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Saturday, November 30 2013

Bad Black sent back to the coolers
Bad Black was yesterday extradited from Rwanda where she has been since last month following her arrest on suspicion of drug dealing and money laundering.

Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black was later released on bond. However, on Thursday, in what looked like her last post she wrote: “Am on the way coming to Kampala via Gatuna Border-Mbarara-Masaka - Kampala.tired of running let me do my punishment so I live freely: David will care."

The next time you see a post from her might be after she's done with her jail term or she will do it the way Meddie did, 'tweeting from Luzira prison' but trust her, at the time of going back to Luzira prison, she had just bleached her skin and given the prison conditions, her skin might soon or later require specialized attention which might not be readily available at the prison.

Initially, many did not take her post serious but as it turned out, she was in Uganda looking knackered with her son Jonathan who kept on sucking his thumb. It's not clearly what she thinks or feels after denouncing her nationality for Thailand and even bleaching her skin to match that status.

This was one of the post that had more likes after she revealed that she was tired of being on the run.

“Smart decision however painful and hard it is. It's very hard to run away from the law. Sooner or later, Interpol would intercept you! The more you hide, the harder the punishment when they get you. Accept to get back, don't waste much of the Judges time.Get a good Lawyer, accept you erred and enter a plea deal then do the time. You could get some leniency that way than dragging the process and losing. Learn from your mistakes and pick the pieces to become a better person for your self, children, family and society! You will pull through. God bless u!!!”

Meanwhile, Greenhalgh’s legal team is not done yet. While they say it’s okay for her to serve the sentence, we still want the money refunded. Our interest is more in the case at the commercial court, we want them to refund that money, Greenhalgh’s lawyer said. He also hinted on having Meddie Ssentongo being sent back to Luzira because he was released before completing his 18 months sentence.

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