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Juliana Kanyomozi

  • Maureen Maxine
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Your sweet voice can brighten up a dull morning!!! Keep it up. It is so lovely!
  • Nyakoojo Collins
    Country Uganda, Kampala
    Comments: she is so beautiful, her voice is just ....I like Tobanakutya and Njagala Mberaawo nawe. big up my gal let social life not disrupt yr career
  • Racheal
    Country USA
    Comments: I am a big fan of Julianna and even before I left for the USA, I used to love her voice and all her songs. Go gal.........
  • Renatus Theobald
    Country Netherlands
    Comments: Nice music
  • Zahara
    Country Somalia
    Comments: hii lovergal.ohhh ma God I love so much your music,It makes me feel it,keep it up baby,cheers to all Ugandan cuties
  • Jossie Mulindwa
    Country oklahoma-usa
    Comments: actually ur lyrics have got a kill no matter how tired i'm cold or angry a wisper of it through my ears brings me back home when are u finally returning to texas to meet ur beloved one .who knows we could be enjoying ur shows
  • Mohamed Kasumba
    Country South Africa
    Comments: Juliana your contribution to the music industry undoubtedly makes Uganda a better place. Who would doubt that? Remember alot of synergies exist in Uganda in terms of talent musically speaking and as such networking may lead to bigger and better things. Good luck!
  • Amstrong
    Country USA
    Comments: Yo music keeps me on ma toes whenever i listen to it,yo so sexy,i wish i can meet u en say hello face to face.
  • Veronica
    Country USA
    Comments: keep on doing your thing girl, coz ur really good
  • Priscilla
    Country UK
    Comments: I think this lady is amazing and should carry on doing what she does best which is singing
  • Duke Art Handsom
    Country UK
    Comments: U Go Babe,Jas Tek Wat D World Brings U. EM YO NO.1 Fan Down Hea. Kip on blazin lik u dnno K.. Peace en Lov..
  • Stephen Olego.
    Country UAE
    Comments: SHE is just wonderful and i just like her music.
  • Julie
    Country USA
    Comments: Such a nice girl. We lov your music it makes us feel at home youre great but, please please drop that kassim ouma boy other wise you will regret the rest of your life
  • Reuben
    Country Kenya
    Comments: You music and your voice make you the greatest female artist, you are lovely
  • Chris
    Country RSA
    Comments: I Love ur Music Julia, Keep it up you will win Cheersssssssss
  • Ismail
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Juliana's non stop quality hits just make happy and more quite
  • James Ociti Viden
    Country Canada
    Comments: i realy like almost all music of juliana please keep up with your dedicated talent
  • Mike N
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Just her being HOT wd send some of us into UPDF 2 try out what cd her attraction triggers otherwise her music is Heart breaking too, big ups 4 her.
  • Herbert
    Country Alari
    Comments: Juliana am saddened by what I consider as the latest about your affair with Kassim dont break down you will get the right man when time comes.
  • Isaac Kiwanuka
    Comments:Hi Juliana,Keep your wonderful voice
  • Wadok Joseph
    Country U.K
    Comments: HI! Julianna, u r great,keep up the good work in Uganda
  • Mrs Bradby
    Country England
    Comments: Hey gal keep up the spirit
  • Ismail Serwadda
    Country Uganda
    Comments: She is a nice and good female artist who usually likes singing and developing talents
  • lemin newton storrs
    Country Australia
    Comments: Juliana you look so sexy that's why I love you and your songs regard lemin n storrs Sudanese now in Australia.
  • Name: Abbey Boris Mugerwa London UK
    Your Reaction: This wren that sways the winds into storms and tides high thats you Juliana when you sing.You have the finest vocals gal and universe can't be your limit.I love your music madly.
  • Name: Pastor
    Your Reaction: Welcome to the Gospel world (Kanyimbe)
  • Name: Becky Mukiibi
    Your Reaction: Gal we're missing ya. are we in for a big suprise? don give up u are a diva !
  • Name: Pesa Boboto
    Your Reaction: Julie is cul. I like her
  • Name: Penie
    Your Reaction: hey juliana ure so quiet but i know it implies sumthing hot coming but anyway we still love u and ure a darling
  • Name: Kahemba
    Your Reaction: Juliana we like your songs but don't stick on Luganda u are not a muganda, at least sing for us a song in Rutooro/ Runyoro coz its your mother language u need to respect it.thanx we are very eager to hear it
  • Name: Eric
    Your Reaction: enjoy yo music keep the fire burning.
  • Name: Tomie franks
    Your Reaction: hi u just have a beautiful voice.
  • Name: Joselyn
    Your Reaction: Hi Juliana, i love all your music most esp. when it comes to the true stories going about in relationships. Lady please keep it up and let nobody threaten you cos out here we are many in support of you and your music. I live the courage you have got in you.keep on shining gal
  • Name: Sasuk
    Your Reaction: hi juliana i'm proud of your music and you are my hero if you have some more i'm more than ready to hear it.....
  • Name: Samuel
    Your Reaction: Juliana you're so quiet yet your fans are missing your good songs.Eagerly waiting for another BANG.Thank you for the Nabikoowa album.
  • Name: Levis Basse
    Your Reaction: Iam a Ugandan based in Fallujah.Girl oliwakabi.I like ur music is good and above all where the music comes from.Kyana oliwamanyi keep it up.
  • Name: Yves
    Comments: I really appreciate u and yr music, pliz keep up enjoying yr fans.I luv too much the song Maama mbiire and would be glad to get its lyrics at dyveson Thanx
  • Name: Muluya
    Comments: Hehe.. I luv yr musik and please keep doing your thing... it`s just great...
  • Name: Allen Kemigisha
    Comments:Juliana u are so cute that's why I just love u, ur songs are so interesting just keep it up gal
  • Mohamed Sendege
    Country Sweden
    Comments: oyina ka beauty, aka bakazi ba UG.Edobozi lyo lintuka ku bwongo,around 49 i wait for you in Sweden.may God bless you.
  • lugonja kiwanuka
    Country USA
    Comments: hi miss keep yo beautiful voice
  • Apollo Z. Soit
    Country Kenya
    Comments: Kanyomozi is a song bird.I like listen and enjoy your music
  • Okello ngelo
    Country UK
    Comments: man yo such a fantastic musician. Please keep it up
  • Awiru Moses
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Your music is just superb however the video presentation still lacks some touch. Please fix it and in combination of your beauty every thing will be kawa. Thanks and hoping to seeing a better presentation next time.
  • Jane
    Country Malawi
    Comments: I love you music. Its classic. continue
  • Allan Birabwa
    Country Tanzania
    Comments: Hi J,K,
    My name is allan and I would like to have one of your songs n from this site."TOBA NA KUTYA' Please I really like the song allanbiranwa2005
  • Betty
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Succeed like success my sister. I like your determination. Let NOT social life disrupt your career. God bless you.
  • Evelyn
    Country Uganda
    Comments: I love u all , and I like yo songs. ma address is evebsmukwaya chaoo.
  • Julie
    Country Ireland
    Comments: Gal you are great. Keep it up.
  • Mustafa Ali
    Country Sudan
    Comments: Julie's performance is great esp the mama mbire,wanna be right by ur side,say it good lucks Julie
  • Magezi Justus
    Country Uganda
    Comments: At the moment Am based in Japan,But I really want to thank you for the good music.I love your music & you too...
  • Kusha
    Country South Africa
    Comments: shes got pretty songs like her self thanx ur the booooooom
  • Sempa Godfrey
    Country Uganda
    Comments: yeah she deserves all the credit and limelight she gets coz she is the best 4ever till she choses a succeder
  • Sheilah
    Country Sudan
    Comments: Hi I like your music so much.keep it up
  • Sendege
    Country Sweden
    Comments: I like her african beauty.She is too beautiful to me.
  • Mbazira Hood
    Country London/uk
    Comments: Big up for whatever u r doin i enjoy yo music so much coz its really touchee e.g Nabikoowa, Nkulize etc. I have a question "ki kyalina ekipya" coz we have been waiting for some good time. I just wish ya all da best my dear.
  • Faith Kimuli
    Country United Kingdom
    Comments: keep on keeping on gal!!! I dont get much of the latest soon but at least I'm up-to-date! Good luck!
  • M.Johnson
    Country UK.
    Comments: Julia u've got everything any man wud wish but dont take 2long. (Age!!)
  • Andy
    Country UG
    Comments: So far so good keep the spirit.
  • Sarah
    Country Uganda
    Comments: I love You!
  • Ronnie Aaron
    Country South Africa
    Comments: I'm a Ugandan in SA.n' just urge jk to go on with the cute voice,I like it.the sky is the limit.
  • Fatimah
    Country Zimbabwe
    Comments: Ogamba ki nyabbo !
  • Name: Jimmy
    Your Reaction: Juliana has such a nice voice that is even loved by the Iraq's here in Iraq
  • Name: Orro Emmanuel Moima: From, Juba.
    Your Reaction: Bravo!, miss Julian,your talent is right f'm God & am sure it will be everlasting talent. So plz keep up! your talent.
  • Name: umutoni esther,Australia
    Your Reaction: lady you are beautiful, talented and moreover smart,the song "abalabe bange" gives me more courage everyday when i listen to it.Juliana i have never had any chance to see you face to face but gal I appreciate and love your are the best.
  • Name: Richard
    Your Reaction: I love listening to Juliana. One of your songs Juliana makes my evenings after long days in meetings and work.
  • Name: Roosevelt
    Your Reaction: Hey Julie, kanyimbe is really a big one. I love it , my friends love it thanx for the talent Julie but u know wat, keep up the spirit and always be focused u r the gal. Roosevelt canada.
  • Name: Robert k
    Your Reaction: Yana...kanyimbe is outstanding!! keep hope alive and celebrate God!! Robert kayanja
  • Name: Becky
    Your Reaction: Juliana yo cool.
  • Name: Ateenyi Robert
    Your Reaction: please sing a song in Rutooro I shall be grateful. Am also a Mutooro and a great fan
  • Name: Lubwama Simon
    Your Reaction: I'm a Muganda based in Sweden nyamba onzilemu kubanga nkwagala nyoo.......
  • Name: Blackson, In Norway
    Your Reaction: Julie u are an exception, your music touches my heart. Abalabe bange is my favorite
  • Name: Eric
    Your Reaction: Juliana please keep up! Your on the right track dear.
  • Name: Jazz
    Your Reaction: Whaz UUP with Ouma- You can get better- I know him Well. You are beautiful and young gal> THINK
  • Name: Ssali Moses
    Your Reaction: To Kanyomozi. I really enjoy your songs so much
  • Name: Jimmy Brown Byaruhanga
    Your Reaction: Lovie Julie, keep it up coz u r a big entertainer of the country. Love ur music to bits and admire u as well
  • Name: Juliet
    Your Reaction: I really love her new gospel song. it is good to remember the mighty
  • Name: Moses
    Your Reaction: Country Uganda(Japan)
    your are so wonderful, great talent pliz keep it up.I love you music,waiting to hear more.
  • Name: Zemanu
    Your Reaction: you really entice me.whaz up wid Ouma
  • Name: Bruce
    Your Reaction: you are a generous woman who sings
  • Name: Nomasounds
    Your Reaction: songs come and go but you made them stay, in other words it has also been a suprise: However the Suprise needs a prize-you do good ! never boast, though I believe you don't boast...thanks for your songs
  • Name: Shaluwah (UG)
    Your Reaction: 
    I just don't have a reason for loving you Julie but whenever I listen to your music I feel very okay in otherwords it takes me away from boredom.
  • Name: Nantume Shanitah
    Your Reaction: Julie I really like all what has come from U like taata wabaana,maama mbiire da one sang with my brother his excellence Bobi Wine keep it up u guys don`t break up plse stay together. GOD bless you.
  • Name: Sarah Jumah
    Your Reaction: Juliana and Bobi wine are my best artists, hey guys keep it up.
  • Name: Nantume Josephine
    Your Reaction: I really like Julian because of her nice behavior, please keep it up.
  • Name: James Allan
    Your Reaction: Julie yo zikki meks mi go crazy I looove u & dat voice
  • Name: Michael Ross
    Your Reaction: Yooyo
  • Name: Sarah Jumah
    Your Reaction: I'm in Cairo Egypt but am a Ugandan Juliana is my best singer.
  • Name: Janie
    Your Reaction: my reaction is directed to Juliana as am a great fun of hers but my worry is, her life and privacy is more into the media which in the end may be of a bad picture to us the funs. So I just wish that if only she can draw a line where the press can stop i think it would be very good. Nice time
  • Name: Norah. A.
    Your Reaction: hi Juliana, I find your music cool. It keeps me going in a foreign land. Germany.
  • Patience M. faithful
    Your Reaction
    : Hey Julie, don't give up babe. you're such a girl the world is looking for. love you.
  • Kyomuhendo Joel
    Your Reaction: Baby Julie I like yo music especially yo sweet voice which drives me nuts. Baby Julie keep it up.
  • Name: Prossy
    Your Reaction: I love u my gal Juliana, no matter what, u do the best & you equally deserve the best. I love u & yo music
  • Name: Kizito Fred
    Your Reaction: I feel lovish whenever I hear yo songs Bebe,keep it up.
  • Name: ssali moses
    Your Reaction: she is my best singer among the Ugandan lady singers, she is so beautful with a nice voice when she is singing, her songs are so interesting and meaningful. I like her so much.
  • Name: Levis Bassey From Al Asad
    Your Reaction: Juliana,ur really far at the moment.Girl I strongly like ur voice.Kibarume, go ahead we like u Julie.
  • Name: Patience M. Faithful
    Your Reaction: Jullie u're so beautiful and, I love u. bebe don't give up. u're doing well.kiss
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