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Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi

  • Desire
    Country Netherland/Burundi
    Comments: You are really the best, courage. You are so talented, don't give up !!
    Nice voice,...So proud of you !
  • Kalumba Derrick Dezzo
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Very nice.I love her music.
  • Arist
    Country Tanzania/Uganda
    Comments: Really I cannot fail 2say that your Voice is so harmonious! I like it. Thanx.
  • Tukamushaba
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Hi love thanx for that job ur doing!it's great.Proud to be ur tribemate and ur fan.Luv u!
  • Mike Nkosi
    Country UK
    Comments: she's a good musician and got a nice voice
  • Mercy
    Country: Kenya
    Comments: I wish you knew how much I love everything you do.Keep it up Honey you're doing great in evrything.Proud to be yo' fan.Love yo'.
  • Michael
    Comments: if this can go directly to her I just wish her to continue with what ever she is performing & right now I'm not in Uganda but what I heard  did not make me happy; that is of  Ouma so let her get out of that crazy life other wise I do still support her & really love her.thk u from Micheal who is a Ugandan but right now not in Uganda.
  • Mccohen
    Comments: She's such a cute lady
  • Mukiibi Dan UK.
    Comments: Juliana,u are a great musician,keep going 4ward with Bobi wine.Juliana yo music makes us feel at home.Daniel UK.
  • Angelah
    Comments: Juliana never mind about people say coz at the end of the de we all in da same boat .I love u
  • Sarah
    Comments: she`z HOT i mean HOT`YAY
  • Esther
    Comments: 2007 shd be your year again but do realese videos for the songs too
  • Davis
    Comments: Julie,you look good...Keep cool and make sure no woman in uganda should ever beat you in music.i wish you well
  • Gonzaaga
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Thanks U did it where others failed
  • Ummayah
    Country: Spain
    Comments: i love her tracks she is such a nice lady with a nice voice
  • Dixon
    Country: Congo
    Comments: Juliana you are a song bird Keep it up
  • Colin M
    Country: USA MINDEN NV
    Comments: When is the song bird wedding our Champ !!!! and who is taking care of th child?
  • Kenneth
    Country: NoRwAy
    Comments: Juliana has a very sweet voice wish she could get a contract with those big labels n make it on the world scene.
  • Nawal
    Country: Canada
    Comments: wow nice to hear that she is working no geting her own website, just love the gal lol keep doing what u got sis lots of love from me and ma friends.....
  • David
    Country: USA/Uganda
    Comments: Go girl, sing your God given tunes. I love your music.
  • Johnson
    Country: Canada
    Comments: please you are doing good go Ahead
  • Alice
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Comments: Julliana's music just knocks me off, keep it up, make it big this year and don't mind about what people say about your relationship with Ouma.

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