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Sunday, December 16 2012

        Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena
Following a hectic week that left his Hummer car window smashed in Nakulabye, Bebe Cool decided to go to Australia for various shows.

The Ndisa Butti star who had just done 22hrs of flying from Uganda to Australia still had more flying to do for his other shows in the South city of Australia, Adelaide followed by the Melbourne show and wind up with Brisbane, the most populous city in the state of Queensland.

Bebe Cool generally enjoyed the hospitality that was accorded to him by the Africans in Australia and in particular those from South Sudan. In a message off his wall, Bebe Wrote:

"I have seen love from all countries everywhere I go to sing, love from Ugandans, Kenyans, Rwandese, Congolese and many more who stay abroad but I had never tested the real love from South Sudanese."

His tour was still amazing at this point but the worst moment was when he could not complete making his order as the air hostess took off to go and fasten her seat belt after the flight became bumpy due to heavy storms.

On landing, Bebe Cool was being chauffered in a convoy of posh rides that attracted cops to stop them leading to a bit of an exchange that lasted for some minutes before being set free.

While in his hotel room, Bebe Cool who was in a bad mood after exchanging with a number of fans on his recent actions dashed to his wall and this is what he wrote: "I've not eaten anything for a whole day, in a bad mood, alone in the room, and yet got two hours to do the next gig, would I be wrong to get a bottle of Tequila Gold and mash it all."

Now it's not clear if he actually got to take the Tequila straight without lime and salt but what is clear is that his promoter was threatening to pay him less than he had bargained for at least as summarised from his post.

"What would you do as an artiste when a promoter does not want to pay you as per the contract. Abayimbi tulabye nyo." The 'Big Size' star later removed the above post from his wall may be as a sign that all was well.

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