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Saturday, January 12 2013

    Captain Dolla in the Emmese video
Mwami-Wanji Mwami-Wanjii Mwami Zukuka Okubbe Emesse Eyo Njisse!! is a line off the new 'Emesse' track by a one 20-year-old Aliyenka Dawson going by the stage name Captain Dolla that has taken Kampala by storm.

Clubs, Radio Stations and TV stations are playing the song. Most guys have now set the song that has got moralists worried as their ring tone. This is Dolla's first track which he didn't expect to become an instant hit. The singer is affiliated to Eye Entertainment.

It took him close to two months to compose and write the song which he derived from the many rats they had while growing up. Dollar says that his song is not vulgar but then again one wonders if the song was about rodents whether it could be getting that much airplay.

On Wednesday night, one TV station played the 'Emesse' song which got all those on telly dancing gangnam style. It took another ten minutes and the song was playing again Mwami, Mwami....Emmese!

Capt. Dolla is now trying to fight the one hit wonder syndrome by releasing another track 'Nyenya' which he did with one of his brothers. This is the same thing Yung Mullo did by releasing 'Love me' at the time when 'Tebakusobola' was still relevant.

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