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Sunday, June 10 2012

Brian Luzinda who was evicted, Sharon and Allanroy on day one of the Tusker Project Fame 5 kickoff
The Sunday live show kicked off with a performance from Rwanda's Jackson Kalimba who is immune from probation doing a swahili song which the audience loved, Hermes loved it, Juliana and Ian said his performance was okay of course after they realised that hard comments would not affect him in anyway.

Kenya's Ruth hit the stage next doing 'Kele Kele' which Sheila(host) said was an awesome performance. Hermes loved the way she engaged the crowd and Juliana told her that she chose the right song, she loved her performance too, Ian said to her that she did justice to the song.

Uganda's Allan Sekiranda hit the stage doing Moze Radio and Weasel's blockbuster hit 'Nakudata'. Judge Hermes assured him that that song is very big in East Africa and the performance was flat, Juliana told him that he went off key and was nervous, so he needed to up the game.Judge Ian told him that "if he was trying to get on probation, well done."

Eunice from Kenya was the next to perform with a swahili song 'Kintu Ki Moja'. Judge Hermes told her that she was nervous and this is a competition, Ian told her the song was bad to the ears bad she looked nice to the eyes.

Mer from South Sudan was next up doing 'Where You Are' from Blu3 which Hermes liked saying it was melow and beautiful and for Juliana, it was a fair performance but she was saved from Ian's comments.

Joe from Burundi got an applause from the audience even before he could start performing and the single ladies ran wild at the end of it. Hermes was impressed by his performance as judge Ian wanted him to take something more challenging next time.

Nancy from South Sudan hit the stage in a red top and short black skirt revealing her long legs which were blending well with the high heels. Uncle Mitch stood next to her and said it was criminal to be that tall. Juliana told her that she loves her voice and she is ready for the market out there. Judge Ian said you are not ready and you've got a long way to be there, but you are on the right track.

Kenya's Doreen hit the stage in a short purple dress revealing her curves wiggling her butt left and right but in the end, judge Hermes did nit give her a good comment, and it was worse when it came to Judge Ian. I know her for crying and would have preferred if she had cried instead, iAN Mbugua SAID.

Tanzania's Damian performed next. Judge Hermes told him that was not good, Juliana told Damian that he has a swagg of a star but the performance was not her favourite, judge Ian simply told him that he is going down and if he continues like that, he will be going home soon.

Iman from Tanzania hit stage next doing a swahili song. Judge Juliana said it was fair, but cautioned her to use the stage well, Judge Ian simply told her it was not a good performance, it was like she was rehearsing.

Samantha from Burundi hit the stage in a black short dress which she could pull up a little while performing. Hermes liked her performance though he warned she needs to control her voice when it comes to the high notes. Juliana who joked about her beauty said it was nice. Judge Ian told her you are adorable to look at, good for the eye.

Kenya's Steve came on stage doing Jaguar's 'Kigeugeu' the audience loved his version. Hermes likes his voice but the song did not work for him. Judge Juliana liked it. Judge Ian you are another of the contestants who is growing, I like where you are going.

Uganda's Sharon hit the stage doing Jackie Chandiru's 'Gold Digger' which uncle Mitch dedicated to all the Ugandans who were tuned in. Judge Hermes said she was dancing more as opposed to singing. Judge Juliana agreed with Hermes. Judge Ian found it easier to look at her than hear her and for the singing eh eh eh..!

Fatumah from Rwanda was the last one to perform. She was another nice one to look at on stage. Judge Hermes and Juliana were happy with her performance and judge Ian said there was a bit of growth.

Doreen from Kenya was on probation already, as Allanroy from Uganda was put on probation. Mer(South Sudan), Iman(TZ), Sharon(Uganda).

To vote for Allan SMS Tusker 5 to 8009 in Kenya and Uganda and to save Sharon, vote Tusker 4 to 8009.

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