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Saturday, July 27 2013

Matthew, Jasmine, Leslie and Trace TV's Phillip
The four judges tasked with the responsibility of evaluating the Uganda videos that were submitted for the Club Video Music Awards (#CVMA) are done and the list of nominees is yet to be released.

The awarding ceremony will be held on 20 September, 2013 at Lugogo Arena. However, one of the Judges, Jasmine Dotiwala  made the following observations through Huffington post.

"I noted that most of the videos were in need of Ofcom style compliance rules advise, so that product placement, dangerous and imitable behaviour, smoking, drinking and soft porn during daytime playlists could be avoided."

"One thing that intrigued me was that it seemed that 99% of all music videos submitted, seemed to come straight from Jamaica, such is the passion of Ugandans brought up on dance-hall music. With full patois accents and dance-hall dance moves, it was like judging a Caribbean set of acts, as opposed to African."

"Another observation was that like many new acts around the world, their videos highlight sexy, scantily dressed girls gyrating wildly and rappers surrounded by their version of material wealth."

Jasmine concluded that the Uganda music industry is likely to grow rapidly. "Considering how young the Ugandan music industry is, I can see that the passion and D.I.Y attitude of the artists and film makers means that this is a market that will grow rapidly with increased reach of their acts the same way west African artists from Nigeria have broken into international music playlists recently."

Other judges included: Channel O's Leslie Kasumba, Trace TV's Philip Nkwakwo and South African film maker Stonier Matthew.

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