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Wednesday, November 23 2011

            Zari and her bouncer at Club Rouge last Saturday during the Swagger night
South African based Zari Hassan is back to South Africa after spending four days in Uganda. Originally her plan was to spend three days but because of the arrest, she stayed for an extra day.

Zari who stormed out of Club Rouge the moment Bad Black and her gals brigade stormed the celebrity hangout was held at Kabalagala Police briefly for holding an illegal assembly. Apparently, Zari was conducting interviews for Engineering Lecturers.

Zari added that such skills are scarce in South Africa prompting her to outsource from other countries, Uganda inclusive.

This is what she wrote on her wall regarding the matter: "Was interviewing staff for sa jobs and got interapted (meant interrupted) by police, apparently I needed permission to do so, since when did a citizen need permission to give bk to her country by creating employment opportunities and and a better life? Naye Uganda..."

It should be noted that, a number of conmen have been conducting similar interviews and extorting money from unsuspecting individuals and when it comes to traveling abroad, the deal looks even more attractive. So the Ugandan police was just ensuring that all was well and after looking into the matter, she was set free but asked to get clearance in future.

After cooling off in South Africa, she dashed to her wall and said: "Home sweet home(Sa), ngenda kwegoba euganda.....ensi yafe elimabega lwakuba gyebatuzala naye....., meaning that I'm home down in South Africa but I'm going to quit Uganda....our country is so backward.

Sorry Zari but any number beyond three has to be cleared by the IGP according to the new law on public gathering.

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