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Wednesday, October 24 2012

Zari in a swimsuit as Ivan feels Nickita's boob and inset is the basket ball player, Isaac Lugudde
Following a family meeting held at Serena Hotel last Monday, the celebrity couple that had taken a break four months back is now on kissing terms and back together leaving basketball player Isaac and soupy Nickita heart broken.

It's not clear if the reasons that led to the break up have been fully resolved but what we know for now is that after the Monday meeting with in-laws from both parties, Ivan and Zari agreed to work things out and their first night together was yesterday in South Africa.

The couple was all over each other like new lovers who had just met on a night out. Zari tweeted that: "Just touched SA base oba UG yandoga, miss it mob already but miss ma kids more so no regrets....."

The news of the break-up was a shocker to many who had known this couple for the last 12 years and bearing in mind that Ivan had spent over a billion shillings on their introduction ceremony in Munyonyo last year, it was shocking to many.

During the short break, Isaac Lugudde was assuming Ivan's shoes by hobnobbing with Zari while Ivan hooked a one Nickita whose skin complexion was exactly like that of Zari, meaning that much as she was gone, he still needed her in his life.

Ivan has always been a laid back person but when Zari's picture with Lugudde leaked, he came out of his shell and started spending like there was no tomorrow. This was money that he could have otherwise been spending on Zari but because of the Lugudde issue, he decided to give it out in a 'KiNigerian' style.

For now Nickita can officially step aside as a side dish as the couple fastens their seat belts for bumpy rides.

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