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The Big Brother Naija house now has 18 housemates after Biggie added 5 new housemates and Jeff being evicted. Jeff was up for eviction with Tacha, Omashola and Mike. The new housemates are Joe, Evolonama, Cindy, Venita and Enkay Read More...


Monday, October 06 2008
The third eviction show kicked off with Uganda’s Peter Miles and Mehshan with their track Aha aha.
This was followed by Lucille’s out of the house show. She was on Kfm and the same question on Ricco and Munya came up Lucille went ahead to confirm that they were just friends so she did not have to be touched.
Relatives of Evictees
Ricco’s mum was asked what she had to say about her boy and the girls. She said that African girls are beautiful so her boy is on the right track. Uti’s sister was in Jburg for the second time but this time around she had to go back with the Naija boy. Munya’s dad was cool and in his words he said “If he is to leave, he has done his part”.
HOH Reveals Decision
KB turns to the house and TK specifically.TK, Uti and Munya were nominated and as head of the house you replaced someone. This is the time to reveal your decision to the other housemates. TK said “I replaced myself with Ricco because he appears to be less likely to be evicted.” Ricco played it gangster style by shaking and hugging TK before heading to the diary room.
30 Seconds Farewell
It is at this time that Ricco learns of his being up for eviction. KB asks all the nominees to carry their luggage to the diary room. Biggie announces you have 30 seconds to say final farewell to the housemates and relocate to the glass house. Ricco was putting on Mimi’s shirt whereas Munya was putting on Lucille as usual.
Rebels Unveiled
As Biggie asked the three guys Ricco, Uti and Munya to go to the glass house the guys were walking towards it and while on their way they heard the voices of fans out there. Ricco and Uti went on strike and started shouting to the fans. Biggie tried as much as possible to assure the housemates heading to the glass house that “This is Big Brother” Uti, Ricco could you please move to the glass house, the guys ignored Biggie’s call.. Biggie insisted they should move to the glass house and after the second call they succumbed.
Peter Miles, Mehshan and Navio
Peter Miles, Mehshan and Navio bounced back with Rakus a track that made KB dance along. When the track was done Peter Miles was so excited that he shouted out: “I love the crowd, I love you so much. Big Up Motherland, Much love to you guys, Love from Uganda To South Africa, Peter Miles.”
Glass House:
Ricco Uti Munya tonight one of you will be permanently evicted from the BBA
KB had a little twist in the announcement this time by announcing the housemate who is going back to the house first. He called Ricco and for some seconds he was quiet. This was the first time I saw Ricco not keeping it Gangster and his eyes were heading to tears before KB said you have been saved. You may go back to the house Biggie said.
Eviction Time
Ricco’s name is called and his eyes are rolling up and down..Rico you are saved. Ricco you are safe you may return to the big Brother House, Ricco kissed the fans while going back to the house. Tawana hugged Ricco first. The next housemate to leave the house….after 23 seconds Uti.
Who Nominated Uti
  • Munya- Uti was not surprised about him if anything he expected it because there was tention between them.
  • TK-This one surprised Uti very much and in fact he did not expect it. He thought he was cool with him.
  • Mimi – Uti said Ghana but TK also sighted the glass breaking and his explanation was that Uti lost his temper he could be dangerous if something terrible happened.
Munya Survives
The game turned to Munya as Uti looked on from outside the house. Biggie said to Munya. ''Munya you have survived…'' As Munya walked back to the house he made a prayer sign.
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Monday, 23 April 2018
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