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Tuesday, October 29 2013

Ruth and Thomas, during their happy old days
Tooro Kingdom has issued a statement confirming the break-up of Ruth and Christopher. In the statement, they are particularly asking Christopher to desist from using facebook to discuss his affair that did not work out the way he wanted.

In the statement, The Tooro Premier, Stephen Kaliba said: "First I would like to request Ugandans at large, kingdom subjects, the media and our Princess to remain calm in this trying time and ask everyone to pray for God’s guidance and wisdom".

"Christopher and Ruth are relatively young and therefore inexperienced in worldly matters, I would therefore like to appeal to the members of the press to give Thomas and Princess Ruth some privacy to recover from this rather unnerving experience"

The premier also urged Thomas to stop using facebook to address the issues at hand. "I also emphatically request Thomas Christopher to desist from using social networks to discuss his marriage affairs. Let him accord respect to both families and keep matters to himself. Going to social media to discuss private family matters does not only injure and cause further pain to themselves as individuals but also to their respective families."

Thomas got wind of this and responded shortly after: "I have nothing against Kingdoms, but they should not rule people. Only The Lord our God does. I sent an email to Bishop Ruben who married us months and months ago and told him Ruth and I are having problems and we need counseling."

In his concluding remark, he wonders why his in laws did not support the counselling process.

"He said he would help but a month later, he wrote to me saying the QM and the Kingdom has refused him to Ruth's number to help us. What mother would refuse a man of God to help a marriage work, I think Ruth loves me but she has the wrong people around her and I feel sorry for her. Ruth has also refused our Pastor in DC to talk with her to help our marriage. I did all I could as a Christian man and as the head to intervene this break up with Christian counsel but Ruth and her mother refused."

Meanwhile, this Thursday, His Majesty King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV who graduated from the University of Winchester, UK with honors (BA, Business Administration) will be coming back and all are invited to welcome and congratulate him upon this achievement.

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