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Wednesday, December 05 2012

           Pretty Glo whose facebook acoount was hacked into, Natasha and Nickita
At this rate, we are yet to witness a catfight between Natasha Sally and Club Rouge's Events Manager Nickita Bachu following an exchange between the two gals who have kids fathered by the same man.

Yesterday, One upcoming artiste, Pretty Glo had her facebook account hacked into and the hacker made several nasty comments that left those in her circles shocked but she was quick to delete them.

Pretty Glo embarked on hunting down the suspects who could be behind the act and her findings were leading to Nickita and Gareth. Natasha Sally got wind of this and was quick to defend Gareth who she fondly refers to as(Gary):

"I don't think Gareth would do that! I can put my hand, Its definitely Niki. Nickita Bachu is an insecure lil devil who wants to fight every pretty gal in town!am sure Gareth had nothing to do with such posts! Its all her trust me! she's an attention seeking whore always aiming for cheap popularity!

If she could write all that stuff pretending to be you then I pity her lame miserable life!instead of breastfeeding her baby she's starting war with all the cute gals in town thinking its the only way she can prevent Gary from talking to them."

Meanwhile, Gareth and Nickita have sought legal redress. Nickita says that at the time of the hacking, baby Kylie was breast feeding as she slept.  "I categorically state that I have nothing whatsoever to do with what happened as I'm not a professional HACKER as some of you have been made to believe." Nickita wrote on her wall.

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