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Wednesday, April 10 2013

Melanie exposes dude who was vibing her and now refers to her as ugly

Sanyu FM Breakfast Show fans have for the last two days been having fun over Melanie's inbox messages of a guy who wanted to access her pincode. The former show presenter, Melanie Keita now in Canada called Sanyu FM this morning to explain why she made the otherwise private messages public.

During her phone call, Melanie revealed how the guy had referred to her as UGLY in some fora something that did not go down well with her and yet the very guy was at one time pouring his heart out in her inbox.

To make matters worse, he even asked Melanie to produce any evidence that he had expressed interest in her. Melanie did not waste any time before retrieving incriminating evidence, that she shared on the Sanyu FM's wall as reproduced below:

DeGuY: Did you get offended when I said I wanted you badly
LizAbWo: No I don't even remember...Did I just make it worse
DeGuY: Kool hahaaha No way Its fine but I still want you
LizAbWo: Tough....nothing to do about that
DeGuY: What do u mean? I can do something about it uneless when
you are saying that you are married to Mwenda heheheheh lolest

LizAbWo: I'm not seeing anyone but you can't do anything about it as well

Responses by the fans:

Kennedy: "Indeed this is a study (Melanisation). It's only for the strong hearted. Actor being held hostage in his own movie kikkaaa"

WT: "Then she should have called him ugly also since it was a matter of hurting in equal measure. Do u know how much psychological irreparable damage it can cause to him and those in trust with him? All bcoz he called u ugly? Even an apology can't do. The red tape was crossed here!"

Dun to WT - "That's a joke! you can call a man ugly and everyone will laugh at you... even Ssebabi has emboko yomukazi! you just don't know what calling a woman ugly does to her confidence! this punishment to me, wasn't even enough..."

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