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Tuesday, March 12 2013

     The police has turned to drunk-walking pedestrians
Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Commander Lawrence Nuwabine revealed yesterday that pedestrians who walk while drunk are also contributing to the increased numbers of road accidents as they tend to bump into racing cars that end up crashing them to death.

The charges for those caught walking while drunk are still being discussed but one thing is for sure, one will be detained up to the time they sober up.

As police was carrying out the drink-drive operation, motorists who were high on the bitter could end up parking their cars and resort to staggering home as they uttered drink-drive jargons like 'Kido', 'Kawunyemu' and 'Kafuwemu' among others while alerting their colleagues. Officers who were carrying out the exercise were in the confusion being engaged more by these walk-drunk pedestrians who were busy pleading for the release of their pals.

This operation is normally done in the night when a relatively smooth flow of traffic is expected, but once a driver detects the slightest jam possible, they resort to taking alternative routes. In event that It's a one way or no alternative routes to the point leading to the 'KIDO', these are the guys who park and resort to walking after all the operation is meant for those drunk behind the wheels and not those walking with a 'swag' home.

Police has now turned the heat on pedestrians as confirmed by the Traffic commander: "I am telling you, we are not joking about this matter, whoever will be got drunk while walking will strictly be taken to the cells."

Business Opportunity - This same operation has brought in a few innovations, businesses and network affiliations. There's a a company already advertising for those who may require a driver just in case they are stuck or caught up in similar situations and their charge is 20-30k depending on the location. Night watchmen at Petrol stations and other residential areas are making a killing through guarding cars left behind by drunkos.

Some night spots have even been forced to include chauffer services to their VIP customers as a way of keeping them on board.

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