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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Monday, September 22 2008
           Latoya Evicted from the BBA3 House
The Dogg from Namibia kicked off the show with his nice performance which kept most revelers off their feet.
KB Turned to Tawana's mum asking how Tawana will perform.? I don't Know is what she replied and when it crossed to the sister she said I hope she will make it.
Rubbish Dump
KB Turns to the Rubbish Dump cum Pent House to see how the two housemates very ready for the axe were fairing. Hullo Ladies: for one of you the going ends tonight and the other goes back to the house what does that mean? Latoya replies Scary.
Main House
KB turned to the main house and asked Lucille who was the HOH for that week how went Karaoke and also asked how it felt for all the housemates to be nominated for eviction. Lucille replied that it is easier now that everyone is since we're in it together. KB asked all the housemates to pack their bags and take them to the Diary Room.
It should be noted that at this time the 10 housemates in the main house do not know that the other two housemates, Latoya and Tawana are still in the game.
Glass House
Tawana and Latoya are asked by Big Brother to put on their blind folds and wait for further instructions. I wonder what Tawana left behind and very quickly removed her blind fold to rush for it only to bump into one of the bouncers who had come to evacuate them to the Glass House. The bouncer very quickly rapped a cloth on her face to avoid further rigging in the game and the dirty tricks Tawana was trying to play.
The Dogg
At this point the show turned to The Dogg who was the artiste of the night, tow guys clad in Black T-Shirts and Jeans with their track entitled Can you feel it.we like it for our Music page so Dogg once you read this we will appreciate that track. KB was also amused with the track because at the end of the track he asked the guys when next they will be releasing their next album and the guys said March next year..Big Up Dogg.
Eviction Time
The first housemate to leave the Big Brother Africa3 house is time I will have to time this interval because for a moment the systems and every one went silent.. LATOYA. Latoya hugs Tawana and the doors open.
KB asks Tawana whether she is surprised. She replies that Tanzania runs the show. It should be noted at this time that BBA2 was won by Richard from Tanzania but this time round Tanzania has been the first to be kicked out.
Tawana Joins Main House
Tawana is told by Big Brother that she has been saved and she can now go back to the main house. The cameras show Latoya who is now out of the house clapping for Tawana. This is what Tawana said after Biggie's voice " Thank you Africa, Thank you Very Much". The moment she joins the house all housemates apart from TK are all over her and Uti saying I told you, I told you someone was going to come back. TK participates in everything by being quiet. He did the same for Karaoke.
Who Nominated Latoya
Time to show Latoya who is responsible for her eviction or better still who nominated her to face the axe.Munya comes number one and this seems to scare Latoya very much in that as they brought out other names of the people who nominated her she was still very surprised about Munya. Uti is the second name and Lucille. Latoya said Lucille was interested in Ricco that is why she nominated her so she was not surprised.
Who will you Miss Most
Every other person and fan expected her to say Ricco but she never mentioned Ricco singly she insisted she will miss every one because they were all unique in their own ways. She later said she will miss Tawana most may be the being in the dump house for a week brought them closer to each other.
Life after Biggie
It's now going to be Latoya in the media issue but I will get over it and go back to school.
BBA Experience
It was a great platform for everything I wanted Latoya said. I will appear in all Tanzanian News papers. I was a secretary before this and nobody knew me but now it is going to be different.
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