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Car Accessories

You have a car but you notice a car of the same make looking different from yours ! That difference is what we are going to analyze.

Auto Parts - Car accessories is very serious business because on average a lot can be changed ranging from wiper blades, horns, bulbs. Bulbs can be changed to give a very simple car a sophisticated look. A case in point is replacing normal bulbs with alkaline bulbs which make the world around you blue and indeed your presence around other cars felt. We have Boda Boda riders who on wearing helmets will pretend not to hear so that heavy horn will drive the message. Other parts that can be modified on the car in this area are: Fuel cap flaps, exhaust trims, sports bumpers, rear bumpers, phone holders, foot pedals and oh yes a lot of money is being paid to have these adjustments.

Interior Look - The interior of a car can be made to look different. Tailored car seat covers or comfort cushions can all be made as extras on any car which gives you an edge over others. Car mats can follow in the same colour or design. Gear knobs depicting colours or teams the car owner supports can seamlessly be added cupled with seat belt harness pads.


In car audio system
Audio - This is one aspect car lovers have exploited to the maximum. It has moved from amplifiers in the car boots for the saloon cars to DVD's & multimedia systems.  This means that as opposed to listening to loud amplified music in-car entertainment has moved a step further to watching video as though you were on a flight.
Car with tinted windows
Window Tinting - This is fairly affordable. The tint you put on your window should be in line with color of the body or else it will look messy. A white car with a black window tint is a perfect match if your idea is to have a one way. This means that those in the car can see the outside world but people outside cannot see those in the car. It should however be done by a professional or else it will turn out an absolute nightmare if not well installed.
car fittedwith extras

Exterior Look -  It goes without question a car with sports reams is a better car compared to that with ordinary ones. Sports reams are costly but you can still go for  wheel caps or ''kiwani'' for that case. Others have gone an extra mile and painted the brake caliper. You look at a car with a blue or red brake caliper, that is also an extra move in looking different. Its not that they have special brakes but there is a special paint they use to look different. You must have noticed some cars with lights around the number plates which actually make the number plate invisible; that is number surroundings.

Spoilers - These are normally at the rear of the car in most cases on top of the boot and for cars which are estate in shape it's normally placed by the hind screen. Yes it enhances the look of the car and for those in the habit of tuning cars this is always a must put.

Exhaust Pipes - If you are familiar with the sound of rally cars, your car can be tuned to that level or better. We are talking of a 1,500 cc engine having the sound of a 2,500 plus engine. That loud sound gives you the impression that you are actually in a rally car. These and very many others are what car lovers do to make their cars look different from the ordinary. Sponsored.
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