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         Zari and Judith Heard
It's now official South African based Zari Hassan and Judith Heard do not see eye-to-eye and are not about to reconcile after what happened at the Valu Valu Concert. The two socialites have been having issues.

All White Party
Last year, Zari held the All White Party which Judith Heard missed claiming that the people at the party were not her type. This did not go down well with Zari who retaliated with very strong X-rated words.

Buzz Teeniez Awards
Days later, they met at the Buzz Teeniez Awards at Lugogo but the tension was too much that the two jeered at each other forcing the organizers to separate them. Judith has always referred to Zari as a bitch in fact on that day she demanded that they take her to another tent as she was not comfortable seating next to a bitch.

Valu Valu Concert
The concert was a success but for now that's all we know about the concert. It however doubled as the launch of the 'Chameleone Phone' and the MC's Salvado and Kats kicked off with the auction of the phone. Judith Heard pledged pounds 2,000 and Zari Hassan pulled out a bundle of 50k notes and demanded to know if the pledge from JH had to wait until she consults with the husband the following morning.

Judith Heard Reacts
"That's silly. I have the money. That's too silly. You silly bitch, silly! I'm here to support my friend Jose Chameleone. Silly,".

Police Intervenes
It was at this time that the police was called in to rescue the situation. A police officer and Zari's bouncer whisked her away.

Judith Heard Speaks Out
She was asked if she had a problem with Zari and she said that; "The only problem I have with her is disrespecting my family, my husband and kids." On the other hand, Zari maintains she has no problem with Judith Heard and she believes they can go past their differences.

Who is Zari?
Zari Hassan hails from Jinja and she is a cocktail of breeds with her father being half Burundian and Half Somali and the mother is a half Indian and half Mutooro and she speaks Soga fluently having grown from there.

She moved to Kampala in 1998 and later to UK(Woodgreen) where she became a Cosmetologist and later relocated to South Africa where she met Ivan Ssemwanga who she has just introduced to her parents. They have three boys after eleven years. Ehh, she is also a musician.

Who is Judith Heard?
She was born in Kigali, Rwanda tried being a waiter before crossing to a model and that is how she met her husband Dr. Alex Heard an American Psychiatrist.
 They have a set of twin girls and one adopted son.

The Rides
On top of Zari and Her Rides, she has added a Range Rover Sport while Judith Heard has a Bentley, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz ML, Thunderbird...! She got an Audi Q7as a Valentine's present(Judith Heard's Valentines Present)

These two socialites are into charity. Before women's day, Zari was donating to elderly women in Kabowa(Zari Handing Over Goodies) and a few months back Judith Heard, Meddie Donate to Sanyu Babies Home

Chameleone Phone Sparks Beef Between Zari N Heard
Judith Heard Attacks Zari Hassan @ Valu Valu Show
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Zarie, Judith Heard

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Zari adds a Range Rover to her fleet

Zari adds a Range Rover Sport SUV model 2017

Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto wedding is so soon

Diamond Platnumz seems to have made up his mind on marrying Hamisa Mobetto


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