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Sunday, July 01 2012

Tusker Project Fame season 5 started with 25 housemates and now we have only 8 in the Academy...! Mitch was not around yesterday so he asked Juliana about the show that saw a Ugandan evicted; Juliana said: "Yesterday's show was a competition and it depends on what the people voted"

Joe won the immunity implying that irrespective of what he does, he can't be put on probation. This was a solo show implying that a contestant was all by themselves, with no back-up dancers, all they had before them were the voices.

Joe from Burundi who is immune from probation kicked off the night's show and the audience loved his show. Hermes told him that he knows how to position his voice. Judge Ian said that he sounded okay but he could not tell the language. Judge Juliana said it was fabulous.

Sharon from Uganda was up next doing the Revolution song by Tracy Chapman. Clad in a blue short dress that revealed her sexy thighs, she did justice to the Revolution song at least according to us. The audience loved it if the way the reacted is anything to go by, Sheila loved it and Judge Ian said that was her best performance to date.

Juliana's comment was like Ian's that that was her best performance. Judge Hermes said Sharon's performance was good except for the beginning.

Rwanda's Jackson was up next with his guitar. but Juliana said his performance was amazing and Judge Hermes said with his performance, he was becoming a threat to other contestants. Judge Ian said his performance was not bad. He was on probation last week but with that performance, he will certainly not be back.

Kenya's Doreen hit the stage next doing 'Imagine' and at the end of her show ululations were heard from the audience. Juliana said this was her best performance ever just like she said for Sharon,. Judge Hermes did not agree with Juliana and said it was okay but not fascinating. Judge Ian gives credit where its due and Doreen you have improved from -30 to -25.

Samantha from Burundi was next doing Lucky Dube's different colours one people. She has not been on probation before, Juliana said that this was not her best performance. Judge Ian said that he was confused about the dressing, but he did not like the performance. Judge Hermes concurred with the other judges.

Nancy from South Sudan hit stage next in her long blue dress doing Miriam Makeba's Aluta Continua. Judge Ian said keyboard solo wow. I have seen you do better, that is not what I expected from you, it was okay which is not good for you. Judge Juliana said the same comments. Judge Hermes said that was a good song, so it was an okay performance.

Ruth Mateete from Kenya wa next doing a slow ballad; 'We're the Future' Judge Hermes said her performance was good and he is till her fan. Judge Ian said that he enjoyed it, and loved every word. Judge Juliana simply said, she has a beautiful voice and she loved it.

The last contestant to perform was Steve from Kenya doing What a Wonderful World. The audience loved his performance, we loved it too and so were judges Hermes and Juliana but Judge Ian did not buy any of that.

On Probation this week:
Nancy, Doreen, Steve, but interestingly Samantha did not have to wait to be told where to go, she just crossed to those on probation side. Next week is eviction night.

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