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Sunday, November 03 2013

Zari performing at the Miss Asia Pacific Pageant

The Miss Asia Pacific pageant was held on Oct 30, 2013 at Busan in South Korea. Uganda was represented by Star QT's Stella Nankya though India's Srishti Rana took the day.

Then came Zari who had spent the previous day rehearsing ahead of her performance on the night of the pageant. "Finally putting s3xy fabulous tired self to bed, 2am it is here, gotta be up by 8am lol," Zari tweeted after her rehearsals. At the beauty pageant, she did 'Hotter Than Them', which is one of her best songs out of her playlist.

News of Zari performing at the talent show during the Miss Asia Pacific was faced with mixed reactions back home, some were wondering if she was actually singing while others applauded her on the move saying that she was actually better than some artists here in Uganda.

The mom of three was following closely that space and it did not take her time to retaliate with these words: "To all my haters, thanks for paving my way wouldn't have made it without you. Much love," and then followed by these tweets:

"I made it up out of a worst place than most of you... Literally the bottom... That deserves admiration, instead ... Hate rolls in. Smh!"

"I was taught to make a way out of no way, turn nothing into something, Never let small things get in the way of big opportunities. Always stay intelligent."

Zari is the Ambassador of Miss Asia Pacific World in Africa and that was the main reason she graced the pageant, but having been to studio before, she had to show the guests the other side of her. Of course that is 'rich footage' that can be added to her Reality show that will be hitting telly anytime from now.

"Don't wait on someone else to build your dream life. Be the architect of your own happiness," were her concluding remarks.

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