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 Bryan White - News, photos and videos 
Bad Black at Bryan White's

Bad BLACK has appealed to all artists who were once signed to Bryan White's to come and show him support during this time

Bad Black said that the all that Bryan White wants are his colleagues who used to hang with him in the old good days just to check on him, no more no less. The M*Queen recalled how he gave some of them cars and plots of land.

Bad Black

Socialite Bad Black real name Shanita Namuyimba paid her pal a visit and while there, she broke down.

Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White is battling with a yet to be known sickness. Blood samples were taken from him and shipped abroad to establish what exactly has led to his poor health.

Bryan White

Up to three employees have come out to accuse him...

May 15 2020 - Two female employees of Bryan White have come up accusing him of using them, getting them pregnant and forcing them to abort multiple times. He also tortured them as revealed in one clip that went viral...

The smile on Bryan White says it all

Bryan White speaks out on his impounded G-Wagon

Inset is Bryan White at Serena Hotel speaking about his "arrest" and the confiscated AMG posh ride

Bryan White competes Moze Radio's crib

Bryan White was there for his buddy Moze during his album launch, when he was in hospital and even after he died, the socialite completed his unfinished house...

05 Jun 2018 - Socialite Bryan White completed the late Moze Radio's house that was under construction at the time of his death. He also worked on the fallen singer's grave by constructing a mausoleum.

Bryan White shows off his posh rides

A BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Range Rovers and Tundra are some of the rides in his parking lot

Looking at his parking lot, you can easily confuse it for a car bond of sorts as it has all the rides that you can think of. Some of the rides include a convertible Lexus, Hummer, Customized 'W Bryan' BMW, his recently acquired Mercedes Benz G Wagon, White salon Merc, blue Subaru, Jeep Cherokee, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Vogue among others.

Bryan White

Bryan White looks at his quid

Bryan White, Kilimani, is the only man standing

25 March 2018 6:45 PM - Asked the worth of his business, 4billion he replied, raising eyebrows because the country, Italy, in which he says that they renovate dilapidated houses and later put them on the market, uses Euros and 4billion euros would easily make him an A+ candidate for the Forbes list in that bracket, but we might as well complain to those behind the compilation of those lists to establish why or not our 'Kilimani' does not appear on the Forbes list.

Bryan White supports the Goodlyfe singer

Bryan White addressing journalists at Case Hospital where Moze Radio was confirmed dead

January 27, 2018 Bryan White went to Case Hospital to check on Moze Radio and told the doctors to do everything possible to ensure that the singer was out of danger.

He gave Shs 25million to help in settling Moze Radio's medical bills. He also told them to forward all the subsequent bills, he warned those who were thinking of doing a Car Wash to raise money for the star to forget about it as he was to take care of everything.

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Brian White battling with attempted murder charges

Kabalagala Police Station was holding the socialite under their custody after he shot at one of his neighbours in Buziga. 

December 13, 2017 - It all started with Brian White, who was driving home in the wee hours of the morning, he realized that a vehicle was following him, so he stopped to find out who they were. A scuffle soon ensued as the occupants in the car tried to tell him that they were residents in the area...


Bryan White is the new tycoon on the block

New Ugandan tycoon, Bryan White

21 Oct 2017

Brian Kirumira, 33, aka Bryan White is the new Ugandan tycoon on the block coming on the scene five months after the death of Ivan Semwanga. Read More

"We renovate old houses which we in turn put on the market and sell..."
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