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Friday, May 10 2013

Iryn and NTV's Gabriel Epenu are close..!

Its been a week now when NTV news anchor Gabriel Epenu put his twitter tools down protesting the arrest of his better half, Iryn Namubiru. Gabriel could on average have as many as 8-10 tweets per day tweeting about issues at hand in the political circles and other trending topics but since May 02, his account has been inactive.

But today at exactly 3:28pm he managed to respond to Charles Onyango Obbo's interesting observation in which he notes that in Kampala alone, there are a record 130 sports betting shops, Gabriel added that: "Still counting" bringing the once active account back to life. His followers have been missing out on his tweets. The tweet  for 'Mahogany's presidential bid come 2016 could have been a good one.

Iryn's last tweet to Gabriel was on Apr 26, and it was a romantic one. In the tweet, Iryn asked Gabriel to play some song as a way of cherishing their love. "ONLY YOU" put it on replay!!! Burn your ear, bruise your feet!!!, Iryn tweeted.

Gabriel responded that: "And it's a beautiful song...played it over n over on those JVCs :-) Thank you dear." "Only You (And You Alone)" (often shortened to "Only You") is a pop song by the Platters.

When Iryn got issues with her hubby following various compromising shots with 'Mahogany' that were all over tabloids, their affair with Franck Morell became shaky to the point of breaking. The epitome of it was when he beat her badly at a train station in Paris.

This is when she decided to come back to Uganda and has since been close to NTV's Gabriel Epenu whose actions are understandable bearing what befell the 'Tebiba Bingi' star last week in Japan. In all this, Gilbert's estranged wife, Safia Kodet with whom he has a child is having the last laugh.

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