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Wednesday, March 20 2013

Doreen says she is a combination of beauty with brains but one Shamira thinks otherwise
It's over seven months when Doreen's bare butt flash went viral but todate, the memory of that sight has never disappeared from some people's minds.
It all started with a post on McKenzie's wall adopted from Doreen Kabareebe that Byg Kahuna would salivate over Doreen's butt even when she is fully clad in a long dress.

"That nigger is mad, he was even salivating last time at silk GNL's Unplugged yet I was in a long dress. Kahuna be open en express yo feelings abt me noooow....."

As expected, this received a number of comments from various people expressing their thoughts, though notable among them, were comments from a one Sha Mee Raah who kept on hinting on the pic in which Doreen's butt was bare during the Sisqo flopped show.

Comments that trickled in after were featuring Capt. Dolla's Emesse hit with Doreen's being referred to as the big rat aka 'Musomba Byuma'. Doreen was following quietly in the background as her 'boysss', Calvin and McKenzie cheered on. Byg Kahuna was already in the house but using Sha Mee Rah's comments to sort things out.

One Nekesa was forced to ask; but where is the main actress in all this?

This is when Doreen came out of her hiding with this post: "Shamirah, whatever......toja kunkoya...guys this is a warning. Everyone shd learn to mind thr own will run mad for nothing if yo to continue following me up en talking s**t. simanya biki biki. I got my own life to live..." Tinkwenda akamanyiiro.

Shamira responded with this: "But I really pity people who were picking mangoes while we were studying, therez a funny way they expose themselves"

This rubbed Doreen the wrong way to the point that she had to unleash her CV. "..Just wait for my confirmed first class. October ain't far. Beauty en brains is Wat am talking abt.."

Shamira wrapped up the show with this dossier that got over 17likes: "Hahahahahaha, therez no woman with class n brainz dat can expose her azz in public, tebakulimbaaaa." Byg Kahuna is a radio presenter at 100fm, while McKenzie is a presenter at Radiocity. Watch this space!

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