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Tuesday, October 22 2013

Bebe Cool at Alfredoz Bar during the Battle of the Champions press briefing
At exactly 1:00pm, members of the Gagamel Crew clad in Bebe Cool regalia were at Alfredoz bar in Bukoto waiting for their boss together with members of the press.

At 2:00pm prompt, Bebe Cool who was at the venue early enough started off by thanking the press and the Gagamel phamily members that were present.  Bebe Cool did not leave out the sponsors that included Nation Media Group, Darling and PEPSI.

Bebe Cool started off by letting all those present that this was the second press briefing on the Battle of the Champions. "The first one was last week but I didn't see it in the news may be because they (Goodlyfe Crew) don't make news," Bebe said attracting loud screams from his camp.

The Gagamel Boss then switched to the question-and-answer session. Some of the questions were stemming from the Goodlyfe Crew press briefing that had been held last week. Bebe Cool was accused by the Goodlyfe Crew for not knowing English because he says Kokodiosis instead of Coccidiosis.

His response to this was: "I had to come up with a simpler word that the majority could easily relate to. The people who know the English and can pronounce the word Coccidiosis don't even have the money and they never come for these concerts." The Goodlyfe Crew don't know English, you all remember when they were being interviewed during the BET Awards.

Bebe Cool also used the moment to respond to the talk that he was their grandfather. "These boys are not young either. Radio has four children from four women. Weasel has 7 children from seven women so they are not young. Secondly, when they displayed their 'FIRST' US visas on facebook, it clearly revealed that they are above 29."

"I have one wife with three children and another child with one. This means that they are even more experienced than me in that thing", Bebe said. He then brought in the issue of Zuena, again a concern from the Goodlyfe who said that he fronts his wife instead of music.

On this one, Bebe said that he was proud of Zuena and in fact she is more popular than him. "Out of the very many women that Radio has, we only know of Lilian, and he is not even proud to show her off implying that there is a problem. As for Weasel, of the seven women, we don't even know of any."

Bebe Cool revealed that he is in talks with the police to let them perform up to 3am. "You gonna be excited on that day because you will not believe what I'm going to do to you," Bebe concluded before attending to individuals and photo sessions.


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