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Sunday, November 21 2010

It was indeed a night of untamed fashion as bikini babes wiggled what their mama's gave them on top of tables, the stage and the main bar counter. The bikini party started off at 8:00pm with DJ Momo doing his thing as MC Kats moderated the whole event.

Security was tight as usual and on parting with Ugx 10,000/- you were welcomed to the palm tree decorated interior that gave it a jungle like treat, lights turned low with waitresses clad in bikini wear too embracing the theme and dress code of the night.

It was not easy placing an order as the guys at the counter had started enjoying the show from the waitresses who were serving guests in bikinis though there was one waitress who is better known as the 'Club Rouge Waitress' that left horny fellas pocketing.

At about midnight, the lights went off, and all the glasses plus beer bottles and everything meant for the throat was cleared from the main counter table as MC Kats roared for the gals to kick start the show. Two bikini babes were at the counter serving guests around the counter area as one was at the stage doing her thing.

Two bikini models were dancing on top of the tables that were within the crowds. Like they say "Sente Ewooma" meaning money is sweet, one of the best bikini models for the night lost a step and fell off the counter hitting her head but this even made matters worse.

She immediately bounced back with moves that depicted how flexible she was in all matters pertaining to the game that the dance was heading to. It should be noted that the dressing code for night outs is short panty revealing dresses but these were not selling as waitresses, bikini models and a few guests like Cindy were all in bikini in every corner of Club Rouge.

The girls went for a commercial break but when they bounced back for the second round, MC Kats announced that you are free to touch as long as you have money but was also quick to emphasisze on where not to touch.

However one fella at the counter put a coin in the groin area also wanted to touch but the bikini model on not feeling any paper money just slapped the horny fella who by then could barely stand on his two legs.

Jose Chameleone who danced like he was crazy when DJ Mommo played Coco Finger's 'My Miss' , Rabadaba, Sheebah were enjoying every minute of the show. Meanwhile on 4th December, all Big Brother Housemates will be at Club Rouge with tickets going for 50,000/- with only 200 tickets available. Dr. Chameleone will be performing live on that night so see you then!!! More Club Rouge News

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