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Tuesday, September 17 2013

Business gone good is the tag line for this photo

Chameleone has used Bebe Cool's 'Tomalira Budde' song to drive his point home.

The music doctor is pretty much aware of this phrase; 'Two wrongs don't make a right.' Bebe Cool went ahead and wronged him but the Badilisha star maintains that he won't pay the 'Kokodiosis' singer in the same currency.

As Bebe Cool was busy with his dissing posts of Chameleone shifting to his in-laws, Chameleone has instead been advising him to focus his energies on more constructive issues other than bad mouthing him. This did not stop Bebe Cool who was quick at bringing out the issue of Karamagi in which he says that much as he never commented then, he will not be stopped on commenting on what he feels is an abomination for a man to shift to his in-laws. This is setting a bad example to our sons, Bebe roared.

Chameleone has again retaliated politely though using one of Bebe Cool's latest tracks; 'Tomalira Budde' which literally means: Don't Waste My Time.

"When a man drags you down, that simply means you are above them! It's bigger pity again that my friend has resisted to take a leaf from my previous post. Honestly if my arranged words meant to send my comrade good advise didn't work, it's time I also say- TOMALIRA BUDDE!"

Meanwhile, in celebration of the recent Badilisha shows in different countries, Chameleone has added a vintage Mercedes coupe (model 1989) to his fleet that already has a Range Rover Sport, Escalade, Mercedes Benz, 2 BMWs among others. It's important to note that Chameleone was one of the Talent XP judges but he turned down the role citing the various Badilisha shows of which some were even cancelled now that visas were not processed in time.

One can only imagine what could have happened had the two been on the same table judging aspiring musicians in the talent search show, Talent-XP, it's clear they would disagree to agree if the current bickering is anything to go by.

Chameleone next to his vintage car that he has just acquired

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