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Thursday, December 13 2012

Bad Black with Jonah who has now made three
It is a very tight schedule for Bad Black. After recording her first song, having to attend lessons to perfect her role as Pastor Good Black, dealing with the fact that Eugene Sepuya does not want a thing to do with Davina, Bad Black was on Thursday afternoon at Kiira Road busy fighting for the custody of her son Jonah.

Less than 48 hours back, Bad Black was so disturbed by the fact that Eugene Ssepuya denied having fathered baby Davinah and now the latest is that, the Mzungu(Jonah's Dad) who paid the Shs100m that enabled Bad Black to get bond from jail wants to be in custody of the child.

Bad Black confirmed this on her wall: "Banange @Kira police..fighting for Jonah's love; I think all whites are completely mad!!He wants to take ma son of 3years only..Kale Okuffa Naye Simumuwa." Meaning that I would rather die than giving up on Jonah.

Looking at what Bad Black has gone through, the Dad feels the child is better off staying with him as opposed to the mom who in his view thinks she has a lot on her plate. Bad Black was released a few days back on bond to go for a breast operation in Dubai. She is supposed to report every two weeks to court.

In Uganda, a child aged between 0 to 7 years is normally best looked after by the mother of course assuming factors are constant. Money plays a big role in determining who can take good care of a child bearing in mind that best education, health and food can all be got with money

Bad Black has resorted to music to try and raise money for her breast implants removal but before getting lined up for any gigs, she is bound to appear before a family and children's court to have this settled.

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