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Juliana (Jalia) Kanyomozi

  • Me
    Country: South Africa
    Comments: I think J has a great voice and needs to do more international stuff, i.e. look beyond Uganda's borders. First step - establish contacts with international music managers and promoters.
  • Namowsh
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Well besides her sexy booty, I really think Julaina desrves credit for the works of her supr sexy voice. It's pretty much sweet.namowshisaac, is ma email address.
  • Rahman + Halima
    Hi J.Keep up the good lyrics.we do love U
  • Ngabirano Edgar
    Country: Iraq
    Comments: She does the best music ugandans want so let God bless her in all she does
  • Rob LP
    Country: UK
    Comments: Girl I like what you are doing but I feel sorry for Amon. As you grow up we learn that even one person that was not supposed to ever let you down probably will. so remember the first time when your heart was broken. But musicwise its heavy
  • Henry Q
    I think Julia it will be good to find your best mind at all things you do best, think about music and look in that direction other than Failing our sports man....
    Country: UGANDA
    Comments: she is a nice lady but she may find difficulties with wifing a boxer whose job is to fight and hers to nurse wounds!
  • Yusuf Balinda
    Country: Ugandan in dubai
    Comments: she is avery cute and sexy lady if she was not hooked I could propose I wish I get the chance to personally inform her that she turns me **
  • Muzaale Peter
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Hey Juliana you are a quality material,i will stand behind you for the best.
  • Pam
    Country: UK
    Comments: Julie! Uv got it all and I just advise u as a sis that don't give up your career 4 a man, I have been there and sometimes its not worth givin in 2 a once married man. U will be left with heart breaks besides how many more as he seen out there. Think twice, my best hits are nabikowa and mama mbire. Nabikowa actually refers to me big time think twice! Luv ya lots girl.
  • Susan
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Hey Girl its all yours, never look back Ouma is the best thing..
  • Balikobaku Judith
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Very beautiful and hard working
  • George
    Country: USA
    Comments: Juliana is a good artist,I listen to her music everyday.
  • Doreen
    Country: England, Hailsham
    Comments: I lov your sweet voice, Lol
  • Florence
    Country: UK
    Comments: she is so sexy
  • Liz
    Country: Canada
    Comments: I moved from Ug about two years ago and I was a Die-Hard fun then, guess what I still am today....Rock on girl you are totally awesome!!!
  • Mohamed Kasumba
    Country: South Africa
    Comments: Oh Girl, you rock. You get Uganda talking musically speaking not to mention the beauty side of life. Go girl. Keep the credits flowing in for all.
  • M.K.B.Richard
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Ilove ur voice babie!!!!
  • Ismail
    Country: Kanata/Canada
    Comments: Juliana,canada and US are the same so pliz make a stop over and see what it means to have money
  • Sam Yiga
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Juliana,we luv your music and we are expecting something big in the next Album.
  • Markson
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Actually your music is good always listen to them and really your a disciplined musician!keep it up.Bleesings.
  • Lena
    Country: Sweden
    Comments: I really like Juliana she has got it all it takes to be cute and sexy ..cheers Juliana
  • Menges
    Country: Eritrea
    Comments: Has anybody translated the song Nabikoowa in English? If so please email me to menges123 Thanks
  • Angie
    Country: Germany
    Comments: Kanyomozi catch Ouma tight b4 d blings break luz in another womanz hands keep d Sags spirit peace!

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