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Saturday, November 03 2012

Ruth Nabuguzi was the ring leader of the pounds4m scam. Those are some of the houses she constructed with the money

Ruth Nabuguzi is the Ugandan woman who was last Wednesday sentenced to six years in a UK prison after being found guilty of stealing tax payers money to the tune of pounds 4million in benefits commonly referred to as 'Kamwanyi'

Ruth first traveled to the UK 21 years back and as a requirement by law, she registered her case to the Home Office claiming for Asylum and her four children who were by then still in Uganda.

Three years later, the same lady bounced back under the name of Jane Namusisi applying for asylum with two children and it was granted, remember all this means that Kamwanyi was flowing to all the approved members.

Being a master at her game, Ruth Nabuguzi whose name appears a little complicated for the Brits that at times they refer to her as 'Nagubuzi' came back to the home office in 1999 using the name Pauline Zalwango this time with three children and they were also approved on the benefits scheme.

It should be noted that in all the pseudo names Ruth was using, she was being given residential flats in East London as part of the Kamwanyi implying that she had at least three flats she was letting out in addition to one she was residing in..

That was not all, the 49 year old claimed she had Aids and to this she was given expensive drugs for her and other 4 'sufferers' but the drugs could all end up in Kampala on the open market.

Ruth became a frequenter in Kampala as she was busy monitoring the progress of her houses/flats in Kampala that were built using the dime she got after fooling the immigration officials at the home office.

Judge Nicholas Ainley at Croydon Crown Court in South London told Ruth Nabuguzi "This was a fraud on a huge scale and it is an outrageous abuse of hospitality you were offered by this country when you came here in trouble."

Nabuguzi was given a six-year-jail term and also told that an immigration tribunal will have to look into her right to remain in the UK. Dennis Kyeyune and Lamula Sekiziyuvu were sentenced to 30 months while Jordan Sebutemba, a mother of an eleven months child was spared, but suspended for two years.

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