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Thursday, June 13 2013

LK4 and Koketso enjoying themselves in South Africa

"Africa, eviction party has not been thrown yet, I will inform you on the location and the special guest of mine that may attend." That guest is none other than Koketso.

LK4 is back in the country and if all goes well, Koketso will be here with him if the above tweet is anything to go by. Isaac Lugudde has been having fun with Koketso in 'Emerald house' after Africa decided to end their honeymoon in the Big Brother-The Chase house.

LK4 seems to be in love and did not want to leave South Africa. "This is probably the saddest day since my existence. I love South Africa and u treated me well. Koke, I'm missing you already and hurting. I will find you wherever you are and I pray Africa will witness the journey back to you as they witnessed the beginning."

All that LK4 is saying is that; it's not over yet between him and South Africa's Koketso Modiba. However, the South African beauty is acting smart and not tweeting so much about the LK4Love. Could the clip of LK4 talking to Natasha about his strategy of being close to South Africa(Koketso) and Nigeria(Beverly) housemates haunting him?

Is that the reason LK4 says his special guest 'may' attend, only time will tell. Meanwhile, some of their fans who are believing them have this to say: "I like both of you and hope you get married and have lots of kids."

Another wrote: "LK4 please don't hurt her, if it was a game please let her go brothers like O'neal, Hakeem, Bimp, Sulu and Bassey all liked her." Over to you LK4.

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