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Sunday, August 25 2013

Alaine ana Konshens at Club Venom during their Meet N Greet party
"Thank you Uganda. We made history tonight as our love affair continues." Those were Konshens words after the Lugogo Cricket Oval show last Friday that saw him perform along side Jamaican-American singer and song writer, Alaine Laughton. Alaine is still the talk of the town courtesy of her performance. Her voice, the keyboard session and the dancing are still making rounds on social sites.

Alaine was the first up doing songs like; 'Dreaming of You', 'Forever More' and 'Nakupenda Pia' among others and two hours later, Konshens hit the stage doing songs like 'Gal A Bubble', 'Couple Up' and 'Simple Song' among others. Local artistes who graced the show included: Yung Mulo, Navio, Rema and Chameleone who equally thrilled the crowd.

Like any concert, this one also had its pros and cons.

On the side of the pros, the lighting was superb. Alaine's keyboard session, and her entire performance is still the talk of the town as many seemed to have liked it.

The international concert fell short of some basics. The controlling of the crowd failed. The VIP section was flooded with those who had ordinary tickets, congestion at the entrance that left police with no choice but to use tear-gas on the revellers. This was a bit too much for some who had earlier bought tickets but could not fight their way through the gates, they ended up settling at near by bars. The sound fell short too.

Short of that, those who did not have trouble accessing the venue and those who got in a lot earlier rate the show differently, in fact they say it was money well spent.

Konshens is now in London ahead of the Heart In Music Carnival concert slated for Aug 25, 2013 at the Indigo2. On the other hand, Alaine has also sent out her love to Ugandans through this tweet:

"Sending nuff love to my Uganda peeps. Can't explain how much your love means to me. Thank you so much."

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