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Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)
Location Cases Recoveries Deaths
Uganda 1195 1070 5

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Eddy Kenzo clarifies from Ivory Coast that he is not positive for COVID-19 - Eddy Kenzo has come out to clarify that he is not battling with the deadly Coronavirus disease as it is alleged, but instead, he is diagnosed with ulcers. He has also found some female companion that has taken it to herself to prepare him Ugandan dishes while in the West African country...

Spice Diana responds to fans who were claiming she has Coronavirus - SPICE Diana will use music to fight any situation that comes her way...Bajikona and Twebereremu were some of the songs she composed to fight her battles and now she teams up with Fik Fameica sending a strong message to those that were claiming she had the Coronavirus from her recent trips...

Sheebah Karungi to use the quarantine time to have babies - Sheebah Karungi has promised her mom that in the next nine months, she will be a proud grandma because she is sure by the time they announce that the quarantine period is over, she will be heavily pregnant...

1195 confirmed
cases for UG

as of 03/Aug/2020

Reduce your risk of Coronavirus

  • Clean your hands frequently with soap and water
  • Cover up while coughing or use tissue that should be thrown and hands washed
  • Social distance

When to use a mask...

Latest COVID-19 update by President Museveni

After more than 90 days of battle with the virus, Uganda has only got 774 positive cases of corona-virus after testing a total number of 170,789 persons...

Several artists have composed songs about the pandemic

Bobi Wine's Coronavirus song is arguably the best of all...

Uganda Coronavirus cases

Uganda Coronavirus cases...805 as of June 24, 2020

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