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Thursday, January 31 2013

The cracks in the Crackers(Mic Check) Comedy group have emerged leading to the formation of two comedy groups, the All New Krackers and the Laftaz Comedy Lounge.

The Krackers now include the former CEO/Founder Patrick Idringi aka Salvador, Alex Muhangi, Dikanio Omara Daniel and Mc Kapale.

The Laftaz Group comprises of Dolibondo, Prince Emma, Sebakigye, Afande Kelekele and Cotilda Inapo and their first performance was on Jan 29 at Centenary Park featuring Captain Dolla of the Emesse fame.

Trouble started when the Crackers Manager Jonathan Kyeyo bought Laftaz Comedy group and demanded that all the members relocate to Centenary Park. The CEO/Founder was equally not happy with the way the money from sponsors was being shared.

He demanded for an explanation only to be told that most of the money had been used to buy the Laftaz Comedy Group. The disgruntled Crackers members were further told that they only had 10% shares in the Laftaz group. The shows were put on hold under the guise of going for a break at the time when they were expected to be busy.

Just last Monday, Prince Emma who is also the Publicist for the Crackers Comedy group issued a statement on the 'Crackers Split' and part of the statement read: "We could not agree on the mode of operation for this year. When you have 10 talented people with different egos, ambitions and visions, it is not easy to agree on one thing.

This does not mean that the two camps are now enemies...we are friends with just different ways of seeing things. Once in a while you will see the two camps on the same stage.
Thank You and keep supporting comedy in Uganda."

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