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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Monday, December 01 2014

The Gurlz-Zuena, Ellah The Boyz-Trezagah, Bebe Cool

Yesterday's Big Brother live eviction show kicked off with Bebe Cool doing his latest hit Love You Everyday as Zuena and Sheilah Gashumba among others cheered him from the audience that was singing and dancing along. IK was no exception.

Namibia'a Sheillah and Mozambique's Trezagah were the first housemates to be evicted followed by Ellah and Goitse leaving behind 8 finalists in the run for the top prize of US$ 300,000. The reality TV show ends on December 07, 2014.

It's funny how Ellah was evicted alongside Goitse. These two have been sworn rivals while in the house. They both had a thing for Tanzania's Idris making IK's job easy because once they got out of the house, he simply asked them who was wife number one and wife number two?

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Ellah and Goitse after being evicted

Ellah told IK that she genuinely fell in love with Idris.

Meanwhile, Idris and Ellah would have fired up things a little more in the house had it not been for their relatives who came to visit during the week. Ellah's mom for example told her to scale down on the booze and also cover up a little bit while in the shower room, she reminded the ex-beauty queen that millions were watching, so she needed to be careful with the in-the-sheets game. Idris was equally told to behave himself.

As Big Brother was counting down the seconds for Ellah to leave the house, Idris wanted at least a good bye kiss, but because os the words of caution from their relatives (especially Idris), even a kiss was proving to be a hard thing to part with. It was time up for Ellah so she said: "It's ok Idris, I will see you on Sunday."

Idris while talking to JJ and Nhlnahla said that; "Biggie has taken the two most important women in my life but I wont Cry."

Now that TZ is next door, this Ellah-Idris thing will not just end in the house and not even the fans would allow it to end. Tayo, Nhlanhla or Idris, one of them is tipped to be US$300,000 richer this coming Sunday.

This year was a lot better than last year for Uganda. Both housemates (Denzel and IK) were evicted in the first and second week respectively but this year, apart from Esther Akankwasa who was evicted in the second week, Ellah was just minutes to becoming a finalist, the position which Sharon O enjoys, but Africa had different plans all together.

Auditions for Big Brother Africa 2015 will be around May next year.

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Monday, October 20 2014

Sabina, Lillian, Esther, Mira and Resa are out of the BBA House
Big Brother Hotshots house now has 8 female housemates after Lillian, Esther and Sabina were evicted during the live eviction show on Sunday. Resa and Mira left last week.

Housemates are equally worried that the house is running short of girls. Africa is very clear with what they want and what they don't want. Esther was evicted for what she does best, being a 'master @ bet' which broke her bed in the process. Twe#king has not helped Nigeria's Lillian either, it just caused her more problems.

Sabina has an eight month old baby, so Africa just found it fair to relieve her from the game so that she goes and attends to her baby. In one of her diary sessions, it was clear she was missing her baby who was left under the care of a maid, and from the message she sent out to the maid, Africa was left with no choice but to set her free after 14 days as opposed to the 63 days.

Mira's getting on to the Big Brother game just 5 days into the house was certainly not a good example to the majority of the viewers. Mira and Luis got it on, so there was no way Africa could spare her in the house for the next few weeks, she could end up feasting on all the boys in the house.

In this game, the one with least votes packs their bags and that is exactly what happened with Resa from Zambia. Meanwhile, our Ellah should count herself lucky, she survived by a whisker bearing in mind that not even Kenya's vote was enough to save Sabina, she was evicted and yet Kenya voted for her.

Just as well, Ellah  got only one vote and it was from Uganda, but she managed to survive at least crossing to week three, a period longer than Denzel and LK4 spent in the house.

How Africa voted

  • JJ - Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe (5)
  • Tayo - Ghana, Nigeria, Rest of Africa (3)
  • Sabina - Kenya (1)
  • Permithius - Namibia, Zambia (2)
  • Frankie - Rwanda (1)
  • Laveda - Tanzania (1)
  • Ellah - Uganda (1)

Sabina, Lilian and Esther were evicted as per the tie-breaker rules

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Monday, October 13 2014

Mira and Luis making out

The second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House during the yesterday live show was Mozambique's Mira after Zambia's Resa. Mira was so close to Namibia's Luis, they actually played the Big Brother game after the Friday party.

Luis Tshita Munana was sure he had gotten a playmate for a greater part of the show, but unfortunately, he was left in tears when IK announced that his darling, Mira had only seconds in the house. During the live show, Mira told Africa that she missed her phone and family back home.

Minutes after the eviction, Luis cried uncontrollably. He could not believe that in less than a week, he had met Mira and within no time bonded so well and now, she is no longer in the house.

In the uncut video, Mira and Luis are seen making mild movements under their duvet. Big Brother experts say had these two stayed in the house for at least 50 days, the guys behind the Biggie cameras would have got a run for their money but with a week in the house, hmmm, that was a simple Big Brother game noyt in any way close to Gaetano's..!

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Sunday, October 12 2014

Mozambique's Mira and Zambia's Resa evicted

Big Brother Hotshots first eviction was held this evening and unfortunately, Zambia's Resa and Mozambique's Mira will have to watch the game from their respective homes.

"It's been an amazing journey and I'm at peace, " Resa told IK. The second housemate to be evicted was Mira who said that she was happy to be out of the house as she was missing her family and phone.

Back in the house, Namibia's Luis is already missing Mira and can't help tears from rolling down his cheeks. Kenya's Sabina was seen comforting him. It should be recalled that after the party yesterday, Luis and Mira took it to another level. Biggie's cameras zoomed on them and it was all going down.

Hmmm THAT explains the tears Luis was shedding because he had only gotten to know her better, but he might have to play his cards elsewhere...!

"I got close to Luis from Namibia, he is a fine guy, " Mira added during the live eviction show. Africa is good at evicting couples while housemates tend to use it as a strategy to stay in the house.

This week, Uganda's Ellah survives eviction while Esther and other members she performed with in the music extravaganza are form part of the list for eviction next week.

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Monday, October 06 2014

Tanzania's Laveda is the Head of House

More of the 26 housemates made their way to the house after their talent show performances.

Mam' Bea from Ghana scored 72.5% by just show casing her fashion design in a sari like attire followed by our very own Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah who did a Mama song but got 54.6% from her performance, again an average score though better than Esther.

Goitse from Botswana followed with a 64.2% score after her unique dance. Alusa from Kenya hit the stage next with his Swahili-Lingala song that earned him a cool 61%. He was in the Emerald house last year. Samantha doing a song that she did specifically for Big Brother got the audience that was supposed to be voting her clapping, it worked because she got 61%.

The lady of the night, Laveda from Tanzania followed playing her saxophone, which turned out to be the most appealing. She scored 85%. IK rated her as the sexi3st on the show. She was clad in a long slit dress.

Then came the comedian from Rwanda who warned girls from following their boyfriends to the ATM machines, he got 77.5% for that. 21-year-old Sheillah from Botswana followed with a performance that left her with 59.3%, Malawi's Sipe followed with a 59%.

Luis from Namibia came with his Champion song blending it with his six pack, it earned him 58.3%, Zambia's Macky 2 followed with a 59.1%

Mira from Mozambique hit the stage doing a poem entitled Mama Africa, she got 47.8% for it. Idris, the photographer from Tanzania was up next dancing to the sounds of Waichukucha garnering him a cool 64%..He was dressed like Michael Jackson.

It was then time for the BET Award winner, Davido doing his Skelewu hit song. At the end of the performances, Biggie told all the housemates that they were up for eviction apart from Laveda, whose score was the highest, making her the head of house and therefore immune from eviction this week.

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Sunday, October 05 2014

IK performing at the launch show
Big Brother Africa Hotshots launched on Sunday at 8:00pm with a performance from IK. Housemates had been revealed in the days leading up to the event on the MNet website, so all they had to do at the launch show was to make a one minute presentation show casing their talents.

Rwanda's Frankie was the first on the Big Brother stage doing some rap song, the audience rated him 64.3% followed by Kacey Moore from Ghana who got 52%.

It was not long before the exotic dancer from Nigeria, Lillian hit the stage. This one did some twerking attracting loud cheers from the audience, she scored 69%.

Butterphly from Zimbabwe was up next, she got 44.4% followed by Mozambique's Trezagah who got 45.3%. Kenya's curvy Sabina hit the stage rocking a green outfit that accentuated her curves doing the Motorbike performance. It was original, no wonder the audience rated her 73.8%.

Those were the first six housemates to make their way to the house. Kenya's Sabina was quick to sample the champagne bottles the moment she got to the house.

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Saturday, July 09 2011

Sharon looks on during the Saturday Party  as Leonel spins the discs. (Inset) is Val Okecho from Uganda
Housemates were first treated to a Saturday music show by former Big Brother Africa 4 contestant Leonel Estevoa before DJ Val Okecho from Uganda took over for the one hour Saturday show that was live on 88.2 Sanyu FM in Uganda.

The housemates enjoyed themselves because as opposed to other Saturday parties, this one was beyond the one hour courtesy of Leonel's session. Sharon was clad in some blue stuff that could bring out all her assets.

She shouted her voice out when she saw the logo of Sanyu FM running around in her pink high heels. Problem is that Val did not play any of the Obsessions' song not even Big Brother's favourite 'Jangu' but at least he played 'Ashawo' by Chinedu though it seemed new to the housemates.

At the end of the show, she of course did not recognize Val may be because of the cap he was donning but also went ahead to remind him that; "Im Sharon from Uganda, but you did not play Jangu."

The housemates were dressed in anything but clothes with Millicent doing the open/close leg move on a pole clearly stealing the show. Lomwe and Kim could occasionally wrap themselves in a duvet while dancing some erotic moves. It should also be noted that Kim had no panty line under so Lomwe preferred to wrap him self to Kim than dancing.

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Monday, May 30 2011

Housemate from Mozambique - Michael was evicted on 29.May.2011

Mozambique has been having one housemate after Herminio opted out of the Big Brother game a few days before the start of Africa's most popular reality TV show. This left Mozambique with one housemate who was so far playing the game so well but Africa thought otherwise and made it 28 days as opposed to the 91 days.

Michael loves spending time with quiet people and this does not come as a surprise because in his first week, the chemistry had developed for Sharon who happens to be quiet and therefore the best choice for Michael.

He tried Sharon as much as possible but as you may be aware, Sharon is a mother and the hubby is glued on TV watching every step so it was not going to be that easy for Michael.

It was as though he knew that he will be leaving very soon, so he decided to launch an attack on whoever could cross his way. Noticing that Sharon was proving to be a hard nut to crack, he turned his guns to Nkuli from South Africa.

With Nkuli, he had managed to get a hug though he indeed 'amplified' the hug to include kissing something that did not go down well with Nkuli. Just last Monday, Sharon O, Vina, Bernadina, Hanni and Confidence were up for eviction but Vimbai who is the out going HoH saved Hanni from Ethiopia and put Mozambique's Michael in her place.

Surprisingly, our gal Sharon O and Vina got the most country votes as Confidence from Ghana, Vina from Nigeria and Bernadina from Namibia got one vote each from their respective countries.

Which Countries Voted for Sharon?
Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania showed the spirit of East Africa in saving Sharon O followed by Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Sharon O Survives as 'Boy Friend' Michael is Evicted
Herminio Opted Out of Big Brother Amplified 

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Sunday, May 29 2011

            Sharon as IK had just called her name and Sharon after knowing that she was safe
Five Headmates were up for eviction and the housemate with the least votes had to leave the Big Brother Amplified house at the end of the live show.

 IK crossed to the house but the housemates could not hear what he was saying but Biggie's technicians were quick at fixing it.  IK tried out rapping before he crossed to Sharon who said it wasn't her best moment.

IK then talked to the HoH to reveal to the other housemates what her decision was for the swap, Vimbai said that she saved Hanni(Ethiopia) because she reminds her of a lot when she was her age and replaced her with Michael(Mozambique) who plays the dishonest role according to Vimbai.

Michael just got up and hugged Vimbai as Biggie announced that he had ten minutes to pack his bags.

Bernadina's name was called first to come to the stage. She Hugged housemates as the Amplified Crew who I think are the best dancers from the African continent got on stage with a helicopter propeller type of dance.

Bernadina came to the stage and when asked on what her best moment was she said the clown suit. She very quickly left the stage as Biggie had to make some money from adverts.

We didn't know what this was but it later turned out that Bernadina was safe but moved to the Tails house. Michael was told to leave the house next. Confidence and Sharon kissed him out of the house as Millicent and Vimbai were crying over him leaving the house.

Michael loves Sharon and this is what he had to say while on stage, "I likes Sharon and she is a pretty girl. It was not just a game, it was real."

Sharon O, Vina and Confidence were called last and after a while, IK told them they have been saved. Sharon shouted Thank you Africa. Tailsmates will be nominated tomorrow. Bernadina has just survived one but can she survive the nominations for tomorrow, keep it right here for more updates

                  Sharon and four others are up for eviction

Uganda's Sharon Up for Eviction
Michael from Mozambique on Sharon's Case
Big Brother Amplified Top 5

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Tuesday, May 24 2011

Sharon and four others are up for eviction
The Headmates are at it again faced with the eviction fever and this time around our Sharon O is on the chopping board with four others who include Michael from Mozambique, who has been very instrumental in making Sharon say a word, Confidence from Ghana, Bernadina from Namibia and Vina from Nigeria.

It is the second time for Confidence to be up for eviction though the first time was not that easy for her. Michael and Confidence were discussing about how surprising it was for Hanni and Bernadina to appear on the chopping board and little did he know that Vimbai(HoH) had saved Hanni and replaced her with him (Michael).

The previous version of Big Brother winner Uti Nwachukwu is drumming up support for Vina clearly making her safe from this eviction and Nigeria still has a good game going so far because both housemates are still in unlike Namibia which has one housemate.

Uganda still has two housemates but it is as though there is only one housemate. It is not a common thing seeing cameras focusing on Sharon and even when they do, the beauty is quiet. Now it is not clear if she will get out of this but the best folks should do for now is to vote saving Sharon because the housemate with the least votes will certainly come back home on Sunday, May 29, 2011.

Below are some of the comments from Biggies wall :

Sarah Charity: "Confidence out n sharoooooooooonn O innnnnnnnnnn. haters go n die."

Mmoloki Tshireletso: ?"@Sarah...sorry It's not our fault, u can tell Sharon is not Afrika's favorite."

Slie Gazu-Dladla:"Why is Sharon O crying she has to go! She's full of herself mnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm"

It's now very clear Sharon needs your support though it will be very sad if a housemate from Mozambique or Namibia leaves because they are being represented by one housemate each.

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Thursday, May 05 2011

We have had instances of housemates pulling out of the Big Brother game but at least after they have tasted the waters. Herminio from Mozambique was supposed to be the second housemate from Mozambique to run with with Michael Zuana who is doing wonders in the house so far.

Herminio from Mozambique

Herminio sighted personal reasons for pulling out. He did this at the eleventh minute leaving Biggie with no choice but to honour his wish. It was not Biggie's decision that these countries be represented by one housemate.

The other country having one representative is Angola while the rest of the countries have two representatives each. In Uganda, Ernest Wasake and Sharon Salmon are representing us though Sharon is using her beauty more than anything to represent us.

Yacob from Ethiopia and Sammy from Ghana did not complete the Big Brother Revolution. In fact for Sammy, it was terrible. It was after his former girl friend was brought into the house and actually they shared a bed in the barn.

He was in tears a day later and before long, he asked Biggie(then female voice) to allow him leave the house bere the 91 days. Jennipher also pulled out in BBA4 but they brought her back during the Big Brother All stars and she made it t eviction level.

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Thursday, May 05 2011

Michael Kisses Nkuli but she cleans that area
The only housemate from Mozambique will not let an opportunity pass by. On day two, he was on Sharon O's case and may be he must have noticed that Sharon was wasting his time because from the way he is playing the game, looks like he is on a tight programe to send something down.

He has now switched to Nkuli from South Africa and so far doing well. Yesterday they were covered under the same sheets as Nkuli took her wine. Now that was a very cozy moment for Michael who is determined to have his prey sooner than we think.

However, today this affair had started showing signs of take off though Nkuli's reaction left a lot to be desired. The two were hugging each other as Michael sent his arms surfing Nkuli's back, all the way down.

Nkuli responded by putting her arms around Michael's shoulders, something that left him weak in the knees. He thought things were now firing up so he kissed Nkuli though this is the very kiss that brought the fun to an end.

Nkuli pushed Michael away and cleaned the area that Michael kissed which seemed like a clear sign of disapproval. It's only day 5 and housemates from fourteen countries are locked up in one house, we are watching that space to see if these actions will end up in (Nkuli+Zuana) merger or something else.

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Tuesday, May 03 2011

Michael from Mozambique is determined not to give up on Sharon
It was only day 2 and Sharon Salmon from Uganda is under intense pressure from Michael, the only housemate from Mozambique after his counterpart dropped out at the eleventh hour. Michael spent a greater part of yesterday evening with Sharon O talking about business, music and the likes.

As the chat went on between these two, Sharon constantly reminded him of how she had a boyfriend back at home and they have been together for eight years. Sharon added that she actually stays together with the the boyfriend.

So doing it with you in the house is just not worth it; Sharon assured Michael from Mozambique. Michael changed tactics and started interviewing her about her business of which replied that she had a boutique dealing in lady stuff like lingerie.

Michael asked where she gets her clothing for the boutique from, Sharon told him from the UK. At this point, Sharon was not very comfortable with the flow of questions and she started saying that she was developing a cold.

Michael being a gentleman he was trying to be, he proposed that she takes some tequila to clear her throat. She did not buy the idea. Michael has promised to pursue this move to the very last and he is not about to be stopped.

He then proposed that the two of them go and have a shower together. This was rejected by Sharon forcing Michael to chill elsewhere with Nkuli from South Africa. It is however how not clear if Sharon will stick to her guns knowing the house.

The camera turned to the shower room and Ernest Wasake the second housemate from Uganda was showering as Bhoke fromTanzania was busy looking at him from head to toe as he sung a song for her.

Ernest and Bhoke are likely to go very far because at the end of the shower, Ernest asked Peo if she enjoyed the shower hour! watch this space!

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Sunday, September 19 2010
Munya has survived the seventh eviction after he beat Jen from Mozambique and as she left the house it was Meryl this time around who shed tears for her. Like we have been telling you in the previous weeks, we were again spot on with the eviction for this week.

Mozambique's finest Jen will tonight sleep in the barn house as she has been evicted from the main house and being a good dancer she is, Biggie played her some music as requested by IK and she did some dancing for Africa.

Her dagga was "One housemate may not use any swear words for one week and whenever one housemate swears he/she is supposed to remind them not to swear and that went out to Uti. Now that her secret was not revealed by other housemates, she left with USD 1,000.

When Jen got to the barn house she called a cow a goat and said some words to it in her local language which we certainly missed but what grabbed our attention was calling a cow a goat.

Meanwhile, IK announced that in two weeks two lucky housemates will be voted back to the house an opportunity Hannington has missed now that he was disqualified last Friday.
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Monday, September 13 2010
Jen and Munya up for eviction
Jen has never been up for eviction and has always been crying every Sunday when a housemate is evicted from the main house to the barn house. Jen is up for eviction with Munya who is up for the seventh time.

Munya from Zimbabwe is going nowhere because Africa has spoken for the last six times he has been up so there is no reason he would leave this time around. Its very unfortunate that Jen has ended up facing Africa with a strong man who is even likely to stand till the end.

Initially, Jen and Uti had the most votes but as you may be already aware, Uti is the current Head of House though some housemates insist he cheated on the task for head of the house.

Uti saved himself and put Munya up for eviction. Now this is another wasted swap because had Uti put Kaone up against Jen, this would have been a more complicated puzzle to deal with, but for now as things stand, "Jen is finished"
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Sunday, August 22 2010
Jen from Mozambique is this weeks head of house after she became second to Yacob from Ethiopia that got evicted on Sunday night. This means that Jen is immune from being evicted and assured of another stress free 2 weeks in the game starting with this one.

Jen played in the revolution series and never completed the game but looks like with the revolution , she is playing the game. Big Brother All stars has also registered a housemate pulling out of the game thigh the difference with this one is that it was due to medical reasons that the doctors recommended that Sammi from Ghana leaves the house.
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Sunday, November 15 2009

Mozambique's Leonel has been paid in his currency for blowing his nose in the food just to deter other housemates from eating it. Leonel's eviction leaves seven housemates in the house with Nigeria having the biggest share of the left housemates.

In the same vein, Kevin from Nigeria survived after getting 4 votes as Leonel got 11 votes from Africa asking him to leave the house gently and make his way to Mozambique with the next available flight. He did not leave empty handed though because he had his USD 2,974 as take home.

Leonel was showed whoever caused his exit and Mzamo was among them. It is not clear what might have caused this but at some point Leonel was developing some friendship with Geraldine. This certainly did not go down well with Mzamo after giving him her all and the only way of paying him back by Mzamo was nominating him.

Other housemates who nominated hin included Itai, Nkenna, Edward, and Geraldine. When it came to the Molotov cocktail which was one housemate to wear tight clothing, Leonel threw it at Itai who was one of those who had nominated him.

Meanwhile, Itai is the next head of house. Last week Edward was the Head of House nad he saved his man Itai so should it turn out that Edward is up for eviction, then Itai is likely to pay him in a similar currency. IK asked Leonel about the Mzamo and Leonel simply said it was basic friendship.

The show ended as Leonel did his martial arts strokes as Collo from Kenya played his Psycho track. Do we see a situation where the top three are Nigerians? Watch This Space!

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Monday, November 09 2009

Leonel Vs Kevin
It is not clear how long Nigeria will survive but looks like they could survive this round too after Nkenna survived leaving the house last week. There is every reason for Africa to pay Leonel for spitting or sneezing in the food just because he did not want other housemates to feast on it.

Looks like this is the time. Leonel and Mzamo are very good friends in the sheets but this does not make it any better because Mzamo is equally on count down. It will be very hard for her to survive the moment she shows up on the hit line.

Itai and Leonel had the highest votes and Edward the HoH swung into action and saved Itai the housemate from Zimbabwe replacing him with Nigeria's Kevin.

Kevin is not aware he is up for eviction. He will only learn of it at the eleventh hour like Elizabeth did. That is a terrible thing especially if you will be leaving the house in the next few minutes just like was the case for Elizabeth.

Leonel from Mozambique and Kevin from Nigeria are up for eviction. Next week one of them will be leaving the Big Brother house. If Kevin leaves, Nigeria will stiall hve two more housemates in the house and if Leonel leaves that will be then of Mozambique after one housemate from Mozambique, Jennipher opted out of the game voluntarily.

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Sunday, November 01 2009

         Jemma last hug from the six pack Kenyan Housemate
Kenya's six pack Mr.Muscle man Jeremy Ndirangu is long out of the Big Brother House after he scored 9 votes against 3 all for Mzamo and his better half Emma. Jeremy's eviction adds Kenya to the increasing list of countries that have lost out on the big prize of the seemingly last Big Brother Africa.

Last week saw Quinn and Kristal leave the house and also mark the end to the pairing of housemates which strongly affected housemates in general but particularly Hannington from Uganda who was up with Ethiopia's Yacob.

Jeremy and his better half Emma have been up for eviction the whole of last week but Emma did not know that she was up simply because the Head of House Nkenna saved Itai from Zimbabwe and replaced him with Emma. That is exactly how Emma got on board but unlike Phil who was replaced and ended up going, Emma survived.

Emma is now very bitter with Nkenna and she has said that Nkenna had dare not talk to her. This alone will make Nkenna next in line in tomorrows nominations. It is not clear whether Edward who is the Head of House would save Nkenna once up for eviction.

IK did not tell us the money that Jeremy was left with in his money pot. Jeremy said that him and Emma were more than friends but not lovers prompting IK to ask him what that meant, but Ndirangu was short of words.

Jeremy's molotov did not come as a surprise to Nkenna which involved cooking and washing for a week. It is not clear if the romance that Emma and Jeremy had in the house will continue because Jeremy said he was not a fan of long distance love.

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Wednesday, October 28 2009

Leonel and Mzamo are fast overtaking Jeremy and Emma as the latter are locked up in eviction fears. Jeremy and Emma are up for eviction which has killed their spirits. In the same vein, Mzamo's being up for eviction simply means opening up.

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Monday, 23 April 2018
Miracle beats the 19 contestants to win the top big Brother Naija prize of 25Million Naira cash and an SUV
Monday, 19 March 2018
Anto stands a chance of boucing back to the Big Brother Naija house after being evicted
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Biggie's cameras were able to land on Teddy A and Bambam in some Double Wahala action
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Six housemates are up for eviction and they include, Ifu Ennada, Cee-C, Angel, Ahneeka, Lolu and Leo
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Nina's boyfriend, Miracle is the new Head of House
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