biggie that they are no longer as close as they used to be, Keitta is flirting with other gals and does not care much about her anymore. Keitta promised to change and as you can see in the pic, the two were locked in a passionate kiss during their diary session.

Like Luke from Liberia who used his last hours in the house with Jessica from Namibia, Keitta and Mildred realised that by the end of today, they will not be playing the game anymore in Downville.

They will be either in Ghanaville or one of them will be in Upville by the end of the Sunday live eviction show. This was the very thought that knocked them hard and decided to hit the sheets missionary style.

Mildred tried to cover up but Keitta had charged as he drilled her oil well into cabbages. Tonight, Edith and Eve from Botswana together with the second romping couple in the Big Brother Africa StarGame house are up for eviction and the best housemate will be upgraded to Upville that was once for stars.

Our guess is Keitta for Upville and does not reflect the decision of Africa. Watch this space!

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Thursday, May 31 2012

          Lady May preferred a posture of a bat during her diary session.
In today's diary session, Biggie was using the gangster accent that got the Upvillers laughing all the way during their sessions. Biggie occasionally warned housemates from calling him 'Sir' and instead preferred 'Biggs'. This is what transpired with some of the Upvillers in the dairy room.

Lady May - Its only one word that can describe this one, WEIRD. Lady May asked Biggie if she could talk to him upside down. Now this is the first time a housemate is coming up with this kind of strategy. She put her legs where she is supposed to be leaning and started talking to Biggie. She told Biggie that she was emulating bats which are scary but sexy. Meanwhile, she was in a micro short the size of a panty as she put her legs behind her neck with her stuff fully displayed to Biggie and Africa.

Ola is Maneta's Kind of Guy
Maneta was having her diary session and she revealed to Biggie that her type of guy is Ola. Biggie went ahead to ask her if she had let him know before he left the house, Maneta told Biggie, that she is a gal and she just won't fall for a guy in just minutes.

Biggie told her that she was able to notice that she had a thing for Ola hardly two weeks in the house.

Zainab Says DKB is from the Village
It was Zainab's diary session and she made it clear that she does not feel for DKB a single bit. Biggie asked her why and she told him that his manners were off. She particularly dislikes the fact that DKB would not put the toilet seat down. Zainab added that she doubts he is from Accra.

Barbz On DKB's Case
The South African model had issues with DKB too. She particularly dislikes the way he brushes choking himself like he is vomiting.

Goldie Still Broken about being Used by Prezzo
Nigerian housemate Goldie cried the whole night long after Prezzo indicated to her this thing they were having ion the house was not leading them anywhere and yet she had invested so much in it. The thought of Prezzo playing the game just gives her goose pimples.

DKB - Known in the house as a fighter as opposed to a Comedian.
The housemate from Ghana is a comedian but you can hardly see any hilarious acts from him. Instead he is the direct opposite. He has had a fight with Lady May, Prezzzo, Zainab and so far that is not funny at all and Biggie was aware of this because he asked him  if the Big Brother crowd was too tough for him to make jokes.

Prezzo - ''I was married once and I'm  not married anymore. We are close and I consider you a very good friend.." were the words Prezzo used before Goldie broke down crying because she expected a lot more than that. Prezzo told Biggs that he is a man and he likes her, has feelings for Goldie and as if that is not enough, Zainab is ready to go all the way with Prezzo.

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Monday, May 28 2012

South Africa's Upville housemate Barbz was seated with the only housemate from Sierra Leone Zainab in the lounge and were wondering what Africa wants. She could not believe that after the daily thigh display and the thunder butt dancing, the housemate from Zambia got evicted.

Interestingly, after her interview on stage, IK asked her to do the thunder dance and this she did with ease. Mampi was the best dancer in the Big Brother Season 7 but this CV did not make things better than her.

She was up with unknown Maneta(Zimbabwe) who was upgraded from Downville two weeks back and yet she was a star from her country but all this did not stop Maneta from trouncing her. Lady May bounced back to the house with ease, though she warned DKB that when she gets back to the house, it will be war.

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Monday, May 28 2012

Kyle in the Jacuzzi after surviving eviction
Kyle and Jannette are safe for the fourth week in the Big Brother StarGame implying that they are still in the game for another two weeks making it 42 days in the house. Feeling the bouy, Kyle just hit the Jacuzzi in celebration of the Random Machine not landing on the Ugandan ball.

Jannette aka Ms Tiny was equally happy with her make up that made her look cute with that love spot. Jannette will soon be called 'Thingi' just like Maureen was called Blah blah blah. In every sentence, she uses the word 'Thingi' but it's not clear if the other housemates follow every time the slung is used.

For now the Ugandans are still in the game after 8 housemates have been evicted from the Downville house and one from the Upville house.

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Monday, May 28 2012

Maneta and Mampi were clad in their short outfits at least too short to cause havoc in men's southern regions, Mampi was in a killer stilleto with the cameras zooming in and out of her thighs as Rocki sat next to them nicely clad in his bow tie.

Lady May was nowhere to be seen at this point in time as she was not aware that she was on the chopping block. Barbz joked "You guys look pretty, why don't you dress like that everyday"

The show kicked off with Diamond performing 'Mawazo' who got the crowd shouting to his dance strokes that made one babe to beat security just to get close to him. Another guy hit the stage as Diamond's swagg got to the fans.

IK hit the stage and very quickly got the show rocking with the highlights of the previous live eviction show. Highlights in the Upville house followed and among them was the task that made Goldie head of the house.

The Downvillers had more of love highlights going for them, traditional dancing, the use of the f-words by Keagan who to make matters worse is the head of house this week.

Evicted Housemates Speak Out

Luke - "I just like everything in the house it was crazy just the two weeks I had in the house...I wanna meet Jessica outside the house."

Dalphin - "I've learnt to leave with different kinds of people, but she warns that Zainab is tough and those in the house should be careful not to step on her toes. She was surprised that outside the house she was being told that she was dull."

Yadel - "Alex and I found a bond, Alex and I are friends and we're not in a relationship and we are going to continue to be friends. It was my dream to be on TV. No matter where your from we are all Africans and I loved it"

The Voting Results Come In - IK crosses over to the house, DKB would you please stand and tell your housemates the dirty trick. DKB told fellow housemates that "I had to save myself so don't take it personal if I mention your name. The person is....Lady May. Lady May said "Huh I knew it honey." she added that if she comes back to the house, they will talk.

IK asked all nominated housemates to please stand. he started with Lady May and told her that she was safe just like DKB had predicted. Only one of the other two is going to survive this eviction. Maneta you have survived, Mampi could you leave the Big Brother House, IK roared.

By then DKB was saying I did it, I did it simply because his reason for nominating Lady May was that she was strong and could easily make it back to the house, and this is what happened exactly.

Mampi hit the stage in her MJ suit. She was looking so beautiful on stage. She is going to vote for Maneta who she calls a spidermate. She puts the money on Zainab's head because she is crazy. They showed highlights of her thunder dance. Fans will miss Mampi's dance moves. She told IK that she was prepared to go. She did the thunder dance before leaving the stage.

Random Nomination

Botswana - Edith and Eve were the second lot that fell a victim for the second random nomination and looking at how the game is flowing Eve and Edith are so gone and since Mildred shares the same vote with Keitta, Mildred will have to go and Keitta will be upgraded to Upville to meet Zainab who is already horny and yet her dream is to be called Zainab Osei.

Random Nomination in the Downville hit the first official couple to join the Big Brother Africa from Ghana (Mildred and Keitta) before the show crossed to a sizzling performance with eight babes shaking what their mama's gave them.

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Saturday, May 26 2012

Stargame Couples: Mildred and Keitta, Prezzo and Goldie and Luke and Jessica
Africa's biggest reality show Big Brother Africa StarGame has been airing on Channel 198 for 20 days now out of the usual 91 days and below we take you through the major highlights of the show,

Evicted Housemates - Biggie was serious this time that before for the housemates could even explore the house and enjoy the freebies, four were up for eviction. Tanzania and Zimbabwe's housemates were lined up for screening and in the end it was Maneta who survived. She was upgraded to the Upville house as Julio,..... (Tanzania) and Dalphin from Zimbabwe became the first victims to leave the house.

Ola (Nigeria) suffered from Hypertension and felt that he could not continue with the game so he opted out voluntarily. Now that they were in the Upville house where they play the game in pairs, Chris had to go with him. Nigeria still has one representative Goldie in the Upville house.

Up for Eviction - This week, the eviction fever shifted to the Upville house bringing to an end the honeymoon they had enjoyed right from the start of the show. The common denominator in the nominations was Zambia's Mampi with 6 followed by DKB and Maneta who had 3 each. Ghana's DKB survived now that he is the head of house by replacing himself with Lady May from Namibia.

Sex In the House - Namibia's Jessica and Liberia's Luke broke the ice in the Big Brother StarGame by being the first couple to have sex in Biggie's house this season. They did it the way Uganda's Ernest and Tanzania's Bhoke did. The night before eviction, Ernest and Bhoke rocked the sheets and this is exactly that happened to Jessica and Luke. Its not clear if Jessica is going to get another Stargame boy after Luke was evicted last Sunday.

Zainab Goes Bald - She was raped twice at a tender age during the war in Sierra Leone and became pregnant though the child died a year later. Her biggest problem now is that she is missing sex badly just after three weeks in the house as narrated to Biggie. The model based in Instabul shocked her fans when she cut off all her hair in an era when women embrace weaves for various reasons.

Stargame Couples - (Mildred and Keitta), (Seydou and Talia), Upcoming (Kyle and Eve) and the best couple so far Prezzo and Goldie who had a fight but made up with a massage to crown it all. Prezzo made Goldie face the camera and told her; "Baby say hi to your in-laws, make sure you make it for our wedding in Africa"

The Fights - Lady May Vs DKB, Rocki Vs Maneta, Mampi Vs Goldie and Prezzo Vs Goldie.

On a Sad Note - IK lost his mom last Friday, he thanks all those who sent him condolence messages.

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Thursday, May 24 2012

Africa is bound to have more drama at this rate. Sierra Leone's only housemate in the Big Brother house is on fire. During her diary session today, Biggie asked her what she missed most and she told him if he really wanted to know, Biggie said he was curious.

''I wanna have sex. It's been like three weeks and I'm going nuts'' Zainab told Biggie. Now earlier on before the diary session, Zainab was flirting with Zimbabwe's Rocki who was asking for some and this is what he told her;

''Keep trying you never know you might have sex with me or you may not''. These lines got Rocki grinning from ear to ear and told her that he won't give up. Meanwhile, Zainab is counting on two lads, Prezzo and Rocki to get down with on the Big Brother game.

However, now that Prezzo is busy with Goldie and Rocki is a bit free having fallen out with Maneta, he might be the one to taste Zainab's bearded meat because Prezzo has made it clear that he is out of Zainab's web.

''Zainab is more wasted and Goldie is more focused'' Prezzo say so.

Liberia's Luke and Namibia's Jessica Bonk
Zainab Now Has A Bald Head

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Thursday, May 24 2012

Liberia's Luke was evicted last Sunday but realizing that he was up for eviction he knew that his chances of remaining in Biggie's house had dwindled. The guy who cried like a baby when Ola and Chris opted out of the game used every minute in the house tactfully.

These two have always been sharing a bed but with nothing serious going on except for the simple touching and kissing. The night before the eviction, Luke and his 'girl friend' Jessica timed when most housemates were asleep and the two started touching and kissing.

It's not clear what happened to Luke but within two minutes, the guy was done. Jessica did not waste anytime but just got to the drivers seat and tried sorting herself out but wapi the guy was done.

It was 17 days into the show that even the first official couple to get into the house has not yet thought about what these strangers had just served themselves with before the watchful eyes of Africa.

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Wednesday, May 23 2012

Zainab goes bald two days in tghe Upville house
Sierra Leone model Zainab is the only housemate representing her country after fellow country mate Dalphin was among those evicted last Sunday. The moment she became an Upviller, the VIP's were able to feel her and within moments she was in charge of the house.

However, the latest move of her cutting off all her hair and now donning a bald hair style is in itself a bold move. Rocki from Zimbabwe helped her clear all the hair from her head as she dealt with other parts.

It will take a few hours for her fans who are still in shock to get to terms with the new bald headed Zainab in the Upville house. These are some of the tricks that she is using to play the game and some have so far paid off like the attack on Angola's Seydou

She has been in the Upville house which at one point had 28 housemates making it very difficult for the cameras to follow you. This is where the Ugandan housemates have failed but with 6 evicted and 2 opting out of the game, we hope they will be able to shine.

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Tuesday, May 22 2012

               Rocki and Maneta before they fell out, they now don't see eye-to-eye
"I'm weak, I'm so weak I did something very bad....I'm gonna go home before the money.."were the words of former bad boy from Zimbabwe Rocki who was playing his game so well until Maneta came to the Upville house.

Being the bad boy he is, he very quickly became attracted to Maneta the moment she crossed from the Downville house to the Upville house a week back. Rocki tried jumping into Maneta's panty and very quickly laid his strategies that included giving her a massage.

But as the week progressed, he made his intentions clear prompting Maneta to tell him off that she has a boyfriend back at home. It was not long before Biggie swung into action with his twists and this time the Upvillers were to nominate each other.

During Rocki's time in the Diary session, Rocki gave in two names and that was for fellow country mate Maneta and Mampi. Maneta got wind of this and cut links with the Zim boy. He tried chilling out with DKB but things weren't flowing normally.

He came downstairs where the two (Mampi and Maneta) were seated and asked Mampi to join him in the garden. It is there that he started crying like a baby telling her that if he could, he would replace himself with Maneta.

"I do not know what I've done for my own heart..Im confused" said Rocki as he continued crying while talking to Mampi. He later went to bed as Mampi and Maneta sat in the lounge discussing what had transpired in the garden.

Maneta simply said; "I don't give a s**t" Mampi tried to plead for Rocki to be forgiven saying that this guy has issues but Maneta is not getting to terms with the fact that a fellow country mate can nominate her..! She concluded that whether he cries blood, I don't give a s**t watch this space!

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Monday, May 21 2012

         Mampi tops the first Upville nominations with six votes
The Downvillers are relaxed as the pressure shifts to the Upvillers this week and this time the VIP housemates nominating each other in the first ever human nominations in the Big Brother Africa Stargame.

The past nominations have been done by the random nomination machine that has seen six housemates leave the Downville house. The Upville housemates saw their honeymoon come to an end after three weeks of relaxation and not knowing how it feels like being up for eviction.

Mampi from Zambia emerged as the Upville housemate with the highest votes totalling to six followed by Maneta from Zimbabwe who had (3) and comedian DKB from Ghana also having (3) votes.

DKB is the current head of house so those nominations will be put to waste as he will swap himself with any other housemate of his choice. Lady May is widely believed to take up his slot on the chopping board now that when he was nominating, it was Lady May that he put up for eviction.

Maneta is on the chopping block after fellow country mate Rocki put her up. Talking to Biggie on Monday evening, she revealed that Rocki was interested in her and she told him off and not even think of it now that she has a boyfriend outside the house.

Meanwhile, Mampi who is widely blamed for gossiping in the Upville house and the main reason she topped the nominations has said she is going to attack the whole process head on and she has started packing her belongings ready to leave the house.

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Sunday, May 20 2012

Rocki and Mampi at while Maneta and Barbz take the nite down

Last Nite was action packed in the Upville house though with limited booze. The VIP's were able to do with the limited supplies and still had fun with DJ Robbie Rob from Botswana spinning the discs.

Barbz and DKB were together some minutes before the show kicked off demanding that Biggie starts the music. At exactly 11:00pm EAT the party started and Barbz together with DBK hit the 'grass' floor.

Maneta from Zimbabwe was the next to join clad in a green costume and without wasting time started strutting her stuff around. Upville best dancer Mampi from Zambia followed and you know when it comes to shaking what her mama gave her, no one comes close to her.

Shortly after, dreadlocked Bad Boy from Zimbabwe Rocki hit the grass floor giving much respect to the late Michael Jackson which DJ Robbie realised and very quickly slotted in 'Billie Jean' that got him moon walking leaving fellow country mate Maneta perplexed.

Lady May joined though she got an exclusive place and danced alone gyrating her body like a deadly anaconda that had located its prey, the dancing kept on directing her panty to wrong places as she constantly put it in shape.

Fifteen minutes later, lovers Prezzo and Goldie emerged from the middle of nowhere after getting to terms with the Arab wear which was the theme of the night. Goldie was as stiff as a poker while dancing. Her feet were in the same position that risking any footwork related dance could easily send her to the floor.

Goldie retired to the seats shortly after but rushed back the moment Rihanna's 'We Found Love' started playing as though she was confirming that her and Prezzo had found love in a hopeless place.

See you tonight as we see off Zainab to the Upville house and bid farewell to the rest who are up for eviction.

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Friday, May 18 2012

'Ola N Chris we miss u already' was the writing on the Stargame facebook wall in the house
''This is Big Brother Chris and Ola its time to say farewell to fellow housemates.'' Luke(Liberia) broke down making Ola who had tried to be strong break down too. Keitta could not hold back as he cried like a baby. Eve's face turned red.

Yadel (Liberia) was in shock. Jannette(Uganda) cried too but dashed back and brought with her a polka dotted teddy bear which she gave to Ola before the diary room's door could close. Jessica did not want to lock the door to the diary room saying that Biggie has not asked that the door be locked.

Seydoue told Ola to be strong and take care of himself as he shed tears uncontrollably. It was a teary afternoon for the Downvilles and Africa at large after a strong contender on the show left barely two weeks in the house.

Ola revealed to Biggie that the cat fights in the house make him feel uncomfortable especially Seydou and Zainab. Ola made it a point that before he could tell the housemates what was going on, he demanded that the two make up.

Ola had consultations with the house doctor and after carefully thinking about it, he decided that he voluntarily leaves a move that his playmate Chris understood. Chris added that: "Yes, this is a game. However, we can't play with our lives."

Ola added that "Health is wealth"

Nigerian Housemates in the Stargame Quit the Show
Zainab Determined to Get Keitta Before Eviction

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Friday, May 18 2012

Zainab from Sierra Leone will do all sorts of things to get to Keitta

When they called for participants to join the Big Brother show as pairs Keitta and Mildred from Ghana responded as a couple and were able to meet the expectations of the judges. The rest of the participants came in as buddies, brothers and sisters.

It has kind of not been easy for the couple to express their feelings openly before the other housemates and if this show does not break them, then it will only make them stronger. On the other hand, Zainab from Sierra Leone dreams of having Keitta's surname and she is more than determined to get his heart.

Zainab timed Keitta in the kitchen on Wednesday and wanted to kiss his lips but Keitta simply put his chic. Zainab asked what his surname was and Keitta replied that he was 'Osei' Zainab declared that she will one day be called Zainab Osei. This was however brushed off by Mildred.

Yesterday was worse. Mildred was sleeping off as Uganda's Jannette and Zainab tried to give Keitta company. Zainab was in a very short skirt with nothing under that left everything to the full display of Keitta more so with legs wide open.

Mildred woke up and noticed that the situation around Keitta was so scary by her standards. On realising that Mildred had woken up, Zainab tried to cover up. It's not clear whether Zainab will leave to see her dream in the Downville house now that she is up for possible eviction.

The good news is, Zainab is likely to cross to the Upville house and encroach on Maneta who is now the queen of the Upville house. To confirm this Maneta was having a massage from top admirer and fellow countrymate Rocki as Mampi looked on with envy.

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Friday, May 18 2012

         Jannette told Biggie that she was very close to Kenya's Malonza
Uganda's housemate in the Big Brother Stargame Jannette Lutaaya who is currently playing the game with Kyle in the downville house asked Big Brother to avail her with Shisha. May be this will make the cameras focus on her otherwise all the strategies so far have not yet convinced the team behind the camera's to follow her.

Appearing for their diary session with Kyle, Biggie asked Jannette how she deals with boredom, she said that by teasing a few people prompting Biggie to ask her which people? Jannette said Ola.

For the record Ola(Nigeria) is the tallest and fattest housemate of all times while Jannette is the tiniest in both houses combined, so you could not help laughing seeing Jannette looking Ola in the eyes as he raps with his naija accent.

Meanwhile, the rate at which Jannette is eating, she will come out of the house with more pounds. When Biggie asked her what she had for breakfast, she listed over five items starting with eggs, sausages, cheese, bread, mayonnaise and chocolate. She tried asking Biggie what he had for breakfast, but the no nonsense Biggie responded by saying, we will end your session here.

Jannette requested for one more item and this was none other than Shisha which is more dangerous than cigarette smoking. Biggie said to her that that will depend on if they win more of their wager.

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Thursday, May 17 2012

Prezzo and DKB fought because after DKB talking to Goldie, she was not on talking terms with Prezzo.
Prezzo and DKB of the Upville house almost fought yesterday after exchanging bitterly for an hour. Big Brother called Prezzo to the diary room and away from the camera's asa way to cool tempers.

Big Brother summoned all the Upville housemates to the lounge and reminded them of yesterday's incident which almost became nasty. Biggie reminded the housemates of what respect is and urged them to stop using abusive language.

Before reading out the punishment to Prezzo and DKB, he told them last night did not reflect their true character and that there should not be a repeat of what happened last night.


  • Prezzo and DKB are going to put on the same jumpsuit so that they get to know each other better.
  • No Alcohol for the next 48 hours starting with immediate effect

This means the two will even have to sleep, go to the washrooms as a pair, not so sure how that will work out but Biggie feels it's one way of these two bulls in the kraal to get along.

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Thursday, May 17 2012

Maneta and Rocki are getting very close

Last Sunday, Maneta from Zimbabwe joined the Upville house after surviving the Downville house where they play the game as couples and since then Rocki has not been at ease. He had tried Mampi, Lady May and now after Maneta landed in the house, the guy has not looked back a single bit.

He was last nite pleading with Maneta who he fondly calls 'Neta' to be forgiven over certain utterances. He even got to the extent of going on bended knees. Interestingly, these two are from the same country so after the show there will be no air ticket costs involved in hooking up.

Unfortunately though, being the in the Upville house, they are now playing the game as individuals in the run for the top prize. It's not clear as of now who the Zimbabwe vote will go to when the voting for who takes the money starts but at least this decision was very easy to make between Maneta and her sister Teclar. 

Zimbabwe fans were happy to see Teclar out after she accused her young sister for man snatching.

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Thursday, May 17 2012

DKB and Prezzo threatening to go physical
Yesterday night was about to experience the biggest fight ever on reality TV had it not been for Big Brother to intervene and call Prezzo to the Diary room.

The Upville house was on fire as Prezzo took a little bit too much and became a nuisance but one thing was clear, he wanted to go for DKB's throat but looks like the rules are very clear, the first one to touch the other in a manner that is physical, is disqualified on the spot.

Prezzo used all sorts of words that an average newspaper cannot reproduce on their pages. The bitter exchange went on for about an hour as Goldie the reason they were fighting tried to stop them but to no success.

DKB was sober and he made his point clear, had he not been drunk, he could have thumped him but because he was high, it was not proper to discipline him with a beating. He however told him to dare touch him and he will curse the day he signed Biggie's contract to join the game.

The rest of the Upville members simply sat back and looked on as the two exchanged bitterly with DKB cleaning his face occasionally as Prezzo's 'venom' dashed to his eyes. DKB called Prezzo a kid because of the way he was acting, Prezzo told him not to call him a kid as his daughter was watching but at the same time ranting all sorts of 'F' words that he could think of.

Big Brother had to call Prezzo to the diary room and what transpired there wasn't for the camera's. DKB then turned the guns to motor mouthed Mampi who she blamed for the mess but in the end she just ended up in tears being that she was the weak link here.

After Biggie's brief, Prezzo came out though sounding cooler than he went to the diary room. He later teamed up with Rocki from Zimbabwe in the garden and they started dealing with DKB verbally by throwing in all sorts of insults about him.

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Tuesday, May 15 2012

Prezzo Apologises to Barbz

Kenya's rapper Prezzo and the South African housemate Barbz are now best of friends but the friendship has not come that easy. First they had a serious fight that for a better part of last week they could not talk to each other.

As they were trying to mend ties, Prezzo again messed and this time touching the wrong buttons. He reminded Barbz how she was 34 with no child and husband. The bling master added that no man wants to settle with a woman who is 35.

This did not go down well with Barbz who broke down to tears. Prezzo was later told by Goldie that those remarks were not good to a woman and so he needs to apologize and the Kenyan celebrity obliged.

Barbz accepted his apology because at some point he told her that if he could buy her flowers just to prove that he was sincere, he could do it. Today, Barbara spotted him in a red T-Shirt and she was wowww red looks good on you. Where will these two end up?Watch this space!

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Tuesday, May 15 2012

Developing affair between Yadel and Alex

Liberia and Kenya have come up with an alliance of sorts which is very vital when it comes to matters of voting. This means that should these be up fro eviction, they automatically win themselves a vote from a 'lovers' country.

Yadel and Alex are both playing the game from the Downville house as pairs. Yadel entered the game with Luke and Alex is playing the game with his brother Malonza. First these two shared a bed and next as a ay of trying to kill the boredom, they kissed until one of them ran out of gas.

In the picture, you can clearly see Yadel and Alex exchanging a lovely expression which certainly keeps the fans glued on what happens there after. Other couples trying to come up are Jannette and Wati though they've not been on the good side of the camera, Junia and Ola, though Junia requires to stand on a chair to catch up with Ola's height.

There is still more action packed series with Downville house still left with 24 housemates and the Upville now with 8 after being joined by Zimbabwe's Maneta in the eviction that marked the end of Tanzania n the Big Brother Stargame.

Teclar from Zimbabwe was the other partner with Maneta who got booted from the house after she failed to score the required points. She left the house crying like a baby.

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Sunday, May 13 2012

Luke and Yadel from Liberia and Zainab, Dalphin from Sierra Leone are up for possible eviction
The Big Brother Stargame is on and week two has kicked off with three already out of the house just after seven days. Housemates in the Downville house are playing the game as two implying that in case of nominations, a ball that is selected randomly by the machine represents the two housemates from that country.

During the Sunday live show, It was revealed that Maneta from Zimbabwe emerged the winner with 8 votes, followed by Hilda with 6 votes and one vote for Julio and zero for Teclar. Having beaten those up for eviction, Maneta now joins the Upville game making it two housemates from Zimbabwe with Rocki in the run for the top prize.

It was business as usual when they brought the balls to select the housemates that will be up for eviction this week. It turned out that Liberia and Sierra Leone are up for eviction implying that Zainab and Dalphin from Sierra Leone, Luke and Yadel from Liberia are up for eviction.

Zainab fought yesterday with Seydou from Angola abused him terribly after throwing a glass at him something that forced Biggie to ban booze in the Downville house, Yadel has already slept in Malonza's bed but still not so sure what role that kind of CV will play in their bid to the top prize.

Vote for the housemate you want to stay in the house

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Sunday, May 13 2012

Maneta from Zimbabwe crosses to the Upville house as three are evicted
Last week, five minutes into the house, housemates in the Downville house were told that they were up for eviction after a random nomination machine selected the two balls representing their countries.

Julio, Hilda from Tanzania and Maneta, Teclar from Zimbabwe were up for eviction the whole of last week. Hilda had even won the HoH task that was supposed to start on Monday but this will not be the case after she fell a victim of those that were evicted during the Sunday live show.

Hilda tried to play the game as much as possible but Africa said no. Initially all the housemates were asked to leave the house. Maneta's name was the first to be called and told to leave the stage but little did she know that she was still in the game and going to the Upville house.

Maneta got to the Upville house and told the VIP stars that she was fresh from home. She now becomes the most beautiful housemate in the Upville house and she is going to cause a stampede any time. Maneta's beauty is the reason she beat the rest because in the first week, names are a problem for the voters.

Zimbabwe now has two housemates playing as individuals in the Upville house after Teclar got evicted. Tanzanian housemates, Hilda and Julio got evicted too during the Sunday live show.

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Sunday, May 13 2012

Prezzo looks at Mampi doing the Mampi dance
It was after the Saturday night dance that hell broke loose in all the houses but before that, Mampi who has been rated as the best dancer of this season did her thing as Prezzo looked on with his mouth wide open with saliva dropping as he watched every move.

Downville Fights: - Sierra Leone Zainab and Seydou from Angola. Zainab could not hold her anger that she had to throw a glass at Seydou who in turn played it cool but assured her that should he be disqualified, he will have to thump her before leaving the house.

South Africa's Keagan was about to go for Liberia's Luke had it not been for Nigeria's Ola to come in and use his physique to scare the hell out of Keagan. Big Brother called the Head of House Keitta and asked him to warn the housemates about their behaviour that will not be tolerated next week.

Keita whose HOH role expires tomorrow tried communicating the warning from Big Brother but most guys were threatening to fight as some of the gals were just crying.

Upville Fight: Rocki and DKB had a small scuffle over the gals but it did not last long. All these fights can only be attributed to booze. Looking at how things are unfolding in the house, we could see up to 4 or more housemates disqualified if they do not change.

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Friday, May 11 2012

Rocki pours out his heart as Barbz looks on

The situation in the Upville house is becoming hot by the day as Rocki threatens to be bull in the house. He was very close to Lady May from Namibia to the extent that he enjoyed the rubbing game with her which they won in the end.

In a twist of events, Rocki(27) is now after Barbz(34) from South Africa and given his style, he is determined to cross the line. Roki swung into action last evening with these words;

"You look like you can chew me up and spit me out", Barbz wondered but Rocki did not stop at that, he added: "You're just a big snake with beautiful spots that I would like to caress"

Being the big mama she is, Barbz quickly noticed the route Rocki was taking and told him how she has a man. Rocki insisted as Barbz told him to go and have a shower. In the previous season of Big Brother, Michael was on Sharon O's case but he was evicted before we could see the fruits of their relationship.

We now watch the developments between Rocki and Barbz who is not on talking terms with Prezzo from Kenya. Meanwhile, Mampi seems to be interested in DKB..! Watch this space!

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Wednesday, May 09 2012
Babes in the Downville enjoying the Jacuzzi
The babes in the Downville house having fun in the jacuzzi though Africa should keep a close eye on the Sierra Leon babes Dalphin and Zainab, Yadel from Liberia and Junia from Namibia as they are determined to go all the way....!
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Wednesday, May 09 2012

South African model Babalwa aka Barbz from South Africa and Jackson Makini aka Prezzo from Kenya
It was a matter of time before the South African housemate Barbz could fall out with Kenya's Prezzo in the Upville house. It all started earlier yesterday during Prezzo's diary session when he told Biggie of how he did not like the g-string she was putting on and her character generally.

As you may be aware, Barbz is the head of house(HOH) for the Upville house this week so she was called to the diary room for a task that came in rather late and required that the VIP housemates put on their costumes and head to the jacuzzi to scrub themselves.

As Barbz read the task to the Upvilles trying to demonstrate how it was to be done like the boys scrubbing the boys or gals or whichever way they preferred. Prezzo responded by calling her "Miss Mademoiselle" and "Tyra Banks" as he tried to assure her that he could not stand his daughter back home watching him scrub a man's thighs.

The argument got to boiling point forcing Prezzo to go to the garden where he was joined by Goldie(Nigeria) who tried to calm him down. "I won't stand bulls**t, everyone in there has a clean heart apart from her. 'Sorry' and 'I love you' are hard to come out of my mouth."

Having failed to get to terms with Prezzo, Goldie went to Barbz to try and get her put everything behind her so that they could make up and move on, but Barbz stood her ground and said, she will not apologize.

Meanwhile, Rocki was busy rubbing Lady May's back in the jacuzzi and she was enjoying every bit of it, Prezzo on the other hand was in the Jacuzzi rubbing Goldie as Goldie rubbed Barbz's feet.

After the rubbing, Lady May(Namibia) and Rocki(Zimbabwe) won the task and they celebrated in a summersault style. At this rate, it looks like Prezzo has a soft spot for Goldie..Watch this space!

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Wednesday, May 09 2012

Uganda's Jannette and Malawi's Wati in the Downville house

The house is already taking it's toll on the housemates and in the Downville house, we are noticing some love brewing up between our very own gal Jannette Lutaaya and Wati from Malawi.

Jannette has been reserved in the house but also getting very close to Wati. She kept looking at Wati all the time and at some point, she asked him what he does back at home. Wati replied that he was an Architect.

From the picture, you can see that the two are very comfortable with each other. Jannette we are told she is 'crazy' so hooking up on day three should not come as a surprise. Watch this space!

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Tuesday, May 08 2012

Barbz(South Africa) and Prezzo(Kenya) in the Upville House
The diary session is an exclusive moment between Biggie and the housemates. It was then that the Kenyan rapper Prezzo opened up to Big Brother. He started off by telling him how he did not like the G-string Barbz was wearing today.

Prezzo was also not happy with the fact that she was intimidating fellow gals(Mampi and Lady May) who are younger than her by ten years and yet they are doing all the chores.

Prezzo and six other starmates are the VIP housemates in the Upville house and Barbz from South Africa is the Head of House. Big Brother realizing that Prezzo was a bit bored, Biggie played a track from Madtrax that got Prezzo rapping.

"Big Brother you killed me, yo thank you ma men, I appreciate you." said Prezzo. In the morning Rocki and DBK who are the other Upville starmates were busy discussing how they can make money from the fame that comes with Big Brother.

They are planning shows in their respective countries with a portion of the earnings to be donated to charity, way to go guys!

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Tuesday, May 08 2012

        Angola's Seydou preferred the spot to be called Black Hole
Its day three but things are firing up in the Downville house with housemates working very hard to avoid Big Brother cameras. As you may all know, when it comes to Big Brother, there is no place to hide.

The housemates are not sleeping as they are planning on how to avoid the big brother cameras and the watchful eye of Big Brother. The Upville's feel they need a safe spot in the bedroom where they can tear themselves into pieces.

Among others, they want to come up with a spot covered with sheets that the cameras cannot track so they explore their bodies with ease. Names like 'Shagging spot', 'Black Hole' and 'Dark Spot'. This will certainly not be entertained by Big brother.

The latest plan by the Upville housemates does not surprise now that four are already up for possible eviction making them stay in the house for just a week. Hilda, Julio, Maneta and Teclar are up for eviction and if Big Brother's twist is anything to go by, this coming Sunday, we could have at least two housemates leaving the house.

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Monday, May 07 2012

         Musician Lady May from Namibia
As you may be aware, there are two houses in the Big Brother house, Upville and Downville. Upville has only seven celebrity starmates who were unveiled to Africa days before the show kicked off.

Downville has 26 housemates and that is where the Ugandan housemates Kyle and Jannette are trying out their luck. Since the show kicked off, Big Brother has been trailing Lady May from Namibia.

At least in the last so many hours, our resident experts have been monitoring Biggie's actions and noticed that the Camera focusing on the Upville starmates have more footage compared to the other VIPs.

It even became worse after the Monday morning shower hour. The other housemates in the Upville house are; Goldie-(Nigeria), Mampi-(Zambia), Prezzo-(Kenya), Barbz-(South Africa), DKB-(Ghana), Roki-Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, Nigeria is once again turning out to be favoured as though the past two wins were not enough. It is among the seven countries with 3 housemates and yet the Upville housemates Chris and Ola are already playing the game so well.

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Monday, May 07 2012

Uganda's housemates in the Big Brother Stargame Jannette Lutaaya and Duncan Kyle
Ugandan Big Brother fans were yesterday shocked when the couple they were counting on to represent them in the house are actually here in Uganda watching the show like any other person.

Natasha Sinayobye and Michael Kasaija were widely believed to represent Uganda but when IK mentioned Uganda, it was unknown 22-year-old Jannette and 24-year-old Kyle who are to be in the house on the Ugandan ticket.

Jannette Lutaaya is a dancer and Kyle Duncan Kushaba is a journalist. She is a Hot Steps dancer and won some money after beating many at that so the starmates should be prepared to learn some hot dance moves. If this was a dance competion, the budgeting of how she was to use the money could have started.

The Big Brother team always looks for crazy people to get in the house but from the lot that went to Sheraton for auditions, we are yet to know what reason these guys used to beat the likes of Straka, Idringi, Natasha, Michael and a string of babes that were doing the catwalk at the Sheraton Hotel corridors.

Jannette told IK that they are just friends but may be as the show picks who knows..they could be looking at things from a different angle.

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Sunday, May 06 2012
Mampi from Zambia is one of the starmates in the Big Brother house
Zambia has already unleashed Miriam Mukape aka Mampi a singing sensation in the BBA7 Upville house and so far so good but it's still too early because the other 29 starmates are yet to be unveiled to Africa
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Sunday, May 06 2012

Uganda's Flavia Tumusiime and IK plus a section of the Big Brother Stargame House
Africa's reality TV show that is rated PG18 starts tonight at 8pm CAT. Reliable info coming in is that Natasha Sinayobye and Husband Michael Kasaija will be representing Uganda. The house will have 36 representatives from 14 countries.

IK will be the host of the show like it has been the case in the last two seasons but then again he will co-host with Uganda's television personality Flavia Tumusiime of Channel and Capital FM.

She confirmed this on her wall: "For the first time, an East African is on the opening night of Big Brother Africa...I will co-host with IK this Sunday.. very honoured!

Meanwhile, seven starmates have already been revealed and these will all be in the Upville house. They include 26-year-old DKB from Ghana, Lady May from Namibia aged 25, Goldie from Nigeria, 34 year old Barbz from down South, Mampi from Zambia also aged 25, and finally Roki and Prezzo from Kenya.

Roki is from Zimbabwe, one of the countries that took the last season together with Nigeria. More starmates will be revealed tonight as the show officially kicks off.

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Monday, April 30 2012

The biggest reality show on the African continent is back and channel 198 on DSTV will be dominating most TV screens in the next three months. Most Ugandan fans are paying up on their respective packages and preparing for the Big Brother Stargame that starts on May 6, 2012.

All the contestants who went for the auditions are having their fingers crossed and some have even got to the extent of crossing their toes. Sharon O did Uganda proud when she graced the show for 91 days without any major scandals.

The seventh season which is likely to have stars like the previous one will have participants getting to the house as couples implying that those who auditioned as husband and wife or lovers for that case and are known stars will stand high chances.

In Uganda, Natasha Sinayobye and Michael Kasaija are the likely couple to get to the house if that was the criteria for selection. This means that it will be fire in the house when it comes to nocturnal games.

It's however tricky when a couple plays the game as one because in the end, there will be one winner taking US$300,000.

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Tuesday, March 20 2012

Mari and Leila Kayondo Shortlisted

Its now official Africa's biggest telly show is around the corner and just like the previous one that featured 'All Stars', we are likely to experience a similar scenario of stars walking into Biggie's house come May 6, 2012.

Former girl group members were shortlisted from the last time we tried to establish what was going down. Mari was with her ex-boy friend Keith who was the only one with a six pack at least from the contestants that showed up at Sheraton that day.

Leila is on the shortlist as well though we are not so sure of the guy that she will be mingling with in the house given a chance.

Others who turned up for the auditions while the Big Brother team was around were: Natasha Sinayobye and Michael Kasaija, Daniella Omara and Hellen Lukoma, both from The Hostel Series and last but not least was Salvador Idringi and Jackie Klein.

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Tuesday, March 13 2012

            Big Brother Stargame Logo

The seventh version of Big Brother Africa that starts in 58 days will be dubbed Big Brother Stargame and the logo unveiled to the fans. American rapper Jermaine Lamar Col aka J. Cole will grace the opening show down in South Africa. J.Cole has collaborated with Miss Elliot, Drake, Beyonce and Trey Songz among others.

Auditions in Uganda ended last Sunday and we trust the team that Biggie sent here were able to fish out the best couple that will represent Uganda, again for another 91 days just like Sharon O did and also bring the money home.

Contestants this year will enter in pairs but that does not mean that they will also win as a pair. On getting to the house, they will be competing against each other..Talk of those whop enter the game as ex-lovers, husband and wife and so on, when it comes to the game, they will be competing agains each other.

The winner will walk away with USD300,000 which is approximately Shs733m at today's rate.

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Saturday, March 10 2012

         Ex-Chilli Gal Kabs and Esther Akankwasa
Chilli Galz member Marie and Ex-Cyclone Gal Esther Akankwasa were spotted at Sheraton Hotel yesterday for the Big Brother Africa Auditions. Esther was all unsettled and dashing to the toilet every six minutes showing all signs of being tensed up.

The Chilli gal came in walking with a swagg in her stilettos and sat outside the room waiting for her ex-boyfriend who we later identified as Keith. The two sat outside for a while as it looked like the guy was fresh from the gym where he had been working on those biceps that could blow the judges away. 

An official from MNET walked by and told them that we want crazy people in there not serious ones. The Chilli gal looks all geared up and ready for the show more so having teamed up with her ex, she feels she can give the fans a show they have not seen before.

One of the gals who had a short skirt as her swagg for the dress code was asked if she could try to cross the line that Maureen of BBA2 crossed, she said no I cannot get to that extent, then the ex-chilli gal asked her why the hell she was even auditioning.

30 couples who comprised of dreadlocked fellas and bummy chics were vetted and another 60 couples will be vetted this weekend. The issue of pairing has affected the numbers of those who were to turn up for auditioning. In the past, you could see long queues, but this was not the case.

We will be bringing you more of these but for those who have not auditioned you have today and tomorrow at Sheraton hotel Kampala starting from 9am to 5pm.

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Thursday, March 01 2012

The best reality TV show in Africa is back and by now  you should be aware that particpants will be going to the house in pairs, must be above the age of 21 with a valid passport and the winning prize is US$300,000 approximately Ugx750,000,000.

The deadline for the paper submissions was on February 27, 2012. The good news is you can still attend the open casting sessions and trust you me, if you are the one they are looking for, the Bibg Brother Africa team will have no choice but to consider you.

If you are in Uganda, the dates to look out for is 9,10 and 11 March, 2012 at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

Other participating countries will be on the following dates:

Angola - Luanda at the Skyna Hotel: 5, 6 and 7 March 2012
Botswana - Gaborone at the Cresta President Hotel: 5 and 6 March 2012
Ghana - Accra at the Holiday Inn Hotel Airport: 9, 10 and 11 March 2012

Kenya - Nairobi at the KICC: 5, 6 and 7 March 2012
Liberia - Monrovia at The Cape Hotel: 13, 14 and 15 March 2012
Malawi - Blantyre at the Protea Hotel Ryalls: 17, 18 and 19 March 2012

Namibia - Windhoek at the Hilton Hotel: 9, 10 and 11 March 2012
Nigeria - Lagos at the Protea Hotel Leadway, Ikeja: 5,6 and 7 March 2012
Sierra Leone - Free Town at The Country Lodge Complex: 17, 18 and 19 March 2012

Tanzania - Dar Es Salaam at the Holiday Inn City Center: 13, 14 and 15 March 2012
Zambia - Lusaka at the Golfview Hotel: 13,14 and 15 March 2012
Zimbabwe - Harare at The Meikles Hotel: 9,10 and 11 March 2012

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Wednesday, February 15 2012

Just recently we told of how Hanni(BBA 6 representative from Ethiopia) was in town painting Kampala red together with Mbarara based Crooze FM presenter Ernest Wasake.

The two were at Club Silk and Hanni could not take her eyes off Ernest. In the end Ernest was overheard asking what Ethiopian women were made of.

It has come to our notice that Hanni and Ernest have a song together. The news of the song 'Beautiful People' was revealed by Ernest as he was tweeting to fellow big brother ex-housemates Zeus, Lomwe and Kenya's Nic Wangondu.

In the message, he revealed how he did not have a skype account but they could reach him on email.."Don't gat skype but I'm on email fast... Hanni and I did A song when she was here... shit.. forget to mention"

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Friday, February 10 2012

Meryl gives birth to a baby girl
The Big Brother Africa family is growing and it continues to grow with Meryl and Mwisho who hooked up in the house having their first child. Meryl gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on Monday.

Meryl and Mwisho held their engagement party in the Big Brother house which was seen by over 40 African countries. Meryl has shocked many fans as looking at the way she was playing her game, many dod not expect them to come this far.

They have both had two chances at the Big Brother game and come out without the money but at least they have something out of Big Brother talk of finding love in a hopeless place, said a fan.

Mwisho first appeared in BBA1 and Meryl was a contestant in BBA2 if you remember those days when the game only had 12 housemates and each week saw one leaving the house. Big Brother came up with another twist of bringing back those contestants who had graced the show before. This is how Meryl and Mwisho hooked up.

In total we now have three official Big Brother couples who are Quinn and Jenipher, Kevin and Elizabeth and now Meryl and Mwisho. All the couples have a child at least.

Meanwhile, BBA7 promises even more fire because housemates are all in most cases there won't be any waiting now that the housemates would be familiar with each other's whateverrrr!

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Friday, February 03 2012

Ethiopia's BBA Representatve Hanni and Ernest Wasake
Ethiopia's Big Brother Africa 6 representative was in the country following Liz Coka who visited Phil Okure last year. In the house, Hanni was so close to Lomwe from Malawi.

Ernest and Hanni were spotted in the posh Silk Oxygen looking each other in the eyes. Ernest could not hide the excitement from the time Hanni confirmed to him that she was coming to Ug.

He told a few friends that, "I think I'm excited about this gal coming to town..." and when the gal came you could clearly tell the two had fun because this is what he posted on his wall: "WHOA....'this summer of Ethiopian Love' was EPIC>>>>>>>>>(still hangover) who makes Ethiopian women?"

Ernest did a 'Gaetano move' on Bhoke from Tanzania the night before their eviction and that youtube clip had over 100k views within minutes of its' posting before it was considered inappropriate.

Ernest is now in Mbarara where he works as a presenter at Crooze FM

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Liz Coka Travelled All the Way to Catch Up With Phil

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Tuesday, January 24 2012

Couples made in the Big Brother Africa house
The biggest show in Africa is back and in May all will be set to roll for another 91 days. This season will have two representatives acting as one, so you have to be careful when selecting your partner because as you all know this is reality.

Couples in this case will be the best pack to look out for because they will be licenced to spill whatever they got up their sleeves. You can join the show either with you dad, mom, wifey, hubby, best friend, boy friend, girl friend and the list goes on and on...In Uganda, we've heard that curvy Desire Luzinda is going to have another go in this season as well after failing in the previous one..!

Will Desire be going to the telly show with Seya, her ex Ken Ntaro, or the loaded Oga or hook up with a bummy babe to give Africa a run for their money! The deadline for entries is February 27, 2012 so just do it fast.

If you want to grace channel 198 on DSTV come this May, then you can pick up forms from any Multichoice office near you starting on February 05, 2012 or better still log on to

M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi said: "We are thrilled to be offering a huge, new, USD 300 000 prize and to include two new countries who were chosen to participate based on their ongoing interest in the series and their growing DStv audiences.

And while Ethiopia won't have a housemate this year, we'll look to include them and other non-housemate countries in other ways if the opportunity arises, as we do every season.

We are and have always been proudly committed to making this a truly African show. And as for Mozambique, they will be included with a housemate - but that's all we are saying at the moment!"

She goes on to say, "Of course, the really big news this season is that entrants must enter as pairs. In the past we've seen a natural and continuous cross-over between individuals and their families, their friends. So this year, we decided to include that as part of the game. It will definitely make a dramatic addition to the series so we urge people to enter and experience what will be a uniquely different Big Brother Africa!"

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Monday, January 09 2012

The Biggest show to grace African televisions is back and will be kicking off in May 2012 according to M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi who had this to say; "while the basics are the same, every season is different from the last. Re-invention is crucial so I am very pleased to confirm that this year we're doing something that has never been done before in the history of Big Brother Africa!"

Season 7 of Big Brother Africa will have one winner after the 91 days. Last season had two winners Wendall from Zimbabwe and Karen from Nigeria. Uganda was represented by Sharon O and Ernest who gained more exposure from the show.

Sharon O has been travelling for a greater part of her time after the reality show courtesy of the fame that show brought to her most especially now that she was a finalist. On the other hand Ernest is working with a radio station in Western Uganda after a similar job in Kampala with Vision based FM radio station.

Watch this space on who the Ugandan representatives will be!

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Saturday, October 22 2011

Maureen Namatovu's family
Until the last Big Brother episode Maureen Namatovu had been enjoying the role of being the only female Uganda representative in the Big Brother TV series but now Sharon O has taken over after she was not only evicted on the last day but also a finalist.

Maureen was trying to respond to clear the space on what she is doing and also the baby news and this is what she had to say; "When reporting on what I am now doing with my life, please get the facts right. I am happy raising my son, Elijah Taylor, and counseling young ladies at Rubaga Cathedral. It is my wish that every lady finds happiness like I have."

The message is that she is now into counselling services, taking care of Elijah and best of all she is happy and would wish the same for other ladies. The Big Brother Africa version in which Maureen featured was one of those sessions when shower hour was still on the house and Maureen's pointed boobs on telly are still very fresh to many fans.

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Sunday, August 07 2011

Jackie and Sharon being interviewed by the NTV crew
Sharon Salmon Nalukenge is back in the country after having spent 91 days in the Big Brother Amplified house in South Africa. Sharon was picked from the airport by her family and close friends together with Multichoice officials.

The group then proceeded to the VIP section of Ange Noir, Guvnor where she mingled with fans. Philbert Okure and Hannington Kuteesa attended but surprisingly Ernest Wasake did not attend the home coming party of the Big Brother finalist.

Sharon O came fifth with in the just concluded Big Brother Amplified where she got US$ 10,000 as a finalist. Aware of her new fame tagged to the Obsessions group, Sharon is already attending to those who are interested in booking her for any gigs.

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Friday, August 05 2011

Ronnie, Sharon and Lisbon
Ronnie Mulindwa won't be having any more sleepless nights after Sharon O came back to Uganda on Wednesday night. Sharon represented Uganda in the Big Brother Amplified reality TV show that ended in South Africa recently. Sharon was the fifth out of the 26 housemates and a finalist.

Ronnie could not sleep especially in the first two weeks of the show when Michael(Mozambique) was determined to leave no stones unturned in accessing Sharon O's pincode. Sharon said that the period she had been in the house, all the male housemates were interested in her but she resisted all of them.

Sharon used the 'Husband/Son' trick to deter all those who wanted to encroach on Ronnie's territory. Sharon O was of the view that both winners Karen and Wendall deserved to win. Sharon is happy that what she had gone to the house for has been achieved.

Her going to the Big Brother house was to promote her country Uganda and her Obsessions group.

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Monday, August 01 2011

         Karen and Wendall win Big Brother Amplified
This years season of Big brother came to an end on Sunday with Nigeria's Karen and Zimbabwe's Wendall taking the money. We had seven finalists who were reduced to the top five after Vina from Nigeria and Hanni from Ethiopia were evicted in that order.

IK bounced back to the house and called Lomwe, Wendall, Luclay, Sharon and Karen to leave the house. Now these were the top five but with Karen's name being called out last, she thought they were leaving her behind and as usual she had started with her noise drama.

While the top five were on stage, IK kept on interviewing one by one but when it got to our very own Sharon, they asked her about Michael, to which she said that Michael was like a brother to her before shouting that "Michael from Mozambique, you got the swagg." She then told IK of how she was going to win.

Unfortunately for Sharon O, then next time IK called the housemate to be evicted, it was Sharon O who almost failed to walk from where she was seated to IK, the host of the show. IK told her that at least she had beaten all the housemates who were before her, but that did not seem like what she had wanted.

Of the top five, Sharon had been evicted leaving four housemates, Karen, Wendall, Luclay and Lomwe. IK called out Lomwe next leaving the big three. Many had thought Luclay and Karen were winning and to some, they thought the next name to be called was Wendall but no please, IK called Luclay.

The crowd started making some sounds as if to suggest there was some unfairness, but this was Africa's decision at work. Otono was dressed like a gangsta prompting a huge statement from IK that; "I have never seen anyone dress like that for this show."

He quickly told him it was his job to tell Africa who is next to leave the house but before that , he reminded him of the scratch on his chest, that never was and yet made him and Karen spit fire in the house, you have been evicted.

Zimbabwe surprised the entire Africa when the pilot was one of the winners and Karen, much as she played the game so well, she was one of the predictable winners and took the money anyway, it is the third time Nigeria is taking the moola after Kevin and Uti from Nigeria won the previous shows.

It's been nice hosting you this season, catch you on the next version.
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Thursday, July 21 2011

Sharon O
The game is coming to the end very soon and our very own Sharon is very much in the game till the last day. Ronnie Mulindwa and Lisbon(son) are just as happy as Sharon's fans for having gone to the house and come back with her 'goods' intact a test that many housemates have failed since the inception of this reality TV show.

Starting from Gaetano, Maureen and just recently Ernest, they failed to pass that test and for Uganda housemates like Phill, Hannington and Morris, anything could have gone down had it not been for leaving Biggie's house earlier than their time.

Africa has been on Sharon's case for not contributing so much but this is a reality show so she is just being herself. Sharon's beauty has done wonders in keeping her in the house and saving her the number of times she has been up for eviction, she has always been on her knees to thank Africa every time they saved her.

Sharon has equally been fairly on good terms with all the housemates except for her having to nominate which is part of the game anyway, she is a mother and has behaved like any responsible mother, the husband is equally proud of her and will have all reasons of receiving her at Entebbe Airport the moment she jets back.

Now that makes Africa's decision for the first winner a walk over but now the second name is where there is going to be a trick. One thing is for sure, Otono is the strongest of the male housemates left but having to sort it out with Karen. Vina and Karen are from the same country and that is a problem to one of them who is likely to be Vina.

At the end of the show, do not be surprised if Karen and Sharon are the winners.

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Monday, July 18 2011

          Sharon O is now a Big Brother Amplified Finalist
The list of nominations is left with just one thing and that is for the Head of House Vina to save and swap but so far Sharon O got zero nominations implying that she does not appear on that list.

During her chat session, Vina said that unless when she is up for eviction then it will be a bit complicated because then it will be a question of saving herself for any other but the good news is she is not and Karen is. So Vina will be saving Karen from Nigeria since she is also from the same country and probably putting up Lomwe who got zero votes.

Vina has already made it clear during her chat session that she is close to Karen, Hanni and Sharon so this will leave her with no choice but saving Karen and looking at the list below, Lomwe is best suited to get on the chopping block.

Kim is equally worried of the Head of House Vina now that she is close to Lomwe and yet Vina equally likes Lomwe so she feels she is interfering in Vina's territory and therefore a fertile ground for putting her up but then again this is not valid anymore now that she is one of those who have polled the highest.

Monday nominations:
Karen, Kim - 3 votes Vimbai, Luclay, Millicent and Wendall -  2 votes as Vina and Hanni got 1 vote each. Uganda's Sharon and Lomwe came out with no votes.

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Tuesday, June 28 2011

             The Heads and Tails are now in one house

Its thirty four days to the grand finale as the Heads and Tails houses got scrapped bringing the housemates together again like it was in the first weeks. Alex and Millicent were still celebrating their union after the two houses put a 'berlin wall' in between them but before they could explore the new found love, Unpredictable Biggie swung into action with his surprises in the game.

The game has now started and the girls who were bickering over the scarcity of men in the Tails house can now rediscover themselves in the main house as the boys are now in plenty.

Miss P is one of those who have benefited most from the move that biggie pulled on day fifty seven. She had managed to dominate Alex from Ghana to herself but with the coming in of Millicent to the Tails house, life had become so hard for her and in fact she was stressed.

All that is now a thing of the past as the game seems like it has just started and all housemates have to play the game because we are close to the final month which means that identification of winners kicks off.

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Saturday, June 11 2011

          Big Brother Africa 1, 2 and 3 Housemates
The first series of Big Brother Africa was held in 2003 and ended up in a win for Zambia with Cherise Makubale taking the prize money. Gaetano Kagwa represented Uganda and in the sixth week, he was swapped with Cameron Stout a contestant from the Big Brother UK. Uganda and Tanzania did very well because much as they did not take the day, Mwisho was a runner up and Gaetano was the first housemate to leave the house on the last day.

Biggie must have been broke because the next time we heard of Big Brother was in the year 2007 when Big Brother Africa 2 bounced back. Uganda was represented by Maureen Namatovu who pushed until the second last week leaving three housemates in the house. Richard from Tanzania took this one home.

Biggie is now coloured and the biggest reality TV show in Africa is becoming an annual event. Big Brother Africa 3 hits our tellies in November 2008. Uganda was represented by Morris who did not do very well compared to his predecessors. He left five housemates in the house. This was taken by Ricco from Angola.

In September 2009, Big Brother Revolution bounces back. This is when Biggie started his tricks of bringing in more than one housemate per country. Nigeria was the only country to have three housemates and in the end the winner(Kevin) was from Nigeria and yet some countries had only one representative. Uganda had two representative Hannington and Phil.

In July 2010, the game is back and this time dubbed 'All Stars' implying that previous contestants not winners though were given a second chance. Uganda got Hannington bouncing back only to be ejected on day 61 after a nasty exchange with Lerato from South Africa. Uti from Nigeria took this. He even lost his dad while in the house.

In May 2011, the game is back again but this time amplified with all countries having two housemates except for two countries Mozambique and Angola with one housemate each. The girls were sixteen and the boys were ten. Unfortunately as you read this, our boy Ernest Wasake was the first Ugandan to be evicted after he had sex the previous night with the Tanzanian TV presenter Bhoke who is also watching the game from out.

Uganda now has one representative Sharon O who is likely to last for over 50 days in the house. The winner will walk away with US$ 200,000 after 91 days for the show that commenced on May 01, 2011.

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Saturday, May 28 2011
We have been conducting a poll for close to one month now for which housemate is likely to make it to the top 5 and the poll has put Wendall and Confidence at 12% followed by Vina at 10%. Ernest Wasake from Uganda followed at 9%.

Michael from Mozambique and Karen from Nigeria tied at 6%. This is an indicative poll but it highlights some good observations. The poll shows that much as Uganda still has it's two housemates in the house, Ernest is playing a better game as he polled 9% and Sharon only ended up with 4%.

The game has been on for close to a month now but some housemates have still failed to leave a mark or their presence in the house is still not being felt at least by our readers because Mumba from Zambia, Danny from Ethiopia and Bernadina from Botswana scored 0%.

Hanni, Nic and Vimbai scored 1% followed by Peo and Kim at 2%. Millicent and Lomwe were at 3% while Sharon and Alex were at 4% and 5% respectively. The same poll brings the two housemates at 12% in the limelight.

Wendall still has not yet played the game to put him that far and Confidence was even nominated and almost failed to go back to the house, but anyway we still have another two months to monitor the situation on who takes the amplified prize of USD 200,000.

Meanwhile, the next eviction show is on the 29.May.2011 and we conducted a poll asking our readers who is likely to leave the house next and Bernadina was leading followed by Sharon O, so if our poll is anything to go by, then Bernadina could as well pack but we wait till the show because the vote has to be determined by Africa.
Poll on who leaves the house on May 29, 2011
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Friday, May 27 2011

Big Brother Amplified Shower Hour and Uncut Shows are now premium services

The mighty shower hour is on and has always been on anyway though this time, one must have a credit card to be able to access the exclusive footage from Monday to Friday. The charge is a once off for the three months but with one month down the line, it only means one has two months to view the live shower hour and the amplified uncut.

This is what Biggie is terming as Big Brother VIP or BBVIP. One must have a valid credit card which is visa or mastercard to part with South African Rand 70 which is the equivalent of USD 10.

As you may already be aware, the amplified version had 16 female housemates of which Jossy Joss and Nkuli have been evicted and Lotus disqualified leaving 14 female housemates and 9 male housemates from both the 'Heads' and 'Tails' houses.

So folks out there with credit cards can go ahead and watch out for the exclusive shows taking care of the under 18's because the content is certainly not suitable for them. To view the content, you must be a registered member of the DSTV site or have a DSTV connect profile

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Saturday, May 21 2011

Lingerie Party
Karen from Nigeria proposed to fellow tail mates that Friday will be a Lingerie Party. This was Karen's idea and so she determined the direction the party would take. The male housemates were in the lounge waiting for the female housemates who were getting to terms with Karen's attire requirements.

The boys were in their swimsuits patiently waiting for the gals who came in one by one from upstairs doing the cat walk. Nic from Kenya, Ghana's Alex were seen licking their lips as Ernest and Luclay were very happy with what they were seeing.

Mumba, Kim and Bhoke put on short dresses as Peo was clad in some pyjama short that exposed her booty to the full view of Africa and then the party organiser Karen together with Nkuli were clad in leggings, panties plus boob revealing tops.

The party then crossed to never ever sexual tales in which different housemates revealed places they have never had sex before like in the car, public places and so on. Nkuli and Kim confessed to have kissed girls.

Most experiences will not be reproduced here because this was a playboy kind of arrangement. Lotus missed out on the party after she had been disqualified a few hours earlier.

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Friday, May 20 2011

Lotus from Tanzania was disqualified from Big Brother Amplified
Tanzania has two female housemates in the Big Brother Amplified and one of them is Bhoke who is best of friends with Uganda's Ernest and the other is Lotus who can be best described as the housemate with a pin in her nose.

Lotus was on Friday afternoon disqualified from continuing with the show after she slapped Luclay from South Africa who is up for eviction with three other female housemates.

The announcement was made two hours after biggest fight of the season so far. Biggie said: "The Big Brother House Rules state very clearly that: "Any Housemate who becomes physically  violent will be removed from  the House immediately.
"In addition, the Rules also make it very clear that:

Housemates will be disqualified by Big Brother if they  have broken any of the rules or undermined  the world of Big Brother. In this event they cannot return  and may be replaced."

The two housemates were involved in a quarrel which later turned physical. Biggie disqualified Lotus and asked her to pack her bags immediately while Luclay was assigned the duty of washing dishes and cleaning the house for as long as he is in the house.

Luclay was involved in another fight with Karen from Nigeria though for this particular fight she lost and opted on crying. Lotus will be the second Big Brother contestant to be disqualified after Hannington Kutesa from Uganda who was disqualified last year for beating up Lerato from South Africa.

Tanzania now joins Angola, Mozambique and Namibia which have one housemate each. Meanwhile, Lotus had voted for her fellow countrymate Bhoke to be evicted because she wanted to be the only Tanzanian in the game  

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Wednesday, May 18 2011

Bhoke(Tz) and Ernest(Uganda)
Monday Night was a night that was dedicated to Ernest and Bhoke as they opened up to each other on topics ranging from  family to sex lives among others. Bhoke was clad in a white top only plus a light material that she used to wrap around herself with her legs facing Ernest.

The Ugandan housemate engaged the Tanzanian housemate on several issues. He first asked her about her room in Tz which she said was big though empty with most items in the living room.

Ernest went a little close by asking Bhoke if she invites visitors most especially male visitors at her home. The Tanzanian TV presenter said yes, and Ernest was wondering if these 'male' visitors spend a night when they visit.

I'm Loud
The Tanzanian housemate said they cannot spend a night now that she stays with her mum. She also told Ernest of how she is loud reminding me of Millicent who assured Michael not to joke with East African girls for they will make him forget about his women from Mozambique because they are lethal in bed.

As the opening up progressed with Ernest listening attentively while taking his beer, Bhoke told him of how she lost a child, how her parents separated and do not even say hi to each other. She even told of how her mum is about to move to a bigger house which is about to be completed.

Ernest on the other hand told her of how he was going to change the way he was conducting himself on the issue of women. First he told her that he normally uses protection but when things are compromised, then he removes the protection.

Bhoke was a bit confused because it was like the man she was trying to open up to is kind of a womanizer and one who goes without protection. Anyway she told him to be careful but Ernest said he just does not bang anything with a skirt.

He has a checklist of the things he considers in a girl so by the time he is with a girl, then that is the right person. Kim who had been worried the whole evening because she had been nominated made her way to the 'ladies' and on coming back, they asked that she joins them. Time check was 2:00am and the ladies were now engaging Ernest.

They later retired to bed together though we are yet to establish if something went down. However, judging from what happened on Tuesday morning which Biggie is terming  as lovers' Tiff, Ernest laughed at Bhoke.

She was not amused with the move, so she asked him why he was laughing, Ernest told her that he was not laughing at her but at the fact that she had kicked the exercise instructor in the mid-area. Even after that explanation, she was not impressed, but we will continue monitoring the situation and get back to you with the updates as they unfold. Watch this space!

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Monday, May 16 2011

Lotus and Bhoke both from Tanzania are fighting for Ernest
Uganda is one of the countries in the Big Brother Africa which has now run for two weeks on channel 198 for DSTV subscribers. This is the sixth episode of the reality TV with several Ugandans having left a mark in the history of reality TV.

Gaetano was a star in the sheets with Tanzania's Abby and since then all other housemates have tried their level best to emulate him. When it came to BBA2,  We had the popular Shower Hour which is now available as an internet version for those with credit cards.

Our Maureen Namatovu left a mark on that and it was only Ofunneka who came close to beating her when it came to exposing what her mama gave her.

Then just recently in the Big Brother revolution, Uganda hit headlines as the first country to be disqualified from proceeding with the reality show when Hannington who was better known as 'Smelington' from the message strap lost his temper and downloaded Lerato from South Africa.

In the sixth version which is dubbed Big Brother Amplified, Uganda is represented by Sharon O who has already made headlines as the most beautiful female housemate something that has worked for her in the last two weeks but if she continues being tight lipped, I'm afraid she could end up following Jossy Joss who only remembers being quiet as his contribution in the house.

The other Ugandan representative is Ernest who when called by Biggie's deep voice, you can easily confuse it for Alex from Ghana. Ernest is now in the Tails house while Sharon is in the Heads house.

Ernest crossed to the Tails house with Bhoke, a TV presenter from Tanzania after Biggie separated them from the other housemates at the time of introducing the second house. Remember Bhoke is the gal who stood right by the shower door as Ernest was taking a shower. She watched the entire network and since then, she is head over heels for the circumcised hunk.

Meanwhile, Lotus and Bhoke have all been competing to have the Ugandan hunk. They have both kissed him passionately in the last week but this will come to an end with the coming in of Danny to the Tails house. That explains the excitement that was exhibited by Lotus when she saw Danny join them.


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Monday, May 09 2011

Uganda's representative in the sixth version of Big Brother Africa dubbed Amplified have been separated. The separation was as a result of Big Brother splitting all the 26 housemates into two groups during the live eviction show in Sunday.

One group has 15 members who returned to the original house which is now being called ''The Heads" and that is the group where our own Sharon O is tussling it out with the likes of Michael from Mozambique, Confidence from Ghana, Hanni, Millicent, Danny, Vina Bernadina, Wendall, Felicia, Zeus, Vimbai, Lomwe and Weza.

The other group of 11 members was transferred to a new house and they are referred to as the "The Tails". Uganda's second representative Ernest Wasake is in this group and he is likely to have a better stay here as Confidence was bullying him from the main house.

Everytime he tried to touch, Confidence could go on strike making life very difficult for Ernest who spent most of his nights licking his lips as the likes of Zeus and Alex were having quality time.

Nominations have kicked off and all the housemates from different houses are competing with each other for the top prize of USD 200,000. The show is on channel 198 for DSTV subscribers and it has been on for 9 days so far.

The first batch of housemates to be evicted is expected this coming Sunday.

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Sunday, May 08 2011

           Big Brother's Second Amplified House
There were no evictions this Sunday but housemates have been separated into two groups with each group having a house of its own. IK had a bag that contained 15 gloves and asked each housemate to pick one glove and that is how the two groups came about.

One group had fifteen housemates and the other had eleven housemates. The first fifteen were allowed back to the house and these went to the main house. The only change for them is the colleagues who did not come back to the house.

The fifteen who are back to the main Big Brother house are Michael, Sharon O, Felicia, Lomwe, Vina, Wendall,  Hanni, Zeus, Weza, Vimbai, Confidence, Millicent, Danny, Jossy and Bernadina.

Sharon O and Michael are already enjoying the new arrangement because they still can see each other.

Another House
The remaining eleven were sent to the new house and these are Peo, Nkuli, Mumba, Karen, Nic, Bhoke, Ernest, Kim, Luclay, Alex and Lotus. This was a pleasant surprise for this group as it was a new experience all together.  

Housemates will start nominating each other this week so you need to start voting.

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Saturday, May 07 2011

24-year-old Nkuli B. Ngqola is representing South Africa in the sixth series of Big Brother Africa. She is the housemate with a tattoo of an African map on her back. The other South African housemate is Luclay and he threatens to be the best choice from South Africa right from BBA1 to BBA6.

By the way, has anyone noticed the way she laughs?

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Friday, May 06 2011

Big Brother never runs out of sexy ideas. He had this one which he dubbed 'Take a Prisoner'. The housemates were paired and asked to wrestle after oiling themselves as though they were going to have a massage.

Zeus (Botswana) who by the way happens to be the first Head of House was the first one to get in with Felicia from Malawi though her bikini was doing some injustice to her as it threatened to expose the southern region.

This will by default save her from being swapped because there is no way you treat a head of house to such cozy moments and your sacrificed to face Africa. Sharon O was paired with Kim from Zambia but like other housemates, this was no easy task at all so none took the day on this one.

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Sunday, May 01 2011

           Big Brother Amplified Housemates
The Big Brother Amplified game has started and this time round it started off by unveiling half of the housmates two days before the show. However, as the show progressed more housemates were revealed as we will break them down for you.

  1. Vimbai Mutinhiri from Zimbabwe was the first one to hit the stage and when asked what she was going to do; she simply said that is between her and her God.
  2.  Ernest Wasake from Uganda hit the stage next. It was the first time learning about this Ugandan representative as Sharon had been unveiled before. He came smartly tacked in his single breasted suit with a double vent. Grace Nakimera's track was played as he came on stage.
  3. Hanni from Ethiopia cam on next. This is one of the housemates who had been introduced earlier so we expected her.
  4. Mumba Mwaka from Zambia was the next housemate.
  5. Miss P from Botswana who said that she will be missing her watch, church and computer for three months.
  6. Zuane Michael from Mozambique hit the stage casually dressed.
  7. Vina Longpet from Nigeria followed.
  8. Lotus Kyamba from Tanzania hit the stage though IK was very quick to notice her trademark with was the nose ring. This was one fell as she was joining other housemates. It is not clear whether the shoe or the floor caused this.
  9. Nic Wangondu from Kenya came in dancing and was very quick a t letting everyone know how he was single but IK did not buy any of that and just branded him a player.
  10. Bernardina Buys from Namibia followed.
  11. Young achiever Weza Solunga from Angola came in style as she was clad in a short dress or rather top without a bottom. Our boy Ernest was quick at noticing this one and did not waste any time, he planted a hot peck on her.
  12. Luclay Misoya from South Africa hit the stage and when asked what his strategy was; he said he was representing  all hustlers in Africa.
  13. Our Gal who is being referred to as Sharon O in the house came on stage next dancing to the Obsession track 'Jangu' for which she is a member. She said her strategy will be Music Dance and Drama (MDD). She later added that she will not loose her dignity for money. We will be watching that! Meanwhile, she beats all the gals so far.
  14. Felicia Susan Ngoma from Malawi hit the stage
  15. Zeus Bantsi from Botswana who happens to bea professional rapper hit the stage. He even did some rap before he joined other housemates.
  16. Kim Musoda from Zambia followed and on asking her what strategy she could use to stay in the house, she simply said she will be her lovely self.
  17. Millicent Mugadi from Kenya followed though what amused most people was when she said that she will not mind people using her to get what she wants.
  18. Nkuli Ngquola from South Africa Africa hit the stage and on her back was a large tattoo of an African map.
  19. The 37 year old CEO from Ghana hit the stage next. Confidence Haugen from Ghana actually hit IK with her nice scent.
  20. Jossy Ailonga from Namibia came on stage walking with a swagger on the Big Brother Amplified stage.
  21. Bhoke Egina came on next and on her own words she says 'She will not have sex for money'
  22. Daniel Kassa from Ethiopia hit the stage next.
  23. Wendall Parson from Zimbabwe a pilot who was aksed which strategy, the pilot simply said, ''If it's fun, then he will take it to another level"
  24. Unemployed Karen Igho from Nigeria came on next. She had a pin on her face and when asked how many of those she had, she said two but one of them was below her navel and she almost showed before IK stopped her.
  25. Lomwe Namali came on next.
  26. Alex Biney was the last to come on stage with folded jeans very typical of free style. He said that if he got the money then he will take his family to Jamaica.

Busta Rhymes brought the show down with Break your Neck followed by Look at me now. The housemates were then told to get to the house and trust Sharon O she was the first one to get to the house.

Meanwhile, as you have noticed the housemates are very many and therefore not the real housemates. They will be undergoing several tasks that will be aimed at eliminating them, to a small number that will be heading for the competitive leg.

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Thursday, April 21 2011
Big Brother Africa 6 House
Construction of the Big Brother House is about to be completed with less than 10 days to go. Representative from 14 African countries will be in this house for 91 days competing for the top prize...Uganda won't disappoint this time.
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Tuesday, February 22 2011

The search for housemates in the Big Brother Africa 6 is still on but with 5 days left to close the submission for entries so if you were out there and still wanted to have your last minute try on the reality TV show, then you have still got time.

The organisers of the most popular reality show on television are already boasting over over 5,000 entries that have so far been received and more are yet to be submitted within these remaining days.

To apply for the show, you must be above the age of 21, English speaking with a valid passport and must also be from the countries listed on the left navigation of the site. The show will have a dedicated channel 198 that will show all the housemates 24/7.

In Kampala, the Big Brother Auditions will be held at Sheraton Kampala between 8-10 March, 2011 so folks out there, you need to mark those dates so that you do not miss out to represent UG.

The organisers are accepting paper entries though you must avail yourself on the day of auditions in your respective country. Open entries are also being entertained this time round, so it is a question of availing yourself at the venues where the auditions will be taking place. The show kicks off on May 1st, 2011..Watch This Space!

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Monday, January 17 2011

        Gaetana, Maureen, Morris, Philbert and Hannington

Big Brother Africa 6 is back and the call to join is on though you have to be 21 years old  and applications close on the 27th of February.

Uganda has had it's 's own experience in the game. It kicked off with Gaetano who did a marathon ion the sheets and the first of its kind, since then the rest have followed suit.

When it came to Maureen, she was one daring one during shower hour who could remove all the clothes and showered nude for the entire Africa to see.

Morris failed to make his advances to Tanzania's Latoya and the next thing he knew, he was out of the house before doing anything.

Philbert stayed for a week or two and that was it, but Hannington made headlines after he beat South Africa's Lerato to cabbages and the next thing was to be thrown out of the house breaking a record at that.

We are now waiting for our next representative though our wish would be a gal, we have had enough of the goons biggie so let's have the  cuties too.

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Thursday, September 30 2010
Uganda Online Poll for Barnmates
It's about two weeks or so before the curtains for the Big Brother All stars fall but before they do so, seven barnmates have been nominated and two of them will get a 'third' chance to compete for the grand prize of US $ 200,000.

The mere fact that all the participants had played the game before and they never won, they were given a second chance in the All Stars. Some of these housemates could still not measure up as far as Africa is concerned, so they were evicted to the barnhouse loosing the second chance.

Biggie makes the rules and oh yes it is entirely up to him to twist the game the way he/she feels. Last Sunday, Meryl was evicted a day after her ''engagement" to Tanzania's Mwisho who only got one vote to stay in the house, otherwise they were supposed to pack their bags together and head for the barn had Mwisho's country not voted for him the way Namibia did to Meryl.

This week Africa will again decide which two barnmates will become housemates but the poll conducted by Uganda Online for the last one week suggests that Sheila(Kenya) is polling at 73% followed by Angola's Tatiana at 15% out of 8004 votes.

The poll leaves out Meryl for the simple reason, she scored zero votes that led to her being thrown to the barn. Simple logic, If your country cannot vote for you to stay in the house then how can other countries vote for you to bounce back to the main house. 

If Hannington, was still in the barn, he was likely to be one of the two housemates to bounce back to the main house. Meanwhile, some analysts of the game say that the ''Merylsho'' engagement was just a stunt aimed at confusing Africa and knowing Meryl, sustaining the ''Merylsho'' arrangement for a month after the game will be out of question.
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Friday, September 24 2010
The main house has five housemates as the rest are in the barn house with three out of the game for different reasons. Of the five housemates in the big brother house, four are up for eviction apart from Zimbabwe's Munya who is also this weeks head of house.

Mwisho and Meryl are among the four housemates who are up for eviction implying that should it turn out that one of them has the least popular vote, they will be pushed to the barn house but before all that happens, the two will be officially married.

Mwisho told Biggie of his intentions to marry Meryl and when asked to confirm the news, Tanzania's Mwisho said: "I'm serious in life and it wouldn't be surprising to me and it wouldn't be a surprise to my family and friends,"

This will be the first time housemates are getting engaged on the Big Brother Africa reality TV show though a number of former housemates are moving out like Quinn(South Africa) and Jennipher (Mozambique), and just recently the latest proposal by Kevin (Nigeria) to Elizabeth Tanzania.

The wedding is slated for Saturday and Africa will be witnessing the first ever wedding celebration by housemates live on telly. In the big brother revolution, Biggie brought in a couple from outside the house who got engaged on telly but this time around, it will be Mwiisho and Meryl.
Meryl and Mwisho are now Officially Engaged
Kevin Proposes to Tanzania's Elizabeth Gupta
Munya Safe As The Rest Are Up for Eviction
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Monday, September 20 2010
               Kaone, Uti, Meryl and Mwisho are up fro eviction
The game is becoming tight by the day and though one barnmate (Lerato) is not allowed to nominate for obvious reasons, it did not help the situation either as four housemates are up for eviction the first time in the Big Brother All Stars.

Munya who is the current head of house was among those who scored the highest in nominations this evening but he saved himself and put Meryl who had survived the nominations. This means that all the housemates are up for eviction apart from the head of house, Munya from Zimbabwe.

Kaone is 'Finished'
This week is equally very predictable as Kaone is leaving the house next Sunday. He is the only one among the male housemates who has not faced Africa compared to Uti and Mwisho who faced Africa and bounced back to the house.

The only female in the house
Meryl so far is riding on two or three aspects: Being the only female standing in the main house gives her an edge in the game, Girlfriend to Mwisho which acts as a precursor to steamy moments in the house which has been one of those crowd puller products after shower hour was scrapped.

That means Meryl is not leaving, Uti happens to be stronger than Mwisho and Mwisho is stronger than Kaone given his affair with Meryl. This leaves Kaone standing on the Botswana vote which might also not be enough to save him.

Next week will even be more interesting as it will be between Munya who has gained a lot of 'Africa Muscle', followed by Uti and now the pair(Merylsho) which is going to be split in the next week. This however, strongly depends on who wins the head of the house task. Keep it locked to Uganda Online for more!
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Sunday, August 29 2010
The House has been on fire in the last couple of days with housemates threatening to get to the levels that Uti and Yacob got to sometime back. We now bring you which housemates have been at it and why.

Kaone and Sheila
Sheila from Kenya and Kaone from Botswana were at it over booze. Some bottles went missing and Kaone blamed it all on Sheila who did not take it down well and retaliated with a very strong vulgar language. Problem is that Kaone was drunk and only kept on singing is favourite line: "why do you wanna kill the youth in me"

Meryl and Munya
Munya called Meryl a bitch and even sput saying he can't even try out her stuff. Meryl was so cold over that act from Munya who she had promised her entire all but because of the baby baby Munya left home, he has been thinking about t them since he came to the house to the extent that he has even turned down all the advances from Meryl and Tatiana.

She timed Munya around the toilet and gave him her piece of mind. Munya simply apologized for the utterances and blamed it on the booze.

Lerato and Yacob
It is war in the Barn. While our boy Hannington and Tatiana are going about their chores like lovers do it is war between Lerato and Yacob. Lerato accuses Yacob of behaving like a young child who cannot handle situations. During the Saturday night dance, Hanny and Tatty were dancing groin to groin while Yacob was dancing to his image as opposed to taking on Lerato. In the end, Yacob simply blamed Lerato for not playing the game well as Hannington undressed Tatiana who simply had blue shorts and leggings only.
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Sunday, July 25 2010
             Kaone and Tatiana evicted for Minutes
The evening started well with Maye Hunta who did his African Star before IK announced that 2 housemates would be leaving the house. This was followed by some group of guys who keep out of trouble by dancing.

IK started by calling Sheila who was not sure why they had called her name but being the eviction show it was she knew it was time to go. IK said she was safe followed by our boy Hannington who was also safe.

Jen, Yakob, Code followed in that order of being safe though for Code he was told to stand up sending his adrenaline levels way up high only to be told that he was safe too. Lerato, Mwisho, Sammy, Paloma and Meryl were equally booked on the flight for those who were safe for the night.

Twist of the Night
All the housemates whose names had been called were all safe but when it came to Kaone from Botswana; it was announced that he is the first housemate to leave Big Brother Africa All Stars. On coming out of the house, IK asked him what he had done wrong to warrant him an early exit, K1 said ''I don't Know" Meanwhile, in the house Jen was very bitter Kaone had been booted from the house.

Ugandan Comedian
The show crossed to Ugandan Comedian Daniel Omara who started off by saying: "Uganda we never go anywhere..".I'm not sure I heard the rest of the words but at some point he said he needed protection for some of the utterances he had made.

There  was another artiste whose name was close to Camaquin with a french cut and a painted face doing some drama act. 

The Big Three
It had now become very complicated but like Biggie says, he has the right to change the rules of the game at any time. Half of the weak housemates were already safe leaving only 3 top dogs (Munya, Tatiana and Uti) who will even make it to the top three positions.

Tatiana is Head of House
The task for the audience to decide who leaves between Uti and Munya was already stressing so many viewers. The old rule is that the Head of House is immune from eviction so anyway we knew the second housemate had to come from Uti or Munya please it was Tatiana.

Kaone and Tatiana back to the house
Kaone and Tatiana were convinced it was game over for them on the Big Brother game and it was time to meet their dear ones and probably get the next planes to Angola and Botswana. As they made their way off the stage, IK called them back. He later told them they were safe.

Jen was more than happy to see Kaone back as Munya could not help tight hugging Tatiana who had offered to massage him early in the week but turned down the offer.
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Saturday, July 24 2010
Housemates went on strike this evening pushing the door open and going out of the Big Brother house in search for food. This was after three hours of pleading for food with no response from Biggie until when they chose to take it to another level.

Security was brought in to put the situation under control but instead the housemates held the guards hostage and the condition was that the guards be released after Biggie provides food.

The guards later left the house. The housemates descended on to the door that separates them with the outside world and forced it open. However, on opening the door, they could literally go nowhere. They stood outside the house shouting: "We Want Food" for sometime.

As all this was going on they had even removed their microphones. Meanwhile,  a different Big Brother voice kept on telling them that he will make sure they do not spend the night hungry but at the same time they should use whatever little they had sparingly.

This made matters worse because on top of having nothing to eat in the entire house, they were being told to use whatever little they had. Meryl, Code and Tatiana were visibly very hungry that could not utter a word.

Moments later the store room was open with supplies enough to see them through for the next couple of days. Something must have gone wrong somewhere that it took the housemates a serious strike before the supplies resumed.

After the supplies, the female Big Brother sound bounced back asking them to ensure that they are wearing their microphones correctly otherwise during the hard times, it was a male voice which was not even audible enough.
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Sunday, July 18 2010
Sean Paul kicked off the show with 'Temperature' and moments later Mwisho from Tanzania who featured in Big Brother 1 was the first housemate to arrive. When asked about his strategy; Mwisho said he was going to have fun.

Do you remember Jennipher who opted out of the Big Brother Revolution? Yes Jennipher from Mozambique has been given a second chance indeed and we hope this time around she does not opt out of Big Brother All stars. She has a nice body and was clad a nice pink fitting attire.

Do you remember the Big Maama in the Revolution house? Yeah Right Paloma is back all the way from Zambia and promises it sexy this time.. Hope she does not blow her nose in the sink again causing a row in the house.

In the Big Brother Africa 3 one Housemate left Africa and went to Finland yes that is none other than Munya from Zimbabwe who has put on a lot of weight and was proud to show off a pic of his baby boy that he carried along with him to the house.

If you remember Maureen who represented Uganda in Big Brother 2 you will notice that she had a boy friend in the house and that was none other than Malawi DJ Code Sangala aged 34 oh yeah he is back representing Malawi.

At this point they paused  a bit with the entry of the housemates and had to sing Happy Birthday for Mr. Nelson Mandela and shortly after Yacob the bad boy from Ethiopia who has never been in love jetted in the house donning a blue tie.

Sheila from Kenya was the next to enter the house. IK asked her about her strategy of winning the US$ 200,000. She said that she is going to be focused on getting the cheque as opposed to relationships in the house now that she even has an anniversary ring..

If you watched Big Brother Africa1, you must have noticed the housemate who broke his leg, that was Sammy B and he is back representing Ghana the guys who did Africa proud in the just concluded  FIFA World Cup 2010.

Housemate No 9 was none other than Big Brother Revolution star Kaone otherwise known as K1 representing Botswana. Now K1 and Geraldine were buddies while in the revolution house and of course IK asked him about her? He said oh year we were in touch but not much went down.

Housemate No.10 was bad girl Meryl. she was donning some nice dress and when asked who did it she said: "I'm trying to remember" Meryl who has gained some weight but still looking good will be representing Namibia. She added that "It's great that I'm back and I'm going to give what people wanted. IK asked her about her and Kwaku? She said that their stuff did not end in the house, it went on even after the house but for now it ended as Sean Paul bounced back with 'Hold my Hand' which all housemates so far in the house danced too.

Uti the ladies man from Nigeria got into the house and he is one of them guys that make the game most competitive. Uti is so happy to be back.

Lerato from South Africa got into the house. Oh my she has put on a lot of weight though Paloma beats them all via weight. She promises you her loud mouth and she could not forget Nelson Mandela's birthday.

Our boy from Uganda Hannington Kuteesa walked in as Blu3's 'Where You are' track played and the last housemate, Richard's Girl friend Tatiana from Angola was the last housemate to enter the house. She loves wine, champaign ans says she is much stronger now and she is going to platy the game.
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Wednesday, July 14 2010

BBA5 House Interior Unveiled
It is four days to go for Big Brother Africa season five to hit television screens in Africa a version which will bring back some of the most entertaining housemates from the previous episodes.

MNET's Managing Director Biola Alabi said: "We want to thank fans of the show for being so patient with us. We're completely excited about this show and have wanted to announce the full name of the series for some time but given the logistics required on a show like this, we've waited until today to announce the full title of the series: Big Brother All Stars.

She goes on to say, "All the housemates, both those included in the new show and those who are not on this series, are the true stars of the Big Brother Africa story and we want to celebrate them in all their glory. What better way than to bring back some of the fans' favourite characters for a second chance at the big prize. So join them on July 18th as they set off on a whole new adventure."

This means that in episode 5, the likes of Richard and Tatiana, Maureen and Ricco could easily bounce back to our screens...Can't wait! Meanwhile, Sean Paul will be performing at the opening ceremony.

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Thursday, June 24 2010

The 5th version of Africa's most loved show Big Brother Africa is back and this time a lot better than the previous Big Brother Revolution. M-Net Africa's Managing Director Biola Alabi who made the news official said:

 "What a great moment this is - to bring back a show that our audience loves for an incredible 5th time. We wanted season 4 (Big Brother Revolution) to be special but it exceeded our hopes.

With the volume of interaction the show received from fans, it was clear that season 5 was definitely on the cards. So we've been developing what we believe will be thrilling new format changes."

In this version of Big Brother, contestants are going to be selected from the huge database of applicants they have gathered in the last 4 episodes. 14 countries will participate and these include: Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Gaetano Kaggwa, Maureen Namatovu, Morris Mugisha, Phil Okure and Hannigton Kuteesa have represented Uganda in the previous Big Brother versions.

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Saturday, September 26 2009

The housemates were driven out of the house for some out door games courtesy of MTN 2010. The games included Boxing in a bouncing castle ring plus a pool of dirty water where the housemates soiled each other like there was no tomorrow.

Yacob and Kevin went to the ring only for Yacob to win himself three knock outs from shorter Kevin who only got one knock out.

Emma and Liz got to the dirty water game and played it so well though when it got to Paloma and Rene it became very interesting. Paloma wrestled Rene to the dirty waters on several accessions as though they were lifting a baby. Paloma is the big momma but trust Rene because at some point she managed to wrestle Paloma( Big Momma).

The Twins put up a great show. They donned Total Non Stop Action(TNA) look alike wrestling costumes but being twins they are, you could not tell who was beating who or better still tell who won.

Itai and Phil went to the ring but it looks like Itai was too strong for Phil because in the very first round, Our Phil was down. When they were done, the MTN vehicles  came for the housemates and drove them back straight to the house.

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Sunday, September 13 2009
The show kicked off with boring HP as the babes were being driven to the venue in Aston Martins. The first housemate to leave the Big Brother house was Teddy from Kenya and the second housemate was Ras Wayoe from Ghana.

The first female housemate to enter the house was 24 year old Emma from Angola a production assistant followed by 23 year old Nkenna from Nigeria.

The third housemate was Maggie Mungalu (23) a student and model from Lusaka Zambia as 24 year old Mzamo from Malawi an accountant got into the house.

The fourth female housemate was Mzamo 24 years from Malawi who is an accountant by profession while the fifth housemate was from Maputo Mozambique who is Jenipher Mussanhanne(Jen) a student.

The sixth female housemate was Rene Moolmana 26 year old hair stylist who is passionate about animals. The seventh female housemate was 21 year old Elizabeth Gupta (Liz) from Tanzania who is a cutie and did a lot of boob shaking on stage.

The eighth housemate to enter the big brother house was Kristal Culverwell from Zimbabwe (26) a Trainee paramedic who was previously a wine advisor. She has a tatoo at the back.

The ninth housemate was Lizwe Coka from South Africa making a total of two South African housemates followed by Geraldine Ihema 24 years old and a legal intern. Geraldine is the 3rd Nigerian housemate in the house.

The eleventh female housemate in the house was Edna Alfredo a 27 years old Housing Assistant who is not expecting to win but just to have fun in the house.

The twelfth housemate was 25 years old booty Paloma Manda from Zambia.

The girls will be in their room for at least one week before the walls break loose to mingle with the boys. Meanwhile Ras Wayoe and Teddy were licking their lips as the girls passed by to get to the house. Occasionally, the bouncers were having to be stopped as they wanted to hug some of the female housemates

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Wednesday, September 09 2009
  • Big Brother is now a female voice compared to the male deep voice
  • Week one commenced with male housemates only
  • Uganda and Kenya have two Housemates each
  • Each housemate has been given $ 2,500 which can reduce depending on failed tasks
  • Kabelo or KB was replaced by IK as the host of the show
  • Housemates were welcomed by stars who stayed in the house for 24 hours
  • No Shower Hour
  • All housemates to share the same room
  • In the past shows, all the previous participants could grace the opening ceremony, but not the revolution. This featured the past three winners and how they are getting on with their lives. Cherish is happily married in UK, London Richard is in the final stages of setting up his recording firm, happily married and Ricco is in Brazil.
  • Some countries like Tanzania are not represented in the first week.
  • This being the revolution, do not be surprised if 12 girls get into the house this coming Sunday and countries like Uganda might still have female representatives.
  • The final section of the opening ceremony had more sad viewers than those who were happy simply because the female housemates were no where to be seen.
  •  The housemates got to the venue on bikes while a helicopter brought IK.
  • Identical twins are in the show just to spice up the game.
  • The prize money has been doubled from USD 100,000 to USD 200,000

 Watch This Space

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Monday, September 07 2009

              All housemates are nominated
Housemates are still just confused like you the viewers as far as the names are concerned but inspite of not knowing the names the housemates still know who they want out.

Itai from Zimbabwe has nominated Phil from Uganda and Kaone from Botswana.
Teddy from Kenya has nominated Kevin from Nigeria and Itai. In the end all the housemates have been nominated and you the viewer have to vote for the housemate you want to keep in the house.

This means that the more you vote for your housemate the better the chances for him to stay in the house. The one with least votes will be the one to leave the Big Brother Africa house next Sunday.

Big Brother wants your vote. To vote for your housemate to stay in the revolution house SMS Hannington or Phil to 6626 depending on whether you are on MTN, UTL, Warid or Zain. Each sms will cost you 1,000/- Ugx.

For other countries please visit on how to keep your housemate in the game.

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Thursday, September 03 2009

Inside Big Brother Africa 4 House

It is exactly 2 days and 18 hours to the revolution and details to the Big African game are emerging. The above pics depict the interior of the Big Brother house where 14 strangers will meet on Sunday. This will be there home for another 91 days.

The continent is alert ready to witness the launch of the revolution which will have the winner walk away with $ 200,000 after 3 months of unpredictable tasks from biggie.
More of the Big Brother House

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Monday, August 31 2009

Kalangala District Member of Parliament Ruth Kavuma's son could be Uganda's next representative in the fourth episode of of the reality telly game Big Brother Africa.

He is called Hannington Kuteesa Kavuma. Previously it was thought ex Miss Uganda hopeful Jackie Juuko would be our rep but that looks like not the case with the MP's son in pole position. An insider told us: "Guys at Multichoice are keeping it a top secret but it looks like their choice is Hannington Kuteesa Kavuma. He is their preferred choice by far."

The fourth episode of BBA dubbed Big Brother Africa: The revolution kicks off on Sept.6. Watch This Space.
Related: Jackie Juuko BBA4 Finalist

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Monday, August 31 2009
The show is on this coming Sunday at exactly 7:00pm (EAT) on channel 198. True there will be no shower hour but that has been substituted by all the housemates putting up in one room.
In the previous shows, the female housemates had their own room and so were the boyz. This time round all the strangers from the 14 countries will be making some noise under the same room.
At this rate it looks like there are lots of changes that we have to put up with. We are adjusting and getting prepared to IK who happens to take over from Kabelo also known to us as KB.
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Saturday, August 29 2009

Big Brother 2 and 3 are still very fresh in the Big Brother addicts minds and the two shows have one thing in common that is Kabelo or KB who has been the host for the shows. KB has been replaced by a Nigerian TV star Ikponmwosa Osakioduwa. I know the name is difficult but he calls himself IK.

KB is from South Africa and they have had the chance to host not once but twice and as if that is not enough the show takes place in South Africa so making a Nigerian as host could make some big brother sense now that it is Big Brother Africa and not Big Brother South Africa.

The pressure is on to know who the country representatives are with 6 days to go but as we get to the launch, those details will be revealed.

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Saturday, July 25 2009

Maureen on her Wedding day
If you have been wondering what our Big Brother 2 and 3 flops are up to wonder no more. For Maureen we are very much aware she wedded in January to Dr.Garett Taylor and the results are paying off as she is already pregnant.

As for Morris he has resorted to singing. He is currently in Nairobi recording his maiden song called "Sherry". He is recording at Cliff Records in Nairobi. Sherry is a song about a babe he loved in his old days.

He first revealed his Music career at Kati Kati launch where Navio was launching his Half The Legend Album. Uti from Nigeria and Latoya from Tanzania were in attendance that day.
Read also: Gaetano's Wedding

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Friday, July 17 2009

              Richard Bezuidenhout
The Big Brother Africa 2 winner will be coming to Uganda next week. Richard Bezuidenhout who many consider a Ugandan will be jetting in on the 25th of July and will leave on the 16 of August, 2009. He was in Zanzibar attending the film festival when he disclosed this to the sqoop team.

Richard has acted in so many movies since leaving the Big Brother house.

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Thursday, July 02 2009

               Jackie Juuko
                               Red Pepper Photo

If Jackie Juuko the Ex Miss Uganda 2004 hopeful is the next Ugandan representative in the next episode of BBA, you should expect sex and more sex. She was sighted at Sheraton Hotel lining up for the auditions and guys thought it was a joke.

According to insiders at Multichoice, she is among the finalists and folks are only wishing she represents the country due to the uncountable lads she has dated.

In the Thursday Red Pepper, the tabloid adds that Jackie has seen them all from a pool attendant in Wandegeya bar ground zero to a UK Nkuba Kyeyo, Jackie would be the girl to watch if she spent 91 days in the house.

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Sunday, June 14 2009

Big Brother Africa 4 is about to start screening in less than three months on the DSTV network. The previous versions of Big Brother have been screening some scenes with housemates who are totally nude either accidentally or intentionally.

The rule in the next Big Brother which will have 14 countries participating will not allow housemates appearing in the ''adams suit''. With the doubled prize money, had this particular act not been removed, many housemates would have used it to their advantage.

In Big Brother 3, Ricco, Munya and Thami would shower with nothing on whereas for the ladies Tawana and Latoya were on top of this. In Big Brother 2 it was Maureen and Meryl who took center stage for showering without any clothes on as the whole of Africa watched.

This did not go down well with some leaders in Africa and were actually threatening to ban the popular Tv show. The guys in charge definitely listen so they decided to ask the housemates not to go the nude lane.

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Monday, June 08 2009

Zimbabwes' Bertha and Nigeria's Uti are in town ahead of the BBA4 Auditions that will be taking place at Sheraton Kampala on 9 and 10 June, 2009 . Bertha featured in the Big Brither Africa 2 series while Uti was in the just concluded one. The memories are still fresh of how he hit flower vessels and all things around him because Namimbia's Lucille had been evicted.

Bertha is notable for having burried herself in the bible for a greater part of the show and much later turned to Kwaku who was very close to Meryl. When Meryl was kicked out of the game, Bertha put the bible aside and resorted to Kwaku.

Bertha and Uti attended Navio's Half the legend show last Friday at Kati Kati with our very own Morris Mugisha.

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Wednesday, June 03 2009

Big Brother Africa 4
The bad game is back..Auditions are on for Big Brother Africa 4 and this time it is going to be a lot different from what you are used to. This September Big Brother will be screening on tellies near you and not predictable anymore.

Uganda was represented by a male housemate in BBA3 and it could be a male this time depending on how the audtions go because it does not necessarily have to be a female but the one who will impress the judges.

With 40 Cameras and 100 microphones you will certainly hear everything and as if that is not enough the price has been doubled to USD 200,000. The countries are now 14 with Mozambique and Ethiopia being the new entrants.

To qualify you must be above 21 years of age, fluent in English and armed with a valid passport and a citizen of the participating countries. So folks out there if you have what it takes do not hesitate to make your way to Sheraton Kampala Hotel on  9 and 10 June, 2009 at 08h00 to 19h00.

This year audiences will be voting on who they want to stay as opposed to who they want out. It is going to be tight because the game is about keeping the strong players in as opposed to housemates in episodes1,2 and 3 who could team up to evict a strong mate.

BBA1 Gaetano represented Uganda, BBA2 Maureen Namatovu and BBA3 Morris Mugisha. We are yet to find out Uganda's representative in BBA4.

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Saturday, January 10 2009

Mr and Mrs Taylor
Mr.Garett Taylor and Maureen.Photo: Nicholas Oneal

Uganda's Big Brother Africa 2 representative Maureen Namatovu will be dropping the Namatovu name today and take on her new role as Mrs. Maureen Garett. Maureen and Garrett Taylor will be exchanging vows at one o'clock today in Rubaga.

Maureen was one of the housemastes in BBA2 who made the game worth watching especially for the shower hour fans and also had an affair with Code Sangala from Malawi. Maureen and Code enjoyed the pent house on several occasions and indeed enjoyed every moment wining and dining plus showering.

Maureen came back to Uganda and her boy friend then Moses Oga was not very amused with the way she had enjoyed her self on international telly so their affair did just not take off from where it had stopped before the Big Brother game.

Today Maureen walked down the aisle with Garett Taylor.
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Monday, October 27 2008
Latoya in Kampala
          Latoya in Kampala, Uganda (October 2008)
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Tuesday, September 09 2008
  1. Morris – Thami Sheila
  2. Thami – Tawana, Sheila
  3. Lucille – Tawana, Latoya
  4. Mimi – Uti, Sheila
  5. Tawana – Lucille, Thami
  6. TK-Uti, Latoya
  7. Hazel- Munya, Mimi
  8. Sheila – Morris, Tawana
  9. Latoya- Sheila, Tawana
  10. Ricco – Hazel Tawana
  11. Uti- Munya, Latoya
  12. Munya – Hazel, Latoya
Ricco and TK got no nominations. Ricco is the current head of house and was called to the diary room to replace one of the nominated housemates and replace him with a housemate of his choice but Ricco chose to leave the results as is like was the case of the previous housemate Tawana.
Two housemates out of Tawana, Sheila and Latoya will be evicted this week and will go to a specially designed house for a week and there after one housemate will bounce back to the house and the other will be evicted for good. Talk about Big Brother 3 this time round being un predictable and it is exactly that.
Surprise Nominations:
Morris nominated Thami something that would leave many surprised because Thami and Morris were together in the fake evictions of the previous week and one could easily think they have made an alliance of sorts. The mere fact that they had been shown who had nominated them, Morris would have chosen any of those as opposed to Thami. The Ugandan housemate made matters worse by having no reason to choose Thami.
LATOYA did not get any nominations in week1 but turned out to be one with the highest nominations in week 2.
Tawana in Hot Soup
Tawana is not only up for eviction but also one with the highest nominations. Tawana has 5 and Sheila, Latoya both have 4 nominations. This is partly because of the fight they had with Thami because Thami nominated her and she did the same citing the same reason.
Head of House
Like it was the case in the first week when the Head of House, Tawana made no changes so was Ricco. Biggie asked Ricco to save any of the nominated housemates and replace them with any other; and he said he is going to leave the results as is.
East Africa on Pressure
Last week a Ugandan housemate was on fake eviction but this was only known to the viewers but to the affected housemate it was real not until it turned out to be a joke. This time round it is going to be for real because anyway Kenya’s Sheila and Tanzania’s Latoya are up for eviction. Biggie is yet to showcase more surprises and he has become more unpredictable. In BBA2 whoever was Head of the House seemed to enjoy the penthouse treat but in BBA3 it looks like the rare treat is for those nominated either for real eviction or fake eviction. Watch this Space !
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Monday, September 01 2008

The Big Brother Game has started as far as the housemates are concerned. KB announced to the house who had the highest nominations and this is not very good news for Uganda's Morris. Morris and Thami turned out to have the highest nominations and when the Head of House, Tawana was called in to save a housemate of her choice, she preferred to leave the selection as is. Tawana is the Head of House(HOH) and as HOH you are free to save a housemate up for eviction and replace them with any other. She did not do anything but she said she was confused.

Thami compared to Morris would go had the nominations not been fake, because in the one week that has ended, the South African Housemate has exhibited a lot of being a passenger on board politics. On the other hand our boy (Morris) who has done a lot of chilling out with Latoya during day and leaving her for Ricco at night would stay simply because the revelers are on the look out for the drama Kenya's Latoya is trying to play on these two guys, Ricco and Morris.

The fans were kind of predicting Mimi on the first round of exit but she had put on Ofunneka's shoes and she is fitting in very well. Like Ofunneka, many thought she was leaving in the very first weeks but due to the fact that she was an asset when it came to Kitchen affairs, she survived and came very close to beating Richard of Tanzania. This is the very trick Mimi is using and it will work as most of them like the Idiot word girl, Sheila is just to bossy and masterminding hiding booze as opposed to being an asset.

Below is how the housemates nominated:


  • Mimi - (Morris, Thami)
  • Lucille - (Morris, Thami)
  • Sheila - (Morris, Thami)
  • Tawana - (Lucille, Thami)
  • Hazel - (TK, Ricco)
  • Latoya - (TK, Sheila)

From the girls nominations Thami ended up with 4 nominations and Morris ended with 3 Nominations.


  • Morris - (TK, Lucille)
  • Uti - (Lucille, Mimi)
  • Munya -(Ricco, Lucille)
  • Ricco -(Thami, Morris)
  • Thami - (Ricco, Uti)
  • TK - (Morris, Hazel)

From the boys nominations Morris scores 2 nominations and Thami 1. This put Morris and Thami at 5 nominations each more so the highest. Tawana and Munya end up with zero nominations. Tawana not being nominated is understandable because anyway as Head of House she could have saved herself from eviction but Munya's failing to get nominated beats logic.

Munya does not surprise me nominating Lucille because anyway all attempts of sleeping in Lucille's bed have failed so Munya has no option but to expose her to the axe.

Ricco has picked on Morris simply because they are on the same gurl Latoya much as he has a better package of Latoya in the night.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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