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Juliana Kanyomozi

Have your Say on Juliana

  • Charlie
    Country: Sweden
    Comments: U a da best
  • Leacky
    Country: USA
    Comments: I like all of your songs,I do listen to them every time, I'm a Ugandan though I live in the USA.
  • Dorothy
    Country: USA
    Comments: Thax for entertaining us on the Ugandan convention in Brooklyn N/Y we enjoyed your sweet voice and the msg behind it all.keep it up
  • Ruthjoy
    Country: Wales
    Comments: YOU are a head woman go go girl still gaging for more music from you
  • Bettie
    Country: UK
    Comments: Love u Gal!
  • Finch
    Country: UK
    Comments: I luv yo music but I even luv u more! u r beautiful
  • Allan David Baguma
    Country: Phx,USA
    Comments: Hey Babe! you have a wonderful voice.Keep it up with your career.
  • Kakooko
    Country: uganda/US
    Comments: she is a nice singer
  • Vicky
    Country: UK
    Comments: Well done Juliana!!! All the best in your marriage arrangements. But do not quit singing. We
    love it.
  • Julius K
    Country: UK
    Comments: She's gorgeous
  • Martin
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: you have a wonderful voice which I believe is a God given talent.please sing for God as well by going gospel .
  • Chris. Mugabi
    Country: UK
    Comments: Very good work,you only need to do it professionally.
  • Alex Mugisha
    Country: Rwanda
    Comments: Yo Juliana,u rock!Give us more!
  • M Kasumba
    Country: South Africa
    Comments: Oh Girl, you rock. You get Uganda talking musically speaking not to mention the beauty side of life. Go girl. Keep the credits flowing in for all.
  • Michael Mukiibi
    Country: Nigeria
    Comments: Juliana is so hot! you rock gal, just keep it goin. I was driving thru the streets of Abuja n i heard yo song say yes being played!
  • Sarah
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Hi Juliana,you are my favorite artist in Uganda and i want to thank you for ur beautiful song Nabikoowa.Each time I listen to that song I get the strength to be able to let go of a man I know is not really worth it. Your other song Mukwano Tobanakutya gives me the motivation to trust and love again.Please keep these ballads coming.Am very happy4u that u have found love again.Home girl,I wish you all the best.
  • zinkproductions
    Country: Canada
    Comments: your music has put Uganda on the map with lots of respect amongst Africans women and l liked your personality too as a star in UNAA
  • H
    Country: USA
    Comments: Juliana, you could do better by making songs that touch issues in society than your own life
  • Robert Kavuma
    Country: United States
    Comments: Juliana you are very good but what you need to do is to come up with very nice videos corresponding with the hits you have like Nkulinze
  • Susiebabe
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: That voice is truly a blessing.Use it gal. Try gospel art Juliana, I promise u not only will you be blessed , your music will sell in the balokole churches and all over. All the best.
  • Dave
    Country: Switzerland
    Comments: hi Julie, what's this thing we hear going on between u and Ouma? u rock .......ouchhhhh!
  • Bridget Navio
    Country: China
    Comments: Juliana is good, even her song Nabikowa was ok.But I guess the wrangles btn her and Irene should be resolved, I mean what kind of crup are Ugandan musicians showing the upcoming artists, they are supposed to be one big happy family.
  • Mish
    Country: Kenya
    Comments: I just like her voice and music but I guess if she does something in English, she will link up internationally. keep up JK
  • Ric Kintu
    Country: Canada
    Comments: Ua ma No.1 in Uganda and i love 2 see u when i pop in this December.i wish u all de best bye
  • Kats
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: She is cute, and I like her songs.
  • Edith Kaweesa
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: She's a nice lady I have ever seen.
  • Ismail
    Country: kanata
    Comments: u are my best ever,u managed to raise the standard high enough which is good 4 ug
  • Raymond Kiyaga
    Country: Australia
    Comments: She's the most beautiful lady in Uganda with the nice voice.
    raymond-kaboga @
  • Francis Ebuchu
    Location: USA
    Your Comments: your music has put Uganda on the map with lots of respect amongst africans here.

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